Thursday, June 30, 2011


Long Island, New York progressive metal legends DREAM THEATER have posted a new track entitled "On the Backs Of Angels" via YOU TUBE. The DREAM THEATER track "On the Backs Of Angels" is from the bands anticipated new CD "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" due out 9/13/2011 on ROADRUNNER RECORDS.
FROM DREAM THEATER: Our new track "On The Backs of Angels" is now available on Roadrunner Records YouTube Page! (German fans, we will have a link very soon so you can listen!) recent announcement that Mike Mangini would be joining Dream Theater, replacing departed drummer Mike Portnoy caused such fanfare that Mangini was a trending topic on Twitter, second only to England's Royal Wedding. Now, the band is revealing more information about their upcoming album. The new album is titled A Dramatic Turn of Events. The much-anticipated platter, which marks Mangini's recorded debut, will be released via Roadrunner Records on September 13th and will be supported by a massive world tour.

"I'm incredibly psyched with the way this album came out and can't wait to share it with everybody," guitarist John Petrucci, who also serves as the producer for A Dramatic Turn of Events, said. "We are currently in the mix stage with the great Andy Wallace and it's all sounding amazing!"

"We have poured our hearts and minds into the creation of this album," keyboardist Jordan Rudess offered. "All the life changing events that surrounded us before, as well as during the whole process, fueled our desire to dig deep within ourselves and create the best music we possibly could."

Vocalist James LaBrie said, "In the grand scheme of Dream Theater's career, the last several months have been such an incredibly positive, fulfilling and rewarding experience. The new songs and sound has never been so spirited or rejuvenating. I cannot wait for every one of our fans to sink their audio senses into this batch of tunes."

The track listing for A Dramatic Turn of Events is as follows:

1. On the Backs of Angels

2. Build Me Up, Break Me Down

3. Lost Not Forgotten

4. This is the Life

5. The Shaman’s Trance

6. Outcry

7. Far From Heaven

8. Breaking All Illusions

9. Beneath The Surface


Progressive metal band Dream Theater formed in 1985 under the name Majesty by John Petrucci, John Myung and Mike Portnoy. Though a number of lineup changes followed, the three original members remained together along with James LaBrie and Jordan Rudess until September 8, 2010, when Mike Portnoy left the band. In October 2010, the band held auditions for a new drummer, and added Mike Mangini to its roster.

Dream Theater’s tenth studio album, Black Clouds & Silver Linings (Roadrunner Records), was released on June 23, 2009. It entered the U.S. Billboard 200 at #6 and Eurochart Hot 100 at #1, marking their highest entry on either chart. Black Clouds & Silver Linings - a highlight of their 25-year career - was praised by Mojo magazine’s Paul Elliott: “…their lofty ideals remain intact. By modern criteria, Black Clouds & Silver Linings is as highbrow as The Mars Volta, as grandiose as Muse and as heavy as Metallica.”

The legendary progressive metal masters have sold in excess of 10,000,000 records and DVDs worldwide.

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Italian death grind warriors FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE have checked in from rehearsal as the band speaks about their anticipated new release "Agony" and the SUMMER SLAUGHTER 2001 tour. FROM FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE: Fleshgod Apocalypse check in from rehearsals to discuss the upcoming Summer Slaughter 2011 Tour! Watch the clip at Dates and tix available at
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KATAKLYSM:To Headline 'Hatefest 2011' European Tour

Warriors of the north Canadian extreme metal warriors KATAKLYSM have announced the 2011 HATEFEST European tour with support from TRIPTYKON, MARDUK, MILKING THE GOATMACHINE. Dec. 02 - Oberhausen, Germany @ Turbinenhalle - Metalfest Winter Edition
Dec. 03 - Giessen, Germany @ Hessenhalle - Metalfest Winter Edition
Dec. 04 - Paris, France @ Alhambra
Dec. 05 - Pratteln, Switzerland @ Z7
Dec. 06 - Innsbruck, Austria @ Hafen
Dec. 07 - Vienna, Austria @ Arena)
Dec. 08 - Zlin, Czech Republic @ Masters Of Rock Café
Dec. 09 - Leipzig, Germany @ Hellraiser
Dec. 10 - Geiselwind, Germany @ Event Hall - X-Mas Metal Festival
Dec. 11 - Antwerp, Belgium @ Trix
Dec. 12 - Saarbrücken, Germany @ Garage
Dec. 13 - Hanover, Germany @ Musikzentrum
Dec. 14 - Hamburg, Germany @ Markthalle
Dec. 15 - Berlin, Germany @ C-Club
Dec. 16 - Munich, Germany @ Backstage
Dec. 17 - Eindhoven, The Netherlands @ Effenaar - Eindhoven Metal Meeting
Dec. 18 - Ludwigsburg, Germany @ Rockfabrik
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DARK FUNERAL: Announce New Vocalist and DOMINATOR re-joins DARK FUNERAL

Swedish black metal legends DARK FUNERAL have announced that drummer DOMINATOR has returned to the band and DARK FUNERAL have found a new vocalist.
FROM DARK FUNERAL: I must admit that it surely was not an easy task to find a worthy replacement for Emperor Magus Caligula, who has been doing an amazing job for Dark Funeral during the past 15 years. He has not only been "the vocalist" for the band, but also a very good friend of mine and he always will be!

Anyway, 10 months of intense search worldwide have finally given result. And I'm VERY proud to announce and welcome "NACHTGARM" to the horde.

I think, I can speak for everyone in the band and say that besides completely knocking us down with the strength of his vocals and wide register, what truly blew us away was his presence, energy and the amazing spirit he showed during the final audition. He just came into the rehearsal room, found and took his rightful spot. And then just set the whole place on hellfire!
It's really hard to explain "that" certain feeling one is looking for, but once you get it, you just know that you've found the right man for the job. And that is something we all got "deluxe". No doubt about that! Mankind has no idea what is coming upon them. And I can't wait to bring this maniac on tour for the world to experience DARK FUNERAL in the most intense and hellish way ever!

During the 10 month we have been looking for a new vocalist and drummer, we have received over 1000 applications. The interest to join DARK FUNERAL has been way over expectation and quite overwhelming to say the least. And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who applied for the jobs. One thing is for sure: There are a lot of unknown talents out there. And once they've found the right band to deliver their goods, I'm sure we all will hear from many of these guys in the future. Good luck! / Lord Ahriman

Chaq Mol Comments: When E.M.Caligula quit the band my first thought was "how the fuck will we be able to find a worthy replacement now?". In my eyes he was the best vocalist in the Black Metal scene. Anyhow, after we had listened through a couple of hundreds applicants, there were two guys that really stood out and sounded very promising indeed. The question now was, would they nail it on a live audition too, and would their personalities be of that kind we were looking for?! Well, after 10 month search we finally found the right man for the job! And all my previous doubts and concerns are now a memory forgotten. NACHTGARM, welcome to the horde!

Nachtgarm comments: To me, Dark Funeral is the epitome of Black Metal. To be a member of this institution now, is not only a big honor for me, but is also complementing my work as a lead singer as well as my action at the front of the stage throughout the years. Consequently, I am very glad that Dark Funeral put their unholy faith in me and my abilities.

As the successor of Emperor Magus Caligula I am quite aware of the high expectations being directed to my person. However, I can assure every one of you out there, that with every breath I take I will live up to these expectations. Hands down. This is the arrival of Satan's Empire. Now let us set this world aflame!
But that's not all..
DOMINATOR is back!!!
Yes, you heard it right,

After a short break of focusing on other aspects of my life, it's a great privilege for me to announce my return to Dark Funeral. The time off has fueled my inspiration and urge to get back behind the kit and annihilate. It's an honour to play alongside my fellow brothers again. May Dark Funeral rise to Dominate once more.

Lord Ahriman comments: It feels absolutely killer to be working with Dominator again. He's not only an amazing drummer, but also a very good friend. And I'm glad he's back in the band. A massive welcome back brother! Now, let's together set the world ablaze and conquer the universe once and for all!

Chaq Mol comments: Finally, a missing brother is back from his walkabout. And the search for a drummer is officially over. Once again we have the honor to play with the best drummer ever. Welcome back Dominator, my brother!
More news and announcements coming shortly... Thanks-Stay Metal,, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


British grind-core pioneers NAPALM DEATH have announced a fall 2011 Canadian tour.
FROM NAPALM DEATH: Oct. 03 - Kingston, ON - Time TO Laugh
Oct. 04 - Peterborough, ON - Red Dog
Oct. 05 - Windsor, ON - Blind Dog
Oct. 06 - London, ON - Music Hall
Oct. 07 - Toronto, ON - WreckRoom
Oct. 08 - Sudbury, ON - Jubilee Hall
Oct. 09 - Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
Oct. 10 - [to be announced]
Oct. 11 - Moncton, NB - The Manhattan
Oct. 12 - Halifax, NS - The Seahorse
Oct. 13 - Rimouski, QC - Cactus
Oct. 14 - Trois Rivieres, QC - Trois Rivieres Metal Fest - Batissse Industrielle
Oct. 15 - [to be announced]
Oct. 16 - Thunder Bay, ON - Crocks
Oct. 17 - Winnipeg, MB - The Royal Albert

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Promoters for the FOOTHILLS GUTFEST set to take place 7/9 and 10th, Colorado Springs, Colorado have announced the unfortunate cancelations of CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DIMINISHED and LAST SAVIOR OF GOD.
FROM FOOTHILLS GUTFEST PROMOTERS: Foothills Gutfest III sorry unfortunatly one headliner cephalic carnage will not be playing also diminished and last savior of god cancelled thats how its goes hope to still see yall killing it out here and next year will devistate this year!!!!!!!!!!!
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Long Island, New York death metal legends Suffocation have announced a few fall 2011 shows.

Jul 10, 2011 Baltimore, MD
United States Ottobar
Aug 14, 2011 Milwaukee, WI
United States The Rave
Sep 4, 2011 Santurce, PR
United States La Respuesta
Oct 15, 2011 Franklin, NH
United States Artemis Events Center
Nov 5, 2011 Aalborg,
Denmark AAlborg Metal Festival
Nov 20, 2011 San Antonio, TX
United States Korova
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ITP UPDATE: Yes, because of a ISP weather related outtage, DAMNED IN BLACK (BLACK METAL NEWS) and NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND has been postponed until the end of this three day July 4th weekend, as ITP REVIEWS (I PROMISE!) will be coming up this week and next weekend. It's time to get to WORK on ITP V.011, long hours as it will be.
Yes, I said I would do this late last year, and it is officially DONE. ITP's author JUST started an account for this blog on TWITTER. Again, I just started the ITP V.011 TWITTER account last month, so it will take me a while to build a following and to follow others. Keep in mind I'm a NUBIE to TWITTER as I will have an secondary private TWITTER account for myself. I'm digging TWITTER already.
NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND, DAMNED IN BLACK (BLACK METAL NEWS) will be posted by the end of this weekend, and yes, ITP (metal release) REVIEWS starting this week and next weekend.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


ITP UPDATE: On a personal note, if anyone, specifically important is trying to get a hold of me via phone, no dice, during the last 5 days my phone is not functioning, even after I fully re charged it. I know I have an appointment today at home, in any situation I prefer a set weekly time, instead of when ever oncea week, so do see me at home. Just to let you know, my phone, it's not the service,the phone itself is not functioning. I even had an ISP outage last night. Either get a hold of me on the net or see me in person at home.
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Monday, June 27, 2011


Swedish viking/death metal warriors AMON AMARTH have unleashed a new video for the track "Destroyers Of The Universe" from the bands critically acclaimed new release "Surtur Rising". AMON AMARTH's "Surtur Rising" is named in tribute to Surtur, leader of the fire giants of Muspelheim ("flame land") and the oldest being in the nine worlds of Norse mythology, "Surtur".
AMON AMARTH's video for "Destroyers Of The Universe" was filmed on May 6 at the Theatre Of Living Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by director David Brodsky of MyGoodEye. FROM AMON AMARTH: Olavi Mikkonen: "This time around we wanted to catch the energy and atmosphere of a live show, so we simply went for a live video."
VIDEO BELOW: AMON AMARTH:"Destroyers Of The Universe":
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Swedish melodic death metal legends IN FLAMES have confirmed a fall 2011 European tour.
FROM IN FLAMES: Sweden's IN FLAMES have confirmed more dates for the first leg of their European Tour 2011. Confirmed European dates now include:
We are happy to announce more dates for the first leg of the IN FLAMES European Tour 2011. The September/October headline tour looks like this: September
13 - Porto, Portugal - Hard Club
14 - Santiago, Spain - Sala Capitol
16 - Madrid, Spain - Riviera
17 - Bilbao, Spain - Rockstar Live
18 - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz
20 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Les Docks
21 - Zurich, Switzerland - Komplex 457
22 - Hohenems, Austria - Event Centre
24 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
25 - Budapest, Hungary - Petofi Hall
26 - Zagreb, Croatia - Boogaloo Club
27 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
28 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Kino Siska
30 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Hristo Botev Hall

1 - Bucharest, Romania - Arnele Romane
3 - Bratislava, Slovakia - Majestic Music Club
4 - Zlin, Czech Republic - Masters Of Rock Club
5 - Krakow, Poland - Klub Studio
6 - Warsaw, Poland - Stodola Club
7 - Prague, Czech Republic - Factory Meet
26 - St Petersburg, Russia - Glavclub
27 - Moscow, Russia - Milk Club
28 - Yekaterinburg, Russia - Tele Club
30 - Kiev, Ukraine - DK Nau
In Flames - Sounds Of A Playground Fading Official EPK

IN FLAMES | Myspace Music Videos

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Sunday, June 26, 2011


New York Death Metal legends IMMOLATION have announced a November four-week European fall tour dubbed "Sounds Of Extreme Tour 2011" with Brazilian death metal warriors KRISIUN. IMMOLATION are currently recording a new EP TBA. "Sounds Of Extreme Tour 2011" dates and support TBA.

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WORMHOLE DEATH: Mechanical God Creation - The new album

Illinois based and Aural Music extreme metal warriors WORM HOLE DEATH have issued this new release update:
FROM WORM HOLE DEATH: After the critically acclaimed, intense and brutal debut album "Cell XIII" Mechanical God Creation returns with a new album.
Bass player Andrea stated:

"We are now completing the songs for our new album which will be recorded in September at MathLab Recording Studio and mixed in Canada with Christian Doladson.
Our second release will be even more energetic, technical , intense and " straight in your face" than the first one. We have been working hard so far, specially to create the best melodies and right mood for this album. The band's line-up changed quite a lot since our first effort, which has led to a vast improvement in technique and better song structures.
We are now veering towards more technical, more melodic, and more modern death metal, with controlled anger! We worked very carefully on the lyrics, which are reflections on the problem of mechanization and the dehumanization of technology prevailing in our time.
Our concept is inspired by the guidelines of Nietzsche, Heidegger, Junger,
Spengler, Schopenhauer, Sloterdijk and other philosophers. The lyrical direction represents a radical change for us, and goes well along with the musical and stylistic changes of our new development. Once again we relied on the professionality and taste of Colin Marks for the artwork, because we believe that he is one of the best artists to graphically capture our themes. The album will be entitled "Artifact of Annihilation", describing in one phrase the musical, graphical and lyrical contents of our work. It will consist of 12 tracks, filled to the brim with anger, violence, melodies and technique.

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Greek extreme metal warriors SEPTIC FLESH have been added to Swedish viking/death metal warriors AMON AMARTH's anticipated fall European tour with AS I LAY DYING set to kick off in November.

We can now announce the last two dates on the fall tour in Europe:

NOV 22 – BRATISLAVA, SK – Majestic Music Club – TICKETS
NOV 25 – KRAKOW, PL – Studio - TICKETS

So a complete list of upcoming tour dates now looks like this:

JUL 24 – HELSINKI, FI / Tuska Open Air

AUG 4 – VANCOUVER, BC / Commodore Ballroom - TICKETS
AUG 6 – CALGARY, AB / MacEwan Hall - TICKETS
AUG 7 – EDMONTON, AB / Edmonton Events Centre - TICKETS
AUG 9 – WINNIPEG, MB / The Garrick Centre - TICKETS
AUG 12 – TORONTO, ON / Phoenix Theatre - TICKETS
AUG 13 – MONTREAL, QC / Metropolis - TICKETS
AUG 14 – QUEBEC CITY, QC / Imperial De Quebec - TICKETS
AUG 16 – MIlLVALE, PA / Mr. Small’s Theatre - TICKETS
AUG 17 – DETROIT, MI / St. Andrew’s Hall - TICKETS
AUG 19 – BALTIMORE, MD / Rams Head Live - TICKETS
AUG 20 – SAYREVILLE, NJ / Starland Ballroom - TICKETS
AUG 21 – ROCHESTER, NY / Water Street Music Hall- TICKETS
AUG 26 – HOUSTON, TX / House Of Blues - TICKETS
AUG 27 – DALLAS, TX / House Of Blues - TICKETS
AUG 29 – ALBUQUERQUE, NM / Sunshine Theater - TICKETS
AUG 31 – ANAHEIM, CA / House Of Blues - TICKETS
SEPT 1 – LAS VEGAS, NV / House Of Blues - TICKETS
SEPT 3 – BOISE, ID / Knitting Factory - TICKETS

OCT 12 – STUTTGART, DE – Lka-longhorn - TICKETS
OCT 13 – STRASBOURG, FR – La laiterie - TICKETS
OCT 14 – PASSAU, DE – Metal Invasion Fest
OCT 15 – BERLIN, DE – Huxleys - TICKETS
OCT 16 – LEIPZIG, DE – Hellraiser - TICKETS
OCT 18 – BREMEN, DE – Aladin - TICKETS
OCT 19 – LUXEMBOURG, LU – Parc des Sports Differdange - TICKETS
OCT 20 – NEU-ISENBURG, DE – Hugenottenhalle - TICKETS
OCT 21 – OBERHAUSEN, DE – Turbinenhalle - TICKETS
OCT 22 – HENGELO, NL – Metropol - TICKETS
OCT 27 – LILLE, FR – Aeronef - TICKETS
OCT 30 – BILBAO, ES – Rock Star* - TICKETS
NOV 1 – LISBOA, PT – Incrivel Almadense* - TICKETS
NOV 2 – PORTO, PT – Hard Club* - TICKETS
NOV 4 – MADRID, ES – Heineken* - TICKETS
NOV 5 – BARCELONA, ES – Razzmatazz 2* - TICKETS
NOV 7 – ZÜRICH, CH – Komplex 457 - TICKETS
NOV 9 – BOLOGNA, IT – Estragon - TICKETS
NOV 12 – KAUFBEUREN, DE – All-karte Halle - TICKETS
NOV 13 – GRAZ, AT – Orpheum - TICKETS
NOV 15 – LJUBLJANA, SLO – Cvetlicarna MediaPark TICKETS
NOV 16 – ZAGREB, HR – Boogaloo TICKETS
NOV 18 – SOFIA, BG – Yubileina Hall TICKETS
NOV 19 – BUCHAREST, RO – Arenele Romane TICKETS
NOV 21 – BUDAPEST, HU – Club 202 - TICKETS
NOV 22 – BRATISLAVA, SK – Majestic Music Club - TICKETS
NOV 23 – LINZ, AT – Posthof - TICKETS
NOV 24 – WIEN, AT – Gasometer - TICKETS
NOV 25 – KRAKOW, PL – Studio - TICKETS
NOV 26 – ZLÍN, CZ – Masters Of Rock
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ITP V.011 wishes all readers an awesome GAY PRIDE as the march/parade and PRIDE FEST is set to take place later today in New York City. Obviously since the Marriage Equality Act passed in New York State Senate less than 48 hours ago, this indeed will be a very special GAY PRIDE, stand very proud NEW YORK as this is an historic moment.
Also, please remember, as this week is GAY PRIDE WORLDWIDE, that the fight for civil, human rights and marriage equality for gays continues in the USA and worldwide as we need to extend gay rights to everyone worldwide, no one is free until we are all free.
Friday night's legalization of same-sex marriage in New York isn't just being hailed as a major victory for the Empire State, but has also emboldened lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists and their allies around the world.

As the Associated Press is reporting, many Parisian revelers demanded that France follow New York's lead as they marched under a sea of rainbow-colored flags and jigged to thumping techno beats in a gay pride parade on Saturday. Despite the festivities, the mood was bittersweet in France, where lawmakers had rejected a bill seeking to legalize same-sex marriage despite growing public support for gay rights a mere two weeks ago.

Elsewhere, in demonstrations across Germany, Israel, Mexico and even Russia -- where 14 gay rights activists trying to hold an unsanctioned rally in St. Petersburg were reportedly detained -- New York's legalization wasn't too far from everyone's mind, and many hoped it would be just the start. "The state of New York isn't the United States, unfortunately," 26-year-old German marcher Frederick Hartwig is quoted as saying. "The great victory for the United States will be when the middle of America — the middle of nowhere — will allow everyone to have such rights."

Take a look at gay pride celebrations around the world below: FROM KTUL:
One of the world's oldest and largest gay pride parades was expected to become a victory celebration Sunday after New York's historic decision to legalize same-sex marriage.

Parade organizers were expecting half a million people to participate in the march, which comes two days after state lawmakers transformed the wedding dreams of gay couples into reality. Floats, music and dancing were expected to enliven the city streets with bright flourishes of carnival-like revelry.

State Sen. Tom Duane, a Manhattan Democrat who is gay, said he planned to join in the festivities.

"I always love the parade," Duane said in an interview Saturday. "It's like Christmas and New Year's all wrapped into one, but I think it'll be particularly joyous, so I'm really looking forward to that."

Duane said he and his partner had first discussed marriage when Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in 2004, but opted not to make any decisions until it became legal in New York. They have not made any plans yet.

"That will be next week's project," Duane said.

There may even be a few surprise engagements during the parade, which begins at noon at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue before heading downtown.

It ends at Greenwich and Christopher streets, near where gays rebelled against authorities and repressive laws outside the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village on June 28, 1969 - helping to trigger the gay rights movement.

A year later, several hundred people marched through the neighborhood to commemorate the riots in what is commonly considered the world's first gay pride parade.

This year's grand marshals include author and sex columnist Dan Savage and Terry Miller, who married in Canada; the Rev. Pat Bumgardner, the senior pastor of Metroplitan Community Church of New York and a proponent of gay rights; and the Imperial Court of New York, which raises money for gay health and social services.

The law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday doesn't take effect for 30 days. It was passed amid opposition from influential religious groups in the state.
This is a momentous year for gay pride in New York.

The military policy "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was repealed in December, marriage equality is teetering on the brink of possibility and the President has proclaimed that gay couples deserve the same rights as any other.

There's a lot to celebrate.

Here is a list of places to show your pride, support your friends and family and show the world that New York City is the greatest city in the world.

Friday, June 24

Hear the sounds of the latest in queer culture with theatre, dance, music, burlesque, artists at the 20th annual HOT! Festival, hosted by the female duo Anti-Diva. Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie St. 6 p.m., for ticket info.

Come early to the 18th annul NYC Drag March. Dress up, dress down, just show up at Tompkins Square Park, 8th street entrance at Avenue A and then amble over the historic Stonewall Inn in the West Village, 7p.m. Free.

Get some popcorn head to the lower East Side for the film "Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same," a 1950s sci-fi spoof., Fontana's, 105 Eldridge between Grand and Broome, 8p.m., $10.

Zigga-zig-ah! Sing Along with the Spice Girls while watching their campy 1997 film "Spice World." Ticket price includes a beer. 92YTribeca Screening Room, 200 Hudson St., 11pm, $13.

Saturday, June 25

Run for gay pride! Take a 5 mile jog through Central Park for the 30th annual Front Runners Lesbian and Gay Pride Run. After you cool off, buy a raffle ticket to win $5,000 in cash and prizes! You still may be able to get in the race, go to for details, Race starts at East 101st St. on East Drive, 9 a.m.

The Knickerbocker Sailing Association wants to get you out on the open water! Come and watch the Ninth annual Stonewall Regatta around New York Harbor. Pier 66, 26th St. at the Hudson River, free.

STONEWALL Veterans' Association: S.V.A. Conference and Stonewall Reunion. Join Stonewall Uprising veterans and patrons of the original Stonewall club for a Gay Pride Weekend reunion, panel discussion and audience Q&A. 208 W. 13th St., 4:15pm. Free.

Pack up the kids for the Canter Families Family Pride Picnic! There's fun for all ages, including live music, face painting, yummy food, games and crafts. Church of St. Luke in the Fields, 487 Hudson St., 11 a.m., $20 suggested donation.

Ladies first! The 19th annual Dyke March kicks off in Bryant Park to celebrate friendship and love as well as to protest discrimination and harassment in the lesbian and transgender community. 42nd Street and Bryant Park, 5pm, free.

Head out to Brooklyn for the Post-Dyke March Spectacular at Ginger's Bar in Park Slope. 363 Fifth Ave, 8p.m. $10 donation.

Located in the heart of Chelsea, Splash Bar offers 10,000 square feet of dance floor for Saturday and Sunday of Gay Pride Weekend. 50 W. 17th St .Saturday June 25, PRIDE with Yinon Yahel
Sunday June 26, Gay Pride Extravaganza with the boys of Randy Blue, Advance tickets: $25
Day before: $30.

The Rapture on the River: A Women's Dance is starting three hours earlier this year to maximize time on the dance floor. DJs Susan Levine and Mary Mac rock the turntables late into the night. Pier 54, 13th St, West Side Highway, Hudson River Park. 3p.m., $35 at the door.

Sunday June 26.

The 18th annual PrideFest LGBT street fair attracts thousands, and for good reason. Vendors, entertainers and the entire community come out to celebrate in full force for one of the largest LGBT street festivals in the country. Hudson St. between Abingdon Sq. & W. 14th St., 11am. Free.

Get Lei'd at the 10th annual Pride Luau at this popular gay bar right by the pier. G Lounge, 225 W. 19th St., Doors open at 1pm.

If you don't have a float the NYC Pride March, just bring a fold-up chair and get ready to cheer. Author and activist Dan Savage and Terry Miller, the brains ehind the historic "It Gets Better" campaign, are the grand marshalls. The parade starts at 36th St. & Fifth Ave., ends at Christopher & Greenwich Sts, noon.

Don't stop the rock! The 2011 Dance on the Pier with DJ Ana Paula starts early and goes late into the night. There will be fireworks over the West Side Highway when the sun goes down.
Pier 54, 13th St., the West Side Highway Hudson River Park, get tickets at

End your day with something sweet. To celebrate Gay Pride 2011, the Magnolia Bakery has a special cupcake topped with buttercream frosting and edible rainbow decorations. $2.75.

It's time to get to WORK on ITP V.011, long hours as it will be.
Yes, I said I would do this late last year, and it is officially DONE. ITP's author JUST started an account for this blog on TWITTER. Again, I just started the ITP V.011 TWITTER account a few weeks ago, so it will take me a while to build a following and to follow others. Keep in mind I'm a NUBIE to TWITTER as I will have an secondary private TWITTER account for myself. I'm digging TWITTER already.
NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND, DAMNED IN BLACK (BLACK METAL NEWS) will be posted by tomorrow and Monday (sorry about the lateness) and yes, ITP (metal release) REVIEWS this week/ next weekend at the latest. I hope to post 3 ITP REVIEWS per week.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Florida death metal legends MORBID ANGEL have announced a September Latin and South American tour.
2 - Mexico City, Mexico - Circo Volador
3 - San Jose, Costa Rica - Peppers Club
6.- Lima, Peru - Teatro Rajatabl
8.- Santiago, Chilie - Teatro Teleton
9 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Teatro las Flores
11 - Brazil , Sao Paulo - Carioca Club
13 - Brazil, Belo Horizonte - Music Hall
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Friday, June 24, 2011


THE INEVITABLE TIDE OF HISTORY: The Marriage Equality bill has just been passed 33-29 with bi partisan support, and religious protections via the New York State Senate.
EDITORS NOTE: Tears of Joy and lots of Cheers, and I couldn't be prouder, GREAT DAY as GAY PRIDE in NYC and all over the USA will be very special this year.
FROM NY SENATOR THOMAS DUANE: "There are only heroes in this chamber, not villains." ITP V.011 SAYS THANK YOU: NOH8, HRC (HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN),NY EQUAL MARRIAGE (MENY), NY STATE PRIDE AGENDA, HARVEY MILK (RIP), JASON WEST, THE TREVOR PROJECT, OTEP, ROB HALFORD, GAAHL. Of course, NEW YORK GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO, NYC MAYOR MIKE BLOOMBERG and the New York State Senate. This gay rights victory is for all those whom were bullied, discriminated and suffered as yes, IT GETS BETTER..
Tonight New York has taken the next big step on our national journey toward a more perfect union FROM NEW YORK GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO:
Albany, NY (June 24, 2011)

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced passage of the Marriage Equality Act, granting same-sex couples the freedom to marry under the law, as well as hundreds of rights, benefits, and protections that have been limited to married couples of the opposite sex.

"New York has finally torn down the barrier that has prevented same-sex couples from exercising the freedom to marry and from receiving the fundamental protections that so many couples and families take for granted," Governor Cuomo said. "With the world watching, the Legislature, by a bipartisan vote, has said that all New Yorkers are equal under the law. With this vote, marriage equality will become a reality in our state, delivering long overdue fairness and legal security to thousands of New Yorkers."

"I commend Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Minority Leader John Sampson for their leadership and Senator Tom Duane for his lifetime commitment to fighting for equality for all New Yorkers," Governor Cuomo continued. "I also thank Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell for ushering this measure through their chamber."

The Marriage Equality Act amends New York's Domestic Relations Law to state:

A marriage that is otherwise valid shall be valid regardless of whether the parties to the marriage are of the same or different sex
No government treatment or legal status, effect, right, benefit, privilege, protection or responsibility relating to marriage shall differ based on the parties to the marriage being the same sex or a different sex
No application for a marriage license shall be denied on the ground that the parties are of the same or a different sex

The Marriage Equality Act was amended to include protections for religious organizations. The Act states that no religious entity, benevolent organization or not-for-profit corporation that is operated, supervised or controlled by a religious entity, or their employees can be required to perform marriage ceremonies or provide their facilities for marriage ceremonies, consistent with their religious principles. In addition, religious entities will not be subject to any legal action for refusing marriage ceremonies. The Act will grant equal access to the government-created legal institution of civil marriage while leaving the religious institution of marriage to its own separate and fully autonomous sphere. Additionally, the Act was amended to include a clause that states that if any part is deemed invalid through the judicial process and after all appeals in the courts, the entire Act would be considered invalid.

The Act was made a reality thanks largely to New Yorkers United for Marriage, a coalition of leading New York LGBT rights organizations who have fought so that all couples in New York have the freedom to marry. The partners include Empire State Pride Agenda, Freedom to Marry, Human Rights Campaign, Marriage Equality New York, and Log Cabin Republicans.
FROM SHAMAYA OF OTEP:NY has broken this noble savage into tears of joy. I am so fucking proud right now!!!! #otep #marriage.I LOVE YOU NY!!!! #MARRIAGE #EQUALITY IS LAW!!!!!!
@ladygaga: I can't stop crying. We did it kids.
FROM NY EQUAL MARRIAGE (MENY): The vote pass 33-29 & NYS is the 6th state to have marriage equality. #ny4m Thank u to all of those with MENY & on to federal.
FROM YNN ALBANY: Now it's official, passes 33-29. @CapitatTonight, @YNNAlbany, @YNNHudsonValley live coverage continues. Cheers heard in the distance.
Thank you to all who wrote letters, called legislators, and encouraged your friends to be NYers for Marriage Equality!
In a history making, bipartisan vote, the New York Senate today passed a widely popular marriage equality bill after the most aggressive state legislative campaign in the history of the LGBT rights movement. With Governor Cuomo’s promised signature of the bill, New York will become the sixth state, plus the District of Columbia, where same-sex couples can legally marry.

“History was made today in New York. This victory sends a message that marriage equality across the country will be a certainty very soon,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese.

The successful vote today shows that marriage equality is a bipartisan, mainstream value that both chambers of the Legislature approved. HRC could not be more grateful to the decisive and model leadership of the Governor and bipartisan group of senators who listened to the supermajority of New Yorkers and got this done.

“Governor Cuomo has shown New York and the nation what leadership looks like,” added Brian Ellner, HRC’s senior strategist in the state. “The bipartisan nature of the vote is compelling proof that marriage equality is increasingly an issue that unites, not divides. Legislators listened to their constituents and did the right thing.”

The successful vote in the Senate comes after a strategic, coordinated and aggressive legislative advocacy effort by LGBT civil rights organizations. Working in close coordination with a tight-knit coalition, HRC’s National Field Director, Marty Rouse, led one of the largest legislative advocacy efforts in New York state history and the largest field campaign ever in support of state gay rights legislation. An unprecedented 30 full-time field organizers were employed by HRC across the state and generated over 150,000 constituent contacts to targeted legislators.

To reflect the deep and diverse support for marriage equality, HRC also created New Yorkers for Marriage Equality, a video campaign that eventually featured more than 40 iconic New Yorkers ranging from President Bush’s daughter Barbara Bush to Russell Simmons advocating for marriage equality ( HRC spent more than $1 million overall on the effort.

The successful vote in the Senate comes after a very strategic, coordinated and aggressive legislative advocacy effort by LGBT civil rights organizations. HRC was a founding member of New Yorkers United for Marriage, a coalition that included HRC, Empire State Pride Agenda, Freedom to Marry, Marriage Equality New York, and Log Cabin Republicans. The coalition raised $2 million that it used to advocate for marriage equality.

“There’s no doubt that this was the most unified marriage effort, ever,” said Solmonese. “Today’s victory is made even sweeter by the fact that organizations were able to rally around a common goal, work hard and deliver a huge win for civil and human rights.”

What happened in New York doesn’t stay in New York. The decisive leadership of Governor Cuomo combined with the strong bipartisan support in the legislature will likely influence other states—New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island–that are considering extending marriage equality to their residents.

In the past year, a number of national polls (Washington Post/ABC News, Gallup, and CNN) have shown, for the first time, that a majority of the country supports marriage equality. Support for marriage equality has increased by 19 percentage points since 1996, according to the Pew Research Center.

With New York being the third most populous state in the country, a lot more LGBT couples are going to marry. And the more who marry, the more people will see we’re no different than anybody else—wanting the best for our families, loved ones, and in many cases our kids. And it makes it harder to discriminate.

Congratulations to all involved in this huge victory!
New York legislators cleared the last major hurdle to legalize same-sex marriage on Friday with a 33-to-29 vote, sending the bill to the governor's desk for his expected approval.
A vote on the measure, which the state Assembly passed June 15, has been stalled in the Senate. But it turned a corner Friday, according to Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, after lawmakers agreed on an amendment to protect religious groups from litigation that had been pushed by Republicans.
Earlier in the day, the Assembly passed a new version of the bill that included the amendment about religious institutions. The Friday night vote in the Senate means that the legislation's fate is now in the hands of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who proposed it in the first place.
Cuomo, a Democrat, says it would grant same-sex couples equal rights to marry "as well as hundreds of rights, benefits and protections that are currently limited to married couples of the opposite sex."
Currently, five states -- Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and New Hampshire -- and the District of Columbia grant same-sex marriage licenses.
Earlier this week, activists on both sides of the issue gathered in the state capitol, Albany. They chanted opposing slogans -- petitioning for either "marriage equality" or yelling "one man, one woman" in defense of the institution's traditional definition -- though they could also be seen occasionally mingling and even singing religious songs together.
Republicans, led by Skelos, had expressed concerns over the "unintended consequences" of a bill that redefines the legal parameters of marriage. The measure needed three Republicans' votes to pass the bill, which had the support of 31 Senators -- just one short of the number required for passage -- earlier this week
Gay couples and proponents of gay rights have a reason to celebrate tonight, as the New York State Senate has passed a bill that allows same sex marriage.

New York will be the sixth, and largest, state in the union to adopt gay marriage. The bill will take effect 30 days after governor Andrew Cuomo signs it into law.

The decision, which passed 33-29, was the culmination of weeks of contentious debate and negotiations between Governor Cuomo and the GOP-controlled Senate. After the bill passed in the Assembly, it was unclear if the bill had secured enough votes to pass in the Senate. When a few notable undecideds joined the cause --including Republican Roy McDonald who famously defended his decision, saying "fuck it, I don't care what you think. I'm trying to do the right thing" -- the scale in favor of gay marriage seemed to tip.

Gay rights advocates are hoping the vote will galvanize the movement around the country and help it regain momentum after an almost identical bill was defeated here in 2009 and similar measures failed in 2010 in New Jersey and this year in Maryland and Rhode Island.

Though New York is a relative latecomer in allowing gay marriage, it is considered an important prize for advocates, given the state's size and New York City's international stature and its role as the birthplace of the gay rights movement, which is considered to have started with the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village in 1969.

The New York bill cleared the Republican-controlled state Senate on a 33-29 vote. The Democrat-led Assembly, which passed a different version last week, is expected to pass the new version with stronger religious exemptions and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who campaigned on the issue last year, has promised to sign it. Same-sex couples can begin marrying begin 30 days after that. The passage of New York's legislation was made possible in two Republican senators who had been undecided.

Sen. Stephen Saland voted against a similar bill in 2009, helping kill the measure and dealing a blow to the national gay rights movement.

"While I understand that my vote will disappoint many, I also know my vote is a vote of conscience," Saland said in a statement to The Associated Press before the vote. "I am doing the right thing in voting to support marriage equality."

Gay couples in gallery wept during Saland's speech.

Sen. Mark Grisanti, a GOP freshman from Buffalo, also said he would vote for the bill. Grisanti said he could not deny anyone what he called basic rights.

The effects of the law could be felt well beyond New York: Unlike Massachusetts, which pioneered gay marriage in 2004, New York has no residency requirement for obtaining a marriage license, meaning the state could become a magnet for gay couples across the country who want to have a wedding in Central Park, the Hamptons, the romantic Hudson Valley or that honeymoon hot spot of yore, Niagara Falls.

New York, the nation's third most populous state, will join Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D.C., in allowing same-sex couples to wed.

For five months in 2008, gay marriage was legal in California, the biggest state in population, and 18,000 same-sex couples rushed to tie the knot there before voters overturned the state Supreme Court ruling that allowed the practice. The constitutionality of California's ban is now before a federal appeals court.

While court challenges in New York are all but certain, the state — unlike California — makes it difficult for the voters to repeal laws at the ballot box. Changing the law would require a constitutional convention, a long, drawn-out process.

The sticking point over the past few days: Republican demands for stronger legal protections for religious groups that fear they will be hit with discrimination lawsuits if they refuse to allow their facilities to be used for gay weddings.

The climactic vote came after more than a week of stop-and-start negotiations, rumors, closed-door meetings and frustration on the part of advocates. Online discussions took on a nasty turn with insults and vulgarities peppering the screens of opponents and supporters alike and security was beefed up in the capitol to give senators easier passage to and from their conference room.

The night before, President Barack Obama encouraged lawmakers to support gay rights during a fundraiser with New York City's gay community. The vote also is sure to charge up annual gay pride events this weekend, culminating with parades Sunday in New York City, San Francisco and other cities.
In a historic vote, the New York Senate has voted 33-29 to pass a state bill (Bill 5045) legalizing same-sex marriage. The bill contains critical protections for the rights of religious and not-for-profit institutions, which means that these institutions are free to perform or not perform ceremonies as they see fit. As we continue to fight against discrimination in pursuit of equal rights for all people, the NOH8 Campaign celebrates this victory for the LGBT Community!

Senator Mark Grisanti of Buffalo, NY, who had previously been reported as being undecided in his vote, gave an incredibly poignant speech before delivering his vote in favor of the bill. He spoke about how doing the research and reflecting on previous comments he'd made to the contrary, he had come to the conclusion there was absolutely no reason he could cite for him to be able to deny the same rights he shares with his wife to same-sex couples.

"A man can be wiser today than yesterday," Senator Grisanti said.

We celebrate with our friends and supporters in New York this evening, and hope this progress is a sign of many good things to come as this incredible year for LGBT rights continues.

Let us all continue the momentum -- BE HEARD!
Comments of celebration, and some inevitable criticism, began to flow late Friday night and into the Pride weekend worldwide as New York, the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement, became the sixth and most populous state, in addition to Washington, D.C., to give same-sex couples the right to civil marriages through a historic vote in the Republican-led state senate.

"New York has finally torn down the barrier that has prevented same-sex couples from exercising the freedom to marry and from receiving the fundamental protections that so many couples and families take for granted," said Governor Andrew Cuomo. "With the world watching, the legislature, by a bipartisan vote, has said that all New Yorkers are equal under the law. With this vote, marriage equality will become a reality in our state, delivering long overdue fairness and legal security to thousands of New Yorkers."

Cuomo signed the bill into law shortly before midnight. The law will take effect on July 24 with religious exemption language that helped secure the votes of two more Republicans, Stephen Saland and Mark Gristanti, during the senate floor debate. In all, four Republicans supported the bill, which passed the senate by a vote of 33 to 29 after winning approval in the Democratic-controlled assembly for the fourth time since 2007.

Although the state senate Republican conference made history with the vote, it issued no official statement. Majority leader Dean Skelos announced Friday that an up-or-down vote would be held after many hours of deliberation among his 32 members.

“As I have said many times, this is a very difficult issue and it will be a vote of conscience for every member of the Senate,” he said.

The Log Cabin Republicans, part of the bipartisan New Yorkers United for Marriage coalition of five LGBT advocacy organizations that worked with Cuomo to pass the bill, issued a statement that marked the historic occasion.

“This achievement marks the first time a Republican led chamber has enacted marriage equality, we look forward building on our successes in states across the country,” said R. Clarke Cooper, the group’s executive director. “Log Cabin will stand with the allies who stood with us today as part of a stronger, more inclusive Republican Party.”

The five organizations in the coalition, which raised $2 million in recent months, more than half from Republicans and affiliated donors, brought an unprecedented level of coordination and resources for communications, fieldwork and lobbying in the state campaign. In addition to Log Cabin, other partners included the Human Rights Campaign, Freedom To Marry, Marriage Equality New York, and the Empire State Pride Agenda.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent and major contributor to state senate Republicans, lobbied some members of the conference and contributed to the fund-raising. He also delivered a speech on marriage equality that positioned the issue as the latest in a series of freedom movements incubated in New York, including women’s rights, workers’ right, the abolition movement, and minority civil rights.

“In recent weeks, I have had many conversations with our state senators,” said Mayor Bloomberg in a statement. “I emphasized that not only is marriage equality consistent with bedrock American principles, but it is also consistent with bedrock Republican Party principles of liberty and freedom – and the Republicans who stood up today for those principles will long be remembered for their courage, foresight, and wisdom. In fact, 10 or 20 or 30 years from now, I believe they will look back at this vote as one of their finest, proudest moments.”

As Gov. Cuomo noted in his remarks after the vote, the four Republicans provided their support at greater political risk than the Democratic senators, all of whom supported the bill except the avowedly antigay Ruben Diaz. Sr. The Conservative Party of New York State, which threatened not to offer its influential endorsement to any Republican lawmaker who supported the bill, issued a statement calling the vote a “disaster.”

“We question how marriage will be defined in the future. Moreover, we question what will be the effect on society,” said the Conservative Party. “Passage of this legislation, in our view, will cause irreversible damage to our economy, educational system and the family.”

The New York State Catholic Conference, which represents the bishops including Archbishop Timothy Dolan who strongly opposed the bill, issued a statement before the vote on Friday that reiterated no kind of religious exemptions would make the bill acceptable.

“Marriage has always been, is now, and always will be the union of one man and one woman in a lifelong, life-giving union,” said the statement. “Government does not have the authority to change this most basic of truths."

The vote in the senate held special meaning for the chamber’s first and only openly gay member, Thomas K. Duane of Manhattan, who has carried the bill for years. He spoke during the floor vote about coming out to his Catholic parents, the gay rights journey since the 1970s, and his relationship with his partner, Louis Webre.

“It is true that today holds enormous historical significance and it must be proudly celebrated,” said Duane in a statement after the vote. “The paradoxical truth is that what already exists and will not change, but for true legal recognition, is the commitment and love that is already the reality in so many of New York’s families.”

Daniel O’Donnell, the openly gay Manhattan lawmaker who sponsored the bill in the Assembly, also spoke about the public and personal implications of the vote.

"This day is a momentous one, not only for the thousands of same-sex couples across our state who find themselves suddenly on the cusp equality, now awaiting only one person's signature before being able to marry, but for all New Yorkers who have recognized and fought against legalized discrimination,” he said. “I have been with my partner John for over 30 years, and, at long last, the state where we were both born, raised, and have lived our adult lives has agreed that all New Yorkers deserve marriage equality in the eyes of the law."

The vote made global headlines as cities including New York City, Berlin and Paris prepared to celebrate Pride. It brought the state legislature in line with the stance of the statewide elected officials in New York, all of whom support marriage equality. U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, one of four senators calling on President Barack Obama to support marriage equality, issued a statement in which she pledged to continue the effort to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

“New York State has sent a powerful message to the rest of the nation,” said Gillibrand. “The right to get married and start a family is a basic, human right that must be shared by all Americans. Every loving, committed couple in America deserves this right. And no politician should stand in the way of this fact.”

President Obama, who also supports DOMA repeal, spoke to gay Democrats at a high-dollar fund-raiser in Manhattan on Thursday night and said he believed gay couples are entitled to all the same rights as other couples. However, the president stopped short of endorsing full marriage equality, where he responded to hecklers and positioned marriage as an issue of state’s rights. Obama said that the debate then still happening in New York represented “exactly what democracies are supposed to do.”

A White House spokesman repeated that position in a statement to the Washington Blade after the vote.

"The president has long believed that gay and lesbian couples deserve the same rights and legal protections as straight couples," said Shin Inouye. "That's why he has called for repeal of the so-called 'Defense of Marriage Act' and determined that his administration would no longer defend the constitutionality of DOMA in the courts. The states should determine for themselves how best to uphold the rights of their own citizens. The process in New York worked just as it should."

Home of the nation's largest city and a population of nearly 20 million people, as many as Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Washington, D.C. combined, New York will double the number of Americans who live in a state or jurisdiction with a marriage equality law. The state, which has no initiative process to repeal the law, unlike Proposition 8 in California, is expected to inject new momentum into a marriage equality movement that stalled in legislatures in recent months. Federal courts cases are pending, and polls show that a slim majority of Americans now support marriage equality.

“We are beginning to see the dark walls of discrimination crumble,” said Chad Griffin, co-founder and board president of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which is sponsoring the federal lawsuit against Prop 8. “The American Foundation for Equal Rights will continue its work in the federal courts and will not stop until all Americans have the same rights, including the freedom to marry, as guaranteed by our Constitution.”

The victory in New York capped a year that also began with hope for passing marriage equality laws in Maryland and Rhode Island. The Maryland house voted to recommit the bill to committee in March after it passed the senate, and in Rhode Island, lawmakers decided instead to introduce a civil unions bill, which passed the house but has languished in the senate as the legislative session draws to a close.

Equality Maryland, the statewide advocacy group that moved the bill to a first-time vote and passage in the senate, issued a statement in response to the New York victory.

“Equality Maryland looks toward the future of marriage equality as New York becomes the sixth state, along with the District of Columbia, to recognize gay and lesbian couples as full and equal citizens,” said the statement. “It’s time that Maryland joins the ranks of states who favor marriage equality for all loving and committed gay and lesbian couples.”

New York also received congratulations from Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, which brought the lawsuit, Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, that made Massachusetts the first state in the nation with a marriage equality law in 2004.

“As a major cultural and population center for our nation and the world, the state of New York today has sent a powerful message of liberty and equality for all that will no doubt resonate far beyond the state’s borders,” said Gary Buseck, the acting executive director. “This is a momentous day for the marriage equality movement.”

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the first openly gay person to hold the position, made a statement after the vote Friday that looked toward the significance for future generations.

“And what it does for me is important, but what it does for gay children is indescribable,” she said. “There are children who are watching this vote right now across the country in households where they are afraid to tell people that they believe that they are gay, and they just saw the legislature of the greatest state in the union say that they are equal and that they matter. That will keep children alive, it will give them hope, and it will tell them that it does get better and that they matter.”

FROM MENY (NYC): think of how you are feeling RIGHT NOW! Now let's work to bring this feeing to all 50 states! @NYEqualMarriage @freedomtomarry @dmcrawford
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New Orleans, Louisiana sludge masters EYEHATEGOD,Black Cobra, Baptists, Early Graves have been added to The Power Of The Riff festival set to take place as four west coast shows 8/13/2011 Echo/Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA, 8/15/2011 Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA, 8/16/2011 – The Mezzanine – San Francisco, CA, 8/18/2011 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA. EYEHATEGOD will perform 8/13/2011 in LA, California at the ECHO/ECHOPLEX.
Los Angeles-based purveyor of all things heavy, Southern Lord Recordings, in association with The Power Of The Riff, have announced the next installments of shows in the TPOTR live series. As of now there are four massive upcoming West Coast shows confirmed, and more are in the works, set to take place this August.

Kicking off the four-date jaunt on August 13 is the second official The Power Of The Riff Fest in Los Angeles, following the ultra-successful debut of the festival last August. At press time, confirmed acts for this installment of the crushing fest include Pentagram, Winter, Pelican, Trap Them, Masakari, Alpinist, Acephalix and All Pigs Must Die, with more acts to be announced shortly. There will also be an additional TPOTR event scheduled that same weekend in LA, with more info on that to be announced shortly.

Two days later, the TPOTR hits San Francisco for two full nights of mayhem. The first night will see Winter, Noothgrush, Trap Them, Black Breath, All Pigs Must Die, Acephalix and more hitting the stage at Elbo Room, and the following night will see Pentagram, Pelican, Alpinist , Masakari, Early Graves, Baptists, Aeges and more storming The Mezzanine.

Moving further north, on August 18, Seattle’s infamous Neumo’s will showcase Winter, Pelican, Noothgrush, All Pigs Must Die, Alpinist, Masakari and Aeges hitting the stage together on the final night of this The Power Of The Riff venture. Additionally, yet another TPOTR event will be scheduled in Seattle this same week, so stay tuned for the details on that show to be announced soon.

More Info:

TPOTR Official Twitter
TPOTR Official Facebook
Southern Lord Website
Southern Lord Official Blog
Southern Lord Official Myspace
Southern Lord Official Twitter
Southern Lord Official Facebook
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The New York State Senate today has announced that the Marriage Equality Bill has been modified to accommodate exemption for religious institutions as a vote will hit the Senate floor tonight no later that 11pm or 12 AM EST.
FROM THE NEW YORK STATE SENATE: After many hours of deliberation and discussion over the past several weeks among the members, it has been decided that same sex marriage legislation will be brought to the full Senate for an up or down vote.

The entire Senate Republican Conference was insistent that amendments be made to the Governor’s original bill in order to protect the rights of religious institutions and not-for-profits with religious affiliations. I appreciate the Governor’s cooperation in working with us to address these important issues and concerns.

As I have said many times, this is a very difficult issue and it will be a vote of conscience for every member of the Senate.
Watch live streaming video from nysenate at

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Evoken-Quietus Era...2000 Profound Lore, record label for New Jersey doomsters EVOKEN have confirmed that the band will enter the studio in the fall. FROM PROFOUND LORE: Late Oct/early Nov, EVOKEN should be entering the studio to record their new full-length album.
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Italian death grinders have revealed the art work for the bands anticipated NUCLEAR BLAST debut "Agony" due to be unleashed 8/9/2011.
FROM FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE: "The album cover is about the eternal struggle of mankind; we're condemned to live facing our evil side, which dwells in every one of us. We are like tied to the ground, forced in chains that can't be broken, so the man in the cover is representing all humanity and its eternal agony, knowing that it's almost impossible to liberate ourselves from the obscurity of our nature. Unless we decide to admit to ourselves who we are and face our doom, that would be the only way to free our kind and rise to an higher conscience, someday."
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Diamond Plate 2010 - Photo by Gene Ambo Chicago thrash warriors DIAMOND PLATE have issued this update on the bands EARACHE debut.
EARACHE RECORDS: Chicago thrashers DIAMOND PLATE recently finished recording their debut album, GENERATION WHY?, with producer NEIL KERNON (JUDAS PRIEST, NEVERMORE, DEICIDE, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD) at RaxTrax Studios in the band's hometown.

DIAMOND PLATE documented their time in the studio and have posted a video showing the first part of "The Making of Generation Why?" on their brand new website.

Watch the recording process and hear a sneak preview of the new material now at

DIAMOND PLATE have also unveiled the first track from GENERATION WHY?, titled "At the Mountains of Madness". Listen to it now at (e-mail required)

See DIAMOND PLATE on tour in the US with KITTIE and DIRGE WITHIN at the following shows:

Aug. 12 - Waterloo, IA - Spicoli's Rock Garden
Aug. 13 - Milwaukee, WI - The Basement @ The Rave
Aug. 14 - Joliet, IL - Mojoe's
Aug. 16 - Sauget, IL - Pop's
Aug. 19 - Chicago, IL - Reggies (DIAMOND PLATE only, album release show)
Aug. 20 - Lake Odessa, MI - Carnival Of Chaos
Aug. 24 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
Aug. 25 - Syracuse, NY - Lost Horizon
Aug. 26 - Clifton Park, NY - Northern Lights
Aug. 27 - Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
Aug. 28 - Clifton, NJ - Dingbatz
Aug. 30 - New York, NY - Highline Ballroom
Aug. 31 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
Sep. 01 - Fayetteville, NC - Jester's
Sep. 02 - Jacksonville, NC - Hooligan's
Sep. 03 - Spartanburg, NC - Ground Zero
Sep. 04 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
Sep. 07 - Houston, TX - Scout Bar
Sep. 08 - San Antonio, TX - Backstage Live
Sep. 09 - Dallas, TX - Trees
Sep. 10 - Lubbock, TX - Jake's
Sep. 12 - Farmington, NM - Top Deck
Sep. 13 - Tempe, AZ - Clubhouse
Sep. 14 - Los Angeles, CA - Whisky A Go Go
Sep. 15 - Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
Sep. 16 - Santa Clara, CA - Avalon
Sep. 17 - Orangevale, CA - Boardwalk
Sep. 20 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theater
Sep. 21 - Colorado Springs, CO - Black Sheep

View the tour flyer at

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


ITP's author would like to clarify vs. a tenet who lived in this unit previous to me, WHOM I DON'T KNOW. ITP's author is not a parent, I'm not married, I'm not straight, and I've never, and do not want kids. However, a cop is looking for a previous tenet whom occupied this unit before me, as the father of her child does not know where she and specifically his children are. I assume this a family court matter between the father (whom pays child support) and the mother whom was a previous tenet, as this has NOTHING to do with ME, I don't know these people, I'm not their family.
I'm really upset with this previous tenet, as she tried to have her stuff delivered to this apartment, I refused to let that happen, won't forward mail, people have come to the property looking for her and knocking on my door, and I have never met the previous tenet.
Let me get this straight, this is not MY fucking problem, as I'm not "Serrana" and I'm not a parent I have no kids, and I can sue for slander. I can sue the previous tenet for any inconvenience and if she comes back on the property she "Serrana" is arrested, as her mail will be returned to sender. Apparently Serrana's mom (Gail) lives downstairs with some drunk named Phil, confront them, because I don't KNOW the previous tenet and I have never been married and I don't have kids. I can not guarantee the safety of any person whom attacks me under some false pretense, and you don't know me or know whom or what you're talking about.
I'm reporting my wallet as stolen through the police.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ FUCK OFF!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WORM HOLE DEATH: RELEASE FOR "SWEET RELIEF" has been post-poned to September 23rd this year WORLD-WIDE.

Illinois based extreme metal warriors and Aural Music recording artists WORM HOLE DEATH have sent this update regarding project ONE WITHOUT: FROM WORM HOLE DEATH: The physical release for "SWEET RELIEF" has been post-poned to September 23rd this year WORLD-WIDE.

This release date does not include Germany. More info about the release date for Germany will come later.

The reason is that we got contacted by a cool label that offered us a great opportunity to release "SWEET RELIEF" on a bigger scale, and at the same time the label concerned has ideas and forward-thinking that is exactly in line with how we feel.

We are really looking forward to see where this will take OW. More info will be revealed in the next months.

We apologize for the delay, but this is a big opportunity that will take ONE WITHOUT to the next level. While at the same time we keep our integrity and respect for our fans.

Hope you guys can stand to wait a little longer, it will be worth it in the end, believe us! :)

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

GOREGROWLERS BALL11/18-20, 2011 San Antonio, Texas at The Korova : CONFIRMS GOATWHORE and IMPIETY

Photo by Nathaniel Shannon Promoters for the GORE GROWLERS BALL set to take place 11/18-20, 2011 San Antonio, Texas at The Korova located at 107 E. Martin, San Antonio, TX 78205 have confirmed GOATWHORE and as of 6/23/2011 IMPIETY.
FROM GORE GROWLERS BALL PROMOTERS: Louisiana’s very own, and Texas favorite, Goatwhore has been added to this year’s festival. They will be playing on Friday, November 18th along side Exhumed, Noisear, Nokturnel, Putrid Pile and more. We are very happy to be working with them, as this is a band we have been wanting to work with for some time now. TX loves some Goatwhore, that’s for sure! Please welcome Goatwhore to the Ball!
New band added: IMPIETY (Singapore)
Yes, that’s right folks, the mighty Impiety has been added to this year’s Goregrowler’s Ball fest. Impiety came to the States for the first time last year for Rites of Darkness. Well Impiety returns to TX again as a participant of this year’s Goregrowler’s Ball fest. We are happy to have them on board. This is by far the most outrageous lineup ever for the GGB. There is such a great mixture of bands, and a lot of bands who could possibly tour on their own and headline each and every night. Why would you not want to come to this fest?!

Running Order
Times and band order are Subject to change.

Update coming very soon!

Friday Nov 18th, 2011
Band: Time: Stage:
EXHUMED 12:00-close INSIDE
VORE 8:00-8:30 INSIDE
Saturday Nov 19th, 2011
Band: Time: Stage:
ABORTED 12:00-close INSIDE
HOD 8:30-9:00 OUTSIDE
VEX 1:30-2:00 OUTSIDE
Sunday Nov 20th, 2011
Band: Time: Stage:
GROTESQUE FORMATION 2:30-3:00 OUTSIDE Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


It's time to get to WORK on ITP V.011, long hours as it will be. Tomorrow (WEDNESDAY) in New York, The Marriage Equality Act will be up in the NY State Senate as the legislation is perhaps one vote from making history or one vote shy equating to heartbreak. ITP V.011 officially supports the Marriage Equality Act.
Yes, I said I would do this late last year, and it is officially DONE. ITP's author JUST started an account for this blog on TWITTER. Again, I just started the ITP V.011 TWITTER account last weekend, so it will take me a while to build a following and to follow others. Keep in mind I'm a NUBIE to TWITTER as I will have an secondary private TWITTER account for myself. I'm digging TWITTER already.
NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND, DAMNED IN BLACK (BLACK METAL NEWS) will be posted by FRIDAY, and yes, ITP (metal release) REVIEWS this weekend, this weekend at the latest.
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I just have to re situate my 'puter so I am comfy typing.
FYI, morons in da hood, I don't listen to r and b or hip hop, I'm not married, and I do NOT have kids, I'm NOT the one.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BRUTAL ASSAULT: (August 11th - 13th, 2011-JAROMEŘ - Old Army Fortress JOSEFOV / Czech Republic : CONFIRMS KREATOR and UNEVEN STRUCTURE

Promoters for the 2011 BRUTAL ASSAULT FEST set to take place August 11th - 13th, 2011-JAROMEŘ - Old Army Fortress JOSEFOV / Czech Republic have confirmed KREATOR and UNEVEN STRUCTURE. FROM BRUTAL ASSAULT PROMOTERS: Dear BA fans, thank you for your actual support and interest in this
year’s BA Festival. We are almost ready with the final line-up. Next
trio contains one of the last bands for the 16th volume of the festival.

Let’s start with the highest caliber. German thrash metal veterans KREATOR
will play Brutal Assault for the first time! One of the most
influential and successful European metal bands will rock the Fortress.

Next confirmed have been French ambient/experimental band UNEVEN STRUCTURE.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Evile - Jan 2010 - Photo by Tom Barnes UK thrashers EVILE have sent the tracklisting of the bands anticipated new release "FIVE SERPENT'S TEETH" due to be unleashed 9/26/2011 on EARACHE.
FROM EARACHE RECORDS: British thrashers EVILE recently finished recording their forthcoming new album, FIVE SERPENT'S TEETH, which is due to be released on September 26th.

EVILE lead guitarist OL DRAKE reveals the track listing for the new album:

"Here's the full track list for our new album, Five Serpent's Teeth. There's such diversity through this album that I simply can't wait for people to hear these tracks. We spent a long time in the studio and at home figuring out the best order we could place these tracks in to flow perfectly through the album. The tracks go from the stomping heaviness of 'Cult', to the eeriness/melancholy of 'In Memoriam', to the pure insanity of 'Descent Into Madness'. You may have already hear 'Eternal Empire' at, and if you were at Download festival last weekend and you came to see us, you heard 'Cult'."

The full track listing for FIVE SERPENT'S TEETH is as follows:

01. Five Serpent's Teeth
02. In Dreams of Terror
03. Cult
04. Eternal Empire
05. Xaraya
06. Origin of Oblivion
07. Centurion
08. In Memoriam
09. Descent Into Madness
10. Long Live New Flesh

Listen to the new track "Eternal Empire" now at (e-mail required)

OL DRAKE comments on EVILE's recent performance at the UK's Download festival:

"We had a blast at Download festival. It was our first time there and we were shocked to see how many people squashed into the tent - and it wasn't even raining! Kerrang gave us the most prestigious honour of a KKKKK review of the show, another thing we were shocked about. We're now preparing for our next few runs of festivals throughout Europe, all of which you can see at"

See EVILE live on tour this summer at the following shows:

Jul. 01 - Löbnitz, Germany - With Full Force
Jul. 08 - Gävle, Sweden - Getaway Rock
Jul. 09 - Pecs, Hungary - Rock Marathon
Jul. 14 - Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany - Dong Open Air
Jul. 15 - Tolmin, Slovenia - Metalcamp Festival
Jul. 17 - Vizovice, Czech Republic - Masters of Rock
Jul. 27 - Bladel, Netherlands - Totaalfestival
Aug. 13 - Oulu, Finland - Jalometalli Festival

View the tour flyer at

EVILE's thrash metal anthem, "Thrasher", is available to download now for the Rock Band video game, along with every song from the band's last album, INFECTED NATIONS. Get the tracks now from EVILE's official Rock Band page at

Get EVILE's first two albums, ENTER THE GRAVE and INFECTED NATIONS, in Europe at or in North America at

Get more EVILE news and info at:

Official website -
Facebook -
Twitter -
MySpace -
Last.FM -
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT FEELS THIS WAY: Keep in mind that New York State is perhaps the most over taxed state in the nation, tax them damn churches: ITP V.011 is against the state or federal funding of any organization, non for profit, religious or otherwise that discriminates based upon race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, political point of view, musical preference, and religion, or religions other than their own. Not on my tax dollars.

DEAR LEGISLATORS: ITP V.011 EDITORIAL: On the New York State gay marriage debate (decision and vote to made soon) in laymans terms. The hold up regarding The Marriage Equality bill going thorough the NY Senate is based upon a vague reference to religious institutions and non profit organizations being exempt from the Marriage Equality Act. Honestly, all the weddings I have been to, and all but one funeral have NOT been in a church, only through a Judge, mayor or county clerk, so separation from church and state, I'm all for it.
What even my hetero friends are afraid of: Any tax dollars going to state and federal funded organizations, or religious institutions that discriminate based a upon sexual orientation and other isms, in the middle of a receding economy, when Andrew Coumo balances the budget and cuts programs for low income folk ect.
I just prefer none of these organizations get any state or federal funding, if that organization discriminates, they do so at their own expense, not at tax payers expense. I can see, hypothetically, the KKK could be drooling at the idea of getting state and federal funding to discriminate against Jews, blacks, gays you name it as this exemption is so vague in reference and back wards, it's sets a dangerous and negative precedent, as I'm in favor of Marriage Equality and against funding discrimination.
Do NOT fund these "Non for Profit" or "religious" organizations that discriminate, if they get sued, then so be it, let those whom discriminate accept consequences at their own expense, at their own risk, saving tax payers money and balancing New York States fiscal deficit. FROM THE HUFFINGTON POST:
He cites a letter from Republican state senator Greg Ball, the same lawmaker who's polling his constituents for their opinions over Twitter and Facebook. "Governor's language does not protect church-related agencies from denial of funding by state and local government agencies to provide charitable and health services, or allow them to make hiring and benefits decisions based on religious beliefs,"
New York state senators seem to have made little progress in the debate over same-sex marriage in the last day of the scheduled legislative session. According to multiple reports, Majority Leader Dean Skelos does not anticipate a vote on the measure before midnight tonight. If the senators do not reach an agreement tonight, Governor Andrew Cuomo will need to file for an extension of the legislative session. After a meeting with Cuomo and Assembly Speaker and Manhattan Democrat Sheldon Silver, Skelos explained to reporters that the discussion revolved around religious exemption language in the bill and that it would likely take several more days to iron out the details.

The New York Times confirms the reports of no vote and cites a debate over extending rent control laws as a reason for the hold up:

By midafternoon on Monday, the last official day of the legislative session, leaders of the Assembly and Senate claimed there had been progress on a host of fronts but had little to show for it.
No deal seemed imminent on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage or on overhauling the state's rent regulations, which expire at midnight. Nor did a final vote seem likely on a tentative deal announced weeks ago to cap state property taxes. Those issues constitute the bulk of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's remaining agenda for the legislative session, much of it now resting in the hands of the Republican-led State Senate.
"No," replied Dean G. Skelos, the Republican Senate leader, when asked if the Senate might hold a vote on same-sex marriage today.

Jewish scholar and Huffington Post blogger Jay Michaelson provides a detailed look at the issues that New York senate leaders may be discussing. Though the post goes into great detail about the specifics, Michaelson explains how according to existing law, the marriage act would have different implications for different types of religious organizations. He cites a letter from Republican state senator Greg Ball, the same lawmaker who's polling his constituents for their opinions over Twitter and Facebook. "Governor's language does not protect church-related agencies from denial of funding by state and local government agencies to provide charitable and health services, or allow them to make hiring and benefits decisions based on religious beliefs," writes Ball. "Most of these religious-affiliated groups are incorporated under the Not for Profit Corporation Law, not just the Religious Corporation Law and Education Law."

Michaels explains:

The issue here is really in the last sentence. Ball and the Republican leadership are aware that religious organizations recognized as such are specifically exempted from complying with the marriage law. They can fire me because I'm gay, deny my partner medical benefits if I work for them, and refuse to allow us to rent their space for our wedding celebration next September. But, Ball is also correct that many religious organizations are not Religious Corporations under the law; they are ordinary nonprofit corporations. Organizations choose this more general status for a variety of reasons. First, religious corporations must prove that most of their activities are specifically religious. A Catholic aid agency, for example, may have trouble doing that, if what they're mainly doing is providing food, or medical assistance, or similar services. Second, there are reporting requirements associated with being a religious corporation, which many organizations seek to avoid.
The problem here is that changing the bill to exempt any nonprofit organization from compliance allows far too much. All an organization would have to do is claim to be religious in some way, and the protections meant to be given to same-sex couples are suddenly removed. This allows far too much.
EDITORS NOTE: I'm always thankful that I didn't grow up in the 1940's' or 50's, the part in this piece when it is debated if a baker should bake a cake for an interracial couple, the baker would have the right to refuse them service, is scary to the point where I fell off my chair laughing, interracial marriage is legal.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/