Monday, October 31, 2005

Thank you sister Rosa Parks (RIP)

On a somber note...Rosa Parks, one of the most important people in the USA's civil rights and in our countries history (or HERstory) movement passed away at the age of 92 last week. Known for her uncompromising stance against Jim Crow laws in the segregated South... Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to whites (and sit in the back of the bus, if the bus would even ALLOW blacks on) in the segregated public transportation buses.. .
Rosa Parks actions sparked a civil rights movement of boycotting segregated companies and civil disobedience against segregation.. Rosa Parks changed everything, for the better, along with many other courageous people in the USA's civil rights movement... Read the book, or buy the PBS special series on VHS or DVD "Eyes on The Prize" by Juan Williams..
I knew last year that Rosa Parks was sick, but in lue of her death, I'm soo GLAD that she lived long enough to see those changes (civil rights) she and others worked so hard for take effect...Me at 35, I am a quarter Cherokee Indian, half black and a quarter white. I was adopted at 9, by a single parented white woman. Now there ya go, multiculturalism and racial INTEGRATION at work as I'm a generation X'er.. That's how far we've come from segregation thanks to Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement of the late 50's and 60's..Rosa Parks gave us this gift of courage and.let's keep PROGRESSING..DON'T repeal civil, gay and women's rights gains..
Rosa Parks was amazing in her courage because she didn't PLAN on defying the Jim Crow laws, as much as she was simply fed up with it, being your average hard working woman in her 40's at the time.. The boycotts of the Southern public transportation systems and Rosa Parks civil disobedience personified the way many downtrodden, hardworking African Americans felt at the time..There was also ALOT of peer pressure for African Americans, due to segregation laws, to simply move to the back of the bus..Out of four African Americans that were told to move to the back of the bus, Rosa Parks sat down defiant..Rosa Parks action of civil disobedience took major courage because at the time African Americans were being criminalized and murdered for changing an unequal system..It is that sense of identity, self esteem, strength and courage that Rosa Park's had that inspires many of us.
Rosa Parks body lay in state in the Rotunda at the White House (Washington, DC), and I must say that if I could be there and say thank you to Rosa Parks, I WOULD... .
There is no BETTER person, out them all in the White House these days, than the woman whom lays in that coffin, her body in state,in the Rotunda in Washington, DC today.
So Pleease, a moment of silence for our sister Rosa, and a standing ovation.
NOLA rockers, The Neville Brothers payed respect to Rosa Parks so well in their tune from the CD YELLOW MOON::
"Thank you sister Rosa, you are the spark, that started our freedom movement, thank you sister Rosa Parks"
Thanks you sister Rosa, you are an inspiration, a beautiful person and you will always be remembered for your courage and convictions..
Have a Happy (SAFE) Halloween everyone, cheers to sister Rosa, have a great Samhiem, Stay Metal, Stay Brootal,PEACE- Thanks-Tee \m/ -l- .

Saturday, October 29, 2005

ARSIS: New Arsis A Diamond for Disease; is AWESOME!!

WOW! It's great to hear a good tech/melodic death metal band from the USA for a change. Arsis, from Virgina, USA have released thier follow up to last years critically acclaimed "A Celebration Of Guilt" and maaaan, dood. This new Arsis EP/CD, "A Diamond for Disease" is AWEESOOME!
The title track of the new Arsis EP "A Diamond for Disease", clocking in at nearly 13 minutes long is an EPIC track boasting some exellent fretboard gymnastics and technical, guitar wizadry. . Technical, brootal, melodic, well written thrash with grind, this new Arsis EP RUULES.. The guitarist in Arsis is SHREDDING, playing apreggios, sweeps and hammer ons like it's no ones business. The title track of Arsis's "A Diamond For Disease", this ONE TRACK alone, KILLS any of this crap coming out of Sweden's Gothenbore (Gothenburgh) scene of melodic "death metal" and of course these horrid At The Gates/ In Flames melo- swede/death clones in the metal core scene...
The tabs for the title track of Arsis's "Diamond for Disease" must be an incredible tab for guitarists. Very tastefully done,  EPIC, melodic, brootal, tech,melodic death from Arsis... Keep in mind, that very mutch like Germany's Necrophagist (Onset of Putrefaction, one man band era) Arsis are a two man band, and a full band live.
The title track of Arsis's EP A "Diamond for Disease" alone is mind melding, never boring, with it's various crushing riffs, and tempo time changes. If a band writes a 12,-13,-15 minute tune, it should be done epic style as "ADFD" alone is worth the repeated listens. This tune is a masterpiece.
Geez, buy this CD. This new Arsis EP "A Diamond for Disease" is so awe inspiring...
I feel like I'm in on something special with this new Arsis CD, like the first time I listened to DEATH, or Necrophagist, or Nile, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Suffocation. Or the first time I had sex and fell in love.
BTW, I think this new Arsis EP was produced, mastered and mixed by JAMES MURPHY. A familiar name in death metal huh? You SHOULD know who James Murphy is, as he was one of of the guitarists in the great extreme metal pioneering band:DEATH (RIP Chuck Schuldiner, we love ya man \m/). James Murphy has been recovering from cancer treatment and is doing well, back in the scene, producing and mastering up and coming great metal bands. Good job Murph, good production on the guitars.
I don't know if I should be talking about this new Arsis or sharing it with you. So bye. .

Hot on the heels from their critically acclaimed debut, "A Celebration of Guilt", the unstoppable ARSIS continue to fry minds and melt frets with their brand new 3-song EP, "A Diamond for Disease". Featuring the 13-minute title track, originally composed as a score for NYC's Ballet Deviare, "A Diamond for Disease" is an ultimate magnum opus of epic melodic death metal that explores layer upon layer of romantic lead guitar, that effortlessly manages to swim and dart between spidery mazes of mutating rhythms that recall the very best of "...And Justice For All" and "Heartwork". This is by far the band's most advanced material to date, as it was written from a standpoint of orchestral-like complexity, and as such, embraces a painstaking degree of detail in both harmony arrangement and melodic counterpoint. Look no further…"A Diamond for Disease" is an absolute swirling vortex of symphonic riff-o-rama destined to be 2005’s most powerful sonic orgasm. "A Diamond For Disease" was recorded with Eyal Levi (MISERY INDEX) at Hairy Breakfast Productions and mastered by James Murphy (DEATH, TESTAMENT, DISINCARNATE). The artwork and layout was created by the talented Mark Riddick.

ARSIS will perform LIVE with Ballet Deviare January 6th - 8th at 59E59 THEATERS in New York City. Please see for more information about this special performance.

ARSIS’ A Diamond For Disease will be released in stores on October 25, 2005. A 3 minute sample of the epic 13 minute title track is available at ARSIS’ official website,, and Willowtip’s official website,

Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay Brootal-Stay Troo- \m/ -l-

Friday, October 28, 2005

WEST MEMPHIS THREE UPDATE: A ray of hope in the West Memphis Three Case

Just got this news off of the West Memphis Three website ( a link to the right of this journal. Check out both Paradise Lost and Paradise Lost: Revalations about the horrid Robin Hood Hills murders in West Memphis Arkansas back in the 90's. I will have a review of the movie Paradise Lost; Revalations soon.. I belive the West Memphis Three to be innocent as they didn't recieve a fair trial and this case has long been a travesty of justice.
FROM (The West Memphis Three website):      

On February 28, 2005, Damien's lawyers filed a First Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus in federal court.  [For more information, please see our previous Legal Update

On March 2, 2005, the State filed a
Motion to Dismiss Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus for Non-Exhaustion.  Because the DNA evidence is still being litigated in Craighead County Circuit Court, that claim has not been "exhausted" in state court.  As a result, the State asked the federal court
to dismiss the Writ. 

On April 28, Damien's attorneys filed a
Response to Motion to Dismiss Amended Petition for Habeas Corpus.  They requested that the federal court issue an order to stay the Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus and hold it in abeyance until Damien's claims related to the DNA testing are addressed by the Arkansas courts. 

On May 13, 2005, the State filed a
Reply to Echols' Response, again asking the Court to dismiss the Petition.

The U.S. District Court issued an
Order on August 18, denying the State's request to dismiss: "Petitioner's Petition and Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus both will be stayed and held in abeyance until Petitioner's DNA claim is exhausted in the state court."

The DNA testing is not yet completed, so Echols' federal Habeas Corpus Petition is still pending.  We'll update with more information as it becomes available.
  LEGAL UPDATE October 19, 2005

On February 28, 2005, Damien's lawyers filed a First Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus in federal court.  [For more information, please see our previous Legal Update

On March 2, 2005, the State filed a
Motion to Dismiss Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus for Non-Exhaustion.  Because the DNA evidence is still being litigated in Craighead County Circuit Court, that claim has not been "exhausted"in state court.  As a result, the State asked the federal court to dismiss the Writ. 

On April 28, Damien's attorneys filed a
Response to Motion to Dismiss Amended Petition for Habeas Corpus.  They requested that the federal court issue an order to stay the Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus and hold it in abeyance until Damien's claims related to the DNA testing are addressed by the Arkansas courts. 

On May 13, 2005, the State filed a
Reply to Echols' Response, again asking the Court to dismiss the Petition.

The U.S. District Court issued an
Order on August 18, denying the State's request to dismiss: "Petitioner's Petition and Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus both will be stayed and held in abeyance until Petitioner's DNA claim is exhausted in the state court."

The DNA testing is not yet completed, so Echols' federal Habeas Corpus Petition is still pending.  We'll update with more information as it becomes

October 25, 2005
LEGAL UPDATE October 19, 2005

In March, the State filed a
Motion in federal court asking that Damien's Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus be dismissed.  The Defense filed a Response to the Motion followed with

 a Reply.  Please click here for more details.

The U.S. District Court ruled for the Defense in this
Order and denied the State's Motion, with Judge Wilson writing:  "Clearly, it would be a miscarriage of justice if Petitioner [Echols] were not afforded federal review of his habeas petition. ... Petitioner has not been able to exhaust his claims in state court and must be afforded theopportunity to do so. Petitioner has demonstrated that there is good cause to hold his habeas petition in abeyance while his DNA claim is litigated. His claim was filed correctly under Arkansas Code Annotated §16-112-201 and Petitioner is awaiting the results so that he may litigate his claim in state court. There is no evidence that Petitioner has engaged in abusive litigation tactics or intentional delay. ... Therefore, after careful consideration, Respondent's Motion to Dismiss Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus for Non Exhaustion is DENIED." The DNA testing is still ongoing, so Echols' federal Habeas Corpus Petition is still pending.  We'll update with more information as it becomes available.

[Full Story] available.

Thanks--Stay Metal-Stay Troo-Stay Brootal-and may JUSTICE Prevail-Free the West Memphis Three- \m/

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Another Signing in the Hudson Valley area, NY music scene

Yes, I've heard about this local band being signed over a month ago. Congrats to Woodstock, NY's 3 for geting signed to the legendary Metal Blade records. However, it's kind of strange that a NON EXTREME METAL  band (3) would be signed to the legendary Metal Blade records. Then again, Metal Blade signed the NON METAL  Goo Goo Dolls, who were then "post punk" untill a major label signed the Goo Goo Dolls and the band went pop..A good extreme metal band that was signed to Metal Blade that unfortunatlely just broke up was Arizona's Vehemence. Go figure, but good luck to Woodstock, NY's 3.
Woodstock, NY's "3" boast a few veterans of the Hudson Valley area music scene ( a former member of Hudson Valley area alternative band Peacebomb is in 3, remember them?  A member of the emo (ick) band Coheed and Cambiria was once a member of 3... I dunno, post/punk emo on Metal Blade? Then again, Earache (extreme metal label) signed ADEMA (nu metal crapola) after ADEMA got dropped by thier major label and just this week ADEMA's vocalist has left the band... Of course that same year, I think EARACHE dropped or didn't renew  Morbid Angel's contract. Now ya must know that Morbid Angel are a huge death metal influence.
I'm sure 3 know my buddy Morgan Evans (formley of Fuse, BFD, and now DIVEST) whom also boasted a few former members of emo band. (lol) Coheed and Cambria. There is just 2 degrees of seperation between people in this small market area scene of the Hudson Valley area.
Good luck to 3 as they must  have some friends in high places. It doesn't really matter if one "likes" or "doesn't like" emo/post punk or 3..The band "3". were signed to a smaller indie FIRST and used "connections" with freinds, former bandmates to get tours, and major INDIE label interest therefore graduating to a major indie.. That is TEXTBOOK for upwardly mobile bands although there is NO guarentee of success (or making recoupment for a label) in this inconsistent music industry specifically when bands are signed to labels that don't cater to thier genre or are pandering to trends and commercial music and $.
Good luck to 3.
Trivia quiz, who was one of the FIRST bands signed to Metal Blade?
FROM METAL BLADE RECORDS:  3 Sign With METAL BLADE RECORDS - Oct.27, 2005 Metal Blade Records has announced the signing of the Woodstock, NY-based band 3.

According to a press release,"3 is a band apart: Dark yet uplifting, spiritual without any connection to religion — theirs is a sound that transcends the genre conformity of modern pop culture. Rapid-fire acoustic guitar infused with dynamic percussion, animated drumming and thunderous bass culminate in a listening experience that is at once accessible and unique. Poly-rhythms pulse within a symphony of driving metal guitars and melodic vocal acrobatics. 3 offers musicality without pretension. We double dare any music writer to describe the sound.

"3 came together in the mid-1990s and very quickly developed a strong local following. In the year 2000, 3 landed a recording contract with Planet Noise Records, and released their debut CD, 'Paint by Number', an exquisite collection of 14 tracks.

"In 2003, 3 released their follow-up CD, 'Summer Camp Nightmare', an album that marked an evolutionary leap in the bands already highly developed sound. When fellow NY-based rockers COHEED AND CAMBRIA got their hands on this record they insisted that 3 hit the road with them, and the rest, as they say, is history.

"Enter 2005, the band signed to Metal Blade Records and prepared the re-release of 'Wake Pig', which was previously released by Planet Noise Records in 2004, with new art and lyrics which were not in the earlier version, two new songs, a couple of remixes, and Max's vocals added to the song 'Where’s Max'."

Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay Brootal-\m/ -l-

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Link Satanic Racoon Extreme metal comics

Here's a new link to the right of this journal, Satanic Racoon comics for and about extreme metal culture, funny stuff.

Satanic Racoon:

I gotta shave and go to bed now. Later-Tee-Stay Metal-Stay Brootal- \m/ -l-

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tee top 20 (or so) death metal CD of all time

I can't make it to the Judas Preist show (Mid Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY) because I'm broke as a joke, but HAILS to Rob Halford for being a huge influence, and coming out of the closet. Metal horns to Rob Halford \m/ -l-
With that, these are my top 20 DEATH METAL CD's of all time in no particular order:
DEATH-Human, Individual Thought Patterns, Scream Bloody Gore
CANNIBAL CORPSE-The Bleeding, Butchered at Birth, Tomb of The Mutiliated
ATHEIST-Unquestiionable Presence
MORBID ANGEL-Alters of Madness, Blessed are the Sick, Convenent, Domination
IMMOLATION-Close to A world Below, Failures for Gods
SUFFOCATION-Pierced from Within
CRYPTOPSY-None so Vile
POSSESSED-Seven Churches (featuring Larry Lalonde who is now in Primus. All you alternative nu metal geeks whom don't know who Possesed were have to be mall turds..Possessed were the begginings of death metal as this band was started as teenagers back in the 80's)
INCANTATION-Onward to Golgotha
CARCASS-Symphonies of Sickness, Reek of Putrefaction, Necroticism
NECROPHAGIST-Onset of Putrefaction
GRAVE-Into the Grave
NILE-Amongst the Catacombs of Nephran Ka
DEICIDE-Legion, Once Upon a Cross
OPETH-Still Life, My Arms, Your Hearse
SECT OF EXCARATION-Scritptual Manipulation
PSYCROPTIC-The Scepter of The Ancients
VADER-The Ultimate Incantation
HONERABLE MENTIONS: GRIND-NAPALM DEATH-Scum, BRUTAL TRUTH-Sounds from the Animal Kingdom, FUCK I'M DEAD-Bring on the Dead....ABORTED-Goremeggedon, IMPALED-any and all releases, Also check out MALIGNANCY (NY death grind, and LENG TECH from Belgium).REGURGITATE (grind)..., GORETRADE (Columbian, DM), ROTTEN SOUND (grind), GENERAL SURGERY (grind), XXX MANIAC (grind) ect.
THRASH-Slayer-Reign in Blood, Hell Awaits
Metallica-Master Of Puppets
Destruction-Sentence of Death, Infernal Overkill
Exodus-Bonded By Blood
Testament-The New Order
Anthrax-Spreading the Disease
Kreator-Endless Pain, Pleasure to Kill
Voivod-Killing Technology
At The Gates-Slaughter of The Soul
Ok..I'll do it, I'll mention MEGEDETH-Rust in Peace, Peace Sells Who's Buying?, So far, So good, So what
BLACK METAL-Bathory-The Return, Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Venom-Black Metal
Immortal-Pure Holocoust
Enslaved- Frost
Mayhem-De Myesterious Dom Sathanas
Emporor-In the Nightside Eclipse
Darkthrone-Transylavanian Hunger
More later-Stay Metal-Tee-\m/ -l-

Saturday, October 8, 2005

Your Homeland security at work vs. Swedish death metal heroes Opeth

Ugh. with sarcasm I would like to say that our homeland security is hard at work not letting those Swedish death metal bands in our country..After all, bands from Sweden are foreigners right? Opeth are particularly harmfull if listened to for those loong 12 munute epic, melodic, death metal tunes they have to offer. :Rolls eyes:

After all, those Swedish hippies are just prog fags, and just a "threat" to our country's security because underneath that hippie asthetic, they are a DEATH/DOOM BAND, ::gasp: After all, the only thing Americans listen to are bad nu metal bands, Britney Spears,and rap and kids eat that commercial shit up right?

In all seriousness, I was pleasantly surprised that the Canadian all chick, teenybopper, nu metal band KITTIE was denied entry into the USA from Canada, at our border last week., but OPETH? Pfft. Those guys are harmless Swedish hippies from the Gothenbore scene..How are Opeth going to "threaten" our homeland security? Perhaps Opeth could scare the mall core kids by "growling" into the mic, or bore you to DEATH by playing acoustic prog rock..Perhaps if Opeth played Demon of the Fall or Black Rose Immortal that might shake this country out of it's dolldrums and summon the brutality..

However, fucking BONO of U2 is dominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?. Fucking BONO a fuking rock star. What's the world coming to? However, I have to admit, along with Slayer, I liked U2 pre Joshua Tree (  I have NOT liked U2 since the 80's), and I'm still an advocate of Amnesty International since '85 (link on the right hand corner). Do they really have to give the NPP to BONO? No really, why not give the award to lower profile, and less ego, REAL human rights activists..Even my moms a human rights activist and they give Bono a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize because he's a rock star, lmao.

Congrats to the two dudes that won a Nobel Peace Prize in medicine for finding the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and gastrointenstinal disorders. I'm very relieved having many gastrointestinal disorders myself...

I can see some death metal kid, going "Dood, are the hurricanes and the Patriot Act going to effect the Opeth or Suffocation tours when these bands try to get thier Visa's?" U2 fans are thinking, "Can music save the world, is Bono really Jesus?"

Ugh, the world ssucks, and here's the story of our homeland security at work, and btw, don't let U2 come back to the USA as they are the impidimy of LAAME these days..

I will have two movie reviews.of the music documentary DIG, and Paradise Lost 2 Revalations (about the West Memphis Three case), as well as a review of Cryptopsy's new CD "Once Was Not" very soon.

Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal, Stay Sane, and search for that "inner peace" \m/ -l-


Sweden's OPETH have been forced to cancel the first couple of dates on their previously announced U.S. tour due to delays in the bandmembers obtaining the necessary visas to enter the country. The band's official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"It is with regret that the first couple of dates on the OPETH U.S. tour will have to be postponed due to a delay in getting the bands work visas through, at this stage one can 100% confirm that the Mesa and Los Angeles dates will not happen, we are working to save the San Francisco date and will almost certainly start the tour in Portland [on October 12]. We are working on rescheduling the postponed dates. More news soon!"

OPETH are touring in support of their new album, "Ghost Reveries". Opening the shows will be FIREBALL MINISTRY (Oct. 12-30), INTO ETERNITY (Oct. 31 - Nov. 11), PELICAN (Oct. 12-22) and NEVERMORE (Oct. 24 – Nov. 11).

As previously reported, OPETH's video for the track "The Grand Conjuration", featuring a special guest appearance by STRAPPING YOUNG LAD drummer Gene Hoglan, has been posted online at The song comes off "Ghost Reveries", which was mastered on June 16 at the Cutting Room facilities in Stockholm and features a running time of 66 minutes.

OPETH utilized the services of Hoglan during the bulk of the recently completed Sounds of the Underground tour after the group's regular skinsman, Martin Lopez, went back to Sweden for treatment of a rare blood disorder he's had for most of his life. The band have since enlisted Martin Axenrot (BLOODBATH, WITCHERY, NIFELHEIM) to take over Lopez' duties until he's fully recovered.

UPDATE on Opeth tour-rescheduled dates on West Coast; No Tempe Az,  date, LA gig rescheduled  for 10/16/05 and San Francisco date rescheduled  for 10/13/05

FROM OPETH Reschedule San Francisco, Los Angeles Dates - Oct. 10, 2005 Swedish rock innovators OPETH were set to hit the US shores on October 9th in Tempe when the band's plans were derailed by unforeseen circumstances; unfortunately, along with Tempe's gig went Los Angeles at House Of Blues (Oct. 10 and Fillmore theater in San Francisco on Oct. 11). FEAR NOT! OPETH are rerouting their tour to add in later San Francisco and Los Angeles dates.

In support of the new album, "Ghost Reveries", which sold 15,000 copies in its first week, tripling the band's best-ever first-week sales to date, and placing the record at #1 on the Billboard current Hard Music chart, #8 on the Top Hard Music chart and #64 on The Billboard 200 chart for the week; sets the band up for a successful trek on the North American leg of the "Ghost Reveries" world tour; which runs in North America through mid-November 2005. Supporting the band directly on this run will be PELICAN (through Oct. 22) then NEVERMORE (beginning Oct. 24). Openers FIREBALL MINISTRY (through Oct. 30) then INTO ETERNITY (beginning Oct. 31) have recently been added to the bill.

"After only being able to play three or four songs on Sounds Of The Underground tour, it will be great to have the freedom to do a 90-minute set encompassing our wide repertoire," says vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt of the band’s extended stage time on this outing.

Fans will be able to purchase a limited supply of advance tickets for these dates at a reduced rate through this link. The first 13 groups of four who purchase tickets online in each market will receive after show passes to meet the band.

Updated itinerary is as follows

Oct. 13 - San Francisco, CA - Fillmore
Oct. 14 - Vancouver, B.C. - Commodore
Oct. 15 - Seattle, WA - El Corezon
Oct. 16 - Los Angeles, CA - House Of Blues
Oct. 17 - Salt Lake City, UT - Lofi Café
Oct. 18 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
Oct. 20 - Dallas, TX - Trees
Oct. 21 - Houston, TX - Meridian
Oct. 22 - San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit
Oct. 24 - Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck
Oct. 25 - St. Louis, MO - Pop's
Oct. 26 - Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
Oct. 27 - Detroit, MI - Harpo's
Oct. 28 - Toronto, ON - Opera House
Oct. 29 - Montreal, QC - Medley
Oct. 30 - Worcester, MA - Palladium
Nov. 04 - Buffalo, NY - Showplace Theatre
Nov. 05 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
Nov. 06 - Cleveland, OH - House Of Blues
Nov. 07 - Winston-Salem, NC - Ziggy's
Nov. 08 - Atlanta, GA - Roxy
Nov. 09 - Orlando, FL - House Of Blues
Nov. 11 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room

Thanks-Stay METAL and BROOTAL-Tee-\m/ -l-


Friday, October 7, 2005

Moshing PART TWO (repost plus commentary)

Moshing part 2
"I like to swim, swim, into the mosh, kicking and stroking, so I don't get squashed"-Fishbone
"Swimming"=crowd surfing BTW.
My chosen style of moshing is the "Ninja/Karate" pits although I'm NOT into hardcore/or metal core as much as I'm into extreme metal (death, black, doom, grind, thrash).
I DO throw air punches, spinkicks, and windmills, and on rare ocassion I stage dive with a liberal dose of crowd surfing. However, I would like to clarify that my punches, kicks, and windmills rarely make intentional contact (unlike others). I (and others) require space to do our thang. I expect the same from others that engage in "ninja karate" pits, to NOT intentionally make contact with punches and kicks. This, and other styles of moshing, after all, is simply argressive dancing to aggressive music.
At shows,  I tend to conform to the style of moshing in my fave genre or scene (extreme metal), or the show that I'm at. In my scene, extreme metal, the mosh pits are basically push pits. Although I don't like push pits, specifically if it's a bunch of jocks., I've learned a few moves (by way of watching defensive ends and linebackers) specifically the "swim" move (in football) wich helps me move past these 200 lb "moshers". Quick hands, a good angle and a spin are key.       
One more rule of thumb in the pit. If you're SHORT (like me), be careful (in ninja pits) of tall guys throwing spin kicks. A spin kick from a taller mosher can kick you in the head (due to leg reach) Once I was accidently kicked in the head while standing on the outside of the circle. I blacked out for a few seconds (standing 8 count, lol) but NEVER fell down, and was fine.
Short people whom throw spinkicks can accidently kick taller moshers in the balls. (due to lack of leg reach)                                                                             Thanks-Stay Metal, Brootal, Stay TROO-Thanks-Tee-\m/

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Why people Blog from AOL and ME

A survey was published on AOL (AO HELL) on WHY people blog.
Here we go with some short commentary from me:
We blog. We're not ace journalists breaking news exclusives and we're not trying to get famous. But we blog: We talk about what's going on in our lives, and we like it. And a new survey by America Online, Inc. shows that we are not alone.

The AOL Blog Trends Survey, conducted by Digital Marketing Services, Inc. (DMS) asked 600 bloggers from around the Web: "Why do you blog, and what do you blog about?"
Why We Blog

Why Do We Blog?
▪ Nearly 50% of bloggers do it because it serves as self-therapy. (Tee-true to some extent, and an outlet, a way to dump baggage, and to dissect social issues, extreme metal and the scene ect.)
▪ One-third of bloggers write frequently about self-help and self-esteem topics. (Tee-sometimes but rarely, although I  see that point)
▪ In times of need or high anxiety, 31% of bloggers say they either write in their blog or read the blogs of other people who are experiencing similar issues; that's six times as many people who seek help and counseling from a professional (5%), and second only to those seeking advice from family and friends: 32% vs. 31% who turn to blogs. (Tee-yes and no. Blogging shouldn't be a replacement for social activites, or therapy. Yes, in stressful tmes I dump my baggage, thoughts here, and in good times too. I don't read other peoples blogs anymore..I think people tend to censor themselves on blogs, but some are great. )

Why Don't We Blog?
▪ Only 16% of bloggers say they blog because they're interested in journalism.(Tee-Funny AOL says that. LOL. I was former Journalism major at SUNY New Paltz, NY. I wish AOL had spellcheck on these blogs, my spelling could be better, and I'm dislexic..Sometimes I go back, edit and check my facts and spelling and grammar. )
▪ As few as 12% say they blog in order to break or stay ahead of the latest news and gossip. (Tee-Not so much gossip, but extreme metal news, social/political issues, and the way I FEEL, and THINK about things,people and the world around me and myself..All that without judgment (LOL) from others, as opposed to posting on forums, and in chat rooms.)
▪ A fractional 8% blog in order to expose political information.  (Tee-sometimes, but I'm not the first or last to know)

Bloggers Write for Their Favorite Audience: Themselves
▪ Fifty-four percent like to share their thoughts and feelings with others, and 43% like to chronicle their life and interests.(Tee-Yes I write for myself, and I'm utterly shocked, annoyed and humbled that people would really read this blog. Sometimes times I SHARE my thoughts and feelings with others, only those whom I like and are like minded.)
▪ Bloggers don't blog because of peer pressure: Only 16% blog because it's the latest Internet trend, and 21% because their families or friends do. (Tee-My freinds were blogging, so I picked up the habit. I don't live vocariously through others, and now that I write in my OWN blog, I rarey read other blogs, unless of course there is a "bond" or "connection" or I KNOW that person...I don't blog because it's a "trend". I blog because writing was the only way I knew how to express myself, being a shy kid, as I alway enjoyed creative writing.)
▪ Most bloggers (66%) feel free to write on "anything and everything." (Tee-LOL. not everything, but alot of things. Although, ommiting names can important, and using descretion. I tend to write what's TRUE, FACT, and sometimes the way I feel about things,people and my experiences.)

 Sometimes it takes longer to write an entry when others may read it. (Tee-TRUE, but then again, I write for myself, although I do clarify.I write for myself first and if others enjoy it FINE.Other wise this journal is for self expression and not for performance.There are times when I've needed this journal to be private, I'm still considering that option,perhaps two blogs, one for music, and one private journal for my dizzy head, lol.)

More than three out of five bloggers (65%) admit to feeling disappointed when people post negative or abusive comments to their blogs.
(TEE-TRUE-Don't post abusive comments on others blogs..Now that I have a blog I deplore disporptionate judgment and online abuse... You don't like, don't read the blog. Get yer own blog if you want to debate, or clarify or tell your perspective.. Yes, depending on time , I spend hours blogging.)

44% say to get a new or fresh perspective on the news, and 36% say to interact with other participants through posting.  (Tee-Sometimes I post to GIVE MY perspective on extreme metal news, and to share but NOT to interact with others, interacting with others are for chat rooms and forums..)
A  small number (3.8%) describe themselves as blogging perfectionists, obsessive and compulsive.
(Tee-I'm not a blogging perfectionist, I don't want to be obssesive compulsive, but yes, I want to be a better writer, and also be creative )

izes real-time, randomized assignment of respondents to surveys based on a scientifically process.  A total of 600 Web users completed the survey.  The screen qualifications for this study were males and females aged 18 and above who write one or
I did such a bad job of cutting and pasting this survey. This blog can be funny, informative, dangerous, embarrasing to myself and others, compelling.. However, I have to post here, I really do. I have to express  myself, dump baggage and thoughts here because sending e-mail to freinds and family might be irrelevent  to them...           I don't need to be judged about the way I think and feel. I don't need the world to read this..Sometimes I read my archives and think, wow, that was great, writing about that, that was well written with quotes, band lyrics to express a thought, ect.
Sometimes I go back in the archives and I cringe, cry, or it brings back good and bad memories..Sometimes I'm on the floor dying laughing at the shit I write in humor.
Specifically my reviews of shows, CD's, and of course my fave entry on how to annoy telemarketers, and door to door jesus freaks. There is on one journal entry on hompophobia/Reggie White that I want to save, along with the tenth anniversary of Kurt Cobains death journal entry... There are some journal entries that were deleted, because they were personal or outdated ect.

Later Metal Heads-Stay Metal-Stay Brutal-Tee-\m/ -l-