Saturday, April 1, 2006

It is now April, welcome to Spring

It is now April...Last year on Easter Sunday morning I saw my first, yes first, Easter bunny and proceeded to chase the damn critter for 5 minutes while drunk. I was like fuck it, it's such a cute little thing, it's not meant to be pet like a dog..

I can officially play this song by Opeth: April Ethereal..The vocal harmony in the beginning of the song is awesome, "AhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAHHHHHHHHHHH". Opeth's April Etheral, like the feeling you get when warm air is burst upon you. Happy spring and Happy Beltane later this month..

 Wait, My Kate Bush fixation is coming back..Now Playing something non metal:. Kate Bush-Running up That Hill-Ben Leinbrand remix. Wow I just had an orgasm listening to this song. Great song about trading places with God...Omg, on bended knee, no one does it like Kate Bush, I luv you Kate Bush, more Kate Bush worship, drools..Kate Bush has the best "croon" in rock. Very sensual, and like hmm..hawt. Mike Arkenfeldt of Opeth has that kinda voice (both clean and death vocals) where he could sing "Get me a hamburger" I would be like "OMG he said Get me hamburger",..OMG, metal; horns..

Kate Bush could sing, "Come on baby, come on darling, let me steal this moment from you now, come on angel, come on, come on, darling, let's exchange the experince"..I'm like wooo deep man, Kate could sing, "Come sit on my lap" I would be like yes, I'm there.

Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay brutal, and wish me a happy b'day in the middle of this month.Thanks-Tee \m/ -l-