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ITP V.05 DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: "DIG": A quick review of the music documentary DIG. DIG chronicles the rise of the Pacific Northwest 90's retro rock scene. DIG features a sweltering rivalry between the Johnstown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols. Upon first screening of this movie, I must say, I absolutely HATED both bands, the Dandy Warhols and the Johnstown Massacre.I HATE that retro rock shit, garage band rehash crap. These bands could be right out of the 60's (Stones, Beatles ect.)..
Once I got past the my lack of musical interest the movie compelled me like a driver watching a car wreck. Both bands (The Dandy Warhols and the Johnstown Massacre) get signed, the Johnstown Massacre to Interscope, and the Dandy Warhols to a major label (forgive me I forgot which one).Both bands, long time scenester freinds struggle with the expectations of the music industry and how to adapt with out self destructing..
"We're the most well adjusted band in America"-Dandy Warhols lead singer
Of course the major difference between the two bands The Dandy Warhols and the Johnstown Massacre is one band is clearly on the road to self destruction, and the other has adapted, being well adjusted. The Johnstown Massacres vocalist is the most compelling character in DIG, for his manic depressive behavior charateristics, industry rebellion and untimate self destruction. As "difficult" as Anton Newcomb is, he is a mastermind and no dummy, and his failure is his own intent....Newcomb states in DIG "I have no problem with people making money off our music, it's just that I'm the letter writer and they are the mail man" (or something like that..) as Newcomb rightfully reffered to the music industry metaphorically as a "mafia".
The AOR execs suck both bands off, to the point that no one, including the bands crash course in music industry 101 are naive anymore. An interesting statistic pops up during DIG: Nine out of TEN bands FAIL, 85 to 90% of all records recorded on labels NEVER recoup.In essence the music industry is the only "business" that has that high percentege of failure rate and now you wonder why these same music industry execs cry record labels are no longer making money. LOL..All of this was BEFORE NAPSTER.
The Johnstown Massacre, lead by singer Anton Newcomb, even though the better band musically, self destruct from drugs habits, personality disorders, strife and onstage fights within the band. The Dandy Warhols became HUGE in Europe (Europe is always ahead of America in music, art and culture) thanks to a commercial featuring one of thier tunes, and well, they were more well adjusted, (but not a better band than the Johnstown Massacre) now with families and houses..
To Anton Newcombs credit, he and the Jonestown Massacre started the whole Pacific Northwest (Oregon) retro rock scene, and he was a little a head of his time. Of course this retro crap they play on the radio (The Strokes) are a direct descendant and influence from Newcombs The Johnstown Massacre (and perhaps the Strokes are a commercial and generic replacement)... I have a bit of respect for the manic Anton Newcomb of the Johnstown Massacre, he wanted no part of the trendy music industry mafia, and while he could have behaved, Newcomb continues to release, record, and tour independently, a coup de ta on the industry within in itself..No failure there.
Perhaps the standard industry practices are what kills the artists and the industry can't just blame downloading, it's the way the industry is set up, with it's hyperbole of crap that has killed music as we know it... Good movie, check out DIG for your self.
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Are you a NAZI?

I took this online test today, wich I found on a forum..Speaking of nazi's and facists,. are YOU a NAZI? Alot more people are neo facist conservative and brainwashed by "conformity of thought" than one might think.

Take the NAZI test here: :

My results: The Expatriate
Achtung! You are 15% brainwashworthy, 22% antitolerant, and 19% blindly patriotic Congratulations! You are not susceptible to brainwashing, your values and cares extend beyond the borders of your own country, and your Blind Patriotism does not reach unhealthy levels. If you had been German in the 30s, you would've left the country.

One bad scenario -- as I hypothetically project you back in time -- is that you just wouldn't have cared one way or the other about Nazism. Maybe politics don't interest you enough. But the fact that you took this test means they probably do. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt.

Did you know that many of the smartest Germans departed prior to the beginning of World War II, because they knew some evil shit was brewing? Brain Drain. Many of them were scientists. It is very possible you could have been one of them.

Conclusion: born and raised in Germany in the early 1930's, you would not have been a Nazi.

Hi fives and smiles all around. Random Thoughts part two journal entry up next. Thanks-Tee-Stay metal, Stay Brutal, and Stay ANTI NAZI-Thanks-Tee-\m/ -l-

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


3/3/2010-EDITORS NOTE: This journal entry was written in 2005, I'm guessing and is now edited.I'm sure those national socialists would have never shown up had this been a black on black or white on black crime, and I'm sure these nazi's have their own agendas and couldn't possibly hold hands in unity against high school violence and sing "Kum Ba Ya".
FYI, it is almost predictable that self righteous nazi's aren't wound to tight, as (national socialist) Jim Leshkevich committed a murder/suicide (murdering his wife and killing himself) in 2007.

BTW, ITP does NOT condone the violence vs. this skater "goth" kid, nor does it condone national socialists. However, we at ITP do show compassion for the VICTIM as we don't want white supremacists exploiting these issues of violence, so tell them nazi's to fuck off.
First of all, NAZIS have come to our region here in Ulster County, New York. Earlier this year, a few black students at Kingston High School maliciously beat a white student... The white student accrued serious eye injuries that required various surgeries. Instead of the parent of the victim of this pointless beating perceiving this incident as random school violence (IE Columbine High School massacre when WHITE students commit atrocious crimes), the parent called in her old buddies in various National Socialist Nazi groups to "protest" so called hate crimes against whites or the national socialists came to her.
Fine if they weren't NAZI'S....Back in 2000, MTV suspended all programming in honor of Matthew Shepard whom was brutally murdered for being gay in Laramie Wyoming.. Hate crime statistics were scrolled down for an hour after the show stating the irony that many hate crimes are committed BY many people of color against other races as well... The irony in all of this is that the KKK and NAZI'S are one of the most notorious hate groups both nationally and internationally and are considered a domestic terrorist organization. The KKK have committed hate crimes before the 70's and let's face it, got away with it, until the civil rights movement of the 60's and even then, many civil rights workers lost their lives.The students charged with the brutal beating of the white student at the notoriously BAD Kingston High School were not charged with a hate crime but were charged with felony assault.
It is soo SAD, that after all of the civil rights gains of the last century that NAZIS have card de blanche to hold a rally (November of '05) in Kingston, NY almost unchecked. If a group would want to protest the war in Iraq, they would have to go through a whole lot of bureaucracy and red tape to obtain permits to do so, there fore a blatant double standard..There have been some god awful crimes committed in the HV area this year. The kid that went on a random shooting spree at the Hudson Valley area mall, Kingston, NY.this year. The convicted sexual offender whom murdered Robin Conroy here in New Paltz, NY after being let out on R and R for alleged rape. The convicted sexual offender whom went on a shooting spree at his former place of employment in Orange County, NY here in the Hudson Valley area..It never ends and it goes to show you how malicious and gullible people are these days, even here in the burbs. Keep in mind, that some of the most brutal crimes this year were committed by WHITES, there fore white rage.
What is the point of hate groups exploiting high school violence? What about school security, anti gang programs, after school programs, and non violent conflict mediation's. If the Guardian Angels went to Kingston, NY, I would applaud that, NAZI's hell no.
MORE on the NAZI rally in Kingson, NY (November of '05): From a local newspaper: Regional News Police turn out in force for no-show demonstration 10/28/2005 KINGSTON - Police beefed up patrols around Kingston High School on Thursday after hearing that a demonstration, mentioned on Web site that promotes white supremacist materials, was planned outside the Broadway building in response to an Oct. 7 assault near the school.
A white student was beaten and a black student was charged in that assault, but police have said the incident was not racially motivated.
Thursday's demonstration, which was promised by an out-of-state radio host and mentioned on his Web site, never occurred, and a posting on the site on Thursday admitted no rally ever was planned. But "there will be activity in Kingston" in the future, the site said.
The Web site advertises whites-only books and related products.
Kingston Police Chief Gerald Keller said extra officers were sent to the area around the high school for a couple of hours on Thursday morning as a precaution. There also were reports of police stationed on Midtown rooftops.
Thursday's activity came one day after city police reported that laminated cards bearing swastikas had been left at schools and other locations in Kingston.
The biggest crime of this whole issue at Kingston High School is that a notorious white supremacist exploited this whole issue of teen/high school violence to promote more hatred in the form of white supremacy and white nationalism. His name is Hal Turner and he doesn't live in the Hudson Valley Area, Turner doesn't even live in NY..
MORE on HAL TURNER and his White Nationalism: .

Kingston, NY -- [Bill: Note that this is not, at this point, an official NSM event, but something Hal Turner has called for that we here may be taking off.]

Thursday, October 20, 12:02 AM EDT
Boy bashed so badly in his face that he needs reconstruction surgery. Smashed cheek and orbit bone around eye requires saline bag wraped around eyeball to hold it in his head! Nigger called the boy a "white nigger" as he was attacking him, yet cops say incident has "no racial overtones."
The mother of boy called-in to Hal Turner saying other white kids in that school are robbed and beaten everyday. I have promised this mother action in support of her son and I mean to make good on that promise.
I call for a rally of MILITANT, pro-white people to stand with me in front of Kingston High School, DURING SCHOOL HOURS, to let those savages know they will answer for their attacks on white children.
I want a militant display of solidarity so the animals in Kingston know we're sick of this bullshit and we're not going to take it anymore. Details about the rally will be posted on this web site in coming days.


Emailed to you by:

Libertarian Socialist News
ATTN: Bill White, Editor

Post Office Box 8631
Roanoke, VA 24014 > As in a recent journal entry, it is to cliche to just say this racisim and hatred of minorities (coming from anyone) must end, we have to act. Send an e-mail to Metal heads Against Racism and the National ARA organizing against National Socialists, White Supremicists and thier activities. There is a link on the right hand side of this journal "Metal Heads Against Racism" as one could get in touch with them,along with the National ARA, or the local ARA here in the Hudson Valley Area whom have group on The white supremicist rally WAS held ( in late November of '05 btw in Kingston. NY) with white supremicists wearing swasticas instead of white hoods More about the KSH incident from a local newspaper.

The incident that seems to have started everything was the Oct. 7 melee that ended with Hedrick hospitalized. According to news reports, as well as published accounts from the boy's mother, Rebekah Hedrick, Robbie was returning to school from an early lunch (at 10:45 a.m.) with his 14-year-old friend, Michael Mahler, when Williams and another boy made comments about the Goth boys' hair. When Hedrick responded, Williams grabbed him and punched him once. Mahler tossed soda at the boys, causing more stomping before police arrived and Hedrick was taken to Benedictine Hospital.

Following an Oct. 8Daily Freeman report on the incident, which referenced a pair of Sept. 30 assaults along Broadway involving a group of 10 to 12 kids, a second report came out on Sunday, Oct. 9 that noted the severity of Hedrick's injuries, which demanded three hours of immediate reconstructive surgery, and the fact that the boy would not only be out of school six weeks, but possibly would not go back to Kingston High, according to his parents.

Within days, the Freeman stories were being posted on the Vanguard News Network website, as well as a second website belonging to right-wing radio host Hal Turner, who describes his two-hour radio show, broadcast from New York City on Wednesday nights, as "designed to be controversial. The show is brash, harsh, irreverent, funny, scary ... and much more."

The roll-out into the larger world of what many describe as "neo-Nazi" or White Supremacist propaganda results, it turns out, from the efforts of National Vanguard member Jim Leshkevich of West Hurley, a 50-year-old truck driver and longstanding political gadfly who claims to have been banned from the Daily Freeman's "comments" section online.

"It was my opinion that the police were hiding a hate crime so I started reaching out to the boy's mother," said Leshkevich, whose National Vanguard HV website describes his group as "the leading organization fighting for the rights and survival of European-Americans in an increasingly hostile world."

"The last words out of the mouth of that savage who beat the Hedrick boy were, 'I hate.' I called the mother just for the hell of it and found that she was feeling betrayed by everyone so I assured her she could get her story heard if she called Hal Turner," he said.

According to Leshkevich, Hedrick told him stories, once he got her talking, about hearing of teachers, students and even nurses at Benedictine suggesting that her son "had got what he deserved." He urged her to call Turner's show on Oct. 12 but she "chickened out." Leshkevich talked to Turner about the case on Oct. 19, and then was surprised when Mrs. Hedrick spoke on air about what had happened, 85 minutes into the two-hour broadcast.

"He's not going back to that school," she said after describing Robbie's being punched by "those colored kids."

Turner then spoke of coming up to Kingston High to hold a "pro-white rally to let the non-whites know their time is over," adding that, "We have a very nasty form of justice."

You can hear the mother sounding nervous as he speaks about getting in touch with "Yankee Jim," as Leshkevich calls himself online, and then starts talking about how "they don't want us to use the word blacks."

When he starts talking about what they'll be doing to the Kingston High African-Americans (using a controversial racial epithet) Hedrick gets off the phone fast and Turner goes on to talk not only about "these subhuman brown-skinned monsters," but how he would be getting out "all the National Socialists, the KKK, the Aryans, the National Vanguard," all within the coming two weeks.

"I call for a rally of MILITANT, pro-white people to stand with me in front of Kingston High School, DURING SCHOOL HOURS, to let those savages know they will answer for their attacks on white children. Let's make a militant display of solidarity so the animals in Kingston know we're sick of this bullshit and we're not going to take it anymore," Turner posted on his website the following day, Oct. 20.

The next day, Oct. 21, he stepped up his rhetoric: "If need be, I can tell rally attendees to come to the event HEAVILY ARMED WITH FIREARMS. I can also contact and deploy SNIPERS with .50 Cal. Sniper Rifles to protect rally attendees. I hope none of that will be necessary."

By Sunday, Oct. 23, Turner was starting to list specifics for a march.

Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal,Stay Brutal, Stay DIVERSE \m/ -l-

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101 rules of PROG (Progressive) metal

A little metal humor here, not to be taken litterally, although some do. The 101 rules of prog (progressive) metal... From the Opeth forum (

Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay brootal, Stay Troo- \m/ -l-

  #1 vbmenu_register("postmenu_4267567", true); 101 rules of prog metal The 101 Rules of Progressive Metal

1. Insist that your definition of prog metal is sacred and that the only progressive bands are the one you deem to be so.
2. Accuse anyone who disagrees with you regarding rule 1 of lacking musical intelligence and not being a true prog fan.
3. Have contempt for mainstream music.
4. Insist that most people listen not to the music, not to the lyrics but only the chorus and that is why prog metal is not mainstream.
5. Accuse anyone who disagrees with you regarding rule 4 of lacking musical intelligence and not being a true prog fan.
6. When showcasing a new prog metal band to a non-musician friend, put on the most technically difficult song, and skip directly to the solo part.
7. If your friend says that it is cool, tell him that he has grasped the grandeur of prog and shown that his intelligence is superior to that of the mainstream sheep.
8. If he doesn´t, accuse him of lacking musical intelligence and not being a true prog fan.
9. Renounce all contact with friend in rule 8. Racial purity isn´t all bad.
10. Make sure your drummer has a double bass pedal.
11. If he hasn´t, kick him out and get another one who has. Single pedal is NOT prog.
12. Own every side-project a member of Dream Theater has been involved in. Listen to approximately none of them regularly.
13. When a mainstream fool asks you what prog metal is, tell him something along the lines of "prog is the evolution of musical expression and experimentalism in rock." In any case, make sure that the person in question is left with no idea of what prog metal is. He wouldn´t have understood anyway.
14. Insist that music should always progress, although as long as you write an album in the prog vein, you don’t necessarily have to.
15. Accuse anyone who disagrees with you regarding rule 14 of lacking musical intelligence and not being a true prog fan.
16. Refer to progressive metal as intelligent music for intelligent people, preferably at every occasion where a mainstream group or genre is mentioned.
17. Note that the above does not qualify as arrogance any more than pointing out that wine is drink for the more sophisticated.
18. A song under four minutes is NOT prog. If you are stuck with a song under four minutes, insert a phrygian solo trade-off between the guitarist and keyboardist as long as needed.
19. If a mainstream fool tells you that shredders are mindless wankers, tell him that "at least they can tune their guitars, har har", and walk away defiantly.
20. Spocks Beard is NOT prog. If anyone disagrees, kill them.
21. Humming along with the melody to a prog metal song is forbidden. Burn all albums you own with hum-along melodies.
22. Loathe all music you used to like before you got into prog. This is not optional. When asked why, tell people that "I am into GOOD music now, why would I go back?".
23. Accuse any prog metal musician that cuts his hair of selling out.
24. Often state that you don´t only listen to prog. Jazz is a good choice.
25. you have more than 3 jazz CDs in your collection...
26. Never accept ANY Berklee graduates. The drop-outs are so much better.
27. Riffs in 4/4 are not progressive. If you happen to come up with a cool riff in 4/4, alternate between 4/4 and progressive time signatures like 7/8 every other measure to ensure the musical complexity synonymous with prog metal.
28. Be able to mention 20 bands noone has heard of, not even true prog fans. Own no releases of these bands.
29. Get an Ibanez. This is not negotiable.
30. Spend 5 hours every day critiquing other musicians on forums.
31. Spend 5 minutes every other day actually practicing your instrument.
32. Yell at people who headbang at concerts: They`re not prog enough to get the music, what do they expect?
33. Sus4 is your friend. To ensure that your album is a true progressive release, include at least one part where the keyboard plays ascending sus4 chords over a single-note broken rhythm in 7/8.
34. Make sure your bandname is either a
a) Oxymoron
-Silent Noise
-Tender Harshness
-Healing Gun
Some geeky sounding name ripped from some obscure book.
c) Random combination of at least 2 three-syllable words.
-Eternal Twilight Tranquility (Can`t get much progger than that)
-Redolent Arithmetic
-Evolution of Vernacular Domesticated
35. Don`t worry about if your band name makes any sense or not. Since 90% of your fanbase is from Brazil and Japan, you can safely ignore conventional English grammar and instead focus on what´s really important: The lyrics (see rule 36).
36. Write deep and ambiguous lyrics.
37. If unable to write deep and ambigous lyrics, include at least one of the following phrases to ensure recognition as lyrical genius in prog circles:
"I`m staring towards ascension divine, caught in my own revelation, a nightly mystery of soulburning apparition"
"Mornings` gentle caress, a ray of sunlight enveloping the spirit of the sleeper ventriloquist"
"A timid, palatable genocide, turn towards the decline of mankind, the festering wound of ages past changes into the soul-spirit of vestigial sentences."
38. Use a non-standard instrument like violin, saxophone or kazoo, regardless of how idiosyncratic it turns out to be. This constitutes being prog.
39. Make sure your bass-player has as many strings as possible. Don`t worry if he uses approximately three of the 11 strings on his custom Carvin 30 kg bass regularly, just give him a bass solo in the middle of your mandatory instrumental tune(more on that later)where he can really show the extent of his instruments capabilities. Imagine the range of scales on an instrument like that!
40. Release a live-album called "Live in Tokyo".
41. Change time signatures. Constantly.
42. Accuse anyone who does not do so of lacking musical intelligence and not being a true progressive musician.
43. Your amp MUST be a Mesa Boogie. If a friend of yours tries to convince you´re wrong and you should check out his Marshall tell him that his tone is thin and buzzy.
44. State that Metallica can´t properly tweak the boogies. They´re so... unprog!
45. Start a Dream Theater cover band with friends just starting out playing instruments. Spend half of the rehearsal talking shit about punk bands and how people don`t understand your music.
46. Play a shitty version of a humongously difficult DT song at a Battle of the Bands-type contest. Metropolis Part 1 or Dance of Eternity are both good choices, as is Erotomania.
47. When your band ends up last, shift all blame over to the judges; hey, they have no idea what good music is! Why else would they let that boring pop band win?
48. Talking about starting playing an instrument; always start with the most technically difficult song you know. Remember, this is a testament to your immense talent, so be sure to mention this on every internet community you happen to frequent.
49. When are you able to play something at half speed very sloppy, proudly state that you "nail" the song in question.
50. People are bound to ask for a recording of the feat mentioned in rule 49. However, you are not able to provide it to them, because a) your recording equipment got dissolved by digestive acid yesterday, you don`t need to prove anything to people. Your word should be good enough c) you don`t know anything about computers (even though you sit by one most of the day), as you spend most of your day practicing your instrument.
51. Tool is NOT prog. If anyone insists they are, kill them.
52. Hate Falling into Infinity. If the feeling that you actually enjoy FII(even the "proggier" songs like TOT)sneaks up on you during a glitch of concentration, remind yourself that DT sold out.
53. Actually, state that DT sold out on every good occasion. This means every time their name is mentioned.
54. Don´t be John Arch. Insist that any pre-Alder Fates is 100% not prog.
55. Do not move on stage. Don`t under any circumstances forget that nobody at prog concerts pays attention to the audience, including the band.
56. The best songs are those that are over 15 minutes, have multiple named sections, and have solos by everyone in the band INCLUDING the drummer.
57. Accuse anyone who disagrees with you regarding rule 56 of lacking musical inteli...Yeah, you`ve got it now, haven`t you?
58. Never ever under any circumstances say "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence ruled."
59. Never let anyone tell you that Dave Weckl is better than any prog metal drummer. If they still insist, don`t kill them, but rather put on the Mike Portnoy drum solo from 1993`s "Live in Tokyo" vid, which still today is the benchmark for good drumming, REGARDLESS of genre.
60. It would still be a good idea to have that gun ready, though.
61. Drummers: Huge kits are MANDATORY!!!! If all you have is a 4-piece with 3 crappy cymbals, then you don´t belong on stage. A 5-piece single bass drum kit is the bare minimum and even that´s on the edges of bare bones. If you have a tiny kit BUY MORE DRUMS AND CYMBALS!!!!!!!
62. No, 6 toms are not enough, MORE DRUMS AND CYMBALS!!!!
63. Reform with old members and release an album intended to make up for years of bad reception from fans (see Yes) or claim your next album will be a return to past glory (see Queensryche). If it flops, be sure to blame a producer or record company.
64. When someone asks you why prog metal isn`t more popular if it is so darned good, tell them that it is because "it is over the mainstream peoples heads".
65. Talent = Technical skill. Hail any band with lightning-speed solos for their immense talent.
66. Publicly state that your band is non-religious, then make many religious and/or spiritual allusions in the lyrics.
67. Stress your openmindedness. State that you like all forms of music, except lower forms of music like pop, rock `n roll, blues, techno, trance, rap.
68. Accuse fans of the aforementioned genres of not being openminded.
69. Get a Kurzweil. As the undisputed <<>>, Jordan Rudess plays it, you have no choice but to get one yourself, no matter what synthezisers you actually like. ALL BOW TO THE MIGHTY 88-KEY <<>> KURZWEIL!!!
70. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO-KURZWEIL!!!!(Futuruma fans will know what I`m talking about)
71. Show off with your equipment. Show off with your playing/singing. Show off with your *ahem* length. Show off with your girlfriend. Show off with anything you can think of. Show off with your DOG for god´s sake.
72. Get a dog.
73. Play air-drums or air-guitar at concerts. This will make sure that other prog fans recognize your immense talent.
74. Stuck in song-writing? Insert a part with a slow single-note gallop rhythm where the singer yells "ENTER THE SUUUNNNNNNNN" several times.
75. Note that you can substitute "ENTER THE SUUUNNNNNNNNN" for either of the following: "FATHER, MY ADOLESCENCY IS AGONNNNNYYYYYYY" or "THE APPARITION DIVIIIIIINNNNEEEE". All three are suitable choices.
76. What do you mean, you haven`t trigged your bassdrum?
77. Remember, faster=more progressive. Slow songs cannot be progressive, best example would be Pink Floyd.
78. If anyone says PF are prog, kindly refer them to rule 1 while you prepare to do a "Varg", so to say.
79. During recording, make sure that you accuse the producer, the recording engineer and half of your band of not playing the song properly at least once.
80. Make sure your album cover contains either a psychedelic computer-drawn image, a lavish painting with mythological figures, or is illustrated by Travis Smith.
81. Write epics.
82. In case you didn`t know, epics must be about adolescency, concerning a legend, or a deep dystopian tale where a cheesy fictional city/world/pizza shop serves as a metaphor for this world.
83. Have racks with loads of equipment.
84. Have racks without equipment. Who is going to see them if you don`t display them?
85. No intro for your song? Insert a single-note broken rhythm accented on the snare, with shifting keyboard chords underneath.
86. Refuse to lend prog CDs to mainstream friends. When asked why, tell him/her that (s)he "will understand when (s)he matures"
87. When playing ANY gig, from the lowliest bar to the most gargantuan arena, be sure that no member of the audience will leave without having heard every lick you are able to play.
88. Have at least 5 solo spots during a concert.
89. In case you have forgotten while reading this, prog metal is intelligent music for intelligent people.
90. No, Marillion is not prog. I kindly refer you to rule 20.
91. BOOOM!!!
92. Buy new albums from past prog-greats.
93. When they turn out to be crap and nothing like the old albums, hit yourself in the head with a hammer until you like them.
94. Hold that there is no bad prog, only DIFFERENT.
95. Of course, that only applies to bands you like. See Rule 1.
96. In case you wondered, Dream Theater is and will always be the benchmark for prog metal. The more something sounds like Images and Words, the more progressive it is.
97. Proclaim Rule 96 to people with a straight face in all seriousness. This is not optional.
98. Have side-projects. Make sure that all side-projects consist of pointless jamming over endless repetitions of clicheed riffs.
99. Make sure that at least one of your side-projects feature Mike Portnoy on drums.
100. If you cannot get Mike Portnoy, get someone who sounds like him.
101. You mean you have been reading this when you could have been practicing along to Metropolis Part II or composing a sidelong epic? For shame!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ballet Devaire NYC with ARSIS

Here's an interesting and TRUE story... Back in 2001/2002 a few drinking buddies of mine were throwing some brutal DIY hardcore and metal shows in New Paltz, NY at Cabaloosa's... One of the promoters was my old freind "Jake" as we used to call him "Jake the Vegan" OR "Vegan Jake"..At the time, Jake owned a vegan cafe (right off Main New Paltz, NY) wich served up some delicious vegan food where a fairly new tattoo parlor now resides... Well, his co promoter Andy graduated from SUNY New Paltz, NY and moved to New Jersey... When I was drunk in a local bar, I asked about Andy and Jake and people said that Andy was starting a ballet (no shit) backed by  a METAL soundtrack, this was rumored about three years ago.... I sort of scratched my head as THAT INDEED was one of the most unique musical, artistic visions I have ever heard....

Screw that shit at Grabalooser's, this dude Andy is right on the money. True to his vision..(:Smacks head: I wasn't just drunk), Andy Carpenter founded Ballet Devaire in NYC as this ballet is backed to the brutal tunes of Opeth, My Dying Bride, and YES James Malone of Arsis... James Malone of Arsis will be playing all 13 minutes of the epic "A Diamond For Disease" (title track of Arsis's latest EP)  LIVE during Ballet Devaire's January performances... Now if you go to Ballet Devaire's website, Benjamin Kolts (Ben Kolts of Hudson Valley area's death metal heroes Malamor) is on of the directors in cooperation with Blunt Force Graphics, and yes I recognize Andy (Carpenter) from his pic, from the old brootal shows here in New Paltz, NY....

I was wondering WHY I was getting so mutch e-mail from Ballet Devaire, everytime I praised Arsis, BAM, "You've Got Mail", oh wait, it's from Ballet Devaire... Aha.

It took me FOREVER to put one and one together, I was thinking "Do I know this people?", and YES I do... Small world, huh..I'm so PROUD of Andy, this dude had a unique vision, and it has come to fruition. Great for Andy, Ballet Devaire, Arsis,  Ben (Malamor), Blunt Force Graphics and Willowtip records too.

Ballet Devaire's SEVEN, set to the brutal sounds of Opeth, My Dying Bride, and of course Arsis LIVE (great taste in music) should be interesting.... This should be awesome as I'm going to try to make one of these January performances.

Ballet Devaire's January performances, melding ballet with extreme metal, should be one of the most unique musical shows of the year... Horns up \m/ to Ben Kolts, Andy and Arsis for this unique musical and artistic vision and DO try to make these perfromances, you WILL NOT be dissapointed... Don't have that "I'm to brootal to go to the ballet" attitude, this will be an enlightening experience..

From Ballet Devaire

Ballet Deviare would like to thank everyone who has already purchased tickets and merchandise.    This is the LAST WEEK for T-shirt/Hoodie preorders.  

This is a ONE TIME ONLY offer.  PREORDERS WILL END DECEMBER 18, 2005; AFTER THAT, THEY NOT BE AVAILABLE AGAIN WITH LIMITED AVAILABILITY AT THE PERFORMANCES.  ALL T-shirts and Hoodies are on high quality American Apparel clothing.  All proceeds go to the production costs of SEVEN.

Preorder at


LESS THAN A MONTH to reserve your seats for:

SEVEN: Ballet Deviare w/special guest ARSIS

 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

The visceral fusion of two seemingly total opposites. A maelstrom of a marriage between the beauty and grace of ballet, and the force and brutality of metal. Bringing high art and extreme music together…Ballet Deviare and special guests ARSIS present SEVEN, January 6-8 at 59E59 Theaters in New York City.<o:p></o:p>


Works will be performed to the music of ARSIS (Jim Malone will be playing the 13 minute version of “A Diamond for Disease” live), OPETH, MY DYING BRIDE, JaKa featuring ELEKTROKILL, CRAIG ANDERSONIC and MARA’S TORMENT.<o:p></o:p>


Proud sponsors of Ballet Deviare: Ibanez, WSOU 89.5FM Seton Hall’s Pirate Radio, Riddick Brothers Design, Blunt Force Graphics, and Willowtip Records. <o:p></o:p>


Reserve your seats now by visiting and for more information.  


Come experience high art, our way!

Monday, December 12, 2005

The return of the WORMS Exodus, Immolation, Cryptopsy East Coast tour dates

"It is so, and it can not be other wise"-Lord Worm- Cryptopsy..
Thankfully, Lord Worm/Cryptopsy, Immolation, and Exodus (Kirk Hammett of Metallica's old band featuring former Slayer skinsman Paul Bostaph) are hitting the road next spring... I'm glad Cryptopsy are coming back to the Hudson Valley area, because they couldn't make it from Canada to Poughkeepsie, NY last November on the Suffocation tour... Well pay backs a bitch, and we shall see Cryptopsy again in the month of my birth... I mean with Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Krisiun in early April and Exodus, Cryptopsy, and Immolation in late April, the rites of Spring and Beltane shall be celebrated righteously..

Apr. 27 - West Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
Apr. 28 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
Apr. 29 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium
Apr. 30 - New York, NY @ B.B. King's

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Why concert attendence is dwindeling in 2K

Why is concert attendence dwindeling during the last 20 years? Don't people support live, original music anymore? Well apperently people don't support live music hence America's fascination with RAP (Retards Attempting Poetry) being whiggers, and wanabee ghetto/ganstas...

For one thing, RAP does not translate well live with the emphasis on samples, DJ's, lack of live instramentation and authentic musicians....While a few rap and R and B artists have either gotten a live band, (LL Cool J MTV Unplugged) or have always managed against the odds to put on a great live show (Public Enemy), most RAP and New Jack R and B is enjoyed in the context of club music, ala DJ's..

I've had freinds tell me, that back in the 80's here in the Hudson Valley area, unsigned bands drew 300-600 people in the middle of that glam trend back in the 80's..No shit... People used to PAR-TAY here in New Paltz, NY and spend half of thier pay check on bar hopping... People would come out just to socialize and if they saw a band they liked, they were instant fans... Of course since RAP and the local rave scene got big in the 90's, (I used to go to RAVES) the college students at SUNY New Paltz became clicky or eltists and would only go to see thier "freinds" in bands play, or prefered DJ's and club music, ick... Hence why 80's night ( a DJ spinning horrid nu wave hits) at Grabalooser (Cabaloosa with it's awful booking and ethics) draws well all the time, and a DJ playing crap at the local gay club (the WAVE) draws over 100 people (or more open only once a week)  as opposed to live music of substance...               Of course with the RAVE ACT implemented, the rave scene is dead, at least in small markets....

Also the lack of musical and promotional identity in bands, artists, and lack of good music venue..The lack of promotion including venues without websites ect.. (there IS the internet the information super highway-a double edged sword these days) networking and ETHICS in terms of DIY (Do It Yourself) booking as people have the wrong idea of "screwing" each other over..  Perhaps working together (show trading) or just being (or letting others be) independent...People are not interested in live music, they are interested in dramas and image over substance wich I and many others despise..... Gimmicks over talent, image over musical substance.. I'm NOT pandering to the lowest common denominator 

As I've witnessed as a a college radio DJ, it does take some talent to be a good DJ in the context of mixing, scratching, ect... However, with the exeption of techno artists ala Squarepusher whom perform thier music with digital samplers, sythesizers,electronics, drum machines, laptops ect (without DJ'ing a record) very well live indeed.. Most RAP/RAGGHA ect. is enjoyed in the context of a mediocre DJ's in clubs..Ick....

At the most, venues book bad cover bands for the draw and alcohol sales as opposed to new up and coming original acts whom could be groundbreaking... Pretty pathetic huh? I found this post on a metal forum ( and I WILL protect the posters privacy) on WHY concert attendence has dwindiled during the last 20 years.Also, factor in the non smoking laws since the summer of 2003 (in bars, public places and clubs ect.) here in NY state wich make winter business in bars and music venues quite sparse (unless it is a huge package tour of national or international acts)..... Why stand OUTSIDE and smoke, missing a bands set in below freezing weather? .Shit, you could buy a six pack, drink and smoke (at the same time)in doors in the winter... Plus factor in with the hardcore scene, you bet, they are underage and the venues can't make a profit off underage kids as they are not old enought to drink alcohol.....

I can't say I've stopped going to concerts, I've stopped going to BAD concerts, with bad cover OR original bands playing... I don't go to the local bars to see the same crappy band (or horrid cover band) play... I don't have the $ for it, and it's not worth it because I don't like the music or the crowd... I also try to be economical., cut down on  transportation costs to shows by perhaps car pooling, and getting a safe, sober ride to and from the show (designated driver).... New Paltz, NY implemented a Safe Rider program in local bars a few years ago, a free, safe, sober ride 10 miles in each direction to cut down on drinking, driving and DWI's..

Bands whom play out of the locality could do the same by investing in a van, motor home, or small bus to transport fans you sell tics to.. Promoters loove bands that bring thier own following, sell tickets, draw and make them a profit off of alcohol sales..Ex promoters (as I used to book local bands) hate it when bands act like morons, make threats and convert resources. You don't get booked by way of threats, blackmail,stealing gigs and a bad attitude ...

I go to see original death/extreme metal .bands play regardless of popularity or trends. I'm loyal to my scene of extreme metal. Most fans go to shows to see the national or international acts, not always the local openers.

I totally agree with this post btw... Support music and not rumors, and support LIVE music and muscians, not DJ's-Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay brootal,Support MUSIC not dramas. \m/ -l-

An articulate forum post (from a booking agent) on why concert attendence has dropped during the last 20 years::

As an artist booking agent (regional, small national) since 1982, I can tell you attendance for shows have consistently been dwindling since the late 80's, It used to be that a strong regional would draw 500 to a thousand (sometimes more!), but to day if a regional draws three hundred, that's exceptional. Young people are not going to shows in any numbers like they used to, they're not replacing the people who are now older that used to support live music all the time. I can remember in the 80's, I could book a band 5 to 7 nights a week at the same venue in a town of 30,000! Now I'm lucky to get a whole weekend at any venue for a band.

There are many reasons that live attendance has fell so sharply, they include competition from other entertainment mediums, such as video games, movie rentals, cable TV, surround sound home theatre, & the internet. People do not have to leave the house to be entertained, & that entertainment dollar is split up in to many ways, someone has to loose out.

Drunk Driving laws have hurt the bar business in general. The witch hunt for under age drinking has not helped, but one of the biggest reasons why bands on a grass roots level do not draw like they used to is that hard rock/heavy metal bands just don't entertain like they used to. All through the 80's there were many large regional cover bands that put on what amounted to a concert show, they had hundreds of par cans, huge light trees, hydraulics, large sound systems, even laser light shows! They knew how to work a room, they dressed the part, played the part, & people at it up! Club owners used to be more concerned with a bands production, then almost anything else, & they paid good money for it, some acts consistently made over two thousand dollars on a Friday or Saturday night, & a thousand on a week night! Then the alternative movement showed up & less wasmore. Bands started doing more original songs. The huge regional shows started disappearing, bands were popping up all over the place, willing to play for nothing, & the bar owners saw them coming! They would book these acts on 3, 4, band bills (still do) & have them split the door receipts. Well, you get what you pay for, & most these acts were total shit, the kids stopped coming to the live music venues because they were tired of paying $5.00 or more cover for bands that were worthless, especially in college towns. So, instead they turned to DJ, Rap, Raves, what have you, & live music has not recovered since, though there are signs of a slight come back.

I love good original music bands, but at a grass root level (meaning bars) people on a whole want to hear cover tunes, songs their familiar with, & who can blame them, especially when there is so much, well, untalented original acts out there. I believe in original music, you have to have it, but you have to play to the audience to, & I think more & more young bands are realizing this, hence I've seen more people at live shows the last two years. Let’s hope it continues, but what has all this to do with well known acts! Everything!

. .

Thursday, December 8, 2005

This ones for Dimebag Darrell Abbott- RIP Damageplan/Pantera one year ago today

EDITED 11/30/09-"Your trust is in Whiskey, Weed and Slayer"-PANTERA- It was one year ago today I heard the awful news of Darrell Lance (DIMEBAG) Abbott's, (Pantera/Damageplan) tragic murder in Columbus, Ohio. I had just woken up, turned on the god awful local radio stations... The radio announcer from WDST (Woodstock, NY) announced that a tragic incident had happened at a Damageplan show (featuring Vinnie Paul Abbott and Dime Bag Darrell Abbott, brothers and former members of disbanded Pantera) in Columbus, Ohio. The radio announcer had said a few people were shot, and then the announcer said Dimebag was shot and to log on to I then turned OFF the radio, in total denial..I usually don't believe anything that local radio announcers say, because they are usually full of SHIT, and paid to talk shit.
I got dressed, and I walked to the store for cigarettes and chow..I was humming Pantera tunes to myself, "Walk", "A New Level" as if to will Dimebag back to life..I was thinking to myself, "Maybe something horrid happened at a Damageplan show, maybe someone got shot, but NOT to put Dimebag's life over concert attendees, but NOTHING happened to Dimebag right?
I even remember going to therapy that day, asking my therapist what had happened at that Damageplan show... Did someone have beef with our fellow metal head Dimebag? WHY? Why would someone do that to Darrel Abbott?
I got home and logged online, and before I could even get onto to the horrible news of Dimebag's death was reported on AOL News... I sat there shocked, then I logged on to and shook my head and said.."This is true, and this is horrible"..I went into the AOL metal chat and kids were freaking out while the elitist metal heads didn't know what to say.. ... I stated in the AOL metal chat it doesn't even matter if you're a PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN fan, it's almost irrelevant considering the circumstances.. Why is it that people are so OBSESSIVE about musicians, people in leadership positions, entertainers, athletes that they live vicariously through them not defining there identity independently?.... Do fans think they "own" these people in leadership positions.....Why is it that us Americans are so obsessed with weapons that we shoot any one whom we have a conflict with? Why isn't there tighter security, including metal detectors, magic wands at concerts, clubs, sporting events and mass gatherings? WHY?
I'm 35 and I'm not a kid anymore. I went to high school two blocks from where John Lennon (Beatles) was murdered at the Dakota in Manhattan, NYC 1980..My grade school teacher had to explain what went down that night between John Lennon and random wingnut Mark David Chapman..I was so young, I didn't understand the dark side of human psychology/pathology at 9 years old... Now, I DO understand although I don't agree about the psychology of socio and psychopaths..It IS important to get help.... Strawberry Fields across the street from the Dakota (in Central Park) is dedicated to the memory of John Lennon whom was murdered on this date on December 8th, 1980..Ironically.24 years to the date of John Lennon's tragic murder, Dimebag Darrell Abbott of Pantera/Damageplan was murdered onstage in an unrelated tragic incident.

What happened at that Damageplan show a year ago today? A former Marine, Nathan Gale whom was mentally disturbed and obsessed with the metal band PANTERA, scaled a fence armed with a machine gun and 50 rounds of ammunition..Gale walked on stage (through a unguarded stage door) and shot Damageplan's guitarist, Dimebag Darrell Abbott and members of Damageplan's crew and many fans. A great sharp shooting cop on a will and instinct walked into the back door of the club as Gale held a gun to the head of a hostage. The cop shot Nathan Gale in the head, killing him and ending the crisis.. By then, a few people, including "DimeBag" Darrrell Abbot (Pantera/Damageplan) were tragically murdered, many of whom were trying to help out in that tragic crisis.
BTW, Nathan Gale had NO relationship with either PANTERA or DAMAGEPLAN..Not AT ALL..... So Gales murder of Dimebag is not an issue of personal/ musical betrayal or vengeance.... Not that the act of murder would justify those intense emotions.... Gale's murder of Dimebag was not provoked but pre meditated... Despite Gales insistent behavior once stating that he "wrote" Panteras lyrics and Pantera "stole" his lyrics, the conflict was in Gales head as his delusions got the best of him... I would not dignify Nathan Gales existence by calling him a PANTERA fan (or Damageplan fan) even if he once enjoyed their music... Gale was clearly INSANE and out to murder Dimebag Darrell Abbott and not at the show to mosh, enjoy the music and meet people..
Dimebag's murder was clearly the act of a psychopath ( Nathan Gale was psychologically disturbed) as random as it was..
Metal horns \m/ to officer James N. for ending the crisis (at the Damageplan show) wich could have resulted in more dead... Nathan Gale was mentally ill, delusional and obsessed with Pantera and the bands 2003 breakup as Gale went on a violent shooting spree..Gale was previously discharged from the military and given orders to see a shrink... Very tragic story..
So pleease, check your head, don't be so obsessive about anyone, and no one owes nobody anything. Don't bring weapons to any concert, club, or mass gathering. Just bring a smile and a good attitude, and have a good time, and if you're not having a good time, then leave, so others can enjoy themselves, and so others can live..Check your EGO's, weapons and check your head....That goes for all of you, and all of US, in all circumstances.
Don't believe what you read in the metal tabloids about PANTERA's breakup. Those guys in PANTERA might have their differences, but alot gets taken out of context in the press (pandering to the lowest common denominator of tabloid press to make a profit) and Phil Anselmo is pretty torn up about Dimebag's death...It doesn't matter what was said in the press, those guys in PANTERA are brothers whom had the best times of their lives together and loved one another... Pantera have toured the world ten times over, and they wouldn't want anything BAD to happen to former and current band mates, friends, family and YES YOU the fans....
BTW, I've seen PANTERA quite a few times and I've had some great times at their shows. Fans have jumped from the lower tiers of Giants Staduim (NJ-OZZFEST) to mosh in the pit while Phil Anselmo yelled, "Get back in your seats!"..I've seen Pantera with Slayer and Fear Factory where there was literally a sick ass pit, with no where to run or hide...Every time I've seen PANTERA I've had a GREAT time, full floor pits everywhere, the smell of weed and beer..Phil Anselmo once explained that despite what the guys in the suits say, metal isn't dead, as he brought some of the best underground extreme metal acts on tour with him including the mighty MORBID ANGEL..Phil Anselmo IS into black and death metal.. I remember when I was a college radio DJ (WFNP 88.7FM-New Paltz, NY ) someone showed me the cover of PANTERA's very first album "Power Metal"..Umm, those guys in PANTERA put a hole in the ozone layer as they were sporting big hair ala hairspray and braces.. They were so young back then..
Pantera cut their hair, and changed their image to almost redneck, confederate flag waving, whiskey drinking, Southern thrashers..From there on in, I don't care how elitist of a metal head you are, PANTERA had the world headbanging......
Sure they were cries that PANTERA were an EXHORDER clone (NOLA thrash metal) but a band with one guitarist (Dimebag) never sounded better and PANTERA and EXHORDER made peace with the musical comparisons... I love the way DIMEBAG Darrel Abbott (PANTERA guitarist) brought rolling, staccato thrash riffs with a bluesy Southern groove into the mainstream of metal....Pantera songs like "A New Level" and "Fucking Hostile" had great, catchy thrash riffs and were often a gateway for metal nubies getting into the metal scene for the first time.
The last time I saw PANTERA was March 13th, 2001 (I STILL have the tic stub) at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY with Morbid Angel and SoulFly.. I bought a tic for a friend to enjoy the show with.. I wanted to check out Morbid Angel again and.. Steve Tucker's vocals were AWESOME! Phil Anselmo was in fine form that night but also humble saying "Hey anytime you want us to play here, anytime"....PANTERA even did a cover of Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever"..Fun show!..
Dimebag Darrells death happened on the swing home after Damageplan's tour with Shadows Fall, and the Haunted late last year. The Abbott brothers formerly of PANTERA have played stadiums worldwide, but were playing smaller, intimate venues with their new project Damageplan a year after PANTERA's breakup.
This ones for Dimebag Darrell as someone online said "If there is a God in the sky, he took Dimebag away because God needed a drinking partner".
Nate Gale's murder of Dimebag Darrell should not reflect badly on metal fans as this was an isolated incident of a random wingnut...
All of us metalheads are part of the same community, we go to the underground shows (wich are smaller) and we look out for each other ... To be a fan of underground metal, it takes loyalty when your fave bands get no radio airplay and aren't on MTV... Underground extreme metal bands aren't rich as they take time off from their day jobs to tour... Metal fans are the most loyal, KNOWLEDGEABLE fans in any genre of music...
So before I go to sleep tonight, I will have a shot of black tooth grin for Dimebag in his memory..Thank you Dimebag for all the great music, memories, riffs, and the hell raising good times... BTW, anyone whom behaves as irrationally as Nathan Gale, including YOU (and we all have dysfunctions, personality disorders) and is that angry at someone whom they don't know in any aspect of the entertainment industry or any walk of life, check your head if you're than impulsive, manipulative, obsessive,or are going to "act out".. Also tell any one else whom exhibits this behavior (including extreme rage, violence and most of all jealousy) to check there head as well..Ratt them out, and don't associate with them for your own safety...After all, as PANTERA said, this is about "RE-SPECT"; Respecting your selves, and others.. It doesn't matter if you like everyone or not, it's about NOT being violent. "Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence, one step from lashing out at you...."Is there no standard anymore? "Be your self, by your self, stay away from me, A lesson learned in life, known from the dawn of time... RE-SPECT, WALK, what do you say? RE- SPECT, WALK..Go home PUNK"-PANTERA (Walk).
The irony of all of this, is that all those guys in PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN had a great relationship with their fans. Mucho support to all of the DAMAGEPLAN and PANTERA crew.
R.I.P. "Dimebag" Darrell Abottt (Damageplan/Pantera) this drinks for YOU \m/ -l-
Also, RIP John Lennon (Beatles) whom died on this date in 1980, as now is the best time to "Give Peace a Chance"..
11/30/09-I can't believe that shit happened to DIMEBAG, he was the sweetest, most charismatic, charming, awesome shredder in metal, a true, grounded, nice guy, with a heart the size of TEXAS..We will always remember DIMEBAG, and the great shows, pits, and good times.
Nathan Bray of Columbus, Ohio
Erin Halk of Columbus, Ohio
Jeff "Mayhem" Thompson of Texas (SECURITY for DAMAGEPLAN)

I loved DIMEBAG's squealing guitar leads, riffs, and charismatic personality-\m/ -l- Getcha Pull

CBGB's OMFUG: Adios CBGB goodbye amigos/CBGB's closing for good

As this will be all for our old friends at CBGB's. Thankfully 70's punk killed disco ( disco and bland classic rock) although punk has sold out, CBGB's offered some of the best club gigs in the NY metro area for over 20 years. Metal, hardcore, metal core, grind, death metal, nu metal, nu wave, you betcha, CBGB's WILL be missed. Thank you Hillel Krystal and all at CBGB's for 20 years of great music. CBGB's OMFUG acronym=Country, Bluegrass, Blues and Other Music for Unknowing Gormandizers..Thank you so much CBGB's for all you've done for music, standing ovation. Support music not rumors, support LIVE music not DJ's.

"We are closing. Our landlord had neither the obligation nor the interest to give us a new lease when our old lease expired in August. Since then, we have been fighting a losing battle, trying to buy time, against our eviction."

"Unless a miracle were to happen, or the landlord were to have a change of heart, we knew we were gong to close. We just didn't know when. Now we do."

"An agreement has been reached... not to give us a new lease, but to give us time to find a new location."

"CBGB is officially closing by October 2006. No postponements, no court dates, no appeals... that's it."

"We are using this time to try and find a new location in New York."

"The rumors of us trying to open in Las Vegas and/or elsewhere are true... but not what you may think. We are staying in New York and we are looing for a space in downtown Manhattan. We are not moving to Las Vegas or anywhere else. We are, however, looking at opening up a sister club elsewhere... perhaps a CBGB West. But the original CBGB, though it will have to move, will remain in New York" 
Stay metal, Stay brootal, Stay rational-Thanks-\m/ -l-

Monday, November 28, 2005

Black Sabbath and the Great rock and roll swindle

Soo, Black Sabbath were the beginnings of doom and sludge. Every other metal/doom band is the bastard child of Black Sabbath as they were invented to scare the hippies. I don't like Ozzy Osbournes solo material with out the late Rhandy Rhodes, and Sharon Osbourne sounds like a cunt to me with the whole Iron Maiden controversy on OZZFEST last summer.... Black Sabbath preffered to not pander to the industry and some populist notion of industry favoritism. I respect that...

That's ok, all you great dudes in Black Sabbath, you are in the rock and roll hall of fame anway, my salutes for being a major influence and inspiration.

The good news from SMNEWS.COM. Black Sabbath - Finally Inducted Into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, After 8 Nominations posted on 11-28-2005 @ 8:37 AM

Heavy metal godfathers, BLACK SABBATH will finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (after being nominated eight times) during the institution's 21st annual ceremony on March 13th in New York City. Other bands being inducted during the ceremony include the SEX PISTOLS and LYNYRD SKYNYRD.

In 1999, SABBATH frontman OZZY OSBOURNE sent the Hall a letter which sums up the Hall's importance:

"Just take our name off the list. Save the ink. Forget about us. The nomination is meaningless, because it's not voted on by the fans. It's voted on by the supposed elite for the industry and the media, who've never bought an album or concert ticket in their lives, so their vote is irrelevant to me. Let's face it, BLACK SABBATH has never been media darlings. We're a people's band and that suits us just fine."

Thanks-Stay METAL, rap has no place in metal, Stay brootal-Tee \m/ -l-

Friday, November 18, 2005

New Vader EP on the way:"This Is the War"

First of all, I would like to thank AOL for adding a spellcheck to this beast of a journal...I sure do need to check my spelling and grammar, lmao.

With that said, there is a new VADER EP/MCD on the way entitled "This Is the War" as the Polish death metal invasion continues with great bands like Behemoth, Decpaitated and others touring the USA well into next year..VADER do release EP's now and then (problably as rationality to tour as often as they do) .as the theme of this EP (depsite it's cheesy CD cover art featuring kill bots) MAY BE the lack of humanity in war or battle as I'm judging from BOTH the CD, song titles and CD cover.. The CD cover (feauturing a picture of "kill bots") is a realistic notion that someday our governments will build machines (ro-BOTS) to go to battle,(in place of of human soldiers) there fore lessening the human toll in war..At least that's MY interpretation of this CD..However, elctronic machines can be programmed to KILL (human beings) with no human emotion, no rebellion, no conciencious objections ect... That's some scary stuff....After all, us Americans have to be pre programmed, briainwashed, robots to rationalize this war on Iraq, until the bodies come home and the middle class kids get drafted.....

FROM BLABERMOUTH.NET. VADER: New Song Available For Download - Nov. 18, 2005 A brand-new VADER track, entitled "This Is the War", has been made available for download at this location. The song comes off the veteran Polish death metallers' latest mini-CD, "The Art of War", available now on Regain Records. The EP was recorded at Hertz Studio and produced by Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawscy. The complete track listing for the mini-CD is as follows:

01. Para Bellum
02. This Is the War
03. Lead Us!!!
04. Banners on the Wind
05. What Colour Is Your Blood?
06. Death in Silence
07. This Is the War (video)

I would also like to add on a NON metal note, that Ryan Adams (RYAN NOT BRYAN) acoustic, studio cover of Oasis's "Wonderwall" (From the CD entitled "Love is HELL part one) is soo melencholy, dark and depressing that I'm actually"comforted" by his awesome version of that song...I hate Oasis but I'm amused by the arrogant behavior of the Gallager brothers (Liam and Noel of Oasis)...                                       Ryan Adams breaks "Wonderwall' down from a pop song to a stripped down, slow, acoustic, guitar picked, folk tune... Ryan Adams version of "Wonderwall" is devoid of  Oasis's pop chord progressions with it's mellow, acoustic fragility....  ...                  Sans Oasis's snarling, obnoxious vocals, Ryan Adams strips "Wonderwall" down to a skeleton with his depressing, erotic, croon..... The dark atmosphere of Ryan Adams version of "Wonderwall" could provoke newlyweds to juimp from a skyscrapers in a suicidal anguish, or comfort the most depressed in all thiier melencholy saddness..Fucking heartbreaking...

Normally I could care less about some AAA (Adult Alblum Alternative) artist like Ryan Adams, but his cover of Oasis's "Wonderwall" is so well done that even I would have to take notice... Nice cover tune Ryan, I'm not so alone in my darkness.. Ryan Adams version of Oasis's "Wonderwall' is uplifting in it's melencholy sadness.

 Ryan Adam's bringing Oasis's "Wonderwall" down to a Prozac crawl:

"Said maybeeEEee, ya gonna be the saves meEEee, gonna be the one that saaaves, meEEEe. You're my Wonderwall".

Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal-Stay brootal, Stay Sane- \m/ -l- 

Friday, November 11, 2005

Suffocation, Vader, Decapitated, Aborted @ The Chance-Poughkeepsie, NY 11/5/05 show REVIEW

Suffocation, Vader, Decapitated, Aborted @ The Chance-Poughkeepsie, NY 11/5/05 show REVIEW: I took a cab to the show, and while riding in the cab, just one block from the Chance Theater a radio announcer said, "If you're going to see Cryptopsy tonight they have CANCELED"... I'm thinking "NOOOOO!"..

However, I was hell bent on enjoying this show anyway and YES I did. I missed Canadian metal core act Despised Icon, and from what I was told, I wasn't missing much..Next up was Belgium's ABORTED. Aborted, whom have recently signed to the major indie label CENTURY MEDIA have released a slew of great grind CD's as this tour is their American debut. Now that ABORTED have inked a major indie deal, we'll be seeing more of these Belgium gore mongers here in the USA..... Aborted's GOREMAGGEDON CD comes to mind as they righteously represent a fresh brand of Belgium Euro grind. Aborted tore up the stage and seemed very cheerful and supportive of both the fans and their touring mates... Aborted played alot from their newest release and got the crowd moshing...

Next up were Polands Decapitated. Decapitated had cancelled a few previous tours here in the USA so this was the first time I had a chance to see them live.. With a new (tall, with nice chest tattoo's) vocalist these Polish teen sensations have grown up and matured musically....Decapitated played a good mix of old and new brootal tunes supporting their new release. Decapitated's new singer stalked the stage with mucho energy, riling the rabid fans into a headbanging frenzy... Decapitated played a blistering set of tunes from previous releases "Winds of Creation", "Nihility" and their new release...A good solid set from Decapitated and they shall be back touring the states early in '06 with NILE....

Next up was the incomparable VADER from Poland..Throughout Decapitated's set, some friends of mine from Connecticut unfurled a Polish flag, as this show of Polish support continued throughout Vader's set..This show of rabid fan support was.all too fitting for Vader, as they are one of the very first death metal bands to debut from behind the Iron Curtain. Vader's .very first demo, "Morbid Reich" is considered one of the most sought after death metal demos and a valuable collectors item....

With ominous opening theme music the crowd began to chant "VADER, VADER, VADER!"... .I couldn't help to think about the tragic death of VADER's former drummer DOC late last summer and I felt compelled to scream out "R.I.P DOC!!" for his great contributions to death metal drumming... Vader TORE. up the stage at The Chance playing such classics from SOTHIS, BACK TO THE BLIND, REVELATIONS, THE BEAST, LITANY and some new material..Me and some friends decided to request our favorite Vader's tunes and Peter of VADER graciously took us on... VADER ripped through a cover of the Slayer classic "Raining Blood" .and the pit opened up and went APESHIT. People climbed over the railing to mosh out to "Raining Blood" (an international metal anthem and you know it, pledge allegiance!) and everyone in that pit went CRAAZY. As Slayer's "Raining Blood" ended Vader's set admist cheers and devil horns \m/....

Next up was New Yawk Death metellers SUFFOCATION (NYDM) and they DID NOT disappoint....SUFFOCATION's Frank Mullen was in fine form at The Chance with his tongue wagging, gore inflicted, morbid humor. The pit was great as the old school metal heads took on the kids and kicked some ass... SUFFOCATION played some material from each of their releases including their latest release (after reforming) "Souls To Deny"..Frank Mullen seemed to have some funny, gory stories while introducing the next songs in their set list. Introducing "Liege " Frank Mullen said,:. "Hey, I'm inviting you all to a barbecue..::::crowd cheers::::. Yeh, we'll have some 'burgers, hot dogs, beer, and bring your girlfriends and boyfriends and we'll CUT them up, CHOP them up, and eat them!". LMAO..Frank Mullen has to be one the best front men in ALL of extreme metal with his GREAT gurgling vocals, charismatic stage presence.and morbid, gory humor akin to Cannibal Corpse live..Suffocation played TIGHT, with their stop on a dime breakdowns and the drummer was right on and the pit responded to these Long Island death metallers with a good, brootal mosh....It's no wonder that Suffocation are one of the most influential and imitated.death metal bands of all time with their trademark New York slam, death metal sound with some technical edges. Clones move over, Suffocation are your metal gods..

SUFFOCATION's setlist in no particular order: Infecting the crypts
Breeding the spawn
Souls to deny
Thrones of blood (AWESOME!)
Torn into enthrallment
Subconsciously enslaved (Funny story by Frank Mullen about being "pyscho" and trying to quell that psychological killer instict)
Prelude to repulsion
Funeral inception
Pierced from within
: Liege of inveracity

In all, it was a great night of no frills death/grind metal and it was nice to see some old school metellers there as I'm most comfortable in my death metal surroundings... Although the show only (as in most underground extreme metal shows in small market areas in the USA) drew only about 100-120 fans, the crowd was friendly as many had traveled hundreds of miles (from upstate NY, from Connecticut, from Massachusetts ect.) to see this excellent extreme metal tour package. I don't care WHAT you think of CRYPTOPSY's new CD "Once Was Not" (which is very good and diverse btw), Cryptopsy put on one hell of a live show, tighter than a bitches cunt, like a train flying down the tracks, killing you with their live brutality... I've seen CRYPTOPSY with each of their vocalists (Mike Disalvo, Martin Lacroix, and the return of original CRYPTOPSY vocalist Lord Worm) as they lay waste to even the best extreme metal bands out their today.... CRYPTOPSY shall return to the USA for another North American tour in '06 so catch them if you can..You will NOT be disappointed.... We'll be looking forward to snacking on some of those tasty worms with LORD WORM and Cryptopsy next year... .


Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay Brootal, Stay Troo-\m/ -l-

Monday, October 31, 2005

Thank you sister Rosa Parks (RIP)

On a somber note...Rosa Parks, one of the most important people in the USA's civil rights and in our countries history (or HERstory) movement passed away at the age of 92 last week. Known for her uncompromising stance against Jim Crow laws in the segregated South... Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to whites (and sit in the back of the bus, if the bus would even ALLOW blacks on) in the segregated public transportation buses.. .
Rosa Parks actions sparked a civil rights movement of boycotting segregated companies and civil disobedience against segregation.. Rosa Parks changed everything, for the better, along with many other courageous people in the USA's civil rights movement... Read the book, or buy the PBS special series on VHS or DVD "Eyes on The Prize" by Juan Williams..
I knew last year that Rosa Parks was sick, but in lue of her death, I'm soo GLAD that she lived long enough to see those changes (civil rights) she and others worked so hard for take effect...Me at 35, I am a quarter Cherokee Indian, half black and a quarter white. I was adopted at 9, by a single parented white woman. Now there ya go, multiculturalism and racial INTEGRATION at work as I'm a generation X'er.. That's how far we've come from segregation thanks to Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement of the late 50's and 60's..Rosa Parks gave us this gift of courage and.let's keep PROGRESSING..DON'T repeal civil, gay and women's rights gains..
Rosa Parks was amazing in her courage because she didn't PLAN on defying the Jim Crow laws, as much as she was simply fed up with it, being your average hard working woman in her 40's at the time.. The boycotts of the Southern public transportation systems and Rosa Parks civil disobedience personified the way many downtrodden, hardworking African Americans felt at the time..There was also ALOT of peer pressure for African Americans, due to segregation laws, to simply move to the back of the bus..Out of four African Americans that were told to move to the back of the bus, Rosa Parks sat down defiant..Rosa Parks action of civil disobedience took major courage because at the time African Americans were being criminalized and murdered for changing an unequal system..It is that sense of identity, self esteem, strength and courage that Rosa Park's had that inspires many of us.
Rosa Parks body lay in state in the Rotunda at the White House (Washington, DC), and I must say that if I could be there and say thank you to Rosa Parks, I WOULD... .
There is no BETTER person, out them all in the White House these days, than the woman whom lays in that coffin, her body in state,in the Rotunda in Washington, DC today.
So Pleease, a moment of silence for our sister Rosa, and a standing ovation.
NOLA rockers, The Neville Brothers payed respect to Rosa Parks so well in their tune from the CD YELLOW MOON::
"Thank you sister Rosa, you are the spark, that started our freedom movement, thank you sister Rosa Parks"
Thanks you sister Rosa, you are an inspiration, a beautiful person and you will always be remembered for your courage and convictions..
Have a Happy (SAFE) Halloween everyone, cheers to sister Rosa, have a great Samhiem, Stay Metal, Stay Brootal,PEACE- Thanks-Tee \m/ -l- .

Saturday, October 29, 2005

ARSIS: New Arsis A Diamond for Disease; is AWESOME!!

WOW! It's great to hear a good tech/melodic death metal band from the USA for a change. Arsis, from Virgina, USA have released thier follow up to last years critically acclaimed "A Celebration Of Guilt" and maaaan, dood. This new Arsis EP/CD, "A Diamond for Disease" is AWEESOOME!
The title track of the new Arsis EP "A Diamond for Disease", clocking in at nearly 13 minutes long is an EPIC track boasting some exellent fretboard gymnastics and technical, guitar wizadry. . Technical, brootal, melodic, well written thrash with grind, this new Arsis EP RUULES.. The guitarist in Arsis is SHREDDING, playing apreggios, sweeps and hammer ons like it's no ones business. The title track of Arsis's "A Diamond For Disease", this ONE TRACK alone, KILLS any of this crap coming out of Sweden's Gothenbore (Gothenburgh) scene of melodic "death metal" and of course these horrid At The Gates/ In Flames melo- swede/death clones in the metal core scene...
The tabs for the title track of Arsis's "Diamond for Disease" must be an incredible tab for guitarists. Very tastefully done,  EPIC, melodic, brootal, tech,melodic death from Arsis... Keep in mind, that very mutch like Germany's Necrophagist (Onset of Putrefaction, one man band era) Arsis are a two man band, and a full band live.
The title track of Arsis's EP A "Diamond for Disease" alone is mind melding, never boring, with it's various crushing riffs, and tempo time changes. If a band writes a 12,-13,-15 minute tune, it should be done epic style as "ADFD" alone is worth the repeated listens. This tune is a masterpiece.
Geez, buy this CD. This new Arsis EP "A Diamond for Disease" is so awe inspiring...
I feel like I'm in on something special with this new Arsis CD, like the first time I listened to DEATH, or Necrophagist, or Nile, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Suffocation. Or the first time I had sex and fell in love.
BTW, I think this new Arsis EP was produced, mastered and mixed by JAMES MURPHY. A familiar name in death metal huh? You SHOULD know who James Murphy is, as he was one of of the guitarists in the great extreme metal pioneering band:DEATH (RIP Chuck Schuldiner, we love ya man \m/). James Murphy has been recovering from cancer treatment and is doing well, back in the scene, producing and mastering up and coming great metal bands. Good job Murph, good production on the guitars.
I don't know if I should be talking about this new Arsis or sharing it with you. So bye. .

Hot on the heels from their critically acclaimed debut, "A Celebration of Guilt", the unstoppable ARSIS continue to fry minds and melt frets with their brand new 3-song EP, "A Diamond for Disease". Featuring the 13-minute title track, originally composed as a score for NYC's Ballet Deviare, "A Diamond for Disease" is an ultimate magnum opus of epic melodic death metal that explores layer upon layer of romantic lead guitar, that effortlessly manages to swim and dart between spidery mazes of mutating rhythms that recall the very best of "...And Justice For All" and "Heartwork". This is by far the band's most advanced material to date, as it was written from a standpoint of orchestral-like complexity, and as such, embraces a painstaking degree of detail in both harmony arrangement and melodic counterpoint. Look no further…"A Diamond for Disease" is an absolute swirling vortex of symphonic riff-o-rama destined to be 2005’s most powerful sonic orgasm. "A Diamond For Disease" was recorded with Eyal Levi (MISERY INDEX) at Hairy Breakfast Productions and mastered by James Murphy (DEATH, TESTAMENT, DISINCARNATE). The artwork and layout was created by the talented Mark Riddick.

ARSIS will perform LIVE with Ballet Deviare January 6th - 8th at 59E59 THEATERS in New York City. Please see for more information about this special performance.

ARSIS’ A Diamond For Disease will be released in stores on October 25, 2005. A 3 minute sample of the epic 13 minute title track is available at ARSIS’ official website,, and Willowtip’s official website,

Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay Brootal-Stay Troo- \m/ -l-

Friday, October 28, 2005

WEST MEMPHIS THREE UPDATE: A ray of hope in the West Memphis Three Case

Just got this news off of the West Memphis Three website ( a link to the right of this journal. Check out both Paradise Lost and Paradise Lost: Revalations about the horrid Robin Hood Hills murders in West Memphis Arkansas back in the 90's. I will have a review of the movie Paradise Lost; Revalations soon.. I belive the West Memphis Three to be innocent as they didn't recieve a fair trial and this case has long been a travesty of justice.
FROM (The West Memphis Three website):      

On February 28, 2005, Damien's lawyers filed a First Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus in federal court.  [For more information, please see our previous Legal Update

On March 2, 2005, the State filed a
Motion to Dismiss Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus for Non-Exhaustion.  Because the DNA evidence is still being litigated in Craighead County Circuit Court, that claim has not been "exhausted" in state court.  As a result, the State asked the federal court
to dismiss the Writ. 

On April 28, Damien's attorneys filed a
Response to Motion to Dismiss Amended Petition for Habeas Corpus.  They requested that the federal court issue an order to stay the Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus and hold it in abeyance until Damien's claims related to the DNA testing are addressed by the Arkansas courts. 

On May 13, 2005, the State filed a
Reply to Echols' Response, again asking the Court to dismiss the Petition.

The U.S. District Court issued an
Order on August 18, denying the State's request to dismiss: "Petitioner's Petition and Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus both will be stayed and held in abeyance until Petitioner's DNA claim is exhausted in the state court."

The DNA testing is not yet completed, so Echols' federal Habeas Corpus Petition is still pending.  We'll update with more information as it becomes available.
  LEGAL UPDATE October 19, 2005

On February 28, 2005, Damien's lawyers filed a First Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus in federal court.  [For more information, please see our previous Legal Update

On March 2, 2005, the State filed a
Motion to Dismiss Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus for Non-Exhaustion.  Because the DNA evidence is still being litigated in Craighead County Circuit Court, that claim has not been "exhausted"in state court.  As a result, the State asked the federal court to dismiss the Writ. 

On April 28, Damien's attorneys filed a
Response to Motion to Dismiss Amended Petition for Habeas Corpus.  They requested that the federal court issue an order to stay the Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus and hold it in abeyance until Damien's claims related to the DNA testing are addressed by the Arkansas courts. 

On May 13, 2005, the State filed a
Reply to Echols' Response, again asking the Court to dismiss the Petition.

The U.S. District Court issued an
Order on August 18, denying the State's request to dismiss: "Petitioner's Petition and Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus both will be stayed and held in abeyance until Petitioner's DNA claim is exhausted in the state court."

The DNA testing is not yet completed, so Echols' federal Habeas Corpus Petition is still pending.  We'll update with more information as it becomes

October 25, 2005
LEGAL UPDATE October 19, 2005

In March, the State filed a
Motion in federal court asking that Damien's Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus be dismissed.  The Defense filed a Response to the Motion followed with

 a Reply.  Please click here for more details.

The U.S. District Court ruled for the Defense in this
Order and denied the State's Motion, with Judge Wilson writing:  "Clearly, it would be a miscarriage of justice if Petitioner [Echols] were not afforded federal review of his habeas petition. ... Petitioner has not been able to exhaust his claims in state court and must be afforded theopportunity to do so. Petitioner has demonstrated that there is good cause to hold his habeas petition in abeyance while his DNA claim is litigated. His claim was filed correctly under Arkansas Code Annotated §16-112-201 and Petitioner is awaiting the results so that he may litigate his claim in state court. There is no evidence that Petitioner has engaged in abusive litigation tactics or intentional delay. ... Therefore, after careful consideration, Respondent's Motion to Dismiss Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus for Non Exhaustion is DENIED." The DNA testing is still ongoing, so Echols' federal Habeas Corpus Petition is still pending.  We'll update with more information as it becomes available.

[Full Story] available.

Thanks--Stay Metal-Stay Troo-Stay Brootal-and may JUSTICE Prevail-Free the West Memphis Three- \m/

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Another Signing in the Hudson Valley area, NY music scene

Yes, I've heard about this local band being signed over a month ago. Congrats to Woodstock, NY's 3 for geting signed to the legendary Metal Blade records. However, it's kind of strange that a NON EXTREME METAL  band (3) would be signed to the legendary Metal Blade records. Then again, Metal Blade signed the NON METAL  Goo Goo Dolls, who were then "post punk" untill a major label signed the Goo Goo Dolls and the band went pop..A good extreme metal band that was signed to Metal Blade that unfortunatlely just broke up was Arizona's Vehemence. Go figure, but good luck to Woodstock, NY's 3.
Woodstock, NY's "3" boast a few veterans of the Hudson Valley area music scene ( a former member of Hudson Valley area alternative band Peacebomb is in 3, remember them?  A member of the emo (ick) band Coheed and Cambiria was once a member of 3... I dunno, post/punk emo on Metal Blade? Then again, Earache (extreme metal label) signed ADEMA (nu metal crapola) after ADEMA got dropped by thier major label and just this week ADEMA's vocalist has left the band... Of course that same year, I think EARACHE dropped or didn't renew  Morbid Angel's contract. Now ya must know that Morbid Angel are a huge death metal influence.
I'm sure 3 know my buddy Morgan Evans (formley of Fuse, BFD, and now DIVEST) whom also boasted a few former members of emo band. (lol) Coheed and Cambria. There is just 2 degrees of seperation between people in this small market area scene of the Hudson Valley area.
Good luck to 3 as they must  have some friends in high places. It doesn't really matter if one "likes" or "doesn't like" emo/post punk or 3..The band "3". were signed to a smaller indie FIRST and used "connections" with freinds, former bandmates to get tours, and major INDIE label interest therefore graduating to a major indie.. That is TEXTBOOK for upwardly mobile bands although there is NO guarentee of success (or making recoupment for a label) in this inconsistent music industry specifically when bands are signed to labels that don't cater to thier genre or are pandering to trends and commercial music and $.
Good luck to 3.
Trivia quiz, who was one of the FIRST bands signed to Metal Blade?
FROM METAL BLADE RECORDS:  3 Sign With METAL BLADE RECORDS - Oct.27, 2005 Metal Blade Records has announced the signing of the Woodstock, NY-based band 3.

According to a press release,"3 is a band apart: Dark yet uplifting, spiritual without any connection to religion — theirs is a sound that transcends the genre conformity of modern pop culture. Rapid-fire acoustic guitar infused with dynamic percussion, animated drumming and thunderous bass culminate in a listening experience that is at once accessible and unique. Poly-rhythms pulse within a symphony of driving metal guitars and melodic vocal acrobatics. 3 offers musicality without pretension. We double dare any music writer to describe the sound.

"3 came together in the mid-1990s and very quickly developed a strong local following. In the year 2000, 3 landed a recording contract with Planet Noise Records, and released their debut CD, 'Paint by Number', an exquisite collection of 14 tracks.

"In 2003, 3 released their follow-up CD, 'Summer Camp Nightmare', an album that marked an evolutionary leap in the bands already highly developed sound. When fellow NY-based rockers COHEED AND CAMBRIA got their hands on this record they insisted that 3 hit the road with them, and the rest, as they say, is history.

"Enter 2005, the band signed to Metal Blade Records and prepared the re-release of 'Wake Pig', which was previously released by Planet Noise Records in 2004, with new art and lyrics which were not in the earlier version, two new songs, a couple of remixes, and Max's vocals added to the song 'Where’s Max'."

Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay Brootal-\m/ -l-