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Promoters of the 2011 MARYLAND DEATH FEST, set to take place 5/27 through 29th, 2011 @ THE SONAR in Baltimore, Maryland have announced the first 10 bands booked for next years fest.
The following bands have been confirmed for MDF 2011!

More band announcements, including the beginning of headliner announcements, will be coming soon.

WORMED (Spain)
THE KILL (Australia)
The concept of Maryland Deathfest is simple: to bring to the United States the best and most extreme bands the underground has to offer. Never conforming to trends, or being limited by genre restrictions, Maryland Deathfest is a showcase of what extreme music, both new and old, is capable of. With an emphasis on diversity, the festival brings together the very best death metal, grindcore, black metal, thrash, experimental and hardcore bands from all around the world. With bands from all over the U.S. and Canada, and exclusive fly ins and rare appearances from some of the most in demand bands from Europe, Australia, and Japan, the diversity of the lineup is only surpassed by the diversity of Maryland Deathfest's rabid fan base, who annually travel from all over the world for a weekend of fun and music.

Since Maryland Deathfest's inception in 2003, festival organizers Ryan and Evan have continued to strive to bring together some of the most legendary bands in the scene and some of the most talked about up-and-coming bands in the underground for an unparalleled experience. Combining the DIY attitude of two young metal fans who are actually part of the scene instead of trying to exploit it, with a refreshing professional touch, Maryland Deathfest is year after year given high marks for being one of the best-run and most organized festivals around.

For more information, visit

..and YES, U.S. gore grinders EXHUMED have returned..FROM BLABBERMOUTH.NET:
Gore-metal originators EXHUMED have reformed after a five-year hiatus. The band — featuring founding and original member Matt Harvey on guitar and vocals along with returning members Leon Del Muerte (PHOBIA, MURDER CONSTRUCT) on bass and vocals, Wes Caley (UPHILL BATTLE) on guitar, and Danny Walker (INTRONAUT, MURDER CONSTRUCT, UPHILL BATTLE) on drums — will begin recording the follow-up to 2003's "Anatomy Is Destiny" this fall for a spring 2011 release.

Harvey commented on the reformation; "I'm totally fuckin' psyched to be making music with EXHUMED again, it's been way too long. After a few years off and away from the death metal scene, I feel rejuvenated and ready to hack, maim and kill once again.

"I wanted this to be a continuation of what the band was doing and was on its way to doing, not a reunion or some weird nostalgia thing, so the first person I started talking about this with was our guitarist Wes, who has been writing some great songs for the new album, and once he got the ball rolling with Leon and Danny, it came together quickly and easier than ever!"

He added, "We've been writing for the past few months, me in Hawaii, and the other guys in California, and now that I'm back on the mainland we'll be getting things together for album number four.

"We're all really excited about the new shit — it should combine the directness of 'Slaughtercult' and the intricacy of 'Anatomy...', so it's definitely gonna be our strongest record yet."

EXHUMED's first North American appearance will take place at next year's Maryland Deathfest. To commemorate the band's return to the stage, they are asking fans to pick the group's setlist. Suggestions are being welcomed on the band's MySpace page.
EXHUMED TALK TO TERRORIZER UK ABOUT RE UNION:"I'm stoked that the scene has kind of made a bit of room for bands that play the older style of death metal again," he said, "because I feel like EXHUMED have a lot more commonality with AUTOPSY than with ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY, so it's killer that there're bands doing the older style again — as well as bands that continue to push the boundaries and progress the genre. And even the weird kid bands with too many words in their names seem like the more they progress, the more death metal they're getting, so I think that the whole zeitgeist of things is moving in the right direction. The death metal scene now is a much healthier place for us to be than it was in '05."

In addition to sole original member Harvey, EXHUMED's current lineup includes ex-PHOBIA man Leon Del Muerte on bass/vocals, former FATALIST guitarist Wes Caley and former INTRONAUT drummer Danny Walker.

"I think if I was working with the 'classic' lineup we'd be pretty limited as far as pursuing touring opportunities and really doing this full-on, the way that it has to be," Harvey said.

"I've been waiting like five-plus years to make a new record with Wes and Danny involved so that really got me fired up. And Leon is a great riff-writer and probably the best guy to have on tour with you ever, from a lot of perspectives. He keeps the rude alcoholic vibe that we all enjoy revelling in going strong!

"The writing has actually been really collaborative, with both Wes and I coming up with a ton of material, then working together with the other guys to cherry-pick the best of it to make the strongest record possible.

"I think we both kind of push each other to write more and better stuff; I'd hear one of his tracks and get blown away, so I'd have to get back to the drawing board and come up with something even heavier, so there's a bit of inspiration/healthy competition in the dynamic that's been really exciting. I also recently got to demo all the songs for Col [Jones, ex-EXHUMED drummer, currently drums in CRETIN, REPULSION, DEKAPITATOR] and the rest of CRETIN to get their feedback, which was really positive. They're some of my oldest friends and would definitely give it to me straight if the material wasn't up to snuff.

"We'll be getting together before recording this fall to rehearse and put all the pieces together."

Read more from Terrorizer magazine.


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Florida death metal veterans MALEVOLENT CREATION have announced the unleashing of the bands 11th release entitled "INVIDIOUS DOMINION" due out 8/24/2010 on NUCLEAR BLAST (NORTH AMERICA) and 8/27/2010 via MASSACRE RECORDS in Europe.
Florida based death metal legends MALEVOLENT CREATION have revealed the artwork (attached) from their upcoming 11th studio outing entitled Invidious Dominion. The cover art was brought to life this time around by renowned artist Pär Olofsson (THE FACELESS, IMMORTAL, ABYSMAL DAWN).

“Pär Olofsson was recommended to us by our label manager, Gerardo Martinez, and after checking out some of his work we knew he was our guy,” commented the band. “Our initial thought was to have a world in chaos and destruction, or an Invidious Dominion, which then led us to remember the Ten Commandments album cover, and how cool it would be to have the demon make a return appearance but from a frontal view! Pär's totally brutal interpretation couldn't have exceeded our expectations any more! We are stoked with his work and can't wait to see it on a bunch of cool merch and more than likely everyone in the bands skin!”


Invidious Dominion was produced and recorded by Erik Rutan (CANNIBAL CORPSE, VITAL REMAINS, KRISIUN, GOATWHORE) at Mana Studios in Florida and will be released on August 24, 2010 in North America via Nuclear Blast USA and August 27, 2010 in Europe via Massacre Records.

Watch a video clip of the recording process at the bands YouTube channel:

Invidious Dominion Track Listing:
1.) United Hate
2.) Conflict Finalized
3.) Slaughterhouse
4.) Compulsive Face Breaker
5.) Lead Spitter
6.) Target Rich Environment
7.) Antagonized
8.) Born Again Hard
9.) Corruptor
10.) Invidious Dominion
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CENTRAL ILLINOIS METAL FEST promoters have announced the lineup and schedule for the 2010 CENTRAL ILLINOIS METAL FEST, set to take place 7/23rd and 24th, 2010 (PRE FEST with PUTRID PILE and others 7/22/2010 ) @ The Canopy Club in Urbana, Illinois.
Here is the schedule for each day of the event! Make sure all come out and support your favorite bands! SINGLE DAY PASSES will be on sale soon. 2 DAY PASSES are on SALE NOW! See you all at the CIM!
Matt Bishop

FRIDAY JULY 23rd, 2010
doors open at 12:30pm

1:15pm to 1:45pm- COATHANGER ABORTION (TN)
2:00pm to 2:30pm- EMBRACE DAMNATION (IL)
2:45pm to 3:15pm- SAPROGENIC (MI)
3:30pm to 4:00pm- CARDIAC ARREST (IL)
4:15pm to 4:45pm- EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT (CA)
5:00pm to 5:30pm- CARNAL DECAY (SWITZERLAND)
5:45pm to 6:15pm- LECHEROUS NOCTURNE (SC)
6:30pm to 7:00pm- AMAGORTIS (SWITZERLAND)
7:15pm to 7:45pm- INCINERATE (MN)
8:00pm to 8:30pm- SEPTYCAL GORGE (ITALY)
8:45pm to 9:15pm- INHERIT DISEASE (CA)
9:30pm to 10:15pm- MISERY INDEX (MD)
10:30pm to 11:15pm- ORIGIN (KS)
11:30pm to END- INCANTATION (PA)

SATURDAY JULY 24th, 2010
doors open at 12:30pm 

1:15pm to 1:45pm- INHUMAN DISSILIENCY (PA)
2:00pm to 2:30pm- VISCERAL THRONE (IN)
2:45pm to 3:15pm- THE HORDE (IL)
3:30pm to 4:00pm- GRAVES OF VALOR (SC)
4:15pm to 4:45pm- GIGAN (FL)
5:00pm to 5:30pm- ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY (NC)
5:45pm to 6:15pm- ROTTENNESS (MEXICO)
6:30pm to 7:00pm- SADICHIST (IN)
7:15pm to 7:45pm- INFERNAL REVULSION (JAPAN)
8:00pm to 8:30pm- INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY (TX)
8:45pm to 9:20pm- PHOBIA (CA)
9:35pm to 10:10pm- REGURGITATION (OH)
10:25pm to 11:10pm- DECEASED (VA)

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Promoters have announced the Las Vegas Death Fest, set to take place July 16th and 17th (PRE SHOW 7/15/2010) @ THE CHEYENNE SALOON, Las Vegas Nevada. The Las Vegas Death Fest features 36 of the worlds sickest death/grind and gore grind bands.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Promoters have announced THE BORN TO BE DOOMED FESTIVAL 7/1, 2nd and 3rd, 2010 @ THE SIDEBAR TAVERN, Baltimore, Maryland.
Born to Be Doomed Festival
July 1, 2, and 3, 2010
The Sidebar Tavern, Baltimore, MD

Tickets: At the door only. Come early!

Thursday July 1 Festival warm-up party: Show at 9pm. $8

* Levey, Kallimon, Brown, and guests play Black Sabbath
* Soul
* Against Nature
* Special Festival Guests jam session (Eli, Dave, John, Ross, Bert, Ronnie, Josh, Tad, Steve, Eric)

Note: Come to the Thursday show and buy your weekend tickets for $50 for all three days. This will ensure you don't get left out on Guilford Avenue on Friday and Saturday while the floor inside is collapsing from the HEAVY.

Friday July 2 Show at 8pm. $15

* Age of Taurus
* Sanctus Bellum
* Electric Magma
* Yet So Far
* Iron Man

Saturday July 3 Show at 12:30pm. $30

* Black Cowgirl
* Cyrus
* Blizaro
* Admiral Browning
* Apostle of Solitude


* Black Pyramid
* Orodruin
* Revelation
* Blood Farmers
* Earthride

Born To Be Doomed Website

Saturday's show will have a two-hour intermission so everyone can eat dinner and rest for the evening sets. Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-DOOOOOM ONNNNN-\m./ -l-


Unique Leader Records and promoters have announced the NORTH AMERICAN BLOODLETTING TOUR with BRAINDRILL, ARKAIK, FLESH CONSUMED and HALO OF GUNFIRE. More dates TBA.

We're hitting the road starting Aug 4th 2010 w/ Braindrill(Metal Blade Records),Flesh Consumed & Halo of Gunfire! Below are a list of dates with More TBA.
Bloodletting North America 7 Dates:
Aug 4 Los Angeles, CA - The Blvd
Aug 5 San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick
Aug 6 Tempe,AZ-TBA
Aug 7 Albuquerque, NM-TBA
Aug 8 El Paso, TX-TBA
Aug 9 Dallas, TX - the Nightmare
Aug 10 San Antonio TX -TBA
Aug 11 Houston, TX -White Swan
Aug 13 Tampa, FL -Brass Mug
Aug 14 Spartanburg, SC - Ground Zero
Aug 16 Raleigh, NC-TBA
Aug 17 Springfield, VA-TBA
Aug 18 Frederick, MD-TBA
Aug 19 Wilmington, DE-Mojo 13
Aug 20 New York, NY -TBA
Aug 21 Chicago, IL - Reggies
Aug 22 Chicago, IL-TBA
Aug 23 Des Moines, IA-House of Bricks
Aug 24 Kansas City,MO
Aug 25 Denver, CO - Marquis Theater
Aug 26 Salt Lake City, UT-TBA
Aug 27Boise, ID-TBA
Aug 28 Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
Aug 29 Portland, OR-TBA
Aug 30 SanFrancisco, CA-TBA

Help us spread the word!

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Canadian death/grind heroes CRYPTOPSY have returned to the studio to record new material similar in style to the "BLASPHEMY MADE FLESH"/"AND THEN YOU'LL BEG" era of CRYPTOPSY's career.
Cryptopsy is about to enter the studio to record 3 new songs. We consider those songs as a mixture of Old School Cryptopsy (Blasphemy Made Flesh to And Then You'll Beg... era) and a refreshing new brand of Extreme Music. Thank you for your endless patience. You guys and girls are awesome, and we really appreciated all constructive and positive comments! Brutality is about to be released again!!!
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Virginia doomsters WHILE HEAVEN WEPT have announced details of the bands new live album entilted "Triumph, Tragedy, Transcendence- Live At The Hammer Of Doom Festival".
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT are currently working on the forthcoming release of their new live album Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence – Live At The Hammer Of Doom Festival set for a November 2010 release date.

Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence will be made available as a CD/DVD set courtesy of Cruz Del Sur Music, as well as a 2xLP set via a joint collaboration between Cruz Del Sur Music, Iron Kodex, and High Roller Records. The DVD portion will contain several bonus features that will be detailed after the band will finish the studio work on the masters.

The release is a stunning 24-track audio capture of WHILE HEAVEN WEPT's performance at the Posthalle in Würzburg, Germany on February 6th, 2010. The final master will be later synchronized to the multi-camera pro-shot footage, resulting in the band's very first DVD. This release is guaranteed to take all fans by surprise, seen the awesome quality of both audio and video materials.

The philosophy behind this release is twofold; First, it is an expression of gratitude to everyone who attended the show – who made it such a special, unforgettable experience for the band. Secondly, being that there are so many fans of the band who they've not been able to reach tour-wise, this record should help tide those fans over until WHILE HEAVEN WEPT can make it to their town.

In the words of WHW's Tom Phillips, "The audio quality of this release is incredible – perhaps in some ways better than even Vast Oceans Lachrymose - along with the excellent energy of the performances and the excitement of the improvisations. The video is even more amazing, so expertly filmed and edited by our friends at Streetclip TV in Germany."

Expect Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence – Live At The Hammer Of Doom Festival to be an incredible live testimonial of WHV excellent musicianship and stage power, a release which will haunt your stereo and DVD player for many a night of relentless epic doom!!

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Promoters of the TMT METAL FEST set to take place 9/24/2010 at the ORANGE COUNTY SPEEDWAY, (OCFS ARENA) MIDDLETOWN, NY have complained about "FBI Impersonators" trying to sabotage the festival.
The TMT METAL FEST recently moved the festivals location to Middletown, NY, OCFS ARENA.
Well folks as some of you already know there's been a recent attack on the TMT METAL FEST. We just want you all to know that the person or persons are out there tryng to sabotage the festival. They have impersonated the FBI yes folks the FBI! Now whoever this is has now been exposed to the FBI and they now are looking for this person or persons. The FBI was not very happy when they looked their site, You see I called the FBI and asked them to have a look at that site. Now the FBI Agent was very angry when he saw this, so they have filed a formal complaint and are investigating whoever this is. So when they come knocking at their door they'll be going to jail! I cant imagine why someone would go to all this trouble to hurt Heavy Metal... My response to the USA is lets make this the biggest & best Fest in the USA. Let them hear our voices! WE WANT METAL TO BE THE KING IN THE USA, Not any other genre of music. This hater is nothing but a coward hiding behind his computer. When this imposter is exposed we will put up the FBI's report for all of you good folks to see who the traitor is. I have a good idea of who might be behind this. So between myspace & the FBI we will lock this asshole up! I've been instructed to file criminal charges as well & I'm going to. So whoevers out there trying to slander us be prepared to feel the full wrath of the LAW! I will not stand by & allow anyone to sabotage the last big festival in america. We've worked to hard to just sit back & let this happen. Shit happens in life & nothing is fool proof, but this time the shit's going to happen to whoever opposes Heavy Metal in America! That and the Asshole who impersonated the FBI....P.S. Myspace pulled the site because they new it was the right thing to do, that and the FBI Agent told them to. In the immortal words of Mick Foley 'Have a Nice Day"
6/01/10 Sorry Folks but we had to Move the Dates & the Festival Location. Due to unforeseen issue's. The new site is just as great if not better so we hope to see you all there:
TMT Staff
VIP Pass Package" Includes All Access Backstage Pass, Free Beer, Full Catered Buffet & Special VIP Seating & Camping for Only $200 a Day. Tickets will be $25 in advance for a one day Pass, $30 a day for a one day Pass, the day of show "No Camping"... $80 in advance for a 3 day Festival Pass "Including Camping" Tickets will be $130 The Day of the show for a 3 day Festival Pass Including Camping! So Get Your Tickets in Advance!


Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal, BEST OF LUCK TO THE TMT FEST-\m/ -l-


Polish death metal warriors BEHEMOTH have clarified that vocalist/guitarist ADAM NERGAL DARSKI's 2007 case of bible bashing has been officially dismissed.
The District Court for Gdynia has dismissed the investigation against Adam Darski (pseudonym/nickname Nergal) accused of an offence against religious feelings (sec. 196 of polish Criminal Code). During the preparatory proceedings the defender filled the application, which was entirely accepted by the Court. The defendant’s behaviour wasn’t recognised as a crime. Moreover the Court acknowledged no causal connection/cause-and-effect relationship between Adam Darski’s behaviour and the consequence in a form of outrage of religious emotions.

Darski was formally charged on March 8 for insulting Roman Catholics (offending somebody's religious feelings is a criminal offense under Polish law). He would have faced 2 years in prison had he been found guilty of the charges.

According to a posting on BEHEMOTH's MySpace page, "During the preparatory proceedings, the defender filed the application which was entirely accepted by the Court. The defendant's behavior wasn't recognized as a crime. Moreover, the Court acknowledged no causal connection/cause-and-effect relationship between Adam Darski's behavior and the consequence in a form of outrage of religious emotions."

After the September 2007 incident, Ryszard Nowak, head of the All-Polish Committee for Defense Against Sects sued BEHEMOTH for promoting Satanism. Although a court expert witness on religious matters said that the act of destroying the Holy Bible could offend somebody's religious feelings, the case was discontinued because no one except Nowak accused BEHEMOTH of insulting their religious beliefs. (Under Polish law, there must be at least two formal complaints before a charge is laid. The previous complaint was made in 2008, and recently an unspecified number of other complaints had been filed.)

According to Metal As Fuck, in the first hearing, under cross examination, Darski stated what he does on stage is part of artistic license and it wasn't supposed to offend religious feelings. However, an expert on religious history and studies from Jagellonian University in Krakow stated that every copy of a bible could be considered a religious icon.

In a 2009 interview with Decibel magazine, BEHEMOTH bassist Tomasz "Orion" Wróblewski explained that the Bible-tearing incident was by no means a spontaneous outburst. "We'd been doing that for two years on tour before it happened in Poland," he said. "So, we had discussed it many times before. A BEHEMOTH show is a BEHEMOTH show, and BEHEMOTH fans are coming to a BEHEMOTH show. BEHEMOTH fans know what BEHEMOTH is about, know what the lyrics are about, and know at least a little of the philosophy behind the band. So, it's kind of surprising that there are people coming to the shows and feeling offended with what we do onstage. If such a person comes to a show, he comes with the purpose of being offended, I guess, and it shouldn't be like that. We're not offending any particular person. We're just offending the religion that we've been raised in."
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Another metal visionary has passed, former KISS manager BILL AUCOIN (Also the founder of
Aucoin Globe Entertainment whom manage LORDI and many others) died from prostate cancer this morning, Monday, June 28 at 9:11 a.. EST at the Aventura Hospital and Medical Center in Aventura, Florida.
Born December 29, 1943, Bill was battling prostate cancer, and passed away from surgical complications.

The man known for masterminding the career of the world-renowned group KISS, Bill Aucoin also managed STARZ, TOBY BEAU, BILLY SQUIER, BILLY IDOL, and numerous other artists. His most recent venture is Aucoin Globe Entertainment, which he founded in 2007. In its three years, Bill and his company developed bands in the U.S. and around the world.

He leaves behind his boyfriend of fifteen years, Roman Fernandez, and two sisters Betty Britton and Janet Bankowski.

Funeral arrangements are pending.
FROM ACE FREHLEY (KISS): "Bill was a very gifted guy with a great eye for talent! Through all the ups and downs, he never lost his big smile and sense of humor... We remained friends 'till the end."
"Bill Aucoin, our irreplaceable original manager, mentor and dear friend has died of complications arising from his ongoing battle with prostate cancer. He was instrumental in guiding us from the beginning and without his vision, leadership and unending dedication, we could never have scaled the heights we have reached.

"Bill loved life and lived it to the fullest. Words can never convey his impact on us or those close to him.

"Over all the years, he never missed an opportunity to be with us at our shows near his home or fly in for special concerts, including our most recent Madison Square Garden show. He had hoped to attend our London show earlier this month but his illness prevented it. He still planned to visit us upon the start of our upcoming U.S. tour.

"We loved him, told him and have peace that he knew it.

"We will grieve and celebrate all he was and did.

"We have lost a part of us."
"He was the fifth KISS," said Criss, who had Aucoin serve as the best man at his second wedding. "If it wasn't for Bill, there would be no KISS."

"He was a genius," Criss added. "Anything you could do, he could do bigger."

Credited with discovering KISS, Aucoin managed the group for nearly a decade. He quit in 1982 citing creative and directional differences, but later worked with the band on various DVD projects.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-RIP-BILL AUCOIN-\m/ -l-

Monday, June 28, 2010


Polish death metal legends VADER shall embark on a August 2010 Polish tour as the band will play it's classic "De Profundis" in it's entirety. FROM VADER MYSPACE: "Głosy z Otchłani (De Profundis 1995- 2010)" is the name of VADER's upcoming tour through Poland. The tour is scheduled to run at the end of summer holidays. It's gonna be the last Polish tour of the band planned for 2010. Exclusively for this tour Peter & Co. will prepare a special live set. The band's mainman Peter checks in:

Playing such a special tour, consisted mostly of places passed over during the latest Blitzkrieg campaign, I would like to give it some kind of a special rank. So, to make the upcoming tour even more unique, in connection with the 15th anniversary of VADER's classic record, we are going to play the entire "De Profundis" album as a part of our standard live set. Hopefully VADER's fans will enjoy the idea and we will be able to repeat it during some band's future tours.

"Głosy z Otchłani (De Profundis 1995-2010)"
VADER and guests

20.08.2010 (POL) Gdynia / Ucho

21.08.2010 (POL) Koszalin / Generacja 2010

22.08.2010 (POL) Kutno / Pub 73

24.08.2010 (POL) Ostrów Wlkp. / Afera

25.08.2010 (POL) Legnica / Spiżarnia

26.08.2010 (POL) Gliwice / Rock'a Music Club

27.08.2010 (POL) Skarżysko Kamienna / Semafor

28.08.2010 (POL) Iława / Fama Rock Festival

In other news, some quality pictures from band's recent tour in the East can be found under This link. Peter unveils also some other plans of Panzer Division for the second part of 2010 below:

"Recently we appeared on several really successful tours, such as Unholy Titans featuring also Deicide and Marduk, and Blitzkrieg in the East! This year we have already played over 100 shows. More will come really soon! In July VADER will play on a three big festivals: RockHarz in Germany (09.07), Gateway in Sweden (10.07) and Węgorzewo Festival in Poland (11.07.) At the end of September we shall embark on another tour in the U.S. this time together with our colleagues from Immolation. VADER will appear on the tour as a co-headliner, so you should expect band's complete, at least one hour live performance. On 30.12.2010 VADER will appear on a show in Switzerland, sharing the stage with Krisiun, Vital Remains and Rotting Christ. I can also reveal some details of the next studio album. It's tentatively called "Return To The Morbid Reich" and will be recorded in March / April 2011 at Hertz Studio. World premiere through Nuclear Blast is scheduled around August / September. And now .... a well deserved holiday!! See you in August .. m / Peter (guitar, vocals)
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

Sunday, June 27, 2010


(EDITORS NOTE: ITP is going to put this to readers in laymans terms: This whole issue is an example of when booking agents and promoters clash. If a band is booked for a gig, specifically a festival in a certain region, a promoter (of said festival) will tell said band and booking agency NOT to book another date in that tri state region for a month or two BEFORE and AFTER said date as if to make that gig via said promoter exclusive. This practice of making a bands appearance in that region exclusive denies the right of a band (or/and booking agency) to book a substantial tour routing/itinerary and the travel time and cost of such. Many promoters will ask a band or/and booking agency NOT to announce later dates in said tri state region that are booked until AFTER the band has played for that promoters show in said region. It's one thing NOT to over play a region/market as the fans would be apathetic, it's another issue entirely to deny a band a right to book a reasonable tour itinerary for a promoters exclusive rights for said bands appearance, as fans have to travel farther, and the bands too. If a band plays Chicago, they should be playing Detroit or Cleveland the next night as a part of tour routing. BTW, in the 90's, LALLAPALLOOZA was a North American touring festival as founder Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction vocalist) retired the fest. In the late 90's, LALLAPALOOZA has been revived as a two day annual festival in Chicago, Illinois. )
The Illinois Attorney General is investigating Lallapolooza promoters C3 Presents for violation of anti trust laws stemming from radius clauses imposed on artists playing said festival.
The office of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is investigating Lollapalooza sponsors C3 Presents and their partners for anti-trust issues stemming from the radius clauses that the Austin, Texas-based concert promoters impose on all of the artists who play the giant, three-day concert in Grant Park, according to numerous sources familiar with the investigation.
The controversial radius clauses prohibit Lollapalooza acts ranging from the top headliners to the smallest “baby bands” at the bottom of the bill from playing anywhere else in the Chicago area for months before and after their appearance at Lollapalooza in August. Sources have said that the most extreme of these clauses stretch from six months before Lollapalooza to three months after it, and that they encompass a 300-mile radius—which would include concert markets as far away as Milwaukee, Madison, Iowa City, Detroit, and Indianapolis.
Many local Chicago club owners and independent concert promoters have said that these radius clauses are decimating the local music community and significantly hurting their business for much of the year, and that they constitute unfair, anti-competitive practices. Lollapalooza promoters respond that the clauses are standard practice in the concert industry, and that they waive them for any artist who asks to be excused from their requirements.
Late Thursday afternoon, Madigan press secretary Robyn Ziegler said, “We cannot confirm or deny whether or not we have an investigation.” But music business super-agent Marc Geiger confirmed that he is among those who have been subpoenaed: “I did receive one,” he wrote via email. He declined further comment.
Sources said executives at C3’s offices also received subpoenas, but company spokeswoman Shelby Meade said only, “No comment in this question.”
Geiger launched Lollapalooza with concert founder Perry Farrell as a traveling day-long alternative rock festival in the early ’90s. He is now a vice president at Beverly Hills-based William Morris Endeavor, the company run by Hollywood giant Ari Emanuel, brother of presidential chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, and model for the character of Ari Gold on HBO’s “Entourage.” The talent agency retains 50-percent ownership of Lollapalooza along with C3.
Most concert promoters impose some form of radius clause on bands to ensure that they draw the biggest audience possible—and make the most money for all involved—without competing with themselves. A group that performs at a 1,000-seat venue in Chicago in mid-October might be required to refrain from performing at another smaller or larger club in this market from early September through early November, or at least refrain from announcing and advertising a November show until the October show sells out.
The difference with Lollapalooza’s radius clauses is that they are some of the longest and most extensive in the business, and they affect a huge number of acts, since there are more than 120 bands performing at the mega-concert. And, unlike a concert with two or three bands on the bill, Lollapalooza does not rely on any one headliner to sell tickets. In fact, promoters consistently trumpet the sheer volume of acts and wealth of different experiences offered in Grant Park as the main draw.
Geiger defended the radius clauses in an August 2009 interview by saying they were common practice in the concert industry. When asked why the promoters wouldn’t waive these clauses for all but the headliners, allowing the smaller artists to play elsewhere in the market for fans who’d rather see them in a club or theater setting, Geiger said:
Geiger: When you sell out a couple of years in a row, you don’t want to be arrogant in any way, shape or form. But then you have to look at it and say that if Lolla wasn’t there and you had all of those shows in the clubs, if we’re looking at it from a dollar spent by the consumer standpoint versus all of those bartenders and people who work at the clubs, the consumer would have to go out to 15 shows to see a fraction of the bands. They wouldn’t have as much musical knowledge, background and enrichment, and they would have had to spend seven times as much, plus the parking and individual drinks to get anywhere near the same musical input they get from Pitchfork, Lolla or anything else… [But] I’m not down at the local level there on that front.
The “three Charlies” who oversee Lollapalooza as the executives who run C3 Presents—Charlie Jones, Charles Attal, and Charlie Walker—also defended the radius clauses in an interview in March 2008, when this reporter questioned them extensively on the issue. Here is a transcript of their comments:
Q. What do you say to Chicago club owners and fans who complain that Lollapalooza is hurting their business and the local music scene because acts are shut out of performing elsewhere for six months?
Walker: Look, the music business in North America changed. The festival model up here has worked. Whether it was C3, Live Nation, Jam or [Metro owner] Joe Shanahan on that site in this city, someone was going to do a festival. In this case it happened to be us. Yeah, it sucks up 130 bands in the summer. But they can still play the market in the fall.
Q. C3 owns several clubs in Austin. Would you be happy if all those bartenders, security guards, sound technicians and staffers suddenly lost a big part of their livelihoods? Half a dozen Chicago club owners have shared their schedules with me from before and after Lollapalooza, and in some cases, they now have half the number of shows they had in the summers before Lollapalooza.
Jones: I don’t know what the facts are or what the show count is, but we’re there and they are there. There is nothing I can really do about it.
Q. You could waive the radius clauses for all but, say, the top five or eight headlining bands each day.
Attal: So who is going to decide, “This band gets a radius clause and this band doesn’t?” You can’t do it that way. We have a radius clause because we don’t want all of these bands playing all over the city. Not that they necessarily would, but it’s to protect us.
Walker: Everybody does it. It’s the way the business works, and it’s good, sound business for us and the acts. That’s the way we operate.
Q. You often say, “Lollapalooza is not in competition with Chicago clubs or promoters,” but that certainly sounds like a competitive policy.
Attal: I’ve never had a band call me and say, “Hey, I want to play the Double Door” where I didn’t say, “Great, let’s call the promoter to play the Double Door.”
Q. I know of a band that was scheduled to play a free lunchtime show at the Chicago Cultural Center a few years ago, and Lollapalooza made the group cancel.
Attal: Bull—-!
Jones: That is not true.
Q. I’m telling you what the group’s manager told me.
Attal: Well, we…. They probably read their contract and didn’t call me and talk to me about it. Ninety percent of the bands aren’t going to call me, they’re just going to look at the contract. If someone calls me and says, “I want to play the Double Door, I want to play here, etc.,” I’ll work it out with them. I’ve done it in the past. But we can’t let 130 bands go do side gigs, because then why do Lolla?
It might loosen up a little bit once this thing gets to the point where it’s sold out. We struggled to get where we are today with it. You’ve got to weigh the pros and cons. Last year, we didn’t crush it; we had a good crowd, but we didn’t sell out. So we have to get to the point where ACL [the C3-owned Austin City Limits Festival] is… But we’re not taking it out of our contracts. We can’t. All the bands have to read it and if there is an issue, they can take it up with me and we will talk about it. No one has an issue with it.
Q. The Chicago music community has an issue with it. All of the club owners I’ve talked to have an issue with it.
Jones: But they’re doing after-shows every night!
Attal: There’s no question, if I was a club owner and a big festival dropped on my city, I would feel the same way. But I can’t help the way the business changed in North America. That does not mean that we’re not going to protect the integrity of our line up and say, “Go play where you want.” It’s not the way we are going to do business.
Jones: I don’t know if it’s about the radius clause or more about the fact that it’s a huge vessel–it has changed the dynamic of the city. It’s not like it was before Lollapalooza was there, but neither is Manchester, Tenn. or Nashville or wherever else.
Walker: It’s not like we’re sitting here trying to figure out how to negatively impact other businesses. We try to do the best we can.
Chicago club owners and independent promoters generally have been reluctant to criticize the Lollapalooza radius clauses—at least in on-the-record interviews—because they are vying to host official Lollapalooza after-hours concerts, and they do not want to lose out on that business when they already are losing out on dozens of other gigs over the summer. A full roster of official afterhours shows at Metro, the House of Blues, Lincoln Hall, the Empty Bottle, the Congress Theatre, and Reggie’s Rock Club was announced on Tuesday to coincide with this year’s Lollapalooza weekend, August 6 to 8.
But sources said complaints from local clubs and promoters were part of what triggered Madigan’s investigation. And some of the city’s best-known promoters did speak out against the radius clauses in interviews with me in March 2008. Here are some of the comments they made at that time.
Joe Shanahan, owner, Metro: “It’s a very different summer now for all of us. I look at those Lolla bills, and I know they’re paying so many of those bands really well. It may not be the career moves that all of them should be making, but I’m not their manager or their agent. I’ll still be standing in the fall, and they’ll come back to work for us then or in the winter. But the shift has definitely been to the other seasons because of this.”
Michael Yerke, talent booker, House of Blues: “There’s no doubt about it: If Lollapalooza wasn’t there, there would be more shows at places like Metro and the House of Blues and the Vic Theatre and probably for that matter Reggie’s. On the other hand, we have a good relationship with those guys [Lollapalooza promoters C3 Presents], and we do a couple of the after shows. At least we’re getting a couple of shows during that weekend, where if we didn’t have a relationship with them, we’d probably have no shows at all! It’s hard, but Lollapalooza isn’t the only culprit: You also have the Warped Tour and the Linkin Park tour that swallow up a lot of bands that take away from Metro and House of Blues as well.”
Bruce Finkelman, owner, the Empty Bottle: “If you look at summertime in Chicago and summertime around the country now, it’s just festivals taking over everything. The summer used to be a really big time, but now, you’re not looking at bands that are on tour, but at acts that are just going from one festival to another. It’s a completely different scenario now.”
Sean Duffy, talent booker, the Abbey Pub: “When I first started rolling at the Abbey, before Lollapalooza and Pitchfork and Intonation, my summers were awesome. Summers always slowed down a little bit: You lost some of the bands to Ribfest or the Randolph Street Festival or whatever. But then, all of the sudden, the summer that Lollapalooza came here, the talent pool was completely empty. During the summers now, you’re lucky if you have a couple of shows, and you’re just picking up the leftovers that couldn’t get into any of the festivals. And some bands that play at these festivals can’t play anywhere else in the city for 90 days before and 90 days after — that’s six months, and that’s just ridiculous! I’m not against more clubs opening; I’m against more festivals! Lollapalooza alone probably wiped out about 60 club shows last summer, and we’ve just got to rein that in.”
With a handful of notable exceptions, such as a performance by Radiohead in Grant Park’s Hutchinson Field promoted by Chicago-based Jam Productions in 2001, city officials were reluctant to allow for-profit rock concerts in the lakefront park. The Park District notoriously blocked performances by the Smashing Pumpkins, the survivors of the Grateful Dead, and other bands throughout the ’90s.
The Park District’s attitude changed in 2005 when it was presented with a proposal by C3 to reinvent Lollapalooza as a Chicago-based “destination festival” generating more than $1 million a year for parks improvements. All licenses and permits for Lollapalooza are taken out not in the name of C3, but by the non-profit Parkways Foundation, an organization headquartered inside the Park District’s offices.
In 2006, Lollapalooza signed a contract with the city to continue bringing Lollapalooza to Grant Park for five years. For that deal, C3 was represented by attorney Mark Vanecko, a nephew of Mayor Richard Daley.
In November 2008, only two years into that first five-year deal, the city signed a new 10-year deal with C3, extending Lollapalooza’s hold on Grant Park and the local concert industry to 2018—or a year after that, if the city had succeeded in winning its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics, when Lollapalooza would have taken a one-year sabbatical.
C3 organized several of the events promoting Chicago during that unsuccessful Olympics bid, and executives said that they had hoped to play a major role in festivities here if the Olympics had come to the Windy City. C3 also organized the election-night celebration for President Obama in Grant Park, as well as several events at the inauguration in Washington, D.C.
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Friday, June 25, 2010


ITP UPDATE: DAMNED IN BLACK (BLACK METAL NEWS) will be coming up this weekend or by Monday, and perhaps I'll slip in a review as well, as ITP is continuing the reviews feature.
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America's legendary thrash bands METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX are brutalizing Europe on the SONISPHERE FEST as this is Europe's "first time" seeing the "BIG FOUR" playing together as Americans are catching the "Big Four" SONISPHERE in movie theaters across the USA. .
In America, if you're as old as ITP's author-ya might have seen the "big four" back in the 80's or/and "The Clash Of The Titans" tour. Hopefully, the "Big Four" will come to the North America together as a new generation of "big four" virgins will get to see these four pioneering thrash bands kick some metal ass.
Andrew Paine of reports that the Sonisphere cinecast from the Sofia, Bulgaria leg of the touring rock festival was seen by more than 100,000 fans, according to promoter Stuart Galbraith.

The global June 22 cinecast featured the "Big Four" of 1982 thrash metal — METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX — and was beamed via satellite in HD to cinemas. It was distributed globally into hundreds of cinemas by New York-based BY Experience.

In the U.K. it was screened in 79 cinemas. "At the Odeon in Leicester Square in London there was a mosh pit, and at the end of the show they had a stage invasion, which is just phenomenal to even think about," says Galbraith. "Not only are we hitting the territories that we're playing with this tour, [with the cinecast] we've taken the Big Four and Sonisphere into countries we haven't been able to get to this year."

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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Dutch death metal warriors SEVERE TORTURE have sent this update:

Dutch death metallers Severe Torture will release their fifth full-length album, Slaughtered, on June 29 (one day earlier internationally) via Season of Mist. The CD was recorded at Split Second Sound Studios in Amsterdam with producer Jochem Jacobs.

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Philadelphia sludge masters JAVELINA will join FLOOR for an epic east coast run this weekend.

Philly's most bearded band JAVELINA have secured direct support slots for Floor on their Philadelphia and Brooklyn shows this week. The band are still rampaging their live shows with material from both of their Translation Loss albums -- 2008's Javelina, and 2009's Beasts Among Sheep -- as well as material they've written since.

JAVELINA Live Actions:
6/25/2010 The First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia, PA w/ Floor, Gods and Queens
6/26/2010 Europa - Brooklyn, NY w/ Floor, Unearthly Trance, Hot Graves

The JAVELINA horde are planning more live attacks for the coming months, and are booking a two-week Southern US tour for October. The outfit recently reunited with the band's original drummer and plan on bringing a beating to the road, as well as on their upcoming 7" to be released on The Path Less Traveled Records later this year.

Stay tuned for more updates all-around on these mongrels. They are coming...

"...adroitly flips the script between frenetic bar brawling and epic power chord beatdowns - your brain won't know if you're supposed to groove and head-bang or duck and cover from all the flying shrapnel." 8/10 - Decibel Magazine

“The ghosts of drug-addled Black Sabbath and Venom smile up from the deepest pit of Hell.” - Exclaim! Magazine

“I hate it.” - Murderface, of Cartoon Network’s Dethklok

US Press Contact:
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Portugal's CAOS EMERGENTE OPEN AIR FEST, July 16th - 18th in São Pedro do Sul, Vila Maior, Portugal is canceled. FROM BIG DOG PRODUCTIONS:

It is with great regret that for the first time we find ourselves forced to make a statement of such nature, so we thank all those who read this document, to convey this message to others as accurately as possible.

During the last months we have worked very hard on this project, on its new configuration and logistics and in particular on the line up for the 2010 edition. This cancellation is obviously a huge frustration because of all the work invested, all the bands which were yet to be announced, everyone involved, the long hours spent, the thousands of euros hopelessly lost and, above all, the disappointment to the thousands of followers of the festival.

At the end of 2009, after a series of meetings held with the purpose of relocating the event, BigDog Productions was approached by Guilherme Pinto, developer and producer of Cellus Eventus resident in Vila Maior, in order to arrange a meeting with local political entities and possibly hold the event in that region.

After several meetings, on February 18, 2010 at a meeting which was attended by Dr. António Carlos Figueiredo - Mayor of São Pedro do Sul, Prof. Pedro Mouro – Mayor of Vila Maior, Dr. Victor Leal - Termalistur Administrator, Mr. Manuel - former president of Vila Maior, Marco Pinto – Termalistur associate, Guilherme Pinto - local producer of Cellus Eventus, Alexandre Moreira and José Frade - BigDog Productions, an agreement was sealed between the parties involved which enabled the materialization of Caos Emergente Open Air 2010 in the Town of Vila Maior in São Pedro do Sul.

BigDog Productions immediately began the preparations required, both at the logistical and the artistic levels. All the usual procedures that involve the production of an outdoor event went on naturally, with BigDog Productions assuming all the necessary costs for the essential means for an event like Caos Emergente Open Air.

In the beginning of May, and confronted with the absence of compliance with clauses agreed by the local government, BigDog Productions was forced to stop hiring any more bands and to wait until specific guarantees could allow the completion of the poster. Week after week, numerous contacts were made with local authorities to emphasize the economic consequences and the negative financial impact that this impasse was causing to BigDog Productions, who were thus unable to continue to promote the event and to arrange the logistical planning. During this period we were reassured with promises of compliance, and encouraged to conclude the line up and commercialize the tickets.

Finally, on June 15th, after a strong insistence from BigDog Productions, we were officially informed that the political power representatives in São Pedro do Sul suddenly decided to withdraw all the promised support for the realization of Caos EmergenteOpen Air 2010. This was a dramatic disrespect for the clauses previously agreed upon, confirming a scenario which was totally unexpected.

Other solutions were considered with the purpose of avoiding this cancellation, including the possibility of taking the event to another location, but even with BigDog Productions’ know how and great experience in organizing such events, it was almost impossible to dislocate the festival in such short notice.

With this outcome BigDog Productions sees itself harmed in thousands of euros already spent on contracts with artists and agents, and the irretrievable loss of our largest annual event.

We would also like to underline the fact that throughout this process, and even considering this as a remote possible scenario, our main concern has always been to defend the interests of all the followers and people interested in the event; that is why tickets were never put on sale.

BigDog Productions does not condone in any way with this plot and is now triggering the existing legal means in order to identify and hold responsible the political agents for the damages caused.

We wish to present our most sincere apologies to all the bands, agents and employees, as well as to all the fans, hoping that this situation, over which we had no responsibility, will not undermine the healthy relationship we have been building over the past few years." - Alexandre Moreira & José Pedro Frade
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Swedish death metal warriors INTERMENT have unveiled the art work and track listing for the bands latest release "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy".


INTERMENT, the prime purveyors of putrid Swedish death metal featuring members of Demonical and the now-defunct Centinex, return with their much-anticipated and long-overdue debut full-length, Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy. Check out new track "Night Of The Undead" at the band's official MySpace page:

Said the band of the song in a collective statement: "'Night Of The Undead' summarizes the album supremely and brings forth the dark and filthy Swedish oldschool death the band has been delivering for over 20 years!"

Featuring nine filth-ridden tracks over a span of 36-minutes, Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy offers some of the purest, sickest-sounding contemporary Stockholm death metal you've yet to hear. May you rest in festering slime! Recorded, mixed and mastered by Crypt Of Kerberos/Tyrant axeman Peter Bjärgö and showcasing the artistic talents of Polish extreme graphic artist Rafal Kruszyk (NunSlaughter, Machetazo, Hooded Menace etc.), Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy is not just a nostalgic retro death trip but also a lesson in Swedish violence!

Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy will be released via Pulverised Records later this year.


Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy Track Listing

1) "Eternal Darkness"
2) "Torn From The Grave"
3) "Dreaming In Dead"
4) "Stench Of Flesh"
5) "Where Death Will Increase"
6) "Sacrificial Torment"
7) "Night Of The Undead"
8) "Morbid Death"
9) "The Pestilence"

US Press Contact:
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


German thrash legends KREATOR have announced a September Russian mini tour. FROM KREATOR MYSPACE: Kreator are happy to announce three new shows in Russia! Dates are as follows:

September 24th - Moscow, Russia - Tochka
September 25th - Ekaterinburg, Russia - TeleClub
September 26th - Saint Petersburg, Russia - Zal Ozhidaniya

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Monday, June 21, 2010


According to the IOWA Des Moines Register and an Iowa county medical examiner, late SLIPKNOT bassist Paul Gray's official cause of death was an accidental overdose of Morphine.
According to, SLIPKNOT bass player Paul Gray died of an accidental overdose of morphine and fentanyl, a medical examiner has ruled.

Gray's body was discovered about 10:50 a.m. May 24 by a maintenance worker at TownePlace Suites in Urbandale, Iowa.

A hypodermic needle lay near the bed, and "all kinds of pills" surrounded Gray, who was hunched over in the corner of the room, according to a 911 call.

Polk County Medical Examiner Dr. Gregory Schmunk said today that it was two injected drugs — fentanyl is a synthetic form of morphine — that killed Gray. The pills did not contribute to his death, Schmunk said.

Gray also suffered from significant heart disease, Schmunk said.

Schmunk completed a death certificate on Friday afternoon.

Private funeral services for Gray were held on May 28 in Des Moines, Iowa.
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Colorado's "Rocky Mountain Hydro Grinders" CEPHALIC CARNAGE have announced a fall (September) European tour with PSYCROPTIC, ION DISSONANCE, HOP and DYSCARNATE.

10.09.10 Germany Darmstadt @ Steinbruch Theater
11.09.10 Germany München @ Feierwerk
12.09.10 Belgium Aarschot @ Klinker Club
13.09.10 UK London @ Underworld
14.09.10 UK Plymouth @ White Rabbit
15.09.10 UK Manchester @ Moho Live
16.09.10 UK Colchester @ Arts Centre
17.09.10 Holland Sneek @ Bolwerk
19.09.10 France Nantes @ Le Ferrailleur
21.09.10 Spain Madrid @ Sala Live
22.09.10 Spain Badalona @ Estraperlo Club
23.09.10 France Luynes @ Le Korigan
24.09.10 Switzerland Sursee @ Kulturwerk 118
25.09.10 Italy Pinarella di Cervia @ Rockplanet Club
26.09.10 Slovenia Ljubljana @ Gala Hala
27.09.10 Austria Wien @ Arena
28.09.10 Germany Leipzig @ Theater Fabrik Sachen
29.09.10 Czech Rep Prague @ Exit Chmelnice
30.09.10 Germany Berlin @ K17
01.10.10 Holland Eindhoven @ Dynamo, Bloodshed Fest
02.10.10 Germany Oberhausen @ Death Feast Ultimate
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Legendary doomsters SLEEP have re united for a fall 2010 U.S. tour. FROM BLABBERMOUTH. NET: Legendary stoner rock band SLEEP split in 1997 after two hugely influential albums. Members went on to form underground heroes OM and HIGH ON FIRE, and more recently metal supergroup SHRINEBUILDER. This fall, original members Al Cisneros and Matt Pike will be joined by drummer Jason Roeder of NEUROSIS to perform the seminal "Holy Mountain" album as well as selections from "Dopesmoker" and more.

SLEEP debuted with 1991's "Volume One" album, recorded for San Francisco label Tupelo. Earache Records received the band's next recordings in the mail as a demo. The label — impressed by SLEEP's single-mindedness and unique vision — immediately signed the band and released the tape exactly as it was received. Record stores worldwide stocked SLEEP's "Holy Mountain" from November 1992 to this day.

After signing with London Records, SLEEP's major-label debut took the form of one mammoth 63-minute leviathan of a track entitled "Jerusalem". The band resisted the label's attempts at radio edits and bringing in their own engineer to remix the album in view of "marketability." London balked at the prospect of promoting what is probably the most extreme music ever recorded for a major label, then shelved the recording and dropped the band.

SLEEP's music has been featured in films by Harmony Korine and Jim Jarmusch.

SLEEP 2010 U.S. tour dates:

Sep. 03 - All Tomorrow's Parties - Monticello, NY
Sep. 07 - Starlight Ballroom - Philadelphia, PA
Sep. 08 - Brooklyn Masonic Temple - New York, NY (w/ LICHENS)
Sep. 09 - Logan Square Auditorium - Chicago, IL (w/ LICHENS)
Sep. 10 - Mohawk - Austin, TX (w/ SUB OSLO)
Sep. 11 - Roseland Theater/Music Fest NW - Portland, OR (w/ SCOTT KELLY, YOB)
Sep. 12 - Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA
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Yeh, it's been a while, but ITP is BACK with NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND PART 2 V.010. BTW, I :finally: fixed the html on the FEB/MARCH 2010 edition of NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND v.010 PART ONE.
BTW, if you're an indie extreme metal band, and want YOUR news to be featured here on ITP V.010, please send a BULLETIN to ITP myspace, and send it once a week if I miss it the first time: (SWORDSANDGRAVES OR/AND ITP v.09 on MYSPACE, links to ITP's MYSPACE to the right.. For news snippets for NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND and other ITP genre news features, send bulletins with TOUR DATES preferably without HTML OR: JUST POST YOUR NEWS AND TOUR DATES ON YOUR MYSPACE BLOG WITHOUT HTML as I'll spend hours deleting the (MYSPACE) html codes and get frustrated.. However, for any other journal entry, HTML is OK, and widgets are AWESOME for me, the fans, and YOU the band.

(:ITP is going to stop being a dick and will stop the world to say we REALLY DO miss both PETER STEELE, DIMEBAG, and RONNIE JAMES DIO.

 *Swedish tech death metal heroes SPAWN OF POSSESSION have posted a new pre production track on the bands MYSPACE. FROM SPAWN OF POSSESSION: "The production is pretty bad and muddy. But the production for a pre-prod is not very important anyway. We record pre-prods so we can work with the arrangements and etc. Since we can't rehearse together, we do this instead." Regarding the progress of the songwriting sessions for SPAWN OF POSSESSION's next album, Bryssling states, "Eight songs are now complete, so there are four songs left to finish up, and the songwriting process has been quite good lately. "The new songs are more massive (epic), detailed, faster, melodic, brutal, catchier and energetic than the old ones. And so far we are happy with the result. It sounds really close to the vision I got right after the recording of 'Noctambulant', which was to take everything one step further. "To me, personally, the third album will be the ultimate SPAWN OF POSSESSION album. Because this time I finally got the time to sit down and write down those visions which has been haunting me for years. This would never have been possible with the old members. They were pretty much exhausted and done after 'Noctambulant'. Can't blame them for that; it was a difficult period with a lot of stress and hard work. I was pretty fucked up myself after being isolated for one year of songwriting and practicing. "I remember when I told Dennis about my new visions after 'Noctambulant', and how he sighed just to think about the amount of work that it would take to write such an album, to practice and to record it. So I'm very grateful for the new members and their positive approach and energy they have put into for SPAWN OF POSSESSION [and for] making a third album possible. "We have no dates for the new album yet. It's going slow, I know that. But we have other obligations in life besides SPAWN OF POSSESSION. But we are getting closer and closer now." ** BLACK LABEL SOCIETY have announced a fall 2010 North American tour with CHILDREN OF BODOM, CLUTCH and 2 CENTS. *** Italian death grinders PUTRIDITY have inked a deal with WILLOWTIP RECORDS. **** Seattle, Washington melodic thrashers NEVERMORE have announced a September U.S. tour with WARBRINGER, MUTINTY WITHIN and HATEBRINGER. ***** New York death metallers IMMOLATION have announced a fall (late September) North American tour with VADER, PATHOLOGY, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS and LECHEROUS NOCTURNE. ****** South Carolina death metal gods NILE have announced a fall (October) tour with EX DEO, PSYCROPTIC, KEEP OF KALESSIN and PATHOLOGY. ******* Swedish death metal heroes AEON unleashed the bands third release entitled "Path Of Fire" 5/25/2010 (5/24/2010 internationally) via METAL BLADE RECORDS. ******** Polish death metal heroes BEHEMOTH have announced a November U.S. tour with WATAIN. Tour dates TBA. ********* DANZIG will continue the "Blackest Of The Black" tour package/series in the fall with a lineup TBA in support of DANZIG's new release entitled "Deth Red Sabaoth" due out on THE END/Evilive RECORDS 6/22/2010. ********** Death metal upstarts DECIMATION shall unleash a new offering entitled "Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion" due out 8/17/2010 on COMATOSE MUSIC. *********** UNITED GUTTURAL have signed Czeck grinders" MINCING FURY". FROM UNITED GUTTURAL: Czech grind masters MINCING FURY have started recording a third full length album that will be released through United Guttural. The concept album "Devolution" will showcase 14 new recordings and will capture the essence of the bands progression since its inception. More info coming soon! ************** Central California's HALO OF GUNFIRE are set to unleash the bands latest offering entitled "Conjuring The Damned" 7/6/2010. FROM UNIQUE LEADER: Unique Leader is proud to announce Halo of Gunfire to it's metal horde!! Peppering the walls of other metal bands with an enfilade assault, Halo of Gunfire brings bloody passion to the musical art. Formed along the Central Coast of California in 2006, the ruthless cadre of 5 have been plotting some of the most bone crushing sounds the world has ever experienced. With a unique style of guitar-shredding, harnessing an inner fury onto the drums, innard-rattling basslines, mixed with unforgiving, powerful vocals... you'd be hard pressed to find a band more dedicated to absolutely decimating your face; whether it be at their live show or on their upcoming album. After releasing their highly critically acclaimed self-titled EP for High Fidelity Records the band has recently forged their first full length LP, "Conjuring The Damned". With this new album and new label they bring you the promise of more raw energy, brutal technicality, progression, and a pact of loyalty to the metal music scene. Be vigilant, and prepare yourself for the juggernaut that is Halo of Gunfire. Street date is set for July 6th. **************** Ventura, California death metal warriors INHERIT DISEASE shall unleash the bands sophomore offering entitled "Visceral Transcendence" 7/6/2010 on UNIQUE LEADER. FROM UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS: Inherit Disease are back to unleash their 2nd album! Following lineup changes soon after the release of their debut album, "Procreating an Apocalypse", Inherit Disease have spent the last 4 years touring and writing, and have crafted "Visceral Transcendence". Their sophomore effort is a prophetic look at humanity's place in the technologically obscure future. Skewed from the current death metal trend, "Visceral Transcendence" will encompass memorable riffing and well thought out song structure without compromising the brutality Inherit Disease is known for. Featuring guest vocals by Justin Richey of Retch, and Connor Bond of Envenomation. Also featuring art by first time album cover creator Yang Guang. Be prepared for this deadly release on Unique Leader Records to hit stores July 6th, 2010 and catch them on tour this summer or at the Las Vegas Deathfest, Central Illinois Metalfest, and Mountains of Death in Switzerland! For a complete list of current shows, visit: ***************** L.A. California death metal masters ABYSMAL DAWN sent this band update in MAY: Programmed To Consume at Trench Studios in Corona, CA with John Haddad (PHOBIA, INTRONAUT, HIRAX). The album will be mixed by Erik Rutan (CANNIBAL CORPSE, GOATWHORE, HATE ETERNAL) at his Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, FL. A fall release date is expected."ABYSMAL DAWN Charles Elliot issued the following update: "We recently wrapped up recording drums at Trench Studios and the final product is incredible! I think we really got some amazing tones this time and Scott delivered an amazing over the top drum performance. Our music has definitely become more demanding technically and Scott really stepped things up in the drum department. We really wanted to get a natural drum sound so the guys in RECIPROCAL were kind enough to let us rent their top of the line Pearl kit from them. Thanks a lot guys! Right now I’m currently laying down all the rhythm guitar tracks with Mike Bear (ARTISAN, ex-PROTOTYPE) at Artisan Road Studios in Encino, CA. For those of you that are keeping track, Mike played bass on our first album “From Ashes” and played a few shows locally with us in the early days. I’ve known Mike since our bands first played together with DEATH at the Whiskey in ’98 while I was still in high school. We became friends soon after and he even filled in on bass for my old band INHUMAN VISIONS back then. Recording my guitar tracks with him has been a true pleasure and his attention to detail is impeccable. Mike Cosio also started tracking bass with him recently and his know-how of the instrument has really helped Mike’s performance shine. Can’t wait to send everything to Erik Rutan to put the finishing touches on things. This will be the tightest and best ABYSMAL DAWN record yet!” Additional recording / album details will be made available shortly. Audio samples and video from the band’s Programmed To Consume album can be viewed online now via ABYSMAL DAWN MYSPACE ******************************************* Canada's re united GORGUTS are working on a new release tentatively scheduled for early 2011. FROM GORGUTS:I couldn't be happier with the result of this collaboration along with three of the most talented musicians in the metal scene. John, Colin Marston, bass; DYSRHYTHMIA, BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS, BYLA, KRALLICE, INDRICOTHERE and Kevin Hufnagel, guitar; DYSRHYTHMIA, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, BYLA, EUCLID STREET,THE FIFTH SEASON, GREY DIVISION BLUE have been fantastic and amazingly creative with their instruments for the new compositions. "Don't expect this record to sound like a previous GORGUTS album." ******************************* EARMUSIC have announced the signing of Norwegian/American melodic metal band KAMELOT as the bands new studio release "Poetry For The Poisoned" shall be unleashed 9/3/2010. FROM KAMELOT AND EARMUSIC:KAMELOT is one of metal's most unique, influential and prestigious acts to come along in decades. The group's reputation among fans and media alike is marked by enthusiasm as well as esteem, with each of their eight studio albums to date surpassing its predecessor in terms of songwriting, production and commercial results. As one of the most difficult-to-categorize artists on the metal scene, KAMELOT is ready to release its most insightful and ambitious album to date, "Poetry for the Poisoned". Throughout the recent years, KAMELOT's releases have achieved cult status around the world, and "Poetry for the Poisoned" will "once again raise the bar for others to follow," according to a press release. "The new studio album blends their trademark KAMELOT sound with new elements and a creation of musical art that will set a new standard in the genre." "Poetry for the Poisoned" was mostly written in the remote woods of Norway to the final songwriting sessions in a remote region of Germany. The compositions take the listener through many emotions and dynamics that touch the soul and the mind. "I think this album is by far our most diverse, fusing new ideas and elements along with the traditional KAMELOT sound and style that we have established over the years," states KAMELOT guitarist Thomas Youngblood. Recordings took place in the familiar Gate Studios> in Wolfsburg, Germany with producers Sascha Paeth and Miro. Additional tracking also took place in Tampa, Florida as well as various studios in Sweden, Greece and the U.S. "Poetry for the Poisoned" features guest appearances by Simone Simons >EPICA, Gus G.OZZY OSBOURNE, FIREWIND, Björn "Speed" Strid SOILWORK and Jon Oliva SAVATAGE, JON OLIVA'S PAIN. The artwork was created by many great artists, including Seth Siro Anton, Natalie Shau and Michal Loranc. "'Poetry for the Poisoned' is a mix of progressive elements, modern rock, dark arts and also power metal," states Youngblood. "It comes at a time where many people around the world are searching for something to grab on to spiritually, including myself. I recently lost my mother and to be honest it was very hard on me. So there are some melancholy moods reflected on this album." Frontman Roy Khan assures that "Poetry for the Poisoned" will both please the band's existing following and expose the universe of KAMELOT to a whole range of new fans. "'Poetry for the Poisoned' is our longest and toughest production so far, but when I hear the result I know it was well worth the struggle," he says. Max Vaccaro, director of the ear MUSIC label, commented: "If there is one thing that is absolutely clear with KAMELOT, it's that the band has a unique vision of metal and they consider anything they do as the 'next step' to something bigger and better, constantly adamant to reach new ambitious artistic targets. We're happy about the fact that they have chosen earMUSIC as the partner to expand their audience with this new wonderful album." "Poetry For The Poisoned" will also be available as a limited edition hard-cover digipak CD with a bonus LP and limited collector's edition featuring a bonus 45" vinyl with two rare songs only available on this strictly limited format, personally signed by the band. ******************************** North Carolina "one man killing machine"/ death metal project BLOODSOAKED have sent this update. FROM BLOODSOAKED: "It’s been a while since I’ve made any major updates with BLOODSOAKED so here goes.class If you haven’t already pick up the June 2010 issue of Decibel Magazine (with Exodus on the cover) do so now as there is a 5 page feature article on One-Man Death Metal bands showcasing BLOODSOAKED, PUTRID PILE and INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, the article is called “Death on Two Legs”. 2010 has really become a busy year for BLOODSOAKED as I have been and will be flying all over for shows and festivals. Having already flown to Massachusetts and California for shows, did a 3 day mini tour with Goatwhore and racking up more frequent flyer miles with shows booked in Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nevada as well as two shows in Colombia and a 5 day mini tour in Mexico. BLOODSOAKED has recently received an endorsement from Jackson Guitars, I need to thanks Jackson Guitars Artist Relations representative Chris Cannella for making this happen. I already had my Jackson Dinky that I used to record both "Brutally Butchered" and Sadistic Deeds...Grotesque Memories" CDs and now thanks to Jackson Guitars I have added the following two guitars to my collection: The Christian Olde Wolbers Signature 6-String and the SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist. I am in the process of writing the BLOODSOAKED album due out in early 2011 along with a DVD. I am writing most if not all of this album with Brent Williams (Drummer for Atrocious Abnormality). Brent helped write ”Rotting In Filth” and “Rise With Me” from my last album and I feel that the new music will be even more solid now with Brent on board for the writing process. At this time I have 4 songs written and a 5th song almost complete. I will also be re-recording “Grinding Your Guts” from the first BLOODSOAKED album. I have few working titles I am throwing around for the CD (“Left To Rot”, Wading The Blood Pools” and “The Death of Hope”) but nothing is set in stone at this time. You can listen to a good demo version of the song “Wading The Blood Pools” on the Myspace music player right now. Below are a few videos of some new songs Brent and I have been working on so check them out and hear what is to come in early 2011. The videos are not much to look at and most of these where done on the first or second take so not 100% tight but still new BLOODSOAKED tunes. Thanks to everyone for the support and anyone interested in booking BLOODSOAKED or have questions or comments send me a message. ************************************************** DIABOLICAL CONQUEST WEBZINE (DC) has started it's very own record label with international distribution. FROM DIABOLICAL CONQUEST WEBZINE: After running DC Webzine for five years, promoting hundreds of extreme metal bands and establishing a name for itself as a zine with rare integrity and honesty, we believe the time has come for us to take it to the next level. Instead of urging other labels to sign deserving bands, we will put our money where our mouth is and now do it ourselves. Needless to say, we will be promoting our bands extensively, and we will have worldwide distribution for our releases. Based in India, DC Records will have the advantage of distributing extreme metal titles in a relatively virgin territory and catering to the needs of deprived metalheads there. We will be making announcements about our bands and planned future releases shortly." DC Records is financed and run just by one person - me, KC. I won't be reviewing my own releases. We may not even review our releases on our webzine. Even if we do, other writers will be doing the job and they are free to have their own opinions about it and will be encouraged to be honest. Here are a couple of mp3s from the new album - Diabolical Conquest Records is pleased to sign The Dead from Brisbane, Australia. Incorporating influences from genres such as doom metal to make their music gloomier and groovier and yet retaining the death metal aesthetic and underground essence, The Dead play in a unique, perverse style of raw and catchy death metal that transcends schools and trends. After releasing their debut full length album through the Australian Obsidian Records, DC Records will be re-releasing their latest full length album ‘Ritual Executions', which was originally self-released by the band and limited to 100 copies, in much higher quantities. This release will have a modified artwork by Mike Yee and has been mixed and remastered by Aphotic Mote (Portal). Diabolical Conquest founder Kunal N. Choksi comments, “I am extremely happy to sign what I feel is one of the best and most original sounding death metal bands today. After promoting The Dead for years, reviewing three of their releases in detail (with the last two finding a place in my best albums of the year lists) and even conducting an interview with them, it was as if I was destined to sign them; no other band seemed worthier. It is an honour to work with a band I have known and admired for so long and I hope to give them the exposure they truly deserve.” The Dead drummer Chris Morse adds, “It is an honour to be entrusted with DC Records' first release. DC Webzine has always been known for its honest and insightful reviews of underground metal releases and this will no doubt be reflected in the quality of music the label will release. It's a very exciting time for the band and we cannot express how jubilant we feel at being added to the DC Records roster." Ritual Executions will be released early this monsoon. A special pre-order offer will be up soon." ************************************************************ Dutch death metal warriors SEVERE TORTURE will unleash a new offering entitled "Slaughtered" on SEASON OF MIST: FROM SEVERE TORTURE: Dutch death metallers Severe Torture will release their fifth full-length album, Slaughtered, on June 29 (one day earlier internationally) via Season of Mist. The CD was recorded at Split Second Sound Studios in Amsterdam with producer Jochem Jacobs. _____________________________________________________________________________________ -l- ONE FOOT ON THE MONITOR: SUMMER 2010 NORTH AMERICAN EXTREME METAL TOUR DATES: * SLAYER, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT (CANADIAN and AMERICAN CARNAGE) SUMMER 2010 NORTH AMERICAN AND CANADIAN CARNAGE TOUR DATES July 23 – Pavillon de la Jeunesse, Quebec City, QC July 24 – Heavy MTL, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, QC July 26 – Metro Centre, Halifax, NS July 27 – Moncton Coliseum, Moncton, NB July 29 – Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ONT July 30 – John Labatt Centre Center, London, ONT AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR DATES August 11 – Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY August 12 – Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ August 14 – Tsongas Arena, Boston, MA August 15 – Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ August 16 – Chevrolet Theatre, Wallingford, CT August 18 – Tower City Amphitheatre, Cleveland, OH August 19 – Cobo Arena, Detroit,MI August 20 – UIC Pavillon, Chicago, IL August 21 – Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN August 23 – Cap Fed Park @Sandstone, Kansas City, KS August 25 – Magness Arena, Denver, CO August 26 – Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM August 27 – Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ August 29 – Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, San Diego, CA August 30 – Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA August 31 – Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA September 1 – Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA September 3 – Wamu Theatre, Seattle, WA September 4 – Washington County Fairgrounds, Portland, OR ** FEAR FACTORY, 36 CRAZY FISTS, AFTER THE BURIAL, DIVINE HERESY, BAPTIZED IN BLOOD SUMMER 2010 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR DATES: Jul. 07 - House of Blues, W. Hollywood CA Jul. 09 - Roseland Theatre, Portland OR Jul. 10 - Studio Seven, Seattle WA Jul. 11 - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC Jul. 13 - Flames Central, Calgary AB Jul. 14 - The Starlite Room, Edmonton AB Jul. 15 - Riddell Centre, Regina SK Jul. 16 - The Garrick Centre, Winnipeg MB Jul. 17 - The Rock, Maplewood MN Jul. 19 - People's Court, Des Moines IA Jul. 20 - Metro, Chicago IL Jul. 21 - Harpo's, Detroit MI Jul. 23 - Opera, Toronto ON Jul. 24 - Parterre Parc Jean Drapeau/Heavy MTL Festival (no tour package) Jul. 25 - Fillmore NY @ Irving Plaza, New York NY Jul. 26 - Recher Theatre, Towson MD Jul. 27 - Crocodile Rock, Allentown PA *** THE SUMMER SLAUGHTER 2010 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR- WITH: DECAPITATED, ALL SHALL PERISH, VITAL REMAINS,THE FACELESS, CARNIFLEX, ANIMALS AS LEADERS, THE RED CHORD, VEIL OF MAYA, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DECREPIT BIRTH Jul. 17 - San Diego, CA - Soma Jul. 18 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues Jul. 19-Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre Jul. 20 -(*DATE RELOCATION) Las Cruces-NM-Beverly Hills Club Jul. 21 - San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit Jul. 22 - Austin, TX - Emo’s Jul. 23 - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX - Ridglea Theatre Jul. 24 - Houston, TX - Warsaw Ballroom Jul. 26 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution Jul. 27 - Atlanta, GA-The Masquerade Jul. 28-Raleigh, NC-Volume 11 Jul. 29 - Philadelphia, PA - TLA (Theatre of Living Arts) Jul. 30 - Baltimore, MD - Sonar Jul. 31 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium Aug. 01 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza Aug. 02 - Quebec City, QC - Imperial Aug. 03 - Montreal, QC - Club Soda Aug. 04 - Toronto, ON - Opera House Aug. 05 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody’s Aug. 06 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart’s Aug. 07 - Detroit, MI - Harpos Aug. 08 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave Aug. 09 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues Aug. 10 - Minneapolis, MN - First Ave Aug. 11 - Indianapolis, IN - Emerson Theatre Aug. 13 - Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall Aug. 14 - Salt Lake City, UT - Club Sound Aug. 16 - Calgary, AB - Republik Aug. 17 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Aug. 19 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre Aug. 20 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven Aug. 21 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theatre Aug. 23 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore **** CYNIC, INTRONAUT,DYSRHYTHMIA, SUMMER 2010 U.S. TOUR DATES: Jul. 22 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre Jul. 23 - San Francisco CA - Slim's Jul. 24 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Jul. 25 - Seattle, WA-Capital Hill Block Party Festival Jul. 26 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore Jul. 28 - Denver, CO - Marquis Jul. 30 - Minneapolis, MN - Station 4 Jul. 31 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge Aug. 01 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick Aug. 02 - Toronto, ON - Opera House Aug. 04 - Montreal, QC - Café Campus Aug. 05 - Boston, MA - Harpers Ferry Aug. 06 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom Aug. 07 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero Aug. 08 - Washington, DC - The Rock a - Roll Hotel Aug. 09 - Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle Aug. 10 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade Aug. 12 - Orlando, FL - The Social Aug. 13 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room ***** (*TOUR IN PROGRESS) GWAR, DIRGE WITHIN, MOBILE DEATH CAMP SUMMER 2010 U.S. TOUR: June 22 - Farmingdale, NY - The Crazy Donkey June 23 - Syracuse, NY - Westcott Theatre June 24 - Millvale, PA - Mr. Small's Theatre June 25 - Lexington, KY - Buster's Billiards Backroom June 26 - Rutland, OH - 2010 Interpunk American Skate Fest ****** SOILWORK, AUGURY, DEATH ANGEL, MUTINY WITHIN, SWASHBUCKLE SUMMER 2010 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR DATES: Jul. 14 - Jaxx - W. Springfield, VA Jul. 15 - The Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA Jul. 16 - The Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY Jul. 17 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA Jul. 18 - FouFounes Electriques - Montreal, QC Jul. 19 - The Opera- Toronto, ON Jul. 20 - Peabody's - Cleveland, OH Jul. 21 - Blondie's - Detroit, MI Jul. 22 - Reggies Rock Club - Chicago, IL Jul. 23 - The Rave - Milwaukee, WI Jul. 24 - Maplewood, MN Jul. 27 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA Jul. 28 - Rickshaw Theater - Vancouver, BC Jul. 29 - Hawthorne Theatre - Portland, OR Jul. 30 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA Jul. 31 - The Galaxy Theatre - Santa Ana, CA Aug. 01 - Ramona Mainstage - Ramona, CA Aug. 02 - The Clubhouse - Tempe, AZ Aug. 03 - The Rock - Tucson, AZ Aug. 05 - Emo's - Austin, TX Aug. 06 - Ridglea Theater - Ft. Worth, TX Aug. 07 - Meridian - Houston, TX Aug. 09 - The Club at Firestone - Orlando, FL Aug. 10 - Volume 11 - Raleigh, NC Aug. 11 - Headliner's Music Hall - Louisville, KY Aug. 12 - Gil's Bar and Grill - Virginia Beach, VA Aug. 13 - Sonar - Baltimore, MD Aug. 14 - Diesel Nightclub - Pittsburgh, PA Aug. 15 - Webster Theater - Hartford, CT ******* ABORTED, AUGURY, SYSTEM DIVIDE SUMMER/EARLY FALL 2010 CANADIAN TOUR DATES: Aug. 19 - Bar Le Magog - Sherbrooke, QC Aug. 20 - Bar L'Octobre - Quebec City, QC Aug. 21 - Club Soda - Montréal, QC Aug. 22 - Maverick - Ottawa, ON Aug. 23 - L'App'Art - Trois-Rivières, QC Aug. 27 - Salle Gaston Mandeville - Drummondville, QC Aug. 28 - Sneaky Dee's - Toronto, ON Aug. 29 - Music Hall - London, ON Aug. 31 - Crocks - Thunder Bay, ON Sep. 01 - Royal Albert Arms - Winnipeg, MB Sep. 02 - The Exchange - Regina, SK Sep. 03 - The Distillery - Calgary, AB Sep. 04 - The Mead Hall - Edmonton, AB Sep. 05 - Third - Prince George, BC Sep. 06 - Red Room -Vancouver, BC Sep. 07 - V-Lounge - Victoria, BC ******** DEATH ANGEL (HEADLINING) SUMMER 2010 U.S. TOUR DATES: July 07 - Sparks, NV @ New Oasis July 08 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Vegas July 09 - Farmington, NM @ Gators July 10 - Amarillo, TX @ The War Legion July 11 - Tulsa, OK @ The Marquee July 12 - Nashville, TN @ The Muse ********* HATE ETERNAL, CANNABIS CORPSE, ORDER OF ENNEAD SUMMER 2010 EAST COAST TOUR DATES: 8/24 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade 8/25 Spartanburg, SC Ground Zero 8/26 Raleigh, NC Volume 11 Tavern 8/27 W. Springfield, VA Jaxx 8/28 Philadelphia, PA Polaris Hostile City Death Fest** **no Cannabis Corpse *********** THE FUNERAL PYRE, EARLY GRAVES SUMMER 2010 U.S. TOUR DATES: 6/25 The Ruby Room- San Diego, CA 6/26 Yayo's- Tucson, AZ 6/27 The Nile Underground- Mesa, AZ 6/28 Skrappy's- Tucson, AZ w/ Landmine Marathon 6/30 Zen Miester Bar- El Paso, TX 7/1 Reno's Chop Shop- Dallas, TX 7/2 Zombies!!! Time- San Antonio, TX 7/3 Red 7- Austin, TX 7/6 The Black House- Nashville, TN 7/7 Skull Alley- Louisville, KY 7/9 Carabar- Columbus, OH 7/11 The Midway Cafe- Boston, MA 7/12 Church- Boston, MA 7/13 Dover Brick House- Dover, NH 7/14 Anchors Up- Haverhill, MA 7/15 Asbury Lanes- Asbury Park, NJ 7/17 The Union Pool- Brooklyn, NY 7/18 Belvedere's- Pittsburgh, PA 7/19 The Black Cherry- Toledo, OH 7/21 FUBAR- St. Louis, MO 7/23 The Manor- Lincoln, NE 7/24 Blastomat- Denver, CO 7/25 Ernie November- Cheyenne, WY 7/26 Burt's Tiki Lounge- Salt Lake City, Utah 7/27 Brawl Studios- Garden City- ID 7/29 The Morgue- Seattle, WA 7/30 Plan B- Portland, OR 7/31 The Jinx- Bellingham, WA 8/1 TBA- Eugene, OR 8/3 Submission - San Francisco, CA ************ MALEVOLENT CREATION, GIGAN SUMMER 2010 U.S. TOUR DATES: July 22 – The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA July 23 – The Muse – Nashville, TN July 24 – The Canopy Club – Urbana, IL. July 25 – Fubar – St. Louis, MO w/ ORIGIN, GIGAN July 26 – Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH w/ GIGAN July 27 – Broadway Joe’s – Buffalo, NY w/ GIGAN!- July 28 – Championships Bar Grill – Trenton, NJ w/ GIGAN ************** IMMOLATION SUMMER 2010 U.S. DATE: (WITH ARSIS): Jul 28-The Studio-@ WEBSTER HALL-(WITH: ARSIS) **************** NEURAXIS SUMMER 2010 CANADIAN TOUR DATES: July 16 - Drummondville, QC @ Sale Gaston De Mandeville July 17 - Jonquiere, QC @ Place Nikitoutagan Aug 21 - London, ON @ Moon Over Marin Aug 27 - Oshawa, ON @ The Green Botttle Sept 3 - St Catherines, ON @ Mikado (End of Summer Festival) ******************* PATHOLOGY SUMMER 2010 U.S. TOUR DATES: Jul 17 2010 @ LAS VEGAS DEATHFEST, LAS VEGAS, NV Jul 18 2010 @ UB's, Mesa, AZ Jul 28 2010 @ Station 4, St. Paul, MN Jul 29 2010 @ House of Rock, Eau Claire, WI Jul 31 2010 @ Reggie's Rock Club, Chicago, IL PATHOLOGY WITH ENTHRONED, DESTROYER: August 4 – Brooklyn, NY @ Europa w/ Black Anvil, Estuary August 5 – Springfield, VA @ Jaxx w/ Black Anvil, Estuary August 6 – Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11 w/ Estuary August 7 – Atlanta, GA @ The Drunken Unicorn August 8 – Tampa, FL @ The Brass Mug August 10 – Houston, TX @ Walter’s On Washington August 11 – Austin, TX @ Emo’s August 12 – El Paso, TX @ Club 101 August 13 – Tempe, AZ @ Club Red w/ Estuary August 14 – Los Angeles, CA @ Ultra Violet w/ Estuary August 15 – Ramona, CA @ Ramona Mainstage w/ Estuary August 17 – San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge w/ Estuary August 18 – Portland, OR @ Satyricon w/ Estuary August 19 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven w/ Estuary August 20 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater w/ Estuary August 21 – Boise, ID @ Red Room August 22 – Salt Lake City @ TBA August 23 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater August 24 – Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room August 25 – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s Rock Club w/ Estuary, Cardiac Arrest August 26 – Detroit, MI @ Blondie’s w/ Estuary, Cardiac Arrest August 27 – Toronto, ON @ The Opera House w/ Estuary, Cardiac Arrest August 28 – Montreal, QC @ Katacombes w/ Estuary, Cardiac Arrest August 29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Club Polaris “Hostile City Deathfest******************(EDITORS NOTE: Hopefully this tour is still ON) GRAVEHILL, HOD, CARDIAC ARREST: CAMPAIGN FOR DEATH METAL PURITY: July 2nd @ Plan B - Portland, OR July 3rd @ The Parkside - San Fransisco, CA July 4th @ The Blvd - Los Angeles, CA July 5th @ The Drunken Lass - Prescott, AZ July 7th @ Beerland - Austin, TX July 8th @ The Riot Room - Kansas City, MO July 9th @ Nightcap - Chicago, IL July 10th @ TBA - Pittsburgh, PA July 11th @ Jimmy's Place - Allentown, PA July 12th @ Dingbatz - Clifton, NJ July 13th @ Fontana's - New York, NY July 14th @ Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN July 15th @ TBA - Memphis, TN July 16th @ Downtown Music - Little Rock, AR July 17th @ Walters - Houston, TX July 18th @ Ten Eleven - San Antonio, TX ********************************** INCANTATION SUMMER/EARLY FALL 2010 NORTH AMERICAN FESTIVAL DATES: July 23rd - Central Illinois Metalfest @ The Canopy Club (w/ labelmates Cardiac Arrest) - Urbana, IL, USA August 27th - Hostile City Deathfest - Philadelphia, PA, USA September 24th - Noctis IV Metalfest - Calgary, Alberta, Canada ************************************ CREATIVE WASTE SUMMER 2010 U.S. DATE (*US TOUR TBA): 8/2/2010-Lit Lounge, NYC, NY (WITH: PSYTOXIA and PYRRHON) ************************************** PORCUPINE TREE, COHEED AND CAMBRIA SUMMER 2010 U.S. TOUR DATES: August 10 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield (Porcupine Tree only) 12 - Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Palladium 13 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint 14 - San Diego, CA - 4th and B 16 - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater 17 - El Paso, TX - Club 101 18 - San Antonio, TX - Sunset Station 20 - Memphis, TN - Minglewood Hall 21 - Asheville, NC - Thomas Wolfe Auditorium 22 - Nashville, TN - War Memorial Auditorium 23 - St Louis, MO - Pageant 24 - Grand Rapids, MI - Orbit Room 26 - Cleveland, OH - Nautica Pavilion ************************************************** HIGH ON FIRE, SKELETONWITCH SUMMER 2010 CANADIAN TOUR DATES: July 8 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre July 10 – Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room July 11 – Calgary, AB @ The Republik July 13 – Winnipeg, ON @ Royal Albert Arms July 14 – Thunder Bay, ON @ Crocks July 16 – Toronto, ON @ Opera House July 17 – London, ON @ London Music Hall July 18 – Windsor, ON @ The Blind Dog July 20 – Hamilton, ON @ The Casbah July 21 – Kingston, ON @ Time To Laugh July 22 – Quebec City, QC @ Le Cercle July 23 – Ottawa, ON @ Capital Music Hall July 24 – Montreal, QC @ Parc Jean Drapeau *************************************************** DREAM THEATER SUMMER 2010 (*HEADLINING) U.S. TOUR DATES: July 02 - Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH July 10 - Palladium, Worcester, MA ****************************************************(*TOUR IN PROGRESS) IRON MAIDEN, DREAM THEATER SUMMER 2010 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR DATES: Thu 24 Vancouver , BC GM Place Sat 26 Edmonton , AB Rexall Place Tue 29 Saskatoon , SK Credit Union Centre Wed 30 Winnipeg , MB MTS Centre (Dream Theater will not perform) JULY Sat 03 Toronto , ON Molson Amphitheatre Wed 07 Montreal , QC Bell Centre Sun 11 Holmdel, NJ PNC Mon 12 New York , NY Madison Square Garden Wed 14 Pittsburgh , PA First Niagara Pavilion Thu 15 Cleveland , OH Blossom Music Center Sat 17 Detroit , MI DTE Energy Music Theatre Sun 18 Chicago, IL First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre Tue 20 Washington D.C. Jiffy Lube Live ****************************************************(*TOUR IN PROGRESS) DEATH METAL DARKNESS TOUR: WITH: NOMINION, INFINITUM OBSCURE, QUINTA ESSENTIA SUMMER 2010 U.S. TOUR DATES: 6/24 -- Atlanta, GA -- 585 Wells St. 6/25 -- Jacksonville, FL -- Endo Exo 6/26 -- Tampa, FL -- The Brass Mug 6/27 -- Metairie, LA -- The Bar 6/28 -- Houston, TX -- Walter's on Washington 6/29 -- San Antonio, TX -- Zombies 6/30 -- Fort Worth, TX -- The Alamo 7/2 -- Chicago, IL -- TBA 7/3 -- Lakewood, OH -- Symposium Nite Club 7/4 -- North Syracuse, NY -- Club Fusion 7/5 -- Boston, MA -- TBA 7/6 -- Manhattan, NY -- The Bowery Electric 7/7 -- Clifton, NJ -- Dingbatz ** 7/8 -- TBA ** ************************************************************************* KITTIE, DEVILDRIVER SUMMER 2010 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR DATES: (*MORE TBA): Aug. 25 - Eleanor Rigby's - Jermyn, PA Aug. 26 - The London Music Hall Lounge - London, ON Aug. 27 - Alrosa Villa - Columbus, OH ******************************************************************** LAMB OF GOD, HATE BREED SUMMER 2010 (* ROCK STAR MAYHEM ENERGY OFF DATES): 7/7 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Great Salt Air 7/8 Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues 7/12 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater 7/19 Kansas City, MO @ Beaumont Club 7/29 Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues 8/9 Myrtle Beach, SC @ House Of Blues LAMB OF GOD, HATEBREED, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH OFF DATE: 8/15 San Antonio, TX @ Sunken Garden *************************************************************************** EXODUS, MALEVOLENT CREATION, HOLY GRAIL, BONDED BY BLOOD SUMMER 2010 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR DATES: Monday - August 16, 2010 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR Tuesday - August 17, 2010 Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC – CANADA Wednesday - August 18, 2010 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA Friday - August 20, 2010 The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT Saturday - August 21, 2010 Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO Monday - August 23, 2010 Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL Tuesday - August 24, 2010 The Mod Club – Toronto, ON – CANADA Wednesday - August 25, 2010 Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC – CANADA Friday - August 27, 2010 The Palladium – Worcester, MA Saturday - August 28, 2010 The Gramercy Theater – New York, NY Sunday - August 29, 2010 Polaris – Philadelphia, PA Tuesday - August 31, 2010 Jaxx – W. Springfield, VA Wednesday - September 1, 2010 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH Thursday - September 2, 2010 Phoenix Hill Tavern – Louisville, KY Friday - September 3, 2010 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA Saturday - September 4, 2010 The Social – Orlando, FL Sunday - September 5, 2010 Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL Tuesday - September 7, 2010 The Door – Dallas, TX Wednesday - September 8, 2010 Emo’s – Austin, TX Sunday - September 12, 2010 The Avalon – Santa Clara, CA *********************************************************** BRUTAL DOMINATION 2 TOUR WITH: INHERIT DISEASE, SEPTYCAL GORGE, INCINERATE SUMMER 2010 U.S. TOUR DATES: 9 Jul 2010 20:00 @ Station 4 St.Paul, MN 10 Jul 2010 20:00 @ The Hole Omaha, Nebraska 11 Jul 2010 20:00 @ Old Curtis Street Bar & Grill Denver, Colorado 13 Jul 2010 20:00 @ The Workshop Ceres, California 14 Jul 2010 18:00 @ The Blvd. Cafe Boyle Heights, California 15 Jul 2010 20:00 @ Brick By Brick San Diego, California 16 Jul 2010 20:00 @ Take 2 Ventura, California 17 Jul 2010 12:00 @ Las Vegas Deathfest II (The Cheyenne Saloon) Las Vegas,Nevada 18 Jul 2010 20:00 @ UB's Bar Mesa, Arizona 19 Jul 2010 20:00 @ The Compound Albuquerque, New Mexico 20 Jul 2010 20:00 @ Zombies San Antonio, Texas 23 Jul 2010 16:00 @ Central Illinois Metalfest (The Canopy Club) Urbana, Illinois _____________________________________________________________________________ -l- ONE FOOT ON THE MONITOR: SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN/INTERNATIONAL EXTREME METAL TOUR DATES: * BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, EX DEO (*SELECT DATES WITH EXODUS: 6/21, 22, 24, and 25) June 20 - Clisson, France - Hellfest June 21 - Bilbao, Spain - Rockstar (* WITH EXODUS) June 22 - Lisbon, Portugal - Cine Teatro (* WITH EXODUS) June 23 - Sevilla, Spain - La Sala June 24 - Madrid, Spain - La Sala (* WITH EXODUS) June 25 - Barcelona, Spain - Salamandra 1 (* WITH EXODUS) June 26 - Monza, Italy - Gods Of Metal June 28 - Zurich, Switzerland - Dynamo June 29 - Marseilles, France - Poste à Galène June 30 - Lyon, France - Ninkasi Kao July 01 - Paris, France - Trabendo July 02 - Essen, Germany - Turock July 03 - Nijmegen, Netherlands - Fortarock July 04 - Lindau, Germany -Vaudeville July 05 - Bruneck, Italy - Ufo July 08 - Tolmin, Slovenia - Metalcamp July 09 - Novi Sad, Serbia - Exit Fest ** SLAYER SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN TOUR DATES: (*SONISPHERE FEST FEATURES "THE BIG FOUR" METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER, ANTHRAX) 6/22 Sofia, Bulgaria Sonisphere Festival: Vasil Levski Stadium 6/24 Athens, Greece Sonisphere Festival: Terra Vibe Park 6/25 Dessel, Belgium Graspop GMM 6/26 Bucharest. Romania ROMEXPO Sonisphere 6/27 Istanbul, Turkey Sonisphere Festival: Inonu Stadium Sonisphere Festival 6/29 Milan, Italy Alcatraz 6/30 Milan, Italy Alcatraz July 7/2 Herford, Germany X 7/3 Berlin, Germany Columbiahalle 7/4 Roitzschjora NR Leipzig, Germany Full Force Festival 7/5 Weisbaden, Germany Schlachthof 7/7 Paris, France 7/8 Bilbao, Spain Bilbao Live Festival 7/9 Madrid, Spain Sonisphere Festival: Gatafe *** CATTLE DECAPITATION, GOROD SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN/FESTIVAL TOUR DATES: 15.07 - Obscene Extreme Fest 2010!!! Svojsice, Czech Republicv - w/Haemmorhage, Incantation, DOOM, Cripple Bastards & many more!!! 17.07 - Civitanova Marche, Italy @ "RockonFest 2" 18.07 - Bologna, Italy @ Blogos 20.07 - TBA - France/Spain 21.07 - Bilbao, Spain @ Santana 27 22.07 - Porto, Portugal @ Rio 23.07 - Madrid, Spain @ Sala Inferno Bar 24.07 - Tba (France) 26.07 - Wrexham, UK @ Central Station 27.07 - Manchester, UK @ Moho Live 28.07 - London, UK @ Underworld 29.07 - Bristol, UK @ The Croft 30.07 - Namur, Belgium @ Cinex 31.07 - Stonehenge Festiva, Steenwijk, Overijssel, Netherlands - w/General Surgery, Incantation, Gorod, Hacride & more!!! 1.08 - Dublin, Ireland @ Fibber Magee's 2.08 - Belfast, Ireland @ Auntie Annies 3.08 - Cork, Ireland @ An Crusian Lan **** CANNIBAL CORPSE SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN/FESTIVAL TOUR DATES: 06/26/10 - DESSEL, Belgium - Graspop Metal Meeting 06/27/10 - TORINO, Italy - Gods Of Metal 06/28/10 - CORRADINO, Malta - Old Eng Military Prison 06/30/10 - MOSCOW, Russia - B1 Maximum 07/01/10 - ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - Glav Club 07/02/10 - ISTANBUL, Turkey - Unirock Open Air Festival 07/03/10 - ROITZSCHJORA, Germany - With Full Force 07/04/10 - HELSINKI, Finland - Tuska 07/06/10 - TOLMIN, Slovakia - Metalcamp 07/08/10 - TEL AVIV, Israel - Barby 07/10/10 - GAVLE, Sweden - Getaway Rock Festival 08/05/10 - Ukraine - MHM Open-Air Festival 08/07/10 - WACKEN, Germany - Wacken Open Air 08/11/10 - ZIZERS, Switzerland - Event Stage 08/12/10 - ERSTFELD, Switzerland - Transilvania 08/13/10 - JAROMER, Chech Republic - Brutal Assault 08/14/10 - BAD BERKA, Germany - Party.San Open Air 08/17/10 - VILNIUS, Lithuaniua - Club New York 08/18/10 - RIGA, Latvia - Melna Piektdiena 08/19/10 - TALLINN, Estonia - Tapper 08/19/10 - DINKELSBUHL, Germany - Summer Breeze ***** DYING FETUS SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN TOUR DATES: June 19 Trier, Germany Summer Blast June 20 Clisson, France Hellfest July 17 Spital, Austria Kaltenbach Open Air 8/13 - 21 WITH ORIGIN August 13 Bad Berka, Germany Party San August 14 Jaromer, Czech Rep. Brutal Assault Fest August 15 Ieper, Belgium Ieper Fest WITH: SUFFOCATION, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER August 16 Bochum, Germany Matrix (Summer Seek and Destroy) August 19 Wien, Austria Szene (Summer Seek and Destroy) August 20 Dinkelsbuhl, Germany Summer Breeze August 21 Muotathal, Switzerland Mountains of Death *************** ROTTEN SOUND SUMMER 2010 FINNISH TOUR DATES: 1.7.2010 Yo-talo, Tampere. with Deathbed and Speedtrap. 2.7.2010 Hässäkkäpäivät, Oulu. 3.7.2010 Lepakkomies, Helsinki. with Famine Year. 10.7.2010 Finn Hits Fest, Pori. **************** PORTAL SUMMER 2010 AUSTRALIAN DATE: 7/3/2010- Brisane, Aus-The Jubilee ***************** NECROPHAGIST SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN FESTIVAL TOUR DATES: 8/13/2010-Party San Open Air-Bad Berka,Germany 8/14/2010-Brutal Assault Open Air-Jaromer/Czech Republic, CZ 8/19 2010-Summer Breeze Open Air-Dinkelsbuehl/Germany, 8/21//2010-Mountains of Death Festival-Muotathal/Switzerland, CH ***************** PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN DATE: 6/26/2010-Castelo Branco-Portugal-Sublime Torture fest part 3) ****************** DEVOURMENT EUROPEAN 2010 SUMMER TOUR DATES: 12.08.2010 GER – Party San Open Air 2010 – Bad Berka 13.08.2010 CZ – Brutal Assault Festival – Jaromer 14.08.2010 AT – Viper Room – Vienna 15.08.2010 SK – Boonkers Club – Zillina 17.8.2010 GER – Skullcrusher – Dresden 18.8.2010 GER – Kulturbahnhof – Mittelsinn 19.8.2010 CH – Mountains of Death Feastival 2010 – Muotathal 21.08.2010 BEL – Metal Mean Festival – Mean 22.08.2010 NDL – Baroeg – Rotterdam 24.08.2010 GER – Bambi Galore – Hamburg 25.08.2010 GER – K17 – Berlin 26.08.2010 GER – K19 – Kassel 27.08.2010 GER – Bahndamm – Wermelskirchen 28.08.2010 UK – Underworld – London 29.08.2010 RUS – Moscow *****************************DEFEATED SANITY SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN DATE: 8/26/2010-Lido Berlin-Berlin-DE ****************************** FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN TOUR:6/12/2010 Metal GDL Festival 2010 Grandola (Portugal) 6/19/2010 GOTR FEST IV Boulevard Club Misano Adriatico (Italy)Eisenwahn 7/30/2010-Festival Obersinn (Germany) 08/29/2010 Viadana Open Air Viadana(Italy) *********************************(*TOUR IN PROGRESS) SIX FEET UNDER, MASTER, ILLDISPOSED SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN TOUR DATES: 6.28.10 Kristiansand (Nor) - Havannah 6.29.10 Aarhus (Dk) - Train 6.30.10 The Rock COPENHAGEN, DK 7.01.10 Roxy Flensburg, GERMANY 7.03.10 Niederkrüchten (Ger) - Pitch Black ************************************ INCANTATION SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN FESTIVAL DATES: July 15th - Kaltenbach Open Air (w/ labelmates Funerus) - Spital am Semmering, Austria July 17th - Obscene Extreme Festival (w/ labelmates Funerus) - Trutnov, Czech Republic July 30th - Mass Deathstruction Festival @ Cinex - Namur, Belguim July 31st - Stonehenge Festival - Steenwijk, Netherlands ************************************* THE CROWN (*RE UNITED) SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN TOUR DATES: Jul. 02 - Backstage, Trollhättan, Sweden Jul. 10 - Getaway RF, Gävle, Sweden Aug. 12-14 - Party.San Open Air, Bad Berka, Germany Aug. 21 - Summer Breeze, Dinkelsbühl, Germany Oct. 1-2 - Way Of Darkness, Lichtenfels, Germany Oct. 2-3 - Death Feast Ultimate, Oberhausen, Germany _____________________________________________________________________________________ -l- ONE FOOT ON THE MONITOR: SUMMER 2010 NORTH AMERICAN METAL FESTIVALS: * CENTRAL ILLINOIS METAL FEST: 7/22, 23, 24/2010-CANOPY CLUB-URBANA-ILLINOIS Here is the schedule for each day of the event! Make sure all come out and support your favorite bands! SINGLE DAY PASSES will be on sale soon. 2 DAY PASSES are on SALE NOW! See you all at the CIM! Matt Bishop CENTRAL ILLINOIS METALFEST 2010 SCHEDULE FRIDAY JULY 23rd, 2010 doors open at 12:30pm 1:15pm to 1:45pm- COATHANGER ABORTION (TN) 2:00pm to 2:30pm- EMBRACE DAMNATION (IL) 2:45pm to 3:15pm- SAPROGENIC (MI) 3:30pm to 4:00pm- CARDIAC ARREST (IL) 4:15pm to 4:45pm- EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT (CA) 5:00pm to 5:30pm- CARNAL DECAY (SWITZERLAND) 5:45pm to 6:15pm- LECHEROUS NOCTURNE (SC) 6:30pm to 7:00pm- AMAGORTIS (SWITZERLAND) 7:15pm to 7:45pm- INCINERATE (MN) 8:00pm to 8:30pm- SEPTYCAL GORGE (ITALY) 8:45pm to 9:15pm- INHERIT DISEASE (CA) 9:30pm to 10:15pm- MISERY INDEX (MD) 10:30pm to 11:15pm- ORIGIN (KS) 11:30pm to END- INCANTATION (PA) SATURDAY JULY 24th, 2010 doors open at 12:30pm  1:15pm to 1:45pm- INHUMAN DISSILIENCY (PA) 2:00pm to 2:30pm- VISCERAL THRONE (IN) 2:45pm to 3:15pm- THE HORDE (IL) 3:30pm to 4:00pm- GRAVES OF VALOR (SC) 4:15pm to 4:45pm- GIGAN (FL) 5:00pm to 5:30pm- ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY (NC) 5:45pm to 6:15pm- ROTTENNESS (MEXICO) 6:30pm to 7:00pm- SADICHIST (IN) 7:15pm to 7:45pm- INFERNAL REVULSION (JAPAN) 8:00pm to 8:30pm- INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY (TX) 8:45pm to 9:20pm- PHOBIA (CA) 9:35pm to 10:10pm- REGURGITATION (OH) 10:25pm to 11:10pm- DECEASED (VA) 11:30pm to END- MALEVOLENT CREATION (FL) ** GATHERING OF THE SICK FESTIVAL: 8/12, 13th, 14th, 2010-ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (VENUE TBA) THURSDAY AUG 12TH... CEREBRAL INCUBATION GORTUARY SKINNED DECOMPOSITION MEATSHITS FIELDS OF ELYSIUM TOME OF GOETIA DETHRONE THE SOVEREIGN ABYSMAL DAWN More tba....................................................................................... FRIDAY AUG 13TH... INTERCRANIAL BUTCHERY THE DESCOLADA VIRUS ABOLISHMENT BURNING AT THE STAKE SUPER HAPPY STORY TIME LAND BEDLAM OF CACOPHANY NO LIVING WITNESS ANTAGONY VIRAEMIA LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT THE LAST OF LUCY FALLEN FIGURE More tba...................................................................................... SATURDAY AUG 14TH SPAZMIC ZOMBIE HATE BRIGADE HUMAN MEAT MARKET EXOPHAGY DISAVASID SUSPECT TERROR CATALEPSY ABACINATE CONDEMNED FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY More tba........................................................................................ *** HOSTILE CITY DEATH FEST-8/27, 28, 29th, 2010-POLARIS, PHILADELPHIA Friday August 27th 10:00 - 11:00 - Incantation 09:05 - 09:45 - Origin 08:10 - 08:50 - Black Anvil 07:25 - 07:55 - Waking the Cadaver 06:45 - 07:15 - Mortal Decay 06:05 - 06:35 - Nightfire 05:25 - 05:55 - Her Virgin Womb 04:45 - 05:15 - Call the Paramedics 04:05 - 04:35 - Protogenoi 03:30 – Doors Saturday August 28th 10:00 - 11:00 - Hate Eternal 08:30 - 09:30 - Order of Ennead 07:00 - 08:00 - Diabolic 05:55 - 06:30 - Mortician 05:10 - 05:45 - Putrid Pile 04:25 - 05:00 - Rottenness 03:40 - 04:15 - Abnormality 03:00 - 03:30 - Abdicate 02:20 - 02:50 - Dysentery 01:40 - 02:10 - Abolishment 01:00 - 01:30 - Strychnia 12:20 - 12:50 - Manias 11:40 - 12:10 - Esquilax 11:00 – Doors Sunday August 29th 10:00 - 11:00 - Exodus 08:30 - 09:30 - Malevolent Creation 07:00 - 08:00 - Enthroned 05:55 - 06:30 - Bonded by Blood 05:10 - 05:45 - Polterchrist 04:25 - 05:00 - Destroyer 666 03:40 - 04:15 - Holy Grail 03:00 - 03:30 - Viscera Trial 02:20 - 02:50 - Atrocious Abnormality 01:40 - 02:10 - Sapremia 01:00 - 01:30 - Visions of the Night 12:20 - 12:50 - Created to Kill 11:40 - 12:10 - Pale Existence 11:00 – Doors Tickets: TICKETFLY.COM **** OZZFEST 2010: Ozzfest 2010 Main Stage: OZZY OSBOURNE MÖTLEY CRÜE HALFORD DEVILDRIVER NONPOINT Ozzfest 2010 Second Stage: BLACK LABEL SOCIETY DROWNING POOL KINGDOM OF SORROW GOATWHORE SKELETONWITCH SAVIOURS KATAKLYSM Aug. 14 - San Bernardino, CA – San Manuel Amphitheater Aug. 17 - Chicago, IL – First Midwest Bank Amp. Aug. 19 - Pittsburgh, PA – First Niagara Pavilion Aug. 21 - Hartford, CT – Comcast Theater Aug. 22 - Camden, NJ – Susquehanna Aug. 24 - Boston, MA – Comcast Center ***** ROCKSTAR MAYHEM ENERGY FESTIVAL: WITH: * LAMB OF GOD * KILLSWITCH ENGAGE * AS I LAY DYING * UNEARTH * MUTINY WITHIN * OTEP * MNEMIC * WHITECHAPEL Mayhem Festival Off-Dates w/ CHIMAIRA July 6 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater July 7 – Chico, CA @ Senator Theatre July 8 – Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory w/ WINDS OF PLAGUE: July 12 – Bend, OR @ Bend Event Center July 22 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s July 26 – Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights (w/ Chimaira) August 2 – Charleston, SC @ The Oasis August 9 – Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival 2010 Tour Dates July 10 — San Bernardino, CA @ San Manuel Amphitheater July 11 — Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheatre July 13 — Auburn, WA @ White River Amphitheater Southeast July 16 — Phoenix, AZ @ Cricket Wireless Pavilion July 17 — Albuquerque, NM @ Journal Pavilion July 18 — Englewood, CO @ Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre July 20 — Maryland Heights, MO @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater July 21 — Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Center July 23 — Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna Bank Center July 24 — Hartford, CT @ The Comcast Theatre July 25 — Montreal, QC @ Parc Jean Drapeau July 27 — Mansfield, MA @ Comcast Center July 28 — Holmdel, NJ @ P.N.C. Bank Arts Center July 30 — Clarkston, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theatre July 31 — Noblesville, IN @ Verizon Wireless Music Center August 1 — Atlanta, GA @ Lakewood Amphitheatre August 4 — Virginia Beach, VA @ Virginia Beach Amphitheater August 6 — Tinley Park, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre August 7 — Pittsburgh, PA @ Post Gazette Pavilion At Star Lake August 8 — Bristow, VA @ Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge August 10 — Tampa, FL @ Ford Amphitheatre August 11 — WestPalm Beach, FL @ Cruzan Amphitheater August 13 — Dallas, TX @ Center August 14 — Oklahoma City, OK @ Zoo Amphitheatre ****** WARRIORS OF METAL FESTIVAL III-6/25, 26th, 2010-Chillicothe, OH- Warriors of Metal Fest III Open Airto be held June 25-26, 2010 in Chillicothe, OH, U.S.A. Omen Aska, Cage, Imagika and 19 others. ******* HEAVY MTL: 7/24/2010: Montreal, Quebec, Canada festival held at HollandParc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on July 24, 2010. ******** LAS VEGAS DEATH FEST: 7/15, 16, 17, 2010: LAS VEGAS, NEVADA@ CHEYENNE, SALOON: PUTRID PILE, ARKAIK, SARCOLYTIC and many of the worlds most brutal bands are confirmed for the very first LAS VEGAS DEATH FEST. ********* THE POWER OF THE RIFF FESTIVAL: 8/8/2010 @ THE ECHO, ECHOPLEX (ECHOPARK) LOS ANGELES, CA: Converse presents.... 'The Power Of The Riff' Festival Sunday Aug. 8th 2010 @ The Echo and EchoPlex in Echo Park - Los Angeles, CA In Association with Scion, Southern Lord and Spaceland Productions 'The Power Of The Riff' Festival 2010 Line Up: Corrosion Of Conformity III Goatsnake From Ashes Rise Repulsion Coliseum Trap Them Black Breath Night Horse Eagle Twin Early Graves Nails Righteous Fool Semen Sundae The Fucking Wrath Rats Eyes Spider Fever
********* MICHIGAN DEATH FEST 2oth ANNIVERSARY 8/20-21st, 2010 ST. ANDREWS HALL, DETROIT, MICHIGAN: WITH KULT OV AZAZEL and many more national extreme metal acts TBA.
_____________________________________________________________________________________ -l- ONE FOOT ON THE MONITOR: SUMMER 2010 EUROPEAN METAL FESTIVALS:(*Special thanks to ALL METALFEST.COM.): * NUMIROCK FESTIVAL-6/24-26, 2010-Kauhajoki, Finland Nummirock festival will be held in Kauhajoki, Finland on June 24-26, 2010 Six Feet Under, Dark Tranquillity and Sepultura are among the bands that will perform at the festival. ** GRASPOP METAL MEETING: 6/25-27, 2010-Dessel, Belgium Kiss, Immortal and Behemoth are among the bands that will perform at the Graspop Metal Meeting 2010 festival held in Dessel, Belgium on June 25-27. *** GODS OF METAL FEST: 6/25-27, 2010-Parco della Certosa Reale in Collegno, Italy Motörhead, Fear Factory and Cannibal Corpse are among the bands that will perform at the Gods of Metal 2010 festival held at Parco della Certosa Reale in Collegno, Italy on June 25-27. **** WITH FULL FORCE FEST: 7/2-4, 2010-Flugplatz Roitzschjora in Löbnitz, Germany Slayer Fear Factoryand GWAR are among the bands that will perform at the With Full Force 2010festival held at Flugplatz Roitzschjora in Löbnitz, Germany on July 2-4. *****UNIROCK OPEN AIR FEST: 7/2-4, 2010 Istanbul, Turkey Cannibal Corpse, Amorphis and Necrophagist are among the bands that will perform at the Unirock Open Air Festival III festival held Istanbul, Tukey on July 02-04, 2010. ****** TUSKA OPEN AIR: 7/2-4, 2010- Helsinki, Finland ,Megadeth, Testament, Satyricon are among the bands that will perform at the Tuska 2010 festival held in Helsinki, Finland on July 2-4, 2010. ******* METAL SHOW OPEN AIR: 7-4, 2010-Riga, Latvia Rotting Christ and Caliban are among the bands that will perform at the Metalshow Open Air festival held in Riga, Latvia on July 02-04, 2010. ******** FORTA ROCK: 7/3/2010- Park Brakkestein in Nijmegen, Netherlands Behemoth EnsiferumBetween The Buried And Me<>Rockmaraton festival held at Dynamo in the Malomvölgy valley 8 kms south from Pécs, in a forest reserve between Kökénypuszta and Kökény, Hungary on July 5-11, 2010. ************ NORWAY ROCK: 7-11, 2010-Kvinesdal, Norway Cavalera Conspiracy, Enslaved and U.D.O. are among the bands that will perform at the Norway Rock festival held Kvinesdal, Norway on July 7-11, 2010. *************ROCK HARZ OPEN AIR: 7/8-10, 2010-Ballenstedt, Germany Doro,Krypteria and Subway To Sally are among the bands that will perform at the Rock Harz festival held in Ballenstedt, Germany on July 08-10, 2010. ************** GETAWAY ROCK: 7/8-10, 2010-Gävle, Sweden Motörhead, Overkill and Deicide are among the bands that will perform at the Getaway Rock festival held in Gävle, Sweden on July 8-10, 2010. *************** KALTENBACK OPEN AIR: 7-15-17, 2010-Spital am Semmering, Austria Dying Fetus, Asphyx and God Dethroned are among the bands that will perform at the Kaltenbach Open Air 2010 festival held in Spital am Semmering, Austria on July 15-17, 2010. **************** DEVILSTONE OPEN AIR: 7/16-18, 2010-Anyksciai, Lithuania MAYHEM, Deicide and Tankard are among the bands that will perform at the Devilstone Open Air 2010 festival held at Dainuva Valley in Anyksciai, Lithuania on July 16-18, 2010. ***************** ZWARTE CROSS: 7/16, 17, 2010- Lichtenvoorde, Holland Paradise Lost, Devildriver and My Dying Bride are among the bands that will perform at the Zwarte Cross 2010 festival held in Lichtenvoorde, Holland on July 16-18, 2010. ******************(*CAOS EMERGENTE OPEN AIR 2010 IS CANCELED) CAOS EMERGENTE: 7/16, 17, 2010-Sao Pedro do Sul, Vila Maior, Portugal: Mayhem, Sirenia and Necrophagist are among the bands that will perform at the Caos Emergente festival held in Viseu – Sao Pedro do Sul, Vila Maior, Portugal on July 16-17, 2010. (* THIS FESTIVAL IS CANCELED) ********************* OBSCENE EXTREME: 7/15, 16, 18, 2010- TRUTNOV CZ: MISERY INDEX, INCANTATION AVULSED, WATEFORM, THORNAFIRE, GENERAL SURGERY and many others round out a brutal lineup of death and grind international acts for this three day open air extreme metal fest. ******************* METAL SPLASH: 7/17/2010- Weichelsee Rotenburg (Wümme) Obscura, Drone and Violator are among the bands that will perform at the Metal Splash 2010 festival held in Weichelsee Rotenburg (Wümme) on July 17, 2010. ******************** KARVANA ROCK FEST: 7/23-25, 2010- Kavarna, Bulgaria Kreator, Sodom and Destruction are among the bands that will perform at the Kavarna Rock Fest 2010 festival held in Kavarna, Bulgaria on July 23-25, 2010 ******************** EISENWAHN OPEN AIR: 7/30-31, 2010-MX Track Obersinn (Ludwig-Zeller-Ring) Destruction, Illdisposed and Grave are among the bands that will perform at the Eisenwahn Festival 2010festival held at MX Track Obersinn (Ludwig-Zeller-Ring) in Germany on July 30-31, 2010. MORE METAL FESTIVALS FOR AUGUST WILL BE LISTED ON NFTEMU IN JULY, STAY TUNED!!! Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-