Thursday, July 29, 2010


Norwegian black metal gods MARDUK have canceled the bands previously mentioned South American tour.
Because of misinformation from one of the airlines involved in Marduks travel to Central America the band got uphold and couldn't get on the connection flight. It was totally the fault of the airline. Marduk had just completed one of the planned three flights to Costa Rica when the problem occurred. There was no time to book new flights to make it in time to do the 3 shows. The band and booking agency are currently checking options to rebook the shows as soon as possible. Marduk feels very unfortunate for the situation as the band is eager and burning with devotion to march across Central America. More news to be posted as soon as possible
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THE SWORD and KARMA TO BURN have announced a fall U.S. tour.

October 1 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theater
October 2 – San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom
October 3 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
October 4 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo
October 6 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
October 11 – TBA
October 12 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
October 13 – Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
October 14 – Roanoke, VA @ Martin’s Downtown
October 15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Theater of Living Art
October 16 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
October 17 – Boston, MA @ Royale
October 19 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
October 20 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
October 21 – Huntington, WV @ V Club
October 22 – Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s
October 23 – Chicago, IL @ Metro

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Iowa nu metallers SLIPKNOT have announced the band will NOT REPLACE late bassist Paul Gray.
According to The Pulse of Radio, SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison, who's out touring with ROB ZOMBIE, has confirmed that the band will continue making music despite the death in May of bassist Paul Gray. While SLIPKNOT is only in the very earliest stages of planning its next record, Jordison says they've already decided they will not recruit a new bassist: "There will be no other bass players besides Jim [Root, guitarist], Mick [Thomson, guitarist] and me, more than likely. Everyone actually kind of plays guitar in the band, so I think we're all gonna play bass on the record. We're not gonna have anyone come in. But live, we'll deal with that when it comes."

A short audio clip of Jordison making the above-mentioned comment can be streamed at this location (Real Media).

A new SLIPKNOT album is not likely to come out until 2012 at the earliest.

Jordison is touring with Zombie and releasing a new album from his side band, MURDERDOLLS, next month.

Singer Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root also have a new album due out in September from their other act, STONE SOUR, called "Audio Secrecy".

Gray's body was found on May 24th in a suburban hotel room outside Des Moines, Iowa. A medical examiner ruled that the 38-year-old died of an accidental overdose of morphine and a synthetic form of morphine.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


TRIPTYKON,( the group founded by former HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST singer and guitarist Tom Gabriel Warrior) have announced more dates for the bands October 2010 North American tour with 1349 and YAKUZA .

Oct. 06 - New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
Oct. 07 - Boston, MA @ The Middle East Downstairs
Oct. 08 - Baltimore, MD @ Otto Bar
Oct. 09 - Philadelphia, PA @ Polaris
Oct. 10 - Montreal, QC @ Les Foufunes Électriques
Oct. 11 - Toronto, ON @ Opera House
Oct. 13 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
Oct. 14 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre
Oct. 15 - Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theatre
Oct. 16 - Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
Oct. 17 - St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
Oct. 19 - Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theatre
Oct. 21 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Oct. 22 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
Oct. 23 - San Francisco, CA @ Slims
Oct. 24 - Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre
Oct. 25 - Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
Oct. 27 - Tulsa, OK @ The Marquee
Oct. 28 - Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theatre
Oct. 29 - Austin, TX @ Emo´s Outside
Oct. 30 - Houston, TX @ The Warsaw
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


The 2010 NORTH AMERICAN SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR rolls on with brutality and tech/death madness.
Colorado grinders CEPHALIC CARNAGE, are back in action after missing a date or two due to transportation issues. CEPHALIC CARNAGE offer up this SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR 2010 update.
FROM CEPHALIC CARNAGE: 7/21/2010 and 7/28/2010:
Our transmission fucked out on us today, after getting a rebuilt one not only a week ago, gotta love honest mechanix. We are doing whatever we can to make it to austin tomorrow. So anyone going to see us tonight in san antonio, please try and make it tomorrow to Emo's. In the meantime we are stuck in Odessa and looking for anyone who can help us get around the next few shows. Please say someone out there can help!!!!!!!
After being crammed in a small rental car for a few days, and only missing one show (sorry San Antonio, we IWW you a show!), we are back home in the van! Runs like a beast, and the air conditioning works too good! If anyone has been wanting ceph merch, now is the time! We need to pay back our tour manager / merch dude! Print this blog to receive a 10% discount on any ceph merch on the summer slaughter tour
BELOW VIDEO Cephalic Carnage Live @ the Sunset House of Blues in Hollywood, CA during Summer Slaughter tour 2010 on July 18th 2010:

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British doomsters ESOTERIC have announced an update on the bands boxed set retrospective and vinyl project.

ESOTERIC vinyl series

Finally, there is some progress regarding the vinyl project:

- Each album will be released on an individual basis, starting later in 2010 with the "Epistemological Despondency" 2LP;

- Each album will be limited to approx 350 copies;

- Following the series of albums on individual LP - there will be a one-off box set containing all albums;

- The box set will be limited to approx 150 copies;

All future news regarding the project will be available here at:

IMPORTANT: Any interest in the "Epistemological Despondency" 2LP can be made now via email ( ) to confirm reservation of a copy. No money required at this stage. Expected cost is £25 including postage

Any orders for the "Epistemological" 2LP will receive priority on the next vinyl in the series

It will be possible to register an interest in the box set version at a later date - anyone buying all individual albums will receive first priority on the box set version

Any questions or queries regarding the vinyl series should be directed to:
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Norwegian progressive/black metal legends ENSLAVED have announced a few dates with fellow countrymen DIMMU BORGIR for the Darkness Reborn European Tour 2010 with Dimmu Borgir w/ Enslaved and Sahg.

Norwegian symphonic black metal band DIMMU BORGIR proudly announce fellow countrymen Enslaved and Sahg as the opening acts on their headlining “Darkness Reborn World Tour” in support of their new studio album, ABRAHADABRA.

DIMMU BORGIR guitarist/songwriter Silenoz states:

"Parts of the European trek on our Darkness Reborn World Tour will come in support from our friends in Enslaved and Sahg! We're excited to share the stage with these great bands and finally again be able to perform new material for our fans, old and new alike!"

The members of ENSLAVED check in about the upcoming trek:

“We are glad to confirm that we have been invited to do direct support on DIMMU BORGIR’s European tour in September and October. We are delighted to announce these dates as the opening of Enslaved’s touring for our new album Axioma Ethica Odini. It will be great to be touring with another Norwegian band. High spirits should be a guaranteed; we’re looking forward to this one!”

SAHG adds:

"This tour will prove that nothing exceeds Norwegian metal! Sahg is proud to be in this line-up of Norway's deadliest, with Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved. We can't wait to perform the songs from our brand new album Sahg IIIto the European audience for the very first time ."

Confirmed dates are as follows:

21 September – Forum, London, U.K. (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
20 September – Bataclan, Paris, FR (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
27 September – Alcatraz, Milan, IT (DB Headlining Show)
28 September – Boogaloo Club, Zagreb, CRO (DB Headlining Show)
30 September – Den Atelier, Luxembourg, LU (DB Headlining Show)
07 October – Progresja, Warsaw, PL (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
08 October – Studio, Krakow, PL (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
09 October - KD Vltavaska, Prague, CZ (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
11 October – Vega, Copenhagen, DK (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
12 October – Arenan, Stockholm, SE (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
14 October – Pakkahoune, Tampere, FI (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
15 October - House Of Culture, Helsinki, FI (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
17 October – Tragarn, Gothenburg, SE (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
18 October - Sentrum Scene, Oslo, NO (DB Headlining Show with Enslaved and Sahg)
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We're regarding you idiots, hackers, and coke heads, we're coming to get you mother fuckers and we KNOW who you are. Update on Meadobrook Circle situation (where I'm living). I have sent in HUD housing complaints to HUD about certain neighbors dealing and using drugs, and my over payments in rent and we are working with a regional Federally Funded Housing Organization office to clarify, and we KNOW who you are. 307, 309, and Kohanski, you're going DOWN.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Magnus "Masse" Broberg (a.k.a. Emperor Magus Caligula) QUITS DARK FUNERAL

Swedish black metal legends DARK FUNERAL have announced that vocalist Magnus "Masse" Broberg (a.k.a. Emperor Magus Caligula)has quit the band.

"I would like to inform all of our fans that on Saturday, August 21, at the Summer Breeze festival in Germany, I will be doing my last show with dark funeral.

Naturally, I have 'mixed feelings' about this decision, but it is final!

"They say that every person will have about 15 minutes of fame during their life! Well, I have had a 'hell of a ride' for 15 years now together with Lord Ahriman and DARK FUNERAL.

"As some people love to spread weird rumors about others, let me make this clear once and for all. I have not committed suicide, I have not taken an overdose, nor are there any personal issues between me and DARK FUNERAL. However, my life has taken a new turn lately, and I am also getting married this year (NOT to some crazy bitch in the U.S though… Hahaha), whereof my priorities in life lie somewhere else.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of our fans for their amazing support during all the 15 years I've been with the band. And I would also like to thank my brothers in DARK FUNERAL for all these years together.

"Lord Ahriman and I have managed to raise DARK FUNERAL from the deepest of abyss, when we have confronted problems before. And there is NO doubt in my mind, that DARK FUNERAL, without me, will raise once more, stronger than ever...

"Thus I have spoken, thus shalt it be..."

Added guitarist and founding member Lord Ahriman: "Caligula and I have shared some 15 kick-ass years together. And I would naturally like to thank my brother for the amazing work he has done for DARK FUNERAL over all these years. It's been a pleasure indeed working together. You will be missed deeply! But, as with everything else, I understand when people change course and get new priorities in life. And I fully respect that. Life moves on, after all, and so will DARK FUNERAL.

"In the meantime, and while we're searching for a new vocalist, the most logical thing for us to do, is obviously to enter writing mode. And that's exactly what we'll be doing.

"From now on and until we have found and installed a new killer vocalist, we begin to work on a new full-length album. However, you can be rest assured that as soon as we have found a new vocalist, we'll set full force, and continue to tour the world in usual DARK FUNERAL manner.

"This statement also serves as an official launch for a new vocalist!

"Naturally, our demands on a new vocalist will be VERY high, but I/we are fully confident that there are some amazing vocalists out there that would fit us like a hand in glove. So if you do believe that you have what it takes to blow us away with your vocal skills, and to replace Caligula, don't hesitate to send us some audio/DVD files of your vocal performance!

"Send to:

"Since the show at Summer Breeze festival on August 21th will be the very last show we will do with Caligula behind the mic, you can be sure that we'll prepare a very special pyro show.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Bad news, promoters have announced that the 20th anniversary of the MICHIGAN DEATH FEST (2010) has been canceled.
Metal Mom, in conjunction with Castle Blakk, has announced that the 20th anniversary of Michigan Deathfest has been canceled. The festival, which was scheduled to take place on August 20-21 at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit, Michigan, was called off for a number of reasons.

The main promoter for the event, Metal Mom, has issued the following statement regarding the cancellation:

"The announcement of Michigan Deathfest officially being cancelled was a very difficult one to make. Due to many conflicts, starting with the date change, the announcement of IRON MAIDEN playing close to the fest on the same date, and many more, the show took many hits prior to the original venue change.

"The venue and date of the event was changed in the best interest of the bands and fans, but we continued to take hits from bands dropping off the bill for various reasons, band breakups, lineup changes, etc. etc. The final hit for the festival (which probably had the biggest effect on the cancellation) was the overall lack of pre-sale tickets sold and general lack of interest in the event.

"If fans were planning on attending the festival, we sure didn't know about it and we apologize for any inconvenience to anyone that did plan on coming, especially if you lost money in the process of planning your trip. Still having one month 'till the festival date, we tried to give everyone ample notice of the cancellation.

"St. Andrew's Hall is working with us to set up a free admission show to make up for the cancellation of the festival. It will feature many of the festival bands. As soon as a date is confirmed we will announce the show.

"Hope free works for everyone and once again we'd like to apologize for any inconvenience.

"Thank you very much for your continued support over the last 20 years!
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Friday, July 23, 2010


New Jersey death grinder's THE BINARY CODE have posted a new song on METALSUCKS from the bands anticipated new release entitled "PREIST".
Brand New Song Posted @!

Ladies & gentleman, you can now pre-order our new EP "PRIEST" at !!! The EP will be available for download starting August 10th, 2010 at the above link, and will be available in a bunch of different configurations including with hand-painted / signed jewel cases and t-shirt bundles. The SPECIAL EDITION CDs will sell out soon as there are only 50 made, so be sure to pre-order yours today.

Also be sure to watch video of us making the SPECIAL EDITION EP below!

The "Priest" EP is currently available for pre-order in 5 configurations:
- Super-Special Edition CD: Hand-painted, hand-numbered jewel cases signed by all four members with printed artwork, available in green and purple. Limited to 25 copies, free digital download included.
- Special Edition CD: Hand-painted, hand-numbered jewel cases signed by all four members with printed artwork, available in gray only. Limited to 25 copies, free digital download included.
- Package 1: Digital Download (320kbps MP3s) +"Ghost Planet" t-shirt designed by Ryan Kasparian. Free shipping!
- Package 2: Digital Download (320kbps MP3s) +"Plant" t-shirt designed by guitarist Jesse Zuretti. Free shipping!
- "Priest" EP Digital Download only (320kbps MP3s).

Watch the video of us making the Special Edition CDs:

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Swedish black metallers MARDUK have been asked to "respect" Costa Ric's catholic church on the bands up and coming South American tour. MARDUK's lyrical themes often represent Satanic and anti Christian views.
FROM BLABBERMOUTH.NET and COSTA RICA.COM reports that Costa Rica's Catholic church is calling for respect from the Swedish "black metal" band MARDUK, who will be making an appearance in Costa Rica next week.

MARDUK has been strongly criticized by religious groups for its anti-Christian lyrics and even branding the band as "satanic."

Mario Segura, Catholic priest and spokesperson for the Curia Metropolitana, said "they should have more respect because they are sacred things," referring to the band's use of religious articles, like an inverted cross in its album cover art.

Segura said he considers that this type of music and message cannot encourage any good in Costa Rica's youth.

MARDUK will be in Costa Rica on July 29 at the Pepper Disco Club (formerly The City). The band last made an appearance in Costa Rica in 2003.

EM3 Producciones, promoter of the event, said the Thursday show is for those 18 years of age and over and that the band will not be performing any type of ritual on stage, just perform its music.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As first announced on ITP, Paul Bazile, director of the music documentary "LIVING THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE" (due to premier in September 2010) released a new and second trailer this week, with many hits on YOU TUBE. "LIVING THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE" is a documentary of middle aged musicians struggling to make it in the music industry as the movie features interviews with TYPE O NEGATIVE, the late PETER STEELE, MIKE HIDEOUS and THE MISFITS, THE BOUNCING SOULS, OVERKILL, GLENN DANZIG, BILL WARD OF BLACK SABBATH and MANY others.
This is the 2nd official trailer for the full length documentary film "Living the American Nightmare". This is a film about what it costs an artist to be themselves, and what they get in return.
The project speaks in length about the career of Myke Hideous, an artist, song writer, and vocalist for "the Empire Hideous", "SpySociety99", and "Bronx Casket Company". In 1998 he briefly realized his dream by singing for the legendary punk band, "The Misfits" only to have his experience blow up in his face.

Other guest interviewed for the film include Glenn Danzig, Bill Ward (rock 'n' roll hall of famer & grammy winner), Type O Negative, Steve Zing, Arturo Vega, Merle Allin, Bobby Steele, the Bouncing Souls, Overkill, Athan Maroulis, the Bad Whoremoans, and the last filmed interview with icon Peter Steele.

Music for the trailer written, recorded and preformed by Myke Hideous for the soon to be released "The Time Has Come" album.
Film set to be released later this year.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-R.I.P. PETER STEELE-\m/ -l-


California experimental metal project and NEUROT RECORDING ARTISTS (featuring SCOTT KELLY OF NEUROSIS, SCOTT WINO OF WINO and AL CISNEROS of OM) SHRINEBUILDER have announced a November 2010 European tour.
November European Tour Dates
Shrinebuilder November 2010 European Tour

9/11 Utrecht Tivoli
10/11 Kortrijk De Kreun
11/11 Koln Gebauede 9
12/11 Berlin Berghain
13/11 Poznan Eskulap
14/11 Leipzig Conne Island
15/11 Munich Feierwerk
16/11 Prague Futurum
17/11 Budapest Durer Kert
18/11 Vienna Arena
19/11 Ravenna Bronson
20/11 Mezzago Bloom
21/11 Zurich Rote Fabrik
22/11 Lyon Epicerie Moderne
23/11 Orleans Astrolabe
24/11 Paris Glaz'Art
25/11 Karlsruhe Jubez
27/11 Manchester Club Academy
28/11 Glasgow Oran Mor
29/11 Dublin Button Factory
30/11 Cork Cypress Avenue
2/12 London The Scala
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal, DOOOOOM OOOON-\m/ -l-


The very FIRST SEATTLE DOOM FEST shall crawl in 8/1/2010 at FEST AT MAGNUSON PARK, SEATTLE WASHINGTON. Bands Scheduled to play are as of yet: WITCHBURN, CROWNED FIRE, BROTHERS OF SONIC CLOTH, KOARETH and many more TBA.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-DOOM OONNNN-\m/ -l-


Swedish progressive death metal heroes OPETH shall unleash a live DVD entitled "IN LIVE CONCERT AT ROYAL ALBERT HALL" 9/21/2010 on ROADRUNNER RECORDS.
As part of the ongoing celebration of their 20th anniversary, Swedish progressive metallers OPETH will release live footage and audio from the band's recent performance at London's famed Royal Albert Hall. "In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall", due on September 21 via Roadrunner Records, is a fierce testament to OPETH's continued success in the progressive metal community.

Twenty years and nine records into their legendary career, OPETH's "progressively creative spirit" (ARTISTdirect) remains unwavering, propelling the band through the "Evolution XX: An Opeth Anthology" tour, which brought the Swedish titans to six of the world's most unique venues, and now, with the release of "In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall", into the homes of their fans.

The performance at the Royal Albert Hall (recorded on April 5, 2010) includes two sets, the first consisting of the band performing 2000's now-classic, breakthrough epic "Blackwater Park" in its entirety, and the second, a chronologically arranged selection of material from the rest of OPETH's extensive catalogue, totaling almost three hours of music. It is, like the rest of OPETH's greatest work, "purposefully warped in all the right places" (Decibel). The front cover artwork concept pays tribute to DEEP PURPLE's "Concerto for Group and Orchestra", underlining the band's longstanding love for their prog-rock roots.

Thinking back to the concert, frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt says "OPETH had a magical night playing the Royal Albert Hall. It was a dream come true, and now afterwards, it still feels like a dream. We got it all on film, and this, our third live recording and DVD, might be my personal favorite.

"One couldn't help to think of all the fantastic artists that played there over the years. Looking back at this night of celebration brings me fond memories of our 20th anniversary — this package is the delayed birthday present."

The release will be available as three very special configurations:

01. Limited-edition vinyl box set, which includes:

* Double-DVD set of OPETH's performance at the legendary Royal Albert Hall, in its entirety, including bonus features.

* A set of four 180-gram LPs of the concert's live audio in its entirety. The vinyl is housed in black poly lined inner sleeves which are packaged as two double gatefold set with exclusive artwork. Vinyl only available in this box set.

* Exclusive, numbered lithograph with artwork designed by Mikael Åkerfeldt and longtime OPETH designer Travis Smith.

* 20-page, LP sized booklet printed on coated paper stock that chronicles the night's events in photos.

* Expanded, exclusive artwork and more.

02. Five-disc set that consists of two DVDs and three CDs. The set not only includes the legendary evening captured on video, but the concert's live audio in its entirety as well.

03. Double-DVD set of OPETH's performance at the legendary Royal Albert Hall, in its entirety, including bonus features.

Track listing is as follows:

Set 1

* The Leper Affinity
* Bleak
* Harvest
* The Drapery Falls
* Dirge For November
* The Funeral Portrait
* Patterns In The Ivy
* Blackwater Park

Set 2

* Forest Of October
* Advent
* April Ethereal
* The Moor
* Wreath
* Hope Leaves
* Harlequin Forest
* The Lotus Eater
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TRIPTYKON, (the project founded by former HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST singer and guitarist Tom Gabriel Warrior) will tour the U.S. with 1349 and YAKUZA in October, as the following dates have been announced, more dates TBA SOON.

Oct. 07 - Middle East - Cambridge, MA
Oct. 08 - Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY
Oct. 15 - Majestic Theatre - Detroit, MI
Oct. 16 - Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL
Oct. 17 - Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
Oct. 24 - El Rey Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 29 - Emo's - Austin, TX
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

Monday, July 19, 2010


ZYKLON and CANDLELIGHT RECORDS have sent this update:
On July 19, Candlelight Records will release a box set from the disbanded Norwegian extreme metal project ZYKLON, entitled "The Storm Manifesto", featuring all three of the group's full-length albums plus bonus material.

Founded in 1998, it was evident from the start that ZYKLON was to be more than just a "side project" for the then-EMPEROR guitarist and drummer. Teaming with Destructhor (also of MYRKSKOG), the trio's rehearsals ignited a spark that would put them on the fast track. Enter England's Candlelight Records. Already home to EMPEROR, Candlelight was the best and obvious first choice for the band and its recording future.

"The Storm Manifesto" track listing:

Disc 1 - "World ov Worms":

01. Hammer Revelation
02. Deduced To Overkill
03. Chaos Deathcult
04. Storm Detonation
05. Zycloned
06. Terrordome
07. Worm World
08. Transcendental War - The Battle Between Gods
09. Dominate (bonus)
10. Worm World (video)
11. Transcendal War - Battle Between Gods (video)

Disc 2 - "Aeon":

01. Psyklon Aeon
02. Core Solution
03. Two Thousand Years
04. No Names Above The Names
05. The Prophetic Method
06. Specimen Eruption
07. Electric Current
08. An Eclectic Manner
09. Pull the Plug (bonus)
10. Core Solution (video)
11. Psyklon Aeon (video)

Disc 3 - "Disintegrate":

01. In Hindsight
02. Disintegrate
03. Ways of the World
04. Subversive Faith
05. A Cold Grave
06. Vile Ritual
07. Underdog
08. Wrenched
09. Vulture
10. Skinned and Endangered
11. Wrenched (video)
12. Underdog (video)

Check out an e-card for "The Storm Manifesto" at this location.

ZYKLON played its final show in Tokyo, Japan on September 28, 2007.

All members of ZYKLON are still active on various fronts. Guitarist Samoth is in the studio working on the debut album for his new project, THE WRETCHED END. Fellow axeman Destructhor is still touring with MORBID ANGEL, and is still planning to complete a new MYRKSKOG album with bassist/vocalist Secthdamon. Drummer Trym is mainly working in his tattoo shop, but is scheduled to appear in a new music project soon.

ZYKLON's third album, "Disintegrate", was released in 2006 via Candlelight Records. The CD was recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio in Norway and was mixed at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden.

ZYKLON's DVD, titled "Storm Detonation Live", came out in March 2006 via Candlelight. Recorded at Germany's 2004 Party.San Open Air festival, the DVD contained the band's live show plus exclusive on-the-road/backstage footage, an exclusive look into reheasals for "Disintegrate" and both the "Psyklon Aeon" and "Core Solution" videos.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Finnish extreme metallers IMPALED NAZARENE have issued this band update:

"First things first: After 18 years, [Jarno] Anttila (guitar) has stepped aside from IMPALED NAZARENE.

"There is no drama or bullshit involved. Jarno is simply too busy with his work and family.

"Cheers and beers to Jarno for sticking with us that long!!!!

"Jarno's departure does not affect our plans. We will continue as a four-piece.

"As we previously reported, we will enter Hellhole studio [in Helsinki] this month with our very own soundman Tero Kostermaa to record our 11th full-length album.

"Writing has has been going very well. We have 12 finished songs so far.

"We will record also a song made by Jarno for us as it is a kick-ass tune and he gave us permission to use it.

"'Road To The Octagon' is the album title. We can reveal some songs titles:

* Under Attack
* Tentacles Of The Octagon
* Silent, Violent Type
* Execute Tapeworm Extermination
* Gag Reflex
* Tremble, Man Of God

"'Road To The Octagon' will be released by Osmose Productions in the beginning of November 2010. Album shall be mastered by Mika Jussila and artwork is handled by Darkgrove Design. We can also confirm that we have been booked to play Maryland Deathfest 28th of May 2011. This will be exclusive show for USA in 2011!"

Video footage of IMPALED NAZARENE performing the song "Ghettoblaster" on April 10, 2010 at the "Black Curse Over Hellsinki II" festival at Gloria in Helsinki, Finland can be viewed below (courtesy of Filmokratik).

IMPALED NAZARENE's 20th anniversary show at Henry's Pub club in Kuopio, Finland on November 20, 2010 will be filmed for a forthcoming concert DVD.

Commented the band: "We chose Kuopio and Henry's Pub simply because Kuopio has the best audience in Finland and Henry's Pub is the best club in Finland. Yes, it is small, but perfect for live DVD recording."

IMPALED NAZARENE's latest album, "Manifest", was released in October 2007. The CD was recorded and mixed at Sonic Pump studio by Tapio Pennanen, and was mastered at Finnvox studio by Mika Jussila. The cover artwork and layout was handlded by Ritual.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


The 2010 (North American) Summer Slaughter Tour kicked off last Saturday in San Diego, California to a sold out and brutal crowd at the SOMA. CARNIFLEX offer up a report on THE 2010 SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR via the bands MYSPACE, and an EARLY load in.
First day of Summer Slaughter at SOMA was SOLD OUT! See you in Hollywood

Anyone else find having to leave at 10am to load in for a metal show offensive? I still got the bang overs from Soma! See ya in Hollywood.

Navene is giving drum lessons on the summer slaughter tour!!
Hello everyone! Navene will be offering drum lessons on the upcoming summer slaughter tour before the show (times are flexible and will vary). The rate will be 60 bones an hour. If you are interested please respond to his personal facebook page (Navene Koperweis) or email at

Thanks! See you on the road!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Don't forget, the most technical, extreme metal and brutal tour of the summer kicks off tonight in San Diego, California at the SOMA: The 2010 SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR with DECAPITATED, ALL SHALL PERISH, VITAL REMAINS, THE FACELESS, CARNIFLEX, ANIMALS AS LEADERS, THE RED CHORD, VEIL OF MAYA, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DECREPIT BIRTH. . Stay tuned to METAL SUCKS and ITP for coverage. Also, technical/progressive death metal legends CYNIC will be kicking off a headlining tour in 5 days with Intronaut and Dysrhythmia.

Jul. 17 - San Diego, CA - Soma
Jul. 18 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
(*DATE ADDED) Jul. 19-Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
Jul. 20 -(*DATE CHANGE) Las Cruces, New Mexico-Beverly Hills Club
Jul. 21 - San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit
Jul. 22 - Austin, TX - Emo’s
Jul. 23 - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX - Ridglea Theatre
Jul. 24 - Houston, TX - Warsaw Ballroom
Jul. 26 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
Jul. 27 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
(*DATE ADDED) Jul. 28-Raleigh, NC-Volume 11
Jul. 29 - Philadelphia, PA - TLA (Theatre of Living Arts)
Jul. 30 - Baltimore, MD - Sonar
Jul. 31 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
Aug. 01 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza
Aug. 02 - Quebec City, QC - Imperial
Aug. 03 - Montreal, QC - Club Soda
Aug. 04 - Toronto, ON - Opera House
Aug. 05 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody’s
Aug. 06 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart’s
Aug. 07 - Detroit, MI - Harpos
Aug. 08 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
Aug. 09 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
Aug. 10 - Minneapolis, MN - First Ave
Aug. 11 - Indianapolis, IN - Emerson Theatre
Aug. 13 - Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall
Aug. 14 - Salt Lake City, UT - Club Sound
Aug. 16 - Calgary, AB - Republik
Aug. 17 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite
Aug. 19 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre
Aug. 20 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
Aug. 21 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theatre
Aug. 23 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore

Decibel Magazine and Cynic are proud to announce the inaugural Hall of Fame tour! Historic in every sense, the Hall of Fame tour, titled Re-Traced / Re-Focused Live, will see progressive metal icons Cynic perform Hall of Fame album Focus in its entirety, along with tracks from the group’s lauded second album, Traced in Air, and more. Direct support comes from progressive masters Intronaut and Dysrhythmia.

“We’re not only excited about this Hall Of Fame tour with Decibel, we’re committed to giving Cynic fans a unique and memorable concert experience unlike ever before,” says Cynic frontman/guitarist Paul Masvidal. “Focus will be performed in its entirety from start to finish, along with Traced in Air and beyond. It’s going to be a journey directly into Cynic’s pulsating, vibrant heart.”

“Decibel is honored to have a band of the caliber and historical significance of Cynic to headline our inaugural Hall of Fame tour,” added Decibel Editor-in-Chief Albert Mudrian. “Their Focus album has withstood the test of time like few other records, and I’m thrilled that death and progressive metal fans can experience its live power on this special tour.”

Read the article at the Decibel website.

Thu/Jul-22 - Los Angeles CA - El Rey Theatre
Fri/Jul-23 - San Francisco CA - Slim's
Sat/Jul-24 - Portland OR - Hawthorne
Mon/Jul-26 - Vancouver BC - Commodore
Wed/Jul-28 - Denver CO - Marquis
Fri/Jul-30 - Minneapolis MN - Station 4
Sat/Jul-31 - Chicago IL - Bottom Lounge
Sun/Aug-01 - Detroit MI - Magic Stick
Mon/Aug-02 - Toronto ON - Opera House
Wed/Aug-04 - Montreal QC - Café Campus
Thu/Aug-05 - Boston MA - Harpers Ferry
Fri/Aug-06 - New York NY - Bowery Ballroom
Sat/Aug-07 - Philadelphia PA - Trocadero
Sun/Aug-08 - Washington DC - The Rock and Roll Hotel
Mon/Aug-09 - Carrboro NC - Cat's Cradle
Tue/Aug-10 - Atlanta GA - Masquerade
Thu/Aug-12 - Orlando FL - The Social
Fri/Aug-13 - Ft Lauderdale FL - Culture Room


CYNIC | MySpace Music Videos

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Friday, July 16, 2010


Norwegian post black metal legends ENSLAVED have announced the CD title of the bands new release entitled "Axioma Ethica Odini" due out 9/27/2010 (EUROPE) and
Norwegian psychedelic post-black metal band ENSLAVED has set "Axioma Ethica Odini" as the title of its new album, due in Europe on September 27 and in North America on September 28.

ENSLAVED's eleventh studio album was recorded at three different studios in Bergen, Norway: 1) Duper; 2) Earshot (belonging to ENSLAVED members Herbrand Larsen [keyboardist/backing vocalist] and Ice Dale [lead guitarist]); and 3) Peersonal Sound (owned by rhythm guitarist/songwriter. It is the follow-up to 2008's "Vertebrae", which sold over 1,100 copies its first week of release in North America and debuted on the American Billboard Hard Music chart at #11 and on the Billboard Heatseekers chart at #49. In ENSLAVED's native country, "Vertebrae" entered the official chart at #20 and earned the band its third consecutive Spellemann award (the largest and oldest Norwegian show, which is often referred to as the country's equivalent to the American Grammy Awards. "Vertebrae" also won Terrorizer magazine's coveted "Album of the Year" award for 2008.
ENSLAVED will embark on the "Circling Above and Within Tour" of Europe in October.
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Post black metal project WEDARD have posted two new mp3 samples on the bands MYSPACE: "Diminished", "Beyond The Light"," Universe in Mirror".
Hey out there,
The first sample of Eiskrieg II MCD!!

Hey out there,

Eiskrieg II Digi-MCD via Ewiges Eis Records - out on August 2010

First Sample is uploaded of the song "Diminished"
visit Ewiges Eis Records on
Distribution worldwide!

First Version strictly limited!

Best wishes



Chicago, Illinois black metal warriors NACHTMYSTIUM have announced a FALL headlining U.S. tour with ZOROASTER, THE ATLAS MOTH, DARK CASTLE:

Sep. 09 - Otto's Nightclub - Dekalb, IL
Sep. 10 - Magic Stick - Detroit, MI
Sep. 11 - Lee's Place - Toronto, ON
Sep. 12 - La Sala Rose - Montreal, QC
Sep. 13 - Mavericks - Ottawa, ON
Sep. 15 - The Studio at Webster Hall - New York, NY
Sep. 16 - Webster Underground - Hartford, CT
Sep. 17 - Club Hell - Providence, RI
Sep. 18 - Great Scott - Boston, MA
Sep. 19 - Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY
Sep. 21 - Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA
Sep. 22 - Sonar - Baltimore, MD
Sep. 23 - Hat Factory - Richmond, VA
Sep. 25 - Ground Zero - Spartanburg, SC
Sep. 26 - Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
Sep. 27 - Hi Tone Café - Memphis, TN
Sep. 28 - Fubar - St. Louis, MO
Sep. 29 - The Riot Room - Kansas City, MO
Oct. 01 - Mickey's Finn Pub - Toledo, OH
Oct. 02 - Reggie's Rock Club - Chicago, IL
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

IMMORTAL SET TO RELEASE "The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh"

Norways "Sons Of Northern Darkness" IMMORTAL shall unleash "The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh", a live DVD/CD retrospective due out 8/6/2010 (EUROPE) and 9/14/2010 (NORTH AMERICA) via NUCLEAR BLAST.
Founding figures in the birth and construction of the black metal genre and important figures in the Norwegian scene that later became the topic of mainstream press and film documentaries, IMMORTAL remain one of three most revered and esteemed black metal bands in all the world. Many remember the shock in 2003 when — thirteen years into their existence and one year after the band was nominated for an Alarm award for "Sons Of Northern Darkness"IMMORTAL suddenly announced they would disband.

It was four years into their abrupt retirement when the men in black reconnected with their creative force and announced to their worldwide fan base that IMMORTAL would reunite and return to the stage. Luckily, every moment of IMMORTAL's headlining reunion show at the prestigious Wacken Open Air festival in Germany in 2007 was captured for all future generations of black metal fans to enjoy.

IMMORTAL manager Håkon Grav had this to say about the long-awaited DVD: "This release has been due many years, but finally we can present IMMORTAL's first concert DVD.

"The band paid their dues with hard roadwork during the first decade and then some during their career, but they were hardly given the tools and surroundings worthy of a full-blown video production like this demands. The mighty Wacken Open Air proved to be the perfect partner for us in that sense, and this was truly a special night for both the band and the fans.

"The band played several great shows on the reunion tour, but the fact that headlining the Black Stage at Wacken would be something spectacular was a given in advance, and now the DVD is here to prove it again.

"It has taken some time, but good things rarely come easily or quickly.

"If you were present at the show, I think you will appreciate the possibility to relive the magic, and if you're witnessing the show for the first time within your own four walls, I hope you enjoy it just as much!

"For those of you coming to Wacken again this year — what can I say but 'Auf Wiedersehen!'"

"The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh", the band's first official live DVD and live CD release in the history of their existence, features songs that span IMMORTAL's timeless discography and includes three back-to-back-to-back selections from their most acclaimed release to date. The leather and spikes, the "war paint," the bursting pyrotechnics, the essential anthems, Abbath's on-stage acrobatics, and an audience that drew upwards of 70,000 people... the magic's all there, ready to be absorbed into your consciousness.

Take a walk through the mystical Norwegian landscape and witness Abbath, Horgh and Apollyon as they return to the fabled and mythical kingdom of Blashyrkh, where they are destined to rule for all eternity.

"The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh" will be released in Europe on August 6 and in North America on September 14 via Nuclear Blast.

The track listing for both the DVD and the CD is as follows:

01. Intro
02. The Sun No Longer Rises (from "Pure Holocaust")
03. Withstand The Fall Of Time (from "At The Heart Of Winter")
04. Sons Of Northern Darkness (from "Sons Of Northern Darkness")
05. Tyrants (from "Sons Of Northern Darkness")
06. One By One (from "Sons Of Northern Darkness")
07. Wrath From Above (from "Damned In Black")
08. Unholy Forces Of Evil (from "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism")
09. Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss (from "Pure Holocaust")
10. At The Heart Of Winter (from "At The Heart Of Winter")
11. Battles In The North (from "Battles In The North")
12. Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark) (from "Battles In The North")

View the trailer for "The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh" below.

In a recent interview with, IMMORTAL's Demonaz stated about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the follow-up to last year's "All Shall Fall", "We already have three songs for the next album. We'll be working on the album this year. And we have material for a lot of other songs, so maybe in August we'll be finished with half the album. But we haven't come so far that I can see the end of the album."

He continued, "I think we'll try to work with the songs and make them classic IMMORTAL songs.

"The next album will be different than 'All Shall Fall'. I think the songs will come off as one package.

"Every album is different for us, but we won't try too many new things. We'll stick to the plan and make the music we like.

"Don't expect something revolutionary. (laughs)"

"All Shall Fall" sold around 3,300 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 162 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at No. 7 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

"All Shall Fall" entered the German chart at position No. 33 and Finnish chart at No. 20. In the band's home country, the CD landed at No. 23 in its opening week.

"All Shall Fall" was released in North America on October 6, 2009 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD, which was issued in Europe on September 25, 2009, was recorded at Grieghallen and Abyss studios in Norway and Sweden, respectively.

The "Blashyrkh Limited Edition Bag" version of "All Shall Fall" includes:

* Digipak version of "All Shall Fall"
* Logo t-shirt (size of your choice)
* Abbath's replica battle axe in the form of a stainless steel pendant
* Four buttons
* Double-sided poster
* Special black IMMORTAL plastic bag

"All Shall Fall" was also made available in the following formats:

* Standard jewelcase CD
* Limited-edition digipack
* Limited-edition 180g vinyl
* Limited-edition picture disc
* Limited-edition box, only available through Nuclear Blast webshop.

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Promoters have announced (also announced and predicted on ITP, however, I deleted said journal entry as if not to jinx said tour) that the last four dates for the CAMPAIGN FOR DEATH METAL PURITY TOUR with GRAVEHILL, HOD, CARDIAC ARREST are canceled.

Ibex Moon Records has announced that the last four dates of the "Campaign For Death Metal Purity Tour", featuring GRAVEHILL, CARDIAC ARREST and HOD, will not go on as planned.

Though HOD dropped off the bill after the July 7 date in Austin, Texas, other factors led to GRAVEHILL and CARDIAC ARREST canceling the final dates.

Commented CARDIAC ARREST drummer Jim "Grindhead" Deabenderfer: "We in CARDIAC ARREST and GRAVEHILL are disappointed to be in this position. Canceling shows is not something either of our camps are accustomed to. We are forced to drop these dates for purely logistic reasons, not financial. This should not reflect on any of the promoters for the dates in question — our plans simply had to change with the situation. Both CARDIAC ARREST and GRAVEHILL are committed to make up these four dates as soon as possible."

The affected dates are as follows:

July 15 - Buccaneer's - Memphis, TN
July 16 - Downtown Music - Little Rock, AR
July 17 - Walters - Houston, TX
July 18 - Ten Eleven - San Antonio, TX

The "Campaign For Death Metal Purity Tour" will conclude tonight in Indianapolis, Indian at The Melody Inn, with GRAVEHILL and CARDIAC ARREST playing alongside Abyss Records acts MAAX and CHRIST BEHEADED.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Florida's death metal warriors INFERNAEON have announced the new album title and street date of the bands anticipated release.
Florida's INFERNAEON has set "Genesis To Nemesis" as the title of its new album, due on August 31 street date via Prosthetic Records. The CD was recorded at Erik Rutan's Mana Recording Studios (GOATWHORE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE ETERNAL) in St. Petersburg, Florida with producer Brian Elliott.

According to a press release, "Genesis To Nemesis" picks up where 2007's "A Symphony of Suffering" (which Metal Hammer described as, "brave, unflinchingly inventive and jackhammer-heavy from beginning to end,") left off, with a devastating mix of Floridian death metal and symphonic, sinister European black metal. "Genesis To Nemesis" is the first recording with new guitarists Taylor Nordberg and Steven Harger, as well as bassist Mike Poggione.

INFERNAEON's founder and vocalist, Brian Werner commented: "Every bad thing possible was thrown at us and we had to eat some serious shit on a silver spoon and smile about it afterward to get this done. We actually wrote almost an entire other album that we threw out and started from scratch after we trimmed the fat over a year ago, but it couldn't be a better situation now. Steven and Taylor did a fucking amazing job creating a sonic 'image' which complimented the entire album concept perfectly. The album itself is the entire story of the bible from beginning to end. However, it's told historically accurately instead of the brain dead point of view the bible tries to portray. All in all, recording at Mana was an amazing experience as always; Brian and Erik are killer motherfuckers and always are intense to work with and always put forth 100% every time. Mix all the elements together with some Crowley-esque Thelema thrown in and I'm very proud to say that it turned out better then we could have expected!"

INFERNAEON will hit the road this fall for an extensive U.S. tour.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


San Diego, California grinders CATTLE DECAPITATION have announced the CALIFORNIA BLOOD U.S. TOUR due to kick off in October of 2010 featuring CATTLE DECAPITATION, DEVOURMENT, KNIGHT OF THE ABYSS,
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Interesting topic debated on FACEBOOK group: Mandatory Drug Testing For Welfare is on Facebook:
Mandatory drug testing for people on welfare is a controversial issue being debated by both state and federal legislators.
ITP EDITORS NOTE: ITP author does NOT assume that all drug addicts are on welfare, nor do we assume that all welfare recipients are drug addicts as we think of that assumption as ignorance of those whom are poor. However, we are also disgusted with those whom take government subsidies (welfare, Federal Stanford Loans, Federal Standford Unsubsidized, HUD/section 8 subsidies, RUPCO and whatever government help) if they are using, abusing and dealing drugs and making it an unlivable environment for others whom don't use and are and well meaning. When one takes a government subsidy, it's a different ball game, to support their drug habits at the expense of hard working tax payers, it makes us all very angry.
ITP supports mandatory drug testing of all civil service workers, bus, train, taxi, and public transportation drivers, airline pilots, air traffic controllers, police, EMS/EMT and public housing staff.
Where I'm living and moving from, drug addicts and drug addicted staff (Meadobrook Circle, New Paltz, NY ) have harassed those of us whom DON'T use in their drug induced psychotic, denial and paranoia, as many members of their staff were caught in a drug raid last November of 2009 as one of their former staff members died of a drug/alcohol related OD last month. After this issue of drug abuse regarding section 8 housing staff and some tenets became public knowledge, and after much thought, ITP does support mandatory drug testing of public assistance clients and staff, regarding ALL forms of government subsidies including section 8 tennets/ HUD housing and all staff.
I know mandatory drug testing sounds bureaucratic, and somewhat silly for those whom don't use drugs, the indignation. However, living at Meadobrook Circle with it's drug infested staff and a minority of gangsta drug addicted bullies I changed my mind.
I would like to see mandatory drug testing regarding others forms of public assistance subsidies including HUD/SECTION 8 HOUSING subsidies and their staff as drug addiction should not adversely effect those whom are sober and have the misfortune of living near them.
If mandatory drug testing regarding government loans and subsidies is not federal law by now, when will it be.
We also beg that those whom turn out dirty through mandatory drug testing regarding (hopefully) and all all forms of government subsidies will lose any sort of public assistance funding and until they submit to rehab, and prove clean.
I ironically enough, DSS PAYS for drug detoxes and rehabs regarding low income people.
ITP author is not on welfare and is drug and alcohol free but do not take my coffee, iced tea, or fruit punch away from me or else they will be a riot.
This was written by a construction worker in Fort McMurray...he sure
makes a lot of sense to me!
Read on...

I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my
taxes as it sees fit.
In order to earn that pay cheque, I work on a rig site for a Fort Mac
construction project, I am required to pass a random urine test, with
which I have no problem.
What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my
taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test.
Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare cheque because I
have to pass one to earn it for them ... ?
Please understand - I have no problem with helping people get back on
their feet.

I do on the other hand have a problem with helping someone sit on their
arse drinking beer and smoking dope.
Could you imagine how much money the provinces would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance cheque ... ?
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


ITP UPDATE: Apparently, ITP's author is having 'puter problems. My DELL is blinking on yellow in boot mode and won't boot. Probably a mother board power supply problem wich will take a few bucks and some time to fix it, on top of trying to move out of this dump. UGGGH!
No worries, ITP WILL continue as many of the features will be somewhat shorter in length as ITP REVIEWS will be pushed back to the fall (sorry, and I know you and I can't wait to the fall), as ITP will continue on to torture you all with brutal metal.
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Friday, July 9, 2010


Promoters have announced the BRUTAL DOMINATION 2 tour, set to kick off 7/9/2010 featuring INHERIT DISEASE, SEPTYCAL GORGE and INCINERATE.

FROM INCINERATE discrediting the "rumor mill":
There are rumors that the Brutal Domination 2 Tour has been cancelled. This is not true. The tour is still happening. Amagortis had to drop off the tour though because a few members got rejected by US customs. And as of yesterday, Incinerate had to drop off as well as their session drummer took off due to personal issues with his wife. Scott from Incinerate, and Pascal from Amagortis will be going out on the road with Septycal Gorge and meet up with Inherit Disease. Please come out and support this effort!
9 Jul 2010 20:00 @ Station 4 St.Paul, MN
10 Jul 2010 20:00 @ The Hole Omaha, Nebraska
11 Jul 2010 20:00 @ Old Curtis Street Bar & Grill Denver, Colorado
13 Jul 2010 20:00 @ The Workshop Ceres, California
14 Jul 2010 18:00 @ The Blvd. Cafe Boyle Heights, California
15 Jul 2010 20:00 @ Brick By Brick San Diego, California
16 Jul 2010 20:00 @ Take 2 Ventura, California
17 Jul 2010 12:00 @ Las Vegas Deathfest II (The Cheyenne Saloon) Las Vegas,Nevada
18 Jul 2010 20:00 @ UB's Bar Mesa, Arizona
19 Jul 2010 20:00 @ The Compound Albuquerque, New Mexico
20 Jul 2010 20:00 @ Zombies San Antonio, Texas
23 Jul 2010 16:00 @ Central Illinois Metalfest (The Canopy Club) Urbana, Illinois
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

JOGJA BLACK METAL FEST 7/18/2010-Museum TNI AD, Jl Jenderal Soedirman 47 Yogyakarta

Promoters have announced the JOGJA BLACK METAL FEST set to take place 7/18/2010 @
Museum TNI AD, Jl Jenderal Soedirman 47 Yogyakarta. Bands confirmed for the JOGJA BLACK METAL FEST are DRY, NOSFERATU, KING OV AMRETA, FALLENLIGHT, DROSOPHILA and many more.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Norwegian symphonic extreme metal warriors DIMMU BORGIR have announced the title, and artwork of the bands anticipated new release.
FROM BLABBERMOUTH.NET: Norwegian symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR have set "Abrahadabra" as the title of their ninth studio album, which will be released in Germany on September 24, in the rest of Europe on September 27, and in North America on October 12 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The word "abrahadabra" (which roughly translates into "I will create as I speak") first publicly appeared in Chapter III of "Liber AL vel Legis" (commonly referred to as "The Book of the Law") written by Aleister Crowley in Cairo, Egypt in 1904.

DIMMU BORGIR singer/songwriter Shagrath shares the following about the new album: "After eleven months of total focus, dedication and professional team work, Darkness has been reborn. Some people have expressed their concern about the future of the band since the departure of some members of the clan. Let me assure you that things happen for a reason. The black flame burns brighter than ever before. With the mixture of our different musical preferences and the personalities involved, I will dare to say we have created a BEAST, the most detailed work to date out of our 17 years of existence. I know it's too much of a cliché to brag when you have a done a new album, but to put it short and simple, it's a fist in the face to all the doubters out there. Forward – Onward – March… ENTER THE SUPREME UNKNOWN."

For the second time in the band's career (i.e. 1996's "Stormblåst"), a one-word album title breaks the tradition of a three-word album title for a new studio release dating back to DIMMU BORGIR's 1994 debut, "For All Tid".

Guitarist/songwriter Silenoz has this to say on the topic: "We knew there would be some big changes with this album in more than one way and since we've had the three-word-title tradition for many years now, we thought it'd make a lot of sense for us to move on from that. It has served its purpose. We are a band that's all about change and moving forward. An album title consisting of one word goes hand-in-hand with the new material — it describes both the musical and lyrical content in a more imaginary way, not to mention the unity and the everlasting flame which is DIMMU BORGIR. Expect the unexpected!"

When asked about the central figure in the artwork and who/what he's supposed to represent, artist Joachim Luetke responds: "I think that's obvious. Since the whole 'setting' is located in an icy, bleak, winter-y, post-industrial era, we're pretty close to H.P. Lovecraft's nameless elder gods. They're represented by the mask's tentacles. In short: the mask/face personifies dominion of powers far beyond mankind. The nameless gods witnessed the birth of our universe and they'll watch it implode. To them, the age of mankind is but a blink of an eye."

In early June, DIMMU BORGIR announced its collaboration with Norwegian composer and Berklee College of Music summa cum laude alumnus Gaute Storaas in addition to the 51 members of KORK (the Norwegian Radio Orchestra) and the 38-member Schola Cantorum Choir. To date, over 101 musicians have contributed to the making of the new CD.

Composer Gaute Storaas has said of DIMMU BORGIR: "Their music is epic, thematic and symphonic already from the creation; they are clearly having an orchestral approach to composing."

Luetke's artwork and layout art also graced two other DIMMU BORGIR albums: 2003's "Death Cult Armageddon", which has sold 130,000 copies in the U.S. (according to Nielsen SoundScan) and debuted at No. 7 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart, No. 10 on the Top Independent Albums chart, and No. 170 on The Billboard 200 chart; and 2007's "In Sorte Diaboli", which has sold over 75,000 copies in the U.S. (according to Nielsen SoundScan) and debuted at No. 2 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart and at No. 43 on The Billboard 200 chart.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Columbus, Ohio blackened death metal warriors LOCUSTA are ready to kick off a summer 2010 U.S. tour.

Progressive blackened death metal hellions LOCUSTA are readying to kick off their summer tour tomorrow at the Carabar in their hometown of Columbus, OH. The band will be joined by Tennessee black/doom titans Argentinum Astrum and will run through mid August.

LOCUSTA Summer Assault 2010:
7/10/2010 Carabar - Columbus, OH w/ Argentinum Astrum, Deadsea, Landmine Marathon
7/13/2010 The Olde Chocolate Factory - Chicago, IL w/ Argentinum Astrum, SSGW
7/16/2010 The Cesspool Castle - Joplin, MO w/ Argentinum Astrum, Sick Addiction, Slayground, The Toilet Bombers
7/17/2010 Curtin St. Tavern - Denver, CO w/ Swells, Dendera, I Apparatus
7/18/2010 Lake Recording Service - Salt Lake City, UT w/ Altar Of Plagues, Velnias, Mania, Sub-Rosa
7/20/2010 The Red Room - Boise, ID w/ Argentinum Astrum, TBA
7/21/2010 Arms Irish Pub - Seattle, WA w/ Argentinum Astrum, Streetwalker
7/22/2010 A House at 10128 N.E. Pacific St. - Portland, OR w/ Argentinum Astrum
7/24/2010 Burnt Ramen - Oakland, CA w/ Argentinum Astrum, TBA
7/25/2010 Thee Parkside - San Francisco, CA w/ Argentinum Astrum, Nihlotep, Pale Chalice
7/28/2010 Taala Hooghan Infoshop - Flagstaff, AZ W/ Argentinum Astrum
7/29/2010 The Trainyard - Las Cruces, NM w/ Argentinum Astrum
7/31/2010 Chopshop - Dallas, TX w/ Argentinum Astrum, Dei Aemeth, Tba
8/01/2010 The Ten Elevem - San Antonio, TX w/ Argentinum Astrum, Hod(Ibex Moon), Tba
8/02/2010 The White Swan - Houston, TX w/ Argentinum Astrum, Anal Punishment, Nibiru, Paranoidfreakout
8/03/2010 House Somewhere - Baton Rouge, LA w/ Argentinum Astrum, Barghest
8/04/2010 The Farside Collective - Tallahassee, FL w/ Argentinum Astrum
8/05/2010 The Pony Pen - Savannah, GA w/ Argentinum Astrum
8/06/2010 Playground - Atlanta, GA w/ Argentinum Astrum
8/07/2010 The Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN w/ Argentinum Astrum

Said LOCUSTA guitarist Dru Silver: "Ready as ever to kick some teeth in on the road with our friends Argentinum Astrum, an unholy bastard child of black and doom, a.k.a. Knoxville's best kept metal secret. There will be tour shirts available at the merch table, along with all kinds of goodies. We are having trouble with a few holes in our route though, if anyone can help us on any of these days we'd definitely be willing to return the favor in either of our respective cities (i.e. show trade). House shows/parties, BBQs, bar mitzvah's, whatever; we're game. Or if there's already a show happening that we could possibly jump on we'd be willing to share equipment/set times/sell merch to forfeit door money if necessary; anything at this point. Feel free to shoot us an e-mail ( if you think you may be able to help. The dates are below."

7/11/2010 - Anywhere between/around OH and Chicago IL
7/12/2010 - Anywhere between/around OH and Chicago IL
7/14/2010 - Anywhere between/around Chicago and Joplin MO
7/15/2010 - Anywhere between/around Chicago and Joplin MO
7/19/2010 - Anywhere between/around SLC and Boise ID
7/23/2010 - Anywhere between Portland OR and Oakland CA
7/26/2010 - Los Angeles, CA
7/27/2010 - San Diego, CA
7/30/2010 - Anywhere between/around Las Cruces NM and Dallas TX

LOCUSTA released their debut full-length via Kentucky-based Pragmatic Records [] upon an unsuspecting underground earlier this year. The 10-track, self-titled offering was recorded/engineered by Brian Simakis at Capital City Studios, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering and features strikingly stark cover art by local artist Stefan Hoza. Formed in the fall of 2006, LOCUSTA take their name from a female chemist from Ancient Rome regarded as the first documented serial killer. It was rumored that in A.D. 54, she may have been hired by Agrippina The Younger to kill the Emperor Claudius, possibly with a poisoned dish of mushrooms. (Check out all the dark fascinating particulars here and

Currently comprised of vocalist Brad Deerhake, guitarists Peter Hughes (Night Soil) and Dru Silver, bassist Scott Hyatt and drummer Simon Tracy, the band's painstaking DIY sensibility has found them sharing stages with the likes of Coliseum, Skeletonwitch, Finntroll, Demiricous, The Gates of Slumber, Thou and local Columbus metal veterans Deadsea. Said The Athens News in a live review: "LOCUSTA. Why isn't this band huge? Serious death metal from Columbus who... smote their victims with ease."

Check out some recent footage of the band at Comfest last month here:

"Earthy, dark and somber are fitting but imperfect descriptors. Combining technical death, progressive and black metal without losing footing is not an easy thing to accomplish … Where some bands might get carried away with a diddly solo or let the drummer blister away at the expense of melody, LOCUSTA have a firm understanding that these parts should serve the aesthetic of the song. What that means is that no matter how drastic a change in pace from one passage of a song to the next, there's a recognizable pattern weaving through all." - Metal Review

"The band matches melancholy black metal growling with surprisingly palatable riffs that occasionally rise out of the chaos (check out '2012'...)" -- Metromix Columbus

"From the depths of Columbus, Ohio true black metal thrashers unleash the energy of sin within their souls to make some of the most evil, gut wrenching contemporary metal possible. " -- Last.FM

US Press Contact:

Earsplit PR
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Bay Area, California Experimental/doom metal legends NEUROSIS are set to unleash a live CD entitled "Live At RoadBurn 2007".
NEUROSIS, which is cited as one of the most influential bands of heavy music's experimental underworld, will release a new live album, "Live At Roadburn 2007", on August 30 via Neurot Recordings.

The first release from NEUROSIS since 2007's "Given to the Rising", this new live CD was recorded that same year in Tilburg, Holland, at the annual Roadburn festival where NEUROSIS headlined to a diehard audience. The album expertly captures as much of the band's live experience as one possibly could on a physical recording, harnessing the monolithic flow and power of the band's well-known sonically devastating live performances. The monstrous 78-minute record showcases this iconic band surging through hymns from their last few albums, including "Given To The Rising", "The Eye Of Every Storm", "A Sun That Never Sets" and "Through Silver In Blood".

"Live At Roadburn" will be made available on August 30 alongside the reissue of NEUROSIS' groundbreaking 1993 release "Enemy Of The Sun". The "Roadburn" album features the iconic artwork/layout skills of visionary artist/NEUROSIS live visual master Josh Graham, also responsible for the redesigned "Enemy Of The Sun" layout. Both albums will be released on CD as part of this year's celebration of the 25th anniversary of the legendary act.

"Live At Roadburn 2007" track listing:

01. Given to the Rising
02. Burn
03. A Season in the Sky
04. At the End of the Road
05. Crawl Back In
06. Distill
07. Water Is Not Enough
08. Left to Wander
09. The Doorway

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Thursday, July 8, 2010


American extreme metal warriors DEVILDRIVER have announced an August U.S. tour with KATAKLYSM, MISERY, SKELETONWITCH and SAVIORS.

Aug. 10 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA
Aug. 11 - Brick By Brick - San Diego, CA
Aug. 12 - Marquee Theater - Tempe, AZ
Aug. 18 - Headliners Music Hall - Louisville, KY (with SHADOWS FALL)
Aug. 20 - Montage Music Hall - Rochester, NY (with KINGDOM OF SORROW)
Aug. 23 - Recher Theater - Towson, MD


Aug. 25 - Eleanor Rigby's Bar & Nightclub - Jermyn, PA
Aug. 26 - London Music Hall - London, ON
Aug. 27 - Al Rosa Villa - Columbus, OH
Aug. 28 - Harpo's - Detroit, MI
Aug. 29 - Peabody's Down Under - Cleveland, OH
Aug. 31 - Scout Bar - Houston, TX
Sep. 01 - Scout Bar - San Antonio, TX
Sep. 02 - Trees - Dallas, TX
Sep. 03 - The Pavilion @ Concrete Street - Corpus Christi, TX
Sep. 04 - Dos Amigos - Odessa, TX
Sep. 05 - Jake's - Lubbock, TX
Sep. 07 - People's Court - Des Moines, IA
Sep. 10 - The Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO
Sep. 11 - The Complex - Salt Lake City, UT
Sep. 13 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
Sep. 15 - The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA
Sep. 16 - Key Club - Hollywood, CA
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Yes, the rumors are true, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are expanding the American hard rock/metal fest into ISRAEL.
Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, former front man of Black Sabbath, is bringing his multi-band rock festival to Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv on September 28th. Ozzy and his band will headline the festival and will be joined by the popular American band KoRn as well as several Israeli bands who have not yet been named.

The 61-year-old Osbourne is excited for Ozzfest in Tel Aviv as it will be his first time visiting Israel. He is bringing his family along for the trip including his wife Sharon, whose father was Jewish, and their two celebrity children, Kelly and Jack. They plan on traveling throughout the country before the concert, including a stop at the Western Wall.

Sharon Osbourne, who also serves as Ozzy’s personal manager, held a video-conference in which she assured Israeli fans that no matter what, there will be no last-minute cancellations due to any potential boycott pressure. Sharon said there have not been any threats so far, and even if there will be, they will not back down: “Music goes beyond politics because it is the international language of the world. Ozzy and I have a history of not getting involved with politics. I could not be more excited or proud about bringing Ozzfest to Israel for the first time.”
In the USA, OZZFEST returns after a one year hiatus. FROM BLABBERMOUTH.NET:
Ozzfest is back and fans aren't the only ones excited about it — this year's performers are pumped up, as illustrated by the quotes below. Launching Saturday, August 14 in San Bernardino, California — the birthplace of the first Ozzfest in 1996 — this year's tour will include main stage artists OZZY OSBOURNE, MÖTLEY CRÜE, HALFORD, DEVILDRIVER and NONPOINT. Second-stage headliners BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will return for their seventh appearance on the tour and will be joined by DROWNING POOL, KINGDOM OF SORROW, GOATWHORE, SKELETONWITCH, SAVIOURS and KATAKLYSM. Ozzfest marks the first concerts in the U.S. in connection with the June 22 release of tour founder Ozzy Osbourne's new album, "Scream" (Epic Records).

MÖTLEY CRÜE's Nikki Sixx said the band couldn't refuse the offer to join the tour. "When Ozzy calls and asks you to go on tour, you say, 'When do I start?' Over 25 years ago, Ozzy took MÖTLEY CRÜE on, what some say was one of the greatest tours in rock history. When he asked us to co-headline Ozzfest with him this year, we were flattered and ecstatic. It is an honor and a privilege to share the stage with him again and I can guarantee that MÖTLEY CRÜE will rip out the jugular of every audience in every city this summer."

"I am very excited HALFORD will be performing, and to be part of this year's legendary Ozzfest lineup," shares Rob Halford. "It will be a great opportunity for the HALFORD band to be reintroduced to the metal communities."

Ozzfest will be the first opportunity for many to experience Ozzy's new guitarist Gus G. At the same time, former Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde will be featured at Ozzfest, taking the stage as the BLACK LABEL SOCIETY frontman. "We're looking forward to kicking some serious ass as the second-stage headliners on Ozzfest this summer," Zakk says. "Thank you to Mom and Dad for again including BLACK LABEL SOCIETY on the lineup. We can't wait to play slammin' new songs from 'Order Of The Black' as well as BLS classics. For all those who bleed BLACK LABEL, we will see you soon!"

NONPOINT lead singer Elias Soriano is ready and eager to join the ranks of the main stage. "NONPOINT played Ozzfest almost 10 years ago for the first time on the second stage and it was one of my proudest moments as a member of this band," he says. "Now to be invited not only to play again, but on the main stage is an honor. This is an opportunity for NONPOINT to put on the performance of our career. Strap up, bear down and prepare for the eruption — it's on, Ozzfest!"

DEVILDRIVER's Dez Fafara agrees: "Ozzfest! It's beyond an honor to be asked back yet again to the mothership of all summer concerts. There's not a better time-honored tradition. It's a rock 'n' roll, sundrenched, rile up and fire up, rip-roaring, rowdy, 'keep your horns up in the air at all times,' full-day summer festival of killer music and good times. And DEVILDRIVER is gonna be there to CRUSH the main stage. Come join us at what will no doubt be the landmark of the year and the best fucking time you'll have all summer."

DROWNING POOL will make their fourth return to the earth-shattering tour. "All of us in DROWNING POOL couldn't be more excited that we're playing Ozzfest again this year. It's such a great honor and a privilege to be part of Sharon and Ozzy's Ozzfest family," says guitarist CJ Pierce. "Every tour we've done with Ozzfest has always had such a great mix of bands. I'm looking forward not only playing the show but watching all the other bands as well. We can't wait to rock out with all our friends, fans, and family again. See you out there at the show!"

Ben Falgoust of GOATWHORE is excited to perform amongst all the other talented musicians. "First and foremost, it's incredible to be on the same fest with legends like OZZY OSBOURNE, HALFORD and MÖTLEY CRÜE. Secondly, there is a damn fine mixture of the most influential classic metal bands/people on the main stage and some of the most extreme bands to grace the second stage of Ozzfest since its conception. Also, I would like to say it will be a quite insane, fun and outrageous time with our friends in SKELETONWITCH, KINGDOM OF SORROW, DEVILDRIVER, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, SAVIORS, and so on. So, if you can make it out you should or sit at home and jerk off to she-male videos. Your choice."

"It just wasn't summer without Ozzfest so I couldn't be happier that it's back and ready to destroy," KINGDOM OF SORROW's Jamey Jasta shares. "KINGDOM OF SORROW is pumped to be playing, see you in the pit!"

While KINGDOM OF SORROW isn't able to perform the August 14 San Bernardino date, EXODUS will be filling in for them. Guitarist Gary Holt says, "We are WAY more than fired up to announce that EXODUS will be playing the SoCal date on Ozzfest! We were asked if we wanted to jump in, and we said 'fuck yes!' See everybody there!"

Scott Hedrick, guitarist for SKELETONWITCH, is grateful and honored to be on the six-date tour. "We can't fucking wait for Ozzfest!! Every band starts somewhere and the first SKELETONWITCH show was on a stage we built in our front yard. You can bet your ass we didn't see this coming back then. Haha! It's quite an honor and a great opportunity for us to be a part of the longest-running heavy music festival in America. I mean, Ozzy?! Rob fucking Halford!? To make it even better, we get to do it with our great friends in GOATWHORE and SAVIOURS. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and enabled us to do what we love. It's truly appreciated."

Scott Batiste of SAVIOURS shares that sentiment. "Hitting the road with OZZY, MOTLEY CRÜE and HALFORD is not something we'd ever expect to be doing but we're ready to bring our filthy breed of raging metal to a lot of new heads!" he says. "Having our friends in SKELETONWITCH and GOATWHORE along for the ride is going to make for a seriously demented trip and some fucking good times! We'll see you in August!"

"We are grateful that KATAKLYSM is about to turn the clock next year to 20 years of existence," says frontman Maurizio Iacono. "Through good and bad times, we've stayed strong and remained a leading force in the underground, but I never in my life thought I would be on tour with OZZY or MÖTLEY CRÜE while being in an extreme band. One can't help but feel amazed when legends take notice and invite you to participate on one of the world's most important tours: Ozzfest. Thanks, of course, to the Osbournes and their organization for this great opportunity. I wanna sincerely say 'thank you' to our fans for being there for us and giving us a chance through their support to make KATAKLYSM a legacy. Even more important, we're here to party hard with you guys! This is a lifestyle and we should all unite at Ozzfest to celebrate this privilege of being metalheads!"

In addition to non-stop music on both stages, concert-goers can once again visit the Ozzfest "Village of the Damned" featuring a mix of interactive activities, shopping and entertainment throughout the venue concourses.

All six dates of the explosive Live Nation-produced tour will feature "all-in ticket pricing," which means there are no hidden fees whatsoever — no parking charges at the shows, no facility or surcharge fees — the price you see is the price you pay. Tickets prices start as low as $30 per ticket when purchased in a four-pack.

The dates are as follows:

Aug. 14 - San Bernardino, CA – San Manuel Amphitheater
Aug. 17 - Chicago, IL – First Midwest Bank Amp.
Aug. 19 - Pittsburgh, PA – First Niagara Pavilion
Aug. 21 - Hartford, CT – Comcast Theater
Aug. 22 - Camden, NJ – Susquehanna
Aug. 24 - Boston, MA – Comcast Center

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