Tuesday, June 26, 2012


ITP V.012 UPDATE: OK, I'm speaking to a good freind of mine whom happens to be an attorney (took a dip in his pool last week) about suing a couple of people regarding prejuduce and discrimination as I got threats and we know what drugs they're on, as we're going to get the ball roling on puting a few people  AWAY.

I live next door to a new restaurant, when they're employees on a cigarrette break abd we can hear them over here with my windows closed, they talk the most offensive slanderous, prejudiced, defamatory crap, this can't happen.

Bullying and stalking and manacing metal heads will most likely get you killed or arrested.
FUCK OFF, before we fuck your shit up in a lawsuit via arrest.

Other wise all is well, and optimistic.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-