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Iowa, USA based nu metal warriors SLIPKNOT have announced guitarist JIM ROOT can not play the bands scheduled dates on the current ROCKSTAR MAYHEM FEST as an burst appendix coul;d be life threatening as ROOT will sit out the current tour. SLIPKNOT will continue to perform all dates without JIM ROOT.

The 2012 ROCKSTAR MAYHEM fest features Slipknot, Slayer, Motorhead, Anthrax, As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel, Motorhead and many more. 

 We're sorry to announce that our brother, Jim Root, will not be performing with us at Mayhem today in San Bernardino due to serious health issues. Jim has been seriously sick for the past two weeks and went to the hospital last week where he was advised that his appendix burst a couple weeks before and that it could have been life threatening. Jim is at home recovering and is awaiting surgery to have pieces of his appendix removed and hopes to join the tour as soon as he is able. Slipknot will continue to headline the Mayhem Festival and all other shows. We refuse to let our fans down and will not miss a single date. We will miss Jim greatly and our thoughts are with him. Jim sends his love to each and every one of our fans.




The EXAMINER.COM has identified the deceased "victim" in the manslaughter case vs. Richmond, Virginia based vocalist RANDY BLYTHE of  thrash/core warriors LAMB OF GOD. Daniel N., 19 years old, attended a 5/24/2010 LAMB OF GOD show in Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC, stage dived three times, and allegedly was pushed off stage via LAMB OF GOD vocalist RANDY BLYTHE sustaining head injuries resulting in a coma and death.  LAMB OF GOD vocalist RANDY BLYTHE posted $200, 000 (USD- 6/30/2012) bail as he was detained by CZECH REPUBLIC law enforcement agencies for three days and the bands
Prague, CZ show was cancelled. Everyone from LAMB OF GOD are home in the USA safe and sound, RANDY BLYTHE (LAMB OF GOD vocalist) will return home MONDAY.

7/2/2012 UPDATE: RANDY BLYTHE nor his mangement have been able to post bail as of today as there restrictions on RANDY BLYTHE's pontential bail, as he can't leave the CZECK REPUBLIC during the duration of his case.

"Finally HOME! 4/5 of us anyway. I can't wait to give Randy a big bear hug and kiss his pointy, stubbly face! Thanx for all the support y'all! Flooded with questions about Randy. I truly understand and appreciate [your] concern. But it would be irresponsible for me to comment on any of it. Again….thank y'all SOOOO much for your love and support during these difficult times. It means the world to us."

The crime of which Blythe is being accused is punishable by up to ten years in prison, according to popular Czech news web site
PICS ON THE LEFT: RANDY BLYTHE (LAMB OF GOD) HOLDING DOWN STAGE DIVER "DANIEL N.", SECOND PIC: Alleged manslaughter victim and stage diver at 5/24/2010 LAMB OF GOD show DANIEL N.

Video footage of the 5/24/2010 incident has been posted courtesy of CZECK REPUBLIC news site TN.NOVA.CZ (no video embedding from TN.NOVA.CZ as of yet)  and also here on  ITP V.012. The video fo RANDY BLYTHE (LAMB OF GOD) confronting the stage diving fan (5/24/2010-Prauge, CZ) shows perhaps a "close call", enough to question if RANDY BLYTHE (LAMB OF GOD) and band/venue security and perhaps another member of LAMB OF GOD physically threw (and perhaps kicked) Daniel N. off the stage resulting in his death, or if "Daniel" stage dived on his own volition sustaining injuries resulting in death.



2010 Abaton Concert

According to eyewitness statements cited by online daily newspaper aktuálně.cz, Blythe was chanting "Come on up" in between of two songs, which the newspaper noted may have been intended to invite applause from the audience, and not a direct invitation to the fan.[8] The newspaper went on to report that the fan tried to climb onto the stage and that he was thrown by the singer from the stage and fell backwards directly on his head.[8] The fan, who was reported not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol by the same newspaper, suffered serious brain trauma, later fell into coma and succumbed to his injury weeks later.[9] Czech TV station Nova released a footage on which Blythe together with a member of security throws a fan off the stage, while in a later sequence a fan climbing on the stage gets struck down by guitarist. Nova did not specify whether the footage contains the act at issue.[10]
A report about the concert at issue released on May 26, 2010 by stated that "one of the things that were unexpected was the behavior of the singer Randall Blythe, who on a few occasions struck some fans in a relatively brutal way off the stage." The article also contains pictures; on one of them Blythe is holding a fan down on the ground.[11] Meanwhile another report released two days after the concert at Abaton by alleged that "Randy in a totally uncompromising way took down an impertinent fan, who has climbed the podium several times. The front-man clearly showed that it is his territory, he struck the intruder down, punched him a couple of times and sent him through the air off the podium, without even stopping singing(!)"[12]May 28, 2010 report by stated that "some broken head was a testimony to the fact that the band does not like anybody on the stage"[13] while stated that "the only negative thing about the concert was, to say it mildly, disputable approach of the band towards the stage-divers ... when somebody tried to climb the stage, he was brutally swept down." [14]A fan attending the event reported for, that "every metal fan in Prague knows that this [i.e. Abaton Club] is one of the 'stage-diving-friendly' clubs," purporting that Hatebreed andDevildriver were "OK with that", unlike Blythe.[15]
Tomáš Fiala, a promoter of the concert affiliated with Obscure Production, said that there was no fight between the fan and Blythe, stating that "it was an unfortunate incident which happened during the concert when someone climbed onto the stage where he was not supposed to be."[5] According to Lamb of God's publicist Adrenaline PR "[the] incident deals with a fan that three times during the concert jumped the barricade and rushed Randy during the performance. It is alleged that the third time, security was not able to reach him and that Randy pushed him back into the audience where supposedly he fell and hit his head."[9] Guitarist Willie Adler said "I can't recall that particular show let alone a fan being beaten on the stage. I think I would've noticed something like that considering the Dime thing", while a fan attending the event stated "The guy climbed on stage and Randy slapped him and the guy fell on the ground (not off the stage), [Randy] sang few words to his face and pushed him back and said that he is not OK with people on the stage. A murder? I dont [sic] think so...that hit wouldn't kill you unless you're made of glass."[15]


On June 30, 2012, the Prague 8 District Court after a 90 minutes hearing[10] ruled that Blythe will be remanded in the custody, as he is considered to be a flight risk due to being foreigner and at the same time the judge ruled that Blythe may be released on a bail of CZK4,000,000 (approx. $200,000), Blythe's alleged annual income.[3] According to TV Nova Blythe stated he had not been aware of the fan's death and he expressed his remorse.[10]

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l- 


Richmond, Virginia USA based vocalist of LAMB OF GOD, RANDY BLYTHE has posted $200, 000 bail regarding charges set against him for manslaughter involving the death of a stage diving fan (Daniel N.) at a 5/24/2010 CZECK REPUBLIC club show.

"Today just turned into a FANTASTIC day!!!"

FROM BLABBERMOUTH.NET: According to the Czech news site, LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe appeared in court shortly before 10 a.m. today for a hearing in connection with the death of a fan more than two years ago.

Blythe, who was arrested Wednesday (June 27) at the Prague airport on manslaughter charges, was reportedly released on 4 million Czech Koruna bail (approximately $200,000 — an amount which, according to the site,Randy claimed was the equivalent of his annual income). Since most banks are closed this weekend, Blythe will be allowed to pay off his bail on Monday (July 2). The singer, who did not speak at his hearing and was "timid as a lamb," was considered a flight risk by the judge and will reportedly have to remain in the country at least for the next two days.Photos and video footage (see below) of Blythe in court show him wearing an OBITUARY hooded sweatshirt and American flag hat. For safety reasons, he also had his shoelaces removed while he was in the pre-trial detention cell.

Blythe, 41, who was represented by two lawyers in court, is accused of causing the fatal injury that occurred at LAMB OF GOD's May 24, 2010 show in Prague. The singer apparently either pushed or struck a 19-year-old fan named Daniel N. who had come on stage, and that person died 14 days later of bleeding in the brain.

According to WTVR-TV, another Czech online news site,, has published statements from a witness — a friend of the victim — who said the fan wasn't using drugs or alcohol and fell back directly on his head. The victim lapsed into a coma and died two weeks later.

The crime of which Blythe is being accused is punishable by up to ten years in prison, according to popular Czech news web site

LAMB OF GOD was scheduled to perform on Thursday at the Rock Café in Prague with SKELETONWITCH and ALL SHALL PERISH but that show ended up getting canceled. 


Takhle si své turné metalová hvězda Randy Blythenepředstavoval. Koncertní šňůru mu přerušila policie hned na pražském letišti. Byl obviněn ze zabití českého fanouška Daniela N. (†19). Ten zemřel dva týdny poté, co ho Blythe při koncertu v pražském klubu Abaton v květnu 2010 shodil z pódia. Divoký metalista v sobotu dopoledne stanul před soudem. Ten rozhodl o uvalení vazby! Je zde totiž velké riziko, že by Blythe mohl odjet z Česka.

Soud však kromě vazby stanovil také kauci, která činí 200 000 dolarů (4 miliony korun). Jedná se o roční příjem, který Blythe přiznal. Jelikož je víkend a většina bank má zavřeno, bude se Blythe moci vyplatit nejdříve v pondělí. Ve vazbě si tak posedí nejméně ještě dva dny.

Blythea zastupovali dva právníci. Advokát Vladimír Jablonský považuje postup policie za neseriózní. "Klient dva roky vůbec netušil, že po pražském koncertě někdo zemřel," řekl

K soudu dorazil zpěvák, který na pódiu vypadá jako krvelačné monstrum, krátce před 10. hodinou v doprovodu eskorty. V soudní síni byl krotký jako beránek. Na očíchměl dioptrické brýle, kšiltovku s americkou vlajkou si položil vedle sebe na lavici v soudní síni. Měl na sobě oblečení, v kterém do Prahy přicestoval - maskáčové kraťasy a mikinu. Ze skejťáckých bot mu z bezpečnostních důvodů v cele předběžného zadržení vyjmuli i tkaničky.

Jeho druhý právní zástupce Martin Radvan naznačil směr, kterým se bude ubíhat obhajoba. Řekl, že to byla ze strany metalové hvězdy obrana.
Divoký metalista byl ve středu večer na Ruzyni zatčen kvůli rvačce, po které zemřel devatenáctiletý fanoušek. Blythe ho totiž surově skopl z pódia a mladík zemřel po 14 dnech na krvácení do mozku.
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(ITP V.012 EDITORS NOTE: The above book was an interesting read):                                                                                                        

                                                                                                         ITP V.012 EDITORIAL: I am absolutely resenting any negative stereotypes, generalizations and stigmas regarding METAL, music and moshing, when perhaps the people speaking know nothing about underground music, are "soccer moms", or are complete waste cases, uncultured whom have never been in a pit.

Since, 2009, ITP  has dedicated an entire monthly series to (THE ART OF DANCE) and regarding every aspect of mosh pit/underground dance culture, nearly running out of ideas, including:
..And while I tried to keep the reality of mosh pit failures, humorous, mosh pit failures, either fan or band provoked CAN, and sometimes does go TRAGICALLY wrong.

Whatever someones's opinion of this tragic incident at the 2010 LAMB OF GOD show, keep in mind it is irrelevant if you like the band or not, and he is not (RANDY BLYTHE) above the law with semi celebrity status. Do not express your opinion to me (ITP's author) specificallly if I don't know you, as I will lock your ass up, or you'll be pushing daises as misguided as that self rightous bullshit is.

Crowd management control issues can happen anywhere to everywhere to anyone, from Black Friday and soccer match crowd surges and riots, to rock concert fatalities.

ITP's V.012 author is 42 (no joke, really, I may look young, but I'm older and wiser), and over the last 30 some odd years, with plenty of concert, booking, multi-media and mosh pit experience, I have heard of quite a few fan tragedies at both music and sporting events. If you run on the field during a baseball game, you might just get tackled, tasered and arrested.  If you jump on stage during a bands show,specifically without being invited, you might be pushed off stage by band and/or venue security. While a collective "booo" can be heard from fans regarding overzealous venue security, the middle ground is situating venue security between the stage and the fans, with security behind a barricade (inbetween the stage and fans) pushing back and catching crowd-surfers. No one can stage dive if security prevents them from being onstage and it's better to push the crowdsurfers backwards as thier momentum is being carried forward. Some crowdsurfers would even appreciate the human barricade, avoiding that silly dilemma of either the temptation or need to stagedive instead of falling over that barricade. Venue security should also be in the mosh pit, and acclimated to mosh pit culture.

I don't mean to "glamorize" moshing as sometimes kids come to shows with no concert moshing experience, as the road is only paved with good intentions and people really do get hurt. I've watched videos of shows and festivals I've attended on YOU TUBE, and while the videos were somewhat edited, I remember, as a spectator what I went through at those shows both good and bad, it looks better on video, the physicality of being there, specifically in the mosh pit, is a totally different story. The bruises, soreness, sprains and the absolute adrenaline rush and euphoria of the intensity of the music, bands performance and the fans antics in the mosh pit is something that can told only by fans, it's looks and feels way different being at a show rather than still pics or/and videos.

When the unthinkable happened to DAMAGEPLAN's (former PANTERA) jovial guitarist DARRELL ABBOTT, the metal and music community started to revamp concert policy and security, somewhat belated post 9/11.
ITP's V.012 author's own personal experiences, stalkers, wingnuts following this journal, drug addicts bullying those of us whom are sober, process servers. I have protected myself, and I'm not sorry if I ever did.  Here in the USA, 60% of America have "Stand Your Ground" or "Castle Statute" legislations, you trespass, you're fair game, you LOSE, line drawn in the sand.
VIDEO BELOW: WTVR (RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, USA): RANDY BLYTHE arrested for MANSLAUGHTER regarding the 5/2010 death of a fan stagediving (CZECK REPUBLIC).

FROM JACK GIBSON: EXODUS: "I'm very surprised that that happened. I mean, we've had very [much] the same type of thing happen. We had a guy get on stage and was singing with Rob [Dukes, EXODUS vocalist] arm-in-arm, and when Rob pulled the mic away, the guy didn't wanna go and he grabbed Rob's arm and twisted him and Rob beat the fucking shit out of him on stage for it and [rightfully] so. And I got in there and wanted to give him the boot. That's our stage when we're there, you know what I mean?! That's our shit up there — that's our stuff, our pedals, our guitars… That's our place. Everybody knows what happened to Dimebag [late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott who was shot and killed onstage while performing with DAMAGEPLAN in December 2004] — this guy just walks onstage and he's out of his fucking mind and shit goes incredibly wrong. There's a lot of bands that, after that happened, they just said, 'No people on stage, period.' For us, it's kind of part of our shows — letting people get up and jump off and all that stuff. We kind of have this… It's kind of a collective idea of who's been on stage too long. Like, you just know when a guy is not wanting to… You know, you get up, you can headbang, you can even come over and give us [a quick pat on the back], and run, and then you've gotta go — you've gotta go. I don't know, man. That's a little bit disturbing. Of course, I have sympathy for the kid who died and that he was in a coma, all that. Of course, I don't like to see anybody die or say that anybody deserved anything or whatever, but I am very surprised that that happened. And I can't imagine that a good lawyer isn't gonna get this settled, because it's like, if you come on stage, you're trespassing, you know what I mean?! It's almost like we just have to wait and see how this shakes out. I super-hope it [sorts itself out], 'cause that's a pretty serious situation, so I hope for [Randy] it's alright."


"[Randy] didnt 'slaughter' anyone. The kid jumped on stage and started a brawl, and Randy defended himself. That his life was lost in the process is truly unfortunate, but Randy is my friend and he's no murderer. I feel for the child and for the family and for Randy, but you have to understand that ever since Dimebag Darrell [late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist] was assaulted, shot, and murdered on stage by a 'fan,' all of us have been very defensive/cautious of anyone jumping up on stage. I'm not saying that it's OK, or justified, or anything like that, only that it's an unfortunate/tragic set of circumstances, and that I know Randy's intention was not to kill the kid. That's my opinion. I've heard yours. That is all."


 "[It's] complete and utter bullshit for [Randy] to be treated like a criminal for something he didn't do. Now fans can see first-hand why there's no stagediving anymore. Especially in the post-Darrell world we live in. [Referring to late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLANguitarist 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott, who was killed on stage by a crazed 'fan' in December 2004.] It's all fun and games until people get murdered, die and get arrested." He added, "Randy didn't cause that fan's death. That fan chose his path. People need to take responsibility for their actions no matter what the consequence. Of course it's sad that this person died, it's a tragedy, but it's not Randy's fault. I wouldn't have expected this to happen in Europe. The repercussions from this are going to make shows even more stringent than they already are."


 "[I am] waiting anxiously to hear the fate of the human Randy. He is a honorary slave who has died for GWARmany times. [I am] alarmed by the lack of outrage in the entertainment community. If this was a pop artist, the media would be all over this. That's right — I am fucking appalled at the LACK of concern in the U.S. media for the fate of Randy Blythe… Naw, just because Randy is in a nasty metal band, you can just throw his ass in jail anytime you want. The whole of music media should come the fuck out and condemn this arrest and detainment. This whole thing stinks of a shakedown. And for all youBlythe haters, eat a bowl of dick. Randy is one of the coolest mofos on the planet. Don't be hating, that's my job. Where are the leaders of the American metal community voicing outrage about the idiotic arrest of one of our own… SHAME on you, rock star!"



I have posted this under older article about this as well, so sorry for repeating myself.

I´m from Czech Republic, therefore I think I can provide the different point of view on the entire situation.
The main argument to prove the vocalist is innoncent I read in many coments all over the internet is, that after Pantera guitarist was shot dead, the bands are scared of the fans jumping on stage and the musicians have right to protect themself.
In my opinion, this is sompletelly twisted. The so called "megastars" should get back on the ground as fast as possible and get focused on the things which are really important. Let me write down some thoughts that may help to understand what the cultural difference is and how people in different parts of the world handkle their stuf. And surprisingly, it is not so much about the different cultural views, it is mainly in the peoples mind and what they think and do, no matter what country they live in.

1) the incident with shooting Dimebag Darell dead happened in the USA, the country which is very specific in the guns acceptance within the population (due to the famous Second Amendment to the Constitution) and studying the articles and news all around the web, the murderer was mentally sick paranoic schizophrenic. Also this incident was very isolated and rare. I have no idea how difficult/easy it is to get the gun in the USA, but in most EU countries, Czech Rep. included, you cannot just jump into the gun store, get yourself 9mm and go home. Every person wanting arm him/herself must go through the psychgological test as well as shooting traing, medical examination proving that person is able to handle the gun and many other things, not to mention the financial costs you need to pay on for all those papers and stamps.
To simplyfy what I´m trying to explain a little - we do not see guns being held by people on public. Also very little number of gun incidents are commited in Czech Republic. I am 34 now and I have never seen the gun incident on my own eyes. Actually I have never seen a gun being off the pocket in my life (on public). My cousin have one, he is the gun-licence holder, but he just showed it to me at home and that´s it. Of course - we have criminals here, robberies, drug dealers, hookers and pimps business, russian and albanian mafia fights and many other sick shit all around the country, all this of course with many illegal guns included, but basically this shit happens within those drug/hookers bastards and normal people simply do not arm themselves so much. And considering this, no one would attend the metal gig thinking that band members are afraid of being shot. This is something completelly out of peoples mind. So I can imagine that if the kid jumps on stage, just wantig to show he is complete asshole and then jumps down, well, that´s nothing to be considered as threat or danger of any kind.
Also I need to mention here, that I´m far away from being some kind of pacifist or so. I can say I kind of like guns, I was in the army for one year (it was mandatory for all young men of 18 years of age an older, mandatory army service was cancelled maybe only ten years ago). But all this would never lead me to the idea that I should arm myself and bring the gun the the metal gig for some reason.

2) the stage-diving is just part of this, take it or leave it. Couple of months ago, I attended Napalm Death gig in Ostrava, third biggest city in the county. The club was quite big, definitelly bigger than Abaton club at Prague, where LOG gig was placed in 2010. The security pre-cautions were ok, just check for any metal objects you may possess in your pockets and then you could get in. The crowd was approximatelly 400 - 600 heads. Napalm Death played perfect set and there were fans climbing onto the stage and jumping down almost all the time. Personally - I do not like it, because I like to see the band playing and listen with no drunken asshole ruining my view. The only thing I do at gis is a little bit of headbang, some jumping up and down and that´s it. But if someone likes to dive down the stage, well, why not - enjoy.
Napalm Death did not said even a word because of the stage-divers. When some stupid idiot stood on the stage for too long waving his hands to the crowd and so on, security guy just tapped his shoulder to remind him he is not the star of the evening, and when he did not jumped on his own, security guy helped him down a litte, but never with unnecessary aggression or inpropriate attack intensity.
And once, this was maybe the top funny thing of entire show - Barney Greenway showed how OK he was and while one drunken half-naked asshole jumped onto stage again, turned to the crowd waving arms and dancing, Barney came to him, grabbed one of the man´s tits from behind while still singing, twisted the tit for a brief moment and than laughed and went on with the blasting show. The fan maybe even didn´t noticed what happened. And that was actually the most funny thing on all this.
Can you feel the difference here? Napalm Death - on top for decades by now and absolutelly no mark of an arrogant or condoning behaviour. They know where their place is, they know why they are still here after all those years: just because of the fans.
On the other hand - Lamb Of God, when they released their debut, Napalm Death had already 7 albus out. Lamb Of God might be comercially more succesful nowadays, but it seems, that they have lost the track what the main pupropse of being in the band is and what playing for their fans means. And - instead of twisting one fan´s tits on the stage and having fun, rathrer kicking the other one down from stage so he dies two weeks later. Sure - LOG are in the business for quite a long time by now as well, but than it is even more surprising they can not feel the diference between real danger and discomfort or just complication.

3) I cannot hold back the idea of reminding how visionary and true Ian Mackaye from Fugazi was many years ago. Fugazi simply did not accept any kind of fighs, circle pit mosh or dangerous stage-diving on their shows. I may not cite his words exactly, but once he said something like: "Attending the hardcore/punk show does not mean, you need to behave like an idiot."
If fight, moshing or stagedivng appeared on later Fugazi show, they stopped playing, the people involved in this were taken out of the venue and their ticket money were re-fund to them.
Also, accortding to the information you can find on the web, he formed the corporation to defend himself and bandmates, citing wikipedia:
"In the summer of 1990 formed the corporation Lunar Atrocities Ltd in order to shield his own and his band mates personal assets from the threat of lawsuits. As Seth Martin, MacKaye's financial advisor explained to the Washington Post in a 1993 interview: "protection from liability is the main reason to form a corporation, and for these guys it makes sense. If someone got hurt stage-diving and decided to sue, it would be a little harder to go after their personal assets."
So actually not only trying to be reasonable and calm down the wild kids on the shows, but also protecting his own band in case some stupid asshole breaks his neck stagediving and decides the band is to blame.
But this is obviously not the case in LOG issue and even if LOG had some kind of similar company, they would not be able to help them very much since the singer is directly involved in the incident. The kid did not get his injury on his own.
If the band - LOG - do not like people on the stage so much, they had to put it into the contract and specifically ask for more security guys to be placed between stage and crowd. And if this is not fulfiled by promoter and venue stuff, than simply not play the gig. Yeah, this would be bad for band´s medial picture and fans will be upset that night, but with clear statement that security pre-cautions were not fulfilled and the money would be re-fund to the people (promoter should be responsible for this), there should be no problem and fans would accept this.
4) being musician myself, I also do not like some drunken idiots stepping on my cables and pedals or falling down on my feet while trying to play, but there are so many things you can do instead of attacking: step backwars couple of meters, stop playing for a second and avoid the person completelly, simply whatever is possible. To be aggressive to the person should be the last option and should be avoided if possible.
Well, how to sumarize it?
Every time something like this happens, it is bad for the scene, bad for the bands and bad for fans. No discussion about this.
I do believe the singer did not intend to harm the kid. It seems to me, that he was just so self-confident and sure nothing can happen, that he did not even thing about possible consequences. Manslaughter is maybe a wrong definition of what he did. The crime he is being accused of is called "harming the health resulting in death".
Thinking about this from many angles, trying to stand on singer´s side - I cannot do so.
He simply should not have behaved like this. No one will bring the dead kid back to life now and his family will never forget what hapened.
Peopple should be responsible for their acts. Being famous metal singer should not give the person the feeling, that he can do everything he things is ok and nothing serious can happen.
The dead kid was the fan of the band, from the info I could find on the web it seems he was the true metal head and guitar player in the local band as well, far away from dangerous gun-shoting murderer. Sure - he should not have climbed onto the stage. But no one should die just because of doing so, which is basically what happened.

The singer is out from prison, but not freed yet. There will be the court to judge if he is or is not guilty of causing the death of the kid.
Let the court decide.


  I don't think the problem is that the kid got shoved, its that he got shoved off the fucking stage. There's typically a barrier between the stage and the crowd, ya know. I dunno how it happened but I picture the kid falling between that gap and busting his head on the gate or ground. Either way would fucking suck.

I'd take an elbow to the face over that any day. 


Being from Sweden, I love your country. I have probably been to more states and cities in the US than the average American citizen touring with my band and when visiting on vacations. I can very possibly see myself living there some day. People are generally easy-going and friendly and naturally polite to strangers.

That being said, your attitude toward other countries and cultures can be frightening sometimes. Most of you have probably never heard about the Czech Republic until this day, and yet you draw so many conclusions just by the fact that someone is arrested for being suspected of manslaughter (something which would had happened in any country, including the US). A bail is set, you call it "shakedown". You talk about greed and trying to squeeze money from people, when you yourself have a crazy legal system which is 100% based on money, where people with the best lawyers win and people constantly suing each other.

Please, open your minds to the fact that your country is not the only civilized location in the world, and look at the facts objectively. Your lives will be better for it and the US would earn more respect internationally. With this attitude you are only fueling the general conception that Americans are ignorant of what is going on in the rest of the world.



The old LAMOUR (Brooklyn, NY) closed back in 1994 (and re-opened and closed for good after many mutations in 2009) in part due to the death of someone whom was shoved off stage via venue security:

However, seeing SLAYER at the old LAMOUR was awesome \m/ \m/ 

Often alot of these concert tragedies don't involve moshing at all:

THE WHO's 1979 Cincinnati, Ohio tragedy:

CUNY (CITY COLLEGE RAPPER/BASKETBALL GAME TRAGEDY)--BTW, ITP's author ended up taking 6 credits there, after the tragedy ( an event I had no interest in, and did NOT attend) and transfered the credits back to my primary college at SUNY NEW PALTZ. While getting a routine and mandatory MMR, I noticed how small and narow the gymnasium hall way was as the Health Center was in same building, creepy. However, CUNY= good college.

..Or this tragedy during LIMP BIZCUT's set during AUSTRALIA's 2001 BIG DAY OUT, every year a moment is observed for Jessica.

 ..And this 2000 tragedy during PEARL JAM's set at ROSKILDE as a few fans were suffocated between crowd surges and crowdsurfers falling into holes:

Or, the day that went down in infamy, the 2003 Rhode Island, USA (STATION NIGHTCLUB) nightculb fire at a GREAT WHITE show:                                                     

I'm not judging what happened to the stagediver during that 5/2010 LAMB OF GOD show in the CZECK REPUBLIC and the awful tragic consequences, we don't know all the details.
Upon review of the video of the 5/24/2010 LAMB OF GOD show in Prague, CZ there might be enough evidence to investigate RANDY BLYTHE and either his band or/and venue security in "Daniel's" death,
close enough to call regarding Randy Blythe. The question is: Did Randy shove the fan off stage and a fan lost his balance resulting in his death and or/and was the fan kicked in the head via LOG or/and venue/band security. Or did the fan, ("Daniel") under pressure dive into the pit on his own volition? This video proves enough evidence to detain Randy Blythe, this is tragic. If you've been living under a rock, LAMB OF GOD's vocalist Randy Blythe was charged with manslaughter in regards to an incident with a stage diving fan who dived after being tossed from the stage, and spent three days locked up in Prague, CZ until he posted bail yesterday ($400, 000). 
This incident is similiar to the Lamour, Brooklyn NY, NYC (1994) incident where a bouncer shoved a stagediver off the stage to his death resulting in criminal charges against the bouncer.

We all KNOW the RISK regarding moshing, stage diving and crowd surfing and need to respect that boundary between the audience and band, and if clearly defined so be it, and the audience deserves that respect (as humans first) from the both the promoters, bouncers other fans and bands.

Being 42, ya get to feeling your age, it's rare that I would stage dive anymore, but I have during the last 30 years, only when INVITED, and I had some awesome, hillarious experiences of crowd surfing and stage diving, and never once, lucky me, I was NEVER dropped stage diving, and often I got pulled up, often landing, at worst on my feet, at best on my back, into pit packed like sardines. However, I am tickilish, so don't do that. I hope there is a "resolution" in the crisis as we're hoping for the the best for Randy Blythe and the LAMB OF GOD camp, and RIP to the young CZECK stage diver. 
If you don't understand suffocating at a show, that almost happened to me at WOODSTOCK 94, untill I got "a little help from my freinds" as I crowdsurfed to a medical tent over the barricade, making me one of the first, unintentional of crowdsurfers at WOODSTOCK '94. The crowd surge during B-REALS's (CYPRESS HILL) crowdsurf at WOODSTOCK 94 was intense, I moved backwards as crowd surges will be the next ART OF DANCE entry.
If you see bouncers in between the band and audience (behind the stage), DON'T STAGE DIVE, or if you're crowd surfing, KNOW you will be pushed back into the pit before you climb onstage, and don't climb onstage unless invited. If the band invites ya, (indie, intimate hardcore show, club metal show), make it quick, don't step on peddles and don't destroy gear, know where to dive, into that packed pit, and those in front of the stage look out for divers and catch them. MOSH PIT ETIQUETTE 101. Great experiences, at the CHANCE, (Poughkeepsie, NY) and NYC clubs. Even Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY bouncers were always cool to crowd surfers.
Again, I've been thinking about the DIMEBAG (DARRELL ABBOTT-PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN) tragedy and it depresses me to no end, just lay back, "get your pull", have a blacktooth, as we all know, DIMEBAG's death could have been prevented, as random as that gun toting wingnut (NATHAN GALE) was, we all are vulnerable on stage and in a mosh pit as well. 

Also, consistent security, with training dealing with mosh pits and V security at festivals is key, if ya don't want stage divers, put it in your rider, no stage diving and tight security with a barricade. Better safe than sorry. If a band doesn't like stage divers, stop the show, and say so, call out the "hick in the pit". Walk off stage worst case scenario.

FANS: don't wear spikes, take off or/and tuck in your chain wallets, and don't bring weapons to shows. Don't stage dive unless invited. if you don't have experience in "Wall Of Death" or full floor pits, don't mosh. Avoid excessive drinking and drugs if you're going to shows and if you're planning on moshing. Don't crowd surf or stage dive if over 170 lbs, again don't stage dive unless invited. Beware of the front of the stage, everyone wants to be close to the band, if there's a crowd surge, you can be CRUSHED in between the barricade  and fans behind you. THE WALL OF DEATH is less dangerous from far behind the inner aspect of the wall, you won't get run over if you're the last at the start of go from as far behind the wall as possible..

If you black out from a hit in the head in a pit, leave the show, and go to the hospital or medical tent ASAP, you may have a concussion.   

SECURITY and BANDS: Tackle unwanted stage divers and lead them off the stage, do NOT shove them off the stage as off balance they could get injured, push fans (not a hard but light push, or catch them when they get to the barricade) back when they crowd surf as that indeed is the momentum of crowd surfers without always the intent to stage dive.               TO PREVENT STAGE DIVERS:  Situate security between the audience and stage with perhaps a barricade.
Mandatory barricades every 100 yards at music festivals to allievate crowd surges and to keep an eye on moshers. 
Understand mosh pit culture. Side stage doors should be guarded perhaps by armed personel. 

This SURVEY is interesting as I was going to save this for THE ART OF DANCE, and here we are: Two days ago, RANDY BLYTHE (LAMB OF GOD) was charged with manslaughter in connection with a stagediving fan during a 5/2010 show in the CZECK REPUBLIC. 
                                                                                                                                At first, I laughed at the survey, a "criminology survey" as if moshers or musicians were criminals, as I still feel resentment towards the bias of the survey and in turn, kind of WANTED to be surveyed seeing all of this from both sides. 
All musicians in punk, hardcore, metal core bands have also been in that pit and have taken the bruises that come with mosh pit culture. 
 All the best to RANDY BLYTHE of LAMB OF GOD and RIP to the young CZECK stage diver. 

Moshing, crowd surfing and stagediving is an integral part of punk, alternative, hardcore, metal core and METAL culture and the trend will not go away, as the music moves us, so does our adrenaline.

  We are "Lifers", and this is our music, and we are family, we have to look out for each other both fans, venues, promoters and bands.
 With all hands, we must pick each other up and catch each others fall. Club security must be accessible, available and humanize the fans, as they are the boundary between the fans, and the bands. 
This thing called moshing, crowd surfing and stagediving, you do at your own risk. 
Chances are, the bands may come to YOU, for a little swim and jump in the pit for a little dive and surf. 


Are you a fan of circle pits, walls of death and moshing:
I am seeking research subjects for a study of violence at concerts. The study will focus on your understanding is of the nature and meaning of circle pits, walls of death, moshing, etc.
Any individual aged 18-25 who regularly attends metal or hardcore concerts is invited to participate in this study.

Individuals who participate will receive either a $25 iTunes or Ticketek gift voucher. If you participate, you are also entitled to a summary of the study’s findings.

You would be required to attend the University of NSW at Kensington for one (1) hour and participate in an interview related to your experiences at concerts. This study will take place in June-July 2012.

To express your interest in being involved in this study, please contact Chief Investigator Kristyn Glanville at Participation in this study is completely voluntary and all responses will be treated with confidentiality.

This research has University of New South Wales Ethics Approval No 12 033.

University of New South WalesKensington, NSW 2052
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