Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another new link

Here's another new link for all of you brootal death/black/grind fans:

Tueful's Tomb, one of the more contraversial reviwers in the North American extreme metal scene. Tueful does GOOD web design for Suffocation and many other well known extreme death metal bands.

I think Teuful's reviews are hillarious and the dude just doesn't care and pulls no punches.

Stay Metal/Stay Brutal-Tee \m/ -l-


A New Link

A new link, T-shirts for the morally impaired, thanks for the link last year woman, and you know who you are! I lost most of my vintage metal t-shirts in my laundry late last year. I need new t-shirts to piss of the mainstream moralists: T-SHIRTS FOR THE MORALLY IMPAIRED.
Funny shit indeed.
I will elaborate more on morbid extreme metal humor later, since it is a counterculture within itself and tends to piss of the natives and the uninitiated.
Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal,Stay Brutal -l- \m/

Monday, March 7, 2005

Opeth on new outdoor fest tour?

Exclusive: Sounds of the Underground - 18 Band Tour - June 25 through July 29 - Lamb of God, Opeth, Unearth, Clutch, and more.. posted on 03-07-2005 @ 2:11 AM by - siN can reveal more exclusive news regarding the 18-band packaged Summer tour that is set to rival this years OZZFEST 2005 that we first posted about yesterday . The tour will take place from June 25th through July 29th and will be dubbed the "Sounds of the Underground Tour", with tickets ranging in cost from $20 to $25.

Bands tipped to participate include:

LAMB OF GOD (main stage headliner)
GWAR (second stage headliner)
(half of the tour each)

The tour will be held at mostly outdoor complexes. The only confirmed city at this point is Denver, CO. More information will be released shortly!

"There is no forgiveness in these eyes for any of you but just one"-OPETH

Hmm. Opeth playing outdoor venues with a bunch of nu metal hardcore bands???!!!

OK. for all of us diehard Opeth fans, this is weird. For one, I don't like outdoor fests. Rain, mud, eww, yuk, bad behavior. Reminds me of my horrid expereince at Woodstock '94.

Outdoor fests are bit out of the way (being outdoors) and harder to get to by way of public transportation. Try using a porto potty and holding your lunch at an outdoor music fest.

Although this "Sounds of the Underground Festival" is supposed to "rival OZZFEST", the lineup is almost indentical to OZZFEST.

How long what Opeth's set be?  Maybe Opeth's set would be 40 minutes wich is just a few songs considering the length of Opeth's tunes.  Opeth may even play a shorter set time unless they practically headline and the nu metal kids go home early for thier parents curfew.

Why should Opeth pander to these nu metal/emo/hardcore kids?

How about some serious, UNDERGROUND death, black,thrash, grind metal on this fest to rival the Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore.

The only bands I would be willing to see on this "Sounds of the Underground Festival" are Strapping Young Lad, Gwar, and obviously  OPETH,  all of whom I've seen live before.

I could do without the nu metal/hardcore crap, specifically outdoors. I would rather see Opeth indoors with let's say SYL and ENSLAVED (theoretically).

This person posted in the comments section on that this tour COULD be hitting up the Albany, NY area.:

posted by - jebus christ This is coming to Albany, NY. A promoter here announced a fest with this name and said it has Opeth, Clutch, and Devildriver on it so it's pretty obvious what he was talking about.

Screw this, I'm hungry, later. 

Thanks-Stay Metal-Stay Brutal-Tee \m/ -l-

Sunday, March 6, 2005


I think, in one of my first ever journal entries, I posted about the gentrification of NYC's music venues and a clear lack of place for unsigned locals on bills with national acts in the Big Apple.

Lamour's (the Rock Capital of Brooklyn) closed down in Febuary of '04 leaving the NYC metal community in shock as that venue hosted the best in all of metal for over 20 years.

First Lamour's, now CBGB's..Read on; By: Katie on 2005-03-05 Sources are reporting that the legendary NYC club, CBGB's, which played home to bands like the Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie, Television and literally hundreds of others artists through the years may be forced to close its doors. According to the story:

The clock is counting down to August when, if lease-renewal negotiations with its landlord aren't settled with a new agreement, the iconic club will board up its rickety doors for good — due primarily to rising rents and declining live-music audiences, factors that have taken a toll on many small venues across the country.

Exacerbating the problems faced by the club was the deadly blaze at the Station nightclub in Rhode Island during a performance by heavy metal act Great White, which has also increased scrutiny faced by the club for potential safety violations. But the dominant problem is still financial, in particular club owner Hilly Kristal - who has run the venue since 1973 - learned that his monthly rent would likely double to $40,000 and an outstanding debt of $91,000 is blocking further negotiations.

According to Kristal, the club's future will be determined by "the end of August." (

Hmm. If CBGB's closes that would kinda suck. I used to go to CBGB's matiness and catch hardcore and metal shows all the time in the 80's and early 90's.

If CBGB's closes (Just over a year after Lamour's did) it will not only be the end of an era but Joey and the Ramones will be rolling over in the graves.

Now, there are less "smaller" venues and clubs to catch the up and coming indie, extreme metal bands and the like, as NYC, again, continuing with it's gentrification, will mostly host you're average corperate rock gig in some arena (bought off by Clear Channel Entertainment) or mid sized venues or theatre.

Maybe they should have some benefit shows to keep CBGB's open, but who knows.

:Shrugs: Get your CBGB's t-shirts now while the venue is still open.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-Tee -l- \m/

Two More Links

Here are two more links you all may be interested in: The New York Death Metal Association,                   and NYDM Live Journal        

The NYDM Association promotes shows, promoters, venues, bands, zines, webzines in the NYDM scene.BTW, the NYDM association is an international non for profit organazation. Join,(NYDM) or find your self lying in a ditch somewhere.                                      NYDM Live Journal posts up and coming shows, bands, releases and various opinions on extreme metal and the scene.

My links are to the far right of my journal (my favorite sites).

I just accidently cut my hand making dinner. Fuck it, I'm going to get a burger.

Stay Metal and Stay Brutal-Tee \m/ -l-

Friday, March 4, 2005


2005: NINE INCH NAILS release "With Teeth" and announce U.S. tour dates - Feb. 27, 2005
NINE INCH NAILS will be performing exclusive shows in select cities across the United States in April and May of 2005 in support of their new release, "With Teeth". Newly confirmed dates are as follows:
Apr. 27 - San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
Apr. 28 - San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
Apr. 30 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint
May 03 - Denver, CO @ Fillmore Theatre
May 04 - Denver, CO @ Fillmore Theatre
May 06 - Chicago, IL @ Congress Theatre
May 07 - Chicago, IL @ Congress Theatre
May 09 - Toronto, ONT @ Koolhaus
May 10 - Toronto, ONT @ Koolhaus
May 12 - Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
May 13 - Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
May 15 - NY, NY @ Hammerstein Ballroom
May 16 - NY, NY @ Hammerstein Ballroom
May 18 - Philly, PA @ Electric Factory
May 19 - Philly, PA @ Electric Factory
May 21 - Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
May 22 - Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
May 24 - Houston, TX @ Verizon Wireless Theatre
May 25 - Austin, TX @ Stubbs Bar-B-Q
May 27 - Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
May 28 - Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
May 30 - San Diego, CA @ Soma
May 31 - San Diego, CA @ Soma
Stay Metal and Brutal, Tee- \m/ -l-

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Quality of Life issues ect.

BTW, Link added: http//  Not for the faint of heart. Lots of dead mutilated bodies straight from the morgue so you'll KNOW what a dead body looks like. doesn't "gloss over"  the graphic imagery of mutilated coprses. (as on TV OR the movies.)  These pics of corpses are straight from the crime scene, accident, and county morgue. This site could be "educational" with a healthy dose of county coroner HUMOR. Lots of celebrity corpse pics too, although I think that is an invasion of thier (the celebreties and surviving familes) privacy. 18 and over on this site please. There is hardly such a thing as leaving us a "a beautiful corpse".

BTW, all of you complete racist, sexist, homophobic wastes of sperm whom are not allowed to visit me it at my home, STAY CLEAR of me don't matter WHAT any one says. If I see your white asses at my doorstep, you're done.. Well you know the old redneck saying "Get off my property", consider it that way.

Legally speaking I could SHOOT tresspassers as if it's target practice. Perhaps a fairer warning would be for me to press criminal trespassing charges (this is private property) and to solidify that with a restrianing order. If you so much as SAY that you have the RIGHT to my apartment when you don't live here and it's MY choice and you go against MY will, I will put you white asses behind bars if I don't kill you first. I have alot of freinds in high places that will make your stay in jail a bad one.

If someone tries to claim your personal info, and personal property as yours, it IS CONVERSION OF PROPERTY, a misdemenour in most states. As this is government property and MY NAME is on THIS lease.

On the subject of quality of life. ALL of us in America have quality of life issues. Spam (e-mail), junk mail (snail mail), telemarketers, door to door Jehovah Witness's.

Ahh, how do we get rid of America's capatalist marketing ploys.

With Telemarketers I have put my self on the "no call" registry. While I am, by nature, polite to be people whom call the wrong number, telmarketers are TRAINED to be persitant and annoying based upon a quota of sales. That means if you say NO to thier marketing scheme, they keep baballing (calling you back) and insisting untill they manipulate you. Some times this is called "slamming" when telephone companies try to get you to change long distance carriers. There are special safe guards against this as this is ILLEGAL. Check with you phone company. Special tricks in dealing with telmarketers: Be very impolite, tell them off, or say you're having sex,and in the middle of a great orgasm, continue to have sex while the telemarketer is on the phone.

Make sure telemarketers have credibility and have them send anything in writing without YOU agreeing on anything.

Spam (e-mail)- Most ISP (including AOL) have tried to eliminate spam. Don't answer spam, report it to your ISP, block it, and use spam controls, or spam filters.

Junk mail-(snail mail)"Return to sender, address unknown"-Elvis- Ugh, this is the worst. Junk mail, unsolisited in bulk. If you're not subscribing to a mailing list, and the junk mail is mailed with OUT YOUR NAME on the mail, chances are you inherited the previous tennents junk mail. This IS the case where I live. I have called the post master and told him of undelivered mail, in exchange for junk mail. I was given a special # to protect us from fraud. The post master here in New Paltz, NY tends to be very impolite when I prefaced my phone call with "Hey dude,"..last year, he acted concieted as if "slang" was not acceptable.                                                                    What is is unnaceptable is sending credit cards(unsoliscitied) to low income people, mail to wrong adresses, business mail, and rent checks out too late, and losing important outgoing mail, and then bragging about it. If Mr. Lynch in the New Paltz Post Office manager doesn't get the point that he is fired by now, wait till I come down there with a bag full of junk mail as I INSIST that it be returned to sender.

Now. The previous tenent at my adress is a very nice, elderly lady, whom was transfered to another apartment in my complex because of a physical disability. I've held important personal mail for her for the past three years giving it to her once a year. What is HER fault is she could have gone down to the post office and filed a "Change of Address" form for FREE wich would foward her mail to her new address junk mail and all. I did that (mail forwarding)  previous to my move in this apartment as my mail was forwarded for about a year.

Door toDoor religious zelouts-Jevohas Witness's-Eww..It is illegal to solicite anything in the apartment complex that I live in. I'm living by the rules, the rest of you scammers and lawless jerks need to understand that. I'm NOT religious and obhor religious zelouts. The old "joke" of how do Jehova's Witness get inverted nipples? "By people poking at their chest, get off my property!!!"

Ways to get rid of Jevohas Witnesses: Answer the door naked, pretend you're a satanist or wear your Deicide t-shirt when answering the door. Show them the devil horns \m/.

Invert crosses with sticks and show them your new art.

Puke on thier feet when you answer the door. Faint and pretend you're having a heart attack. Pretend you're pregnant and expecting right NOW. Let in be known that it is Satan's child.

Make out with a bf/gf, or same sex partner in front ofthem as you're answering the door.

Be totally "flaming" gay and dress in drag for the occasion and answer the door saying "I was expecting you honey, and I dressed for the occasion". :smooch:

Pretend you've been robbed 15 minutes ago.

Ask the Jevohas for any good drugs.

Pretend you're a redneck, get out your gun, and non chalantly do target practice on a pic of jesus outside in your back yard as they are preaching to you.

Pretend you're nuts and you've been let out of an asylum.

Pretend you have PTS (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the sound of the Jehova's car brings back flashbacks to Vietnam. Act is if you're still in Saigon, climbing up tress, waiting for the Viet Cong.

Ripp up and burn the bible in front of them and slam the door.

Don't forget to emphasize your point by slamming the door.

Don't speak English but look preturbed.

Whip out your penis, and take a leak on your front yard.

Pretend you are a child molester that has been just let out of prison,. Let them know of your "new" identity, insist that you have to report it to the neighborhood.

Slam down a few shots of Jager, and get really drunk, than start smashing things saying "Jesus stole my hot rod, mainly Jesus it's a love affair". Offer the Jehova's free shots.

Send the Jehova's  to an adress of someone whom you really hate saying they could use your help.

Flirt with them, and ask them out, ask if they can have pre marital sex. 

Ask for the nearest abortion clinic.

Show them you're new dildo and vibrator.

Give them free condoms "in case they get lucky" with new converts.

Open the door zipping up your fly as if you've just finished masterbating.

Pretend to be deaf and speak in sign language.

Ask the Jehova's if they've read the latest Satanic Bible, or Anton Levay's latest book. Insist that they read it.

Insist that every Jevoha's witness is "gay" and "closeted" and insist on setting them up with a gay freind.

Anything to piss off these non soliscited con artists and make them GO AWAY and not come back!!!

Thanks-Stay Metal-Tee -l- \m/