Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Welcome to 2007 \m/ -l-

Welcome to 2007..I know, it's well into January..I'll have my best of 2006 on this entry soon.

Fellow blogger, charasmatic, metal vocalist Peter Dolving couldn't be more entertaining, at least on the net last year huh? Metal horns to the Haunted's Peter Dolving as he answered a question in an interview (jokingly about himself) that might put things into perspective about me...FROM Blabbermouth.net:  Q: Are you gay? I've read a lot of people on Blabbermouth say you are, so — are you?

Peter: Definitely, I'm a lesbian and proud.

Hell yeh, lesbians apply here... BBL with the best of and whatfucking ever else of. 2006..

Thanks-Keep it brutal and metal- \m/ -l-