Monday, March 22, 2004

The War on Iraq-One year and counting-PART THREE

Later he gassed his own people, the Kurds. You would think that would force us to disassociate ourselves from him. Congress tried to impose economic sanctions on Saddam, but the Reagan White House quickly rejected that idea -- they wouldn’t let anything derail their good buddy Saddam. We had a virtual love fest with this Frankenstein whom we (in part) created.

And, just like the mythical Frankenstein, Saddam eventually spun out of control. He would no longer do what he was told by his master. Saddam had to be caught. And now that he has been brought back from the wilderness, perhaps he will have something to say about his creators. Maybe we can learn something... interesting. Maybe Don Rumsfeld could smile and shake Saddam's hand again. Just like he did when he went to see him in 1983 (you can find a photo at: )

Maybe we never would have been in the situation we're in if Rumsfeld, Bush, Sr., and company hadn't been so excited back in the 80s about their friendly monster in the desert.

Meanwhile, anybody know where the guy is who killed 3,000 people on 9/11? Our other Frankenstein?? Maybe he's in a mouse hole.

So many of our little monsters, so little time before the next election.

Stay strong, Democratic candidates. Quit sounding like a bunch of wusses. These bastards sent us to war on a lie, the killing will not stop, the Arab world hates us with a passion, and we will pay for this out of our pockets for years to come. Nothing that happened today (or in the past 9 months) has made us ONE BIT safer in our post-9/11 world. Saddam was never a threat to our national security.

Only our desire to play Dr. Frankenstein dooms us all.

The War on Iraq-One year this month (and counting) PART TWO:

* Bacillus Anthracis, cause of anthrax.
* Clostridium Botulinum, a source of botulinum toxin.
* Histoplasma Capsulatam, cause of a disease attacking lungs, brain, spinal cord, and heart.
* Brucella Melitensis, a bacteria that can damage major organs.
* Clostridium Perfringens, a highly toxic bacteria causing systemic illness.
* Clostridium tetani, a highly toxigenic substance.

And here are some of the American corporations who helped to prop Saddam up by doing business with him: AT&T, Bechtel, Caterpillar, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Kodak, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM (for a full list of companies and descriptions of how they helped Saddam, go to: )

We were so cozy with dear old Saddam that we decided to feed him satellite images so he could locate where the Iranian troops were. We pretty much knew how he would use the information, and sure enough, as soon as we sent him the spy photos, he gassed those troops. And we kept quiet. Because he was our friend, and the Iranians were the "enemy." A year after he first gassed the Iranians, we reestablished full diplomatic relations with him!

NON METAL MUSIC: the genius of drum and bass master SQUAREPUSHER

I just heard on a metal bulletin board that SQUAREPUSHER's (Tom Jenkinson) new release Ultravisor is due out soon (if not already) on Warp records. Squarepusher was actually at some point, if not still on Trent Reznor's (NIN) label Nothing Records and Warp records (home of Apex Twin, Auachtere ect.)

NO, Squarepusher is not some stupid Maryln Manson goth clone. Squarepusher is amazing drum and bass, jazz and ambient all performed and programmed by Tom Jenkinson. Check out Sqaurepusher's debut Big Loada, and also Music is One rotted Note for some amazing ambient, jazz, drum and bass.

We speak of BLASTBEATS in the extreme metal scene, but Squarepusher's drum and bass puts your average human blast beat drumming to shame, but that should expected, it's a drum machine, lol. Awesome stuff., as some friends from SUNY New Paltz got me into Squarepusher, I bought Big Loada and was hooked.

Go Plastic was Squarepushers weakest release, but I'm hoping for better on this new release Ultravisor.
Thanks-Rave On, lol.