Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2007 (extreme metal)

Here are some bands that are due for new releases in 2007 that troo metal heads want to hear. Notice NO Hawt Topic Mall core.

Novembre, Marduk, Skinny Puppy, Vital Remains, Nile, Pig Destroyer (Hails to Jennifer, lol -l-), County Medical Examiners, Benediction (comeback), Primordial, Immolation, Leng Tch'e, Aborted, Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus, Maleveolent Creation, Vintersorg, DodhimsGard (DHD), Funeral, King Diamond, Megadeth, Naglfar, Dimmu Borgir (NOT black metal you hot topic mall core pussies)., Managarm, Obituary, Mortician (DVD), Porcupine Tree, Katakalysm and many more..

NO ONE CARES (AVOID THIS FEST) IN 2007..OZZFEST.."Freedom just another word for nothing left to lose, nothing baby, nothing it aint free"-Janis Joplin

LOL. bwaha, KILL IT....OZZFEST went free and corperately sponcered, sounds like desperation...                . I'm not interest in mall core as OZZFEST was always the most commercial of American hard rock fests and not even Extreme metal... Although Jack Koshic may have ripped off dozens of bands and had even more pay to play local acts almost to the point of extiction with competitive mall/hard rock tours.. Jack Koshik's  Milwalkee, California, and NJ Metal Fests (90's) were very important in bringing extreme metal acts from over seas for thier first ever shows on US soil...Of course the Maryland Death Fest has been a death/ grind slug out since 2003.Progressive Power in the USA and Europe and the New England Metal Fest are also staples... Check out the Heathen Crusade Fest along with many other Extreme Metal Fests coming around here in the States...  I figured Sounds of The Underground (almost identical lineup of crap that OZZFEST has to offer) and Gigantour stole OZZFEST's thunder as they are competing festivals.. Keep in mind most of the bands on OZZFEST have ALWAYS had to pay to play (record labels pay to play for the artists on the second stage, payola).. Sharon Osbourne's conspiracy against Iron Maiden ( 2005 complete with egg throwing incident on stage) was the most selfish, horrid action I've ever heard from a festival promoter dividing and alienating fans, artists and industry insiders alike...I suppose (OZZFEST being semi free for the fans) this is all damage control of sorts, but I never really cared for OZZFESTS lineup and OZZY is waay to old and no longer  reliable on stage. .

The lowdown is you get your tics for OZZFEST through sponsors but this is how mutch a concert tic costs at the very least:  $0 - ticket price
$5 - printing fee
$8 - shipping and handling
$6 - surcharge
$6 - administrative fee
$9 - event security fee
$8 - venue surcharge
$7 -permit(s) fee(s)
$14 - miscellaneous charges
$63 - charge for your free ticket

Wait... Gas, toll, transportation costs and food, beer prices as vendors on site will keep your wallets open..

That's a guestamate.... OZZFEST is indoors and hopefully not seated, because the pit you know..I expect some pay to play acts and over all dumbness as I've avoided this fest of crap since the mid 90's..You really couldn't pay me to go..

MORE ON OZZFEST 2007: FROM BLABBERMOUTH.NET.: The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that OZZFEST 2007 tickets “would be paid for and distributed by sponsors, such as Jagermeister, which will present acts at the second stage, located in amphitheater parking lots.”

“All I can say is stay tuned,” said Michael Guarracino, with Osbourne’s management firm.

Last year, though, she said, the fees earned by bands, including about $325,000 a show for the group SYSTEM OF A DOWN, almost sank the festival.

“They’re taking four years off, we paid them so much, and we’re still working,” she said. “I’m not doing that again.”

She said the idea to cut the ticket price to zero happened during a meeting with Michael Rapino, CEO of concert promoter Live Nation.

They considered playing smaller indoor venues, or charging $5 or $10 a ticket, when, finally, they decided to put on the show for free.

“There is enough for everyone. . . . The bands can do other gigs on the road. They can sell their merchandise and their music.”

More on  OZZFEST FROM BLABBERMOUTH. NET. and CMJ:                            The full article can be read here.Report: At New OZZFEST, Freedom Ain't Free - Feb. 7, 2007

Lee Bains of CMJ (College Music Journal, a weekly magazine of and for the music industry and college radio stations inthe United States and Canada) reports:

"Announcing yesterday that this summer's Ozzfest will be a free event, Sharon Osbourne waxed altruistic, saying, '[We] want the kids to be able to afford to come out and have an incredible experience. If we continued with the traditional touring festival model, we would have no choice but to raise ticket prices again this year.' Osbourne locates blame in the bands for those spikes in ticket prices, saying that ticket costs have 'steadily climbed as artists demand more and more money for summer tours.'

"According to an anonymous source, over the last few years, the mall-metal matriarch has actually charged developing bands up to $75,000 for the opportunity to tour on the festival's second stage. So if a free Ozzfest isn’t a reaction to money-hungry bands, what is it?

"Well, it might have something to do with the $1.5 million loss, as reported by an anonymous source, that LiveNation — the festival's promoter — is rumored to have suffered as a result of last year's Ozzfest. John Vlautin, Vice President of Communications for LiveNation, declined to comment on the profitability of their ventures.

"Osbourne plans to offset the profit lost by free admission 'by getting bigger sponsors to be involved with the festival and underwriting the festival.' According to Vlautin, J├Ągermeister and Monster Energy drink have already signed on."

Read the entire article at CMJ.


OZZFEST 2007...FOR FREE - Feb. 6, 2007

"This will change everybody's impression of theway touring in the summer in America should be." -- Sharon Osbourne

Imagine a day of wall-to-wall hard rock.

Imagine the world's greatest headliner sharing a bill with cutting edge new artists.

Imagine if this brass-knuckled beast was hellbent on coming to your town.

Imagine this earth-pounding event...FOR FREE.

2007 will forever mark the year Ozzfestspiked the concert industry's punch and gave every head-banging American kid a reason to strap on an air guitar with the historic announcement that tickets to the summer's premiere touring concert festival won't cost fans a dime.

Testing one, two, three...

That's right, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and tour producer Live Nation broke the news today at the Concert Industry Consortium in Los Angeles that their 12th annual hard rock spectacular — a 25-date extravaganza launching July 7 in Los Angeles — is pulling the plug on ticket prices and giving the power back to the fans calling this summer's Ozzfest "FreeFest." The other Ozzfestcities as of now are San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, Kansas City, St Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Hartford, Charlotte, Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Nashville. Note: a final confirmed list of cities and dates is forthcoming.

"For the last few years," says Sharon, "ticket prices have steadily climbed as artists demand more and more money for summer tours. We certainly want everybody to make money, however we also want the kids to be able to afford to come out and have an incredible experience. If we continued with the traditional touring festival model, we would have no choice but to raise ticket prices again this year."

Cited as "one of rock's biggest juggernauts" in the cover feature of Sunday's New York Times' "Arts and Leisure" section (6/25/06), Ozzfest and Live Nation will turn to sponsors to provide added support for the festival's new incarnation. This summer's Ozzfest will provide select sponsors with a unique opportunity to engage fans one-on-one utilizing one of music's best known brands.

"We're reaching the same point we did years ago when kids no longer wanted to pay for overpriced CDs," compares Sharon."As a result, they found alternative ways of getting music. That's what's happening with summer touring in this country, it's out-pricing itself. We started this and we want to keep it and we want to make it bigger and bigger each year by getting bigger sponsors to be involved with the festival and underwriting the festival. That's what it's about."

"For the past 11 years, music fans have made Ozzfest the most successful and enduring rock music festival in the United States,"said Jason Garner, Live Nation President of North American Concerts. "What better way to say 'Thank You' to the music fans who have made this possible than inviting them to attend Ozzfest for free."

To gain entry into the event, fans will go to or to find links that will direct them to special sponsor sites where tickets can be secured. More details regarding the process are forthcoming.

As Ozzfest's founder and namesake, Ozzy will make his triumphant return to the headlining position on this year's mainstage after surprising fans last year by performing on the down-and-dirty second stage at a handful of dates. Audiences can expect the Prince of Darkness to unveil new songs from his forthcoming studio album, Ozzy's first disc of new material since 2001. While the rest of the in-progress bill is under wraps, Sharon points out, "we have bands committed, but we're hoping that after today's announcement we'll have a whole influx of artists who want to be a part of something this ground breaking. We know there aren't any major headlining acts that would tour all summer for nothing, but we're confident we can turn some of the genre's biggest bands on to what we're doing and have them come out to play a date or two. If they're in town and want the rush of performing in front of 20,000 frenzied kids, they're more than welcome to join us. They can sell their t-shirts, CDs and whatever else they've got. They're also welcome to book their own shows in local venues on the day of Ozzfest. I'm not stopping them. People have to be creative and think of alternatives."

Since 1996, Ozfest has been a virtual breeding ground for rising bands. The festival has been instrumental in igniting the careers of platinum-selling artists like SYSTEM OF A DOWN, DISTURBED, LINKIN PARK, INCUBUS, SLIPKNOT, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and GODSMACK. Along with supporting bands on the rise including AVENGED SEVENFOLD, MUDVAYNE, LAMB OF GOD, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and LACUNA COIL, among others.

"Ozzfest was created to keep this genre of music alive by showcasing new talent," states Sharon. "You better believe we're going to keep perpetuating that by hand-picking compelling new bands that are hungry for Ozzfest's career-making exposure."


Sunday, February 4, 2007

ITP V.07: Best of EXTREME METAL 2006

Ok, this is loong over due, consider unforeseen circumstances, personal issues, deaths, my own dysfunctional depressive mindset and just being plain busy... My computer is crapping out on me, and I have a zillion and one things to do, so this might take a while, as this singular entry will be updated and expanded through out the week. Blah..This best of 2006 couldn't be on you charts huh? Nah, there's no confusion here as there's no hardcore, emo, nu metal, metal core, no rap ick.. No, we'll have none of that trend crap.
Opinions, opinions..
1.NEGURA BUNGET- OM-Romanian atmospheric black metal with a minimalist feel. Awesome, sonic listening experience. This CD comes with a free DVD as many new releases are packaged like this. .
2.ANNAL NATHRAKH-ESCHATON-UK post black metal duo of the most nihilistic order.
3. GWYNYNBLEIDD-AMARATHINE-EP- (THE END RECORDS) post black, progressive death metal  with a melancholy
(folky) feel from NYC, awesome.
4.DOLORIAN-VOIDWADS-doom/black metal from Finland..Polarized between both genres and very good indeed..
5.KAYO DOT-DOUSING ANEMONE WITH COPPER TOUNGE-An off shoot of doom experimental metal band Maudlin Of the Well, post experimental seven piece doom/metal/rock band from Massachusetts USA.. From jazz, to grind, to avant garde, to death metal, Kayo Dot throw a curve ball in the genre of post experimental metal. In all of Kayo Dot's weirdness, maybe I'm over rating them, but I loved Maudlin of The Well.
6.MARTYR-FEEDING THE ABCESS-tight as fvck, brutal Canadian tech/deatth metal featuring Dan Mongrain formally of Gorguts.
7.SPAWN OF POSSESSION-NOCTABOLANT-excellent Euro/Swedish tech death metal.
8.PSYCROPTIC-SYMBOLS OF FAILURE-One of my fave death metal bands, great tech death.
9.GOROD-LEADING VISION-Fuck all that arguing about the Wold Cup vs.Italy,. the French have a excellent death and black metal scene. Excellent tech-death metal from France, also check out Gorod's first release "Neurotripsics" . These two CD's have some shred on it, PLUS the band sports a female behind the drum kit and she can play..
10. INDESCINENCE-NOCTABILISM-Wow, almost identical CD titles in my top 10, lol. Exellent doom band to check out from London UK.
11.NACHTMYSTYIUM-INSTINCT DECAY-If you like KVLT black metal acts such as Xasthur and Levathian you will think this release is godly with experimental, psychedelic, depressive tones..
13-MELECHESH-EMISSARIES- Awesome, blackened extreme metal with an Mesopotamian theme.
14-NOVEMBRE-MATERIE-Great melodic doom from Italy. I always loved that song Cold Blue Steel from Novembre's earlier release.
16-STALLAGH-NIHLISTIC TERROR-Unholy metal batman, one of the most terrifying releases ever. This act, from the Netherlands recorded the vokills for this release in  various mental institutions, I'm not kidding... Terrifying.
17-NADJA-BODY CAGE-Canadian ambient/ drone doom act with a penitent for atmosphere.
18-VORKREIST-SUBLIMNATION XXIA- Another French Black metal act to look out for.
20-SAGH-ST-stoner doomish stuff from Scandinavia. Did you seem them on tour with Celtic Frost last fall here in the USA?
21-SOLITUDE AETURNUS-ALONE-Excellent doom band from Texas USA, check them out.
20.DEICIDE-STENCH OF REDEMPTION-Much better release with a new lineup,. catchy with guitar solos. -l-
21.ENSLAVED-RUUN-From black metal to post prog extreme metal, Enslaved's concept CD's are as stimulating as they are intriguing, and inspiring....ODIN endorses.
22-VADER- ART OF WAR (EP) /IMPRESSIONS IN BLOOD-CD-Both releases were solid although I prefer Vader's earlier releases of Sothis and De Profundis.. Although Vader are now  more thrash than death metal, still a great band and crushing live..
23-CELTIC FROST-MONOTHEIST-black metal/avant garde pioneers came back after a 17 year lay off with a CD that lays waste to Cold Lake and perhaps rivals To Mega Therion and Morbid Tales with an amazing tour to boot...
24-IMPALED NAZARENE-PRO PATRIA FINLADIA-Although I prefer the raw minimalist BM this CD is aggressive, grindy, and umm, punky..Black Metal to sacrifice a goat to or a virgin whore.
25-SUFFOCATION-ST-Better production than Suffo's 2004 comeback release, although nothing tops Effigy  in my humble opinion and remember Suffocation pioneered the NYDM slam sound, all other bands are clones.
DARKTHRONE-THE CULT IS ALIVE-kerplunt.They lost me here. Punk and roll?Black and roll? I'll explain more later. However Transylvanian Hunger remains a fave..

DISSECTION-REINKAOS-After being imprisoned for the homo phobic murder of an Algerian man, it must be said that this lack luster release proves that perhaps Sacramentum were just as good of a melodic black metal band then Dissection. Jon's suicide last August was no redemption. RIP Jon and also RIP to his victim.
SHINING-(WAR)- (Black metal from Scandinavia)..Very controversial act, very "in the moment" depressive/psycho black metal.Maybe I'm overrating this band.
MERRIMACK-OF ENTROPY AND LIFE DENIAL-French Black metal, excellent.
DEINOYCHUS-Great guys and great doom metal from Italy.
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION-excellent funeral doom.
DRUDKH-Check out Blood in our Wells...
ARSIS-Good melodic death metal from the USA. When James Malone plays, he shreds. Arpeggios, sweeps, " A Diamond For Disease" was my theme song for a few months.
KATE BUSH-ARIEL/SEA OF HONEY-Just sing to me, just play piano, I think I can handle life when Kate Bush puts out a CD once every 7 to 10 years. It's literally orgasmic, I'm beyond words, on bended knee. Marry me Kate.. :wink:.. Nice to hear from her in her domestic bliss (even if the songs are sometimes about doing laundry and hanging with her kid), the bird song had me on the floor..(late 2005 release)
SQUARE PUSHER-HELLO EVERYTHING-A fan up till Go Plastic, this drum and bass/ambient genius has my attention..
NOXACT-Norwegian slang for idiot, this three piece post rock band hailing from Norway (with a fiddle or violin) player is quite unique.
BJORK-WITH THE BRODSKY QUARTET-/FAMILY TREE DISC SET- Not released in 2006,LOL. Expect some new stuff from her in 2007. Not that I would care, other than carnal lust..Although Bjork is a talented vocalist, I don't care for the trip hop, commercial production on her CD's. However,.. I got turned on to a box set of this Icelandic singer performing with a string section (Bjork with the Brodsky Quartet or Family Tree disc set) that just blew me away, damn. Buy the box set with the string section. Yeh, that.. Don't just say "Possibly Maybe".. ..
JACKSON BROWNE-LIVES IN THE BALANCE- Acoustic Live Version-(I just threw you for a loop hey, lol.) Great anti war antthem from the 80's, perfect for protesting this horrid conflict in the middle east wich could become of course our generations Vietnam... This song is biting, lyrical, genius.
ESOTERIC-METAMORPHOGENESIS-Great British funeral doom-Not easy listening, but cathartic, depressive, death/ doom...The serotonin levels in your brain might drop a bit after listening to Esoteric... The doom trinity of Unholy, Skepticism and now add Esoteric. Of awesome influence.Also check out doom bands Thergothon and Winter.
LYKATHEA AFLAME-ELVENEFRIS-Death/doom/grind of a positive new age. A must listen  as Elvenefris is this Chec Republic bands only release... Holding out hope for a new Lykathea CD soon. The new age track with bird song is fucking awesome. "As the Sun for the Earth, Let's become, Salvation". .
DISEMBOWELMENT-reissues-TRANSCENDENCE INTO THE PERIPHERAL-Thank you Relapse. \m/ . Great Aussie Doom.
MESSHUGGAH- I- mixed reviews for this CD? Um, the polyrhythms  have me counting measures, and argh, wow. Just to get the grips on the musicianship on this. Godly.
! TOOH !-RAD A TREST- Yes, I had a hard time finding or downloading this defunct band because of the rather unique way the band name is spelled. Excellent experimental grind band from the CZECH REPUBLIC.
DEMILICH-NESPITHE- This death metal band sports an almost death and roll feel with jazzy/spasmodic interludes... Not too tech, but featuring a vocalist whose rather unique death vox (a cross between Unique Leader bands burping vocals and deep, spooky, spoken growl, hard to describe) draws my attention. Demilich's vocalist, the Barry White (without the romantic shit) of death metal? Right on with Unique Leader and Neurotic records releases, always some good death metal on those labels.

DARKTHRONE-A BLAZE IN THE NORTHERN SKY- A Darkthrone classic whom unintentionally spawned a shit load of black metal clones.... Inspired minimalism..
EMPEROR-IN THE NIGHTSIDE ECLIPSE-Simply put, one of the best black metal CD's ever released, awesome, inspiring..
First of all, thank you for celebrating 666. June 6th, 2006.. Yes, I used a magic marker and put 666 on my fore head for kicks and giggles, and counted down with some brrootal people (and beautiful women too) to 666 PM. Then a brutal wrestling match... Other friends got married, ripped up bibles, dressed in corpse paint and gauntlets. Another 10 years until this happens again.. \m/ -l-
We would like to thank all of the aforementioned deceased for their contributions to music/metal, the community and our lives.
R.I.P Only sadness prevails....
MOVIES- METAL- A HEADBANGERS JOURNEY- DVD- 2 DISC SET-Excellent documentary on metal with hilarious interviews with Dee Snider, Slayer, Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Enslaved, Emperor, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Tom Morello, Anvil, Alice Cooper, Cannibal Corpse and others. Headbangers Journey,. if not a metal 101 as the glam scene we can do without... The second DVD has a good documentary about the Norwegian black metal scene including the Church burnings of the early 90's... The interviews in Norway were well done, and gave perspective to both sides including interviews with the clergy of the burned churches, college professors, and bands/fans in the scene at the time  (church burnings, satanism) with great articulate insight.. The chick belly dancing to metal (Norway) was umm, awesome, Mayhem were not as think as as you drunk they were.... Sam Dunn did a great job on this documentary as WACKEN looks great, as certain scenes brought to mind why I fell in love with metal and it's outcast culture. This documentary breaks stereotypes about metal fans as some are very articulate... Expect Sam Dunn to release a second metal documentary "Global Metal" in the fall of '07. Horns up to Sam Dunn, keep it metal and underground..\m/..
BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN-Good movie if not for the mainstream over hype. Great cinematography (filmed in Canada not Wyoming) about a same sex relationship (two male cowboys) in a hostile environment ( in the 60's/70's) vs. dissolving marriages of convenience..Good movie..
LAST DAYS-Gus Van Sant is known for his lack of dialogue and cohesion within his characters. This is eerie, as this character (supposedly Kurt Cobain) in a heroin haze, isolates himself in a depression and takes his own life. It goes to show you, with a dozen people in a house, one could be so alone.Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal, Enjoy your winter hibernation \m/ -l-