Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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A few new links for ya brutal metal heads \m/ -l-.. First Return to The Pit for some great pics of great metal shows around the tri state region. http://www.returntothepit.com./

Secondly, Metal Injection for metal artist news, interviews and reviews. Metal Injection 

Metal storm for GREAT, and BRUTAL extreme metal artist interviews, reviews, and news. http://www.metalstorm.ee/home/index.php

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I will post my legendary "Random Thoughts" journal entry later. Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal and Stay Brutal -\m/ -l-

Friday, May 12, 2006

ITP V.06 ONLY ONE PER COFFIN: Floyd Patterson, a local hero, great champion, and nice guy RIP

Yes, I liked a little LL Cool J back in the day, and LL's unplugged version of "Mama Said Knock You Out" was awesome  (although not metal) back in the day... Speaking of one of the most brutal sports, boxing, a local hero has passed away..
Here in New Paltz, NY, back in the 90's, me and friends used to sit and socialize on the "stoop" that was Hoffman's deli back in the day off of Main Str.... We would sit, and socialize and watch on coming traffic..One day, and handsome older, black man would pull up at the traffic light between Main Street and 32 North and wave to us street urchins and locals. My friends would say, "That man there is Floyd Patterson, one of the greatest boxing champions of all time, he's a really cool guy, and he lives in New Paltz..". 

Floyd Patterson was one of the coolest, most grounded, and friendliest athletes of all time. Floyd Patterson would always take the time, even if YOU didn't know him, to say hello to everyone around him making them feel good to be in his presence... For an athlete of Floyd Patterson's stature to be so secure, kind and gentle, this man is so above the pitfalls of celebrity it's refreshing to have even said hello to him. I wish more high profile athletes, musicians and entertainers were more like Floyd Paterson... Sometimes saying hello to someone can make their day. I'm sad to say, that Floyd Patterson passed away to Alzheimer's disease late last night..
My biological grandfather, a handsome Cherokee Indian passed away to Alzheimer's when I was just a kid. Former President Ronald Reagan passed way to Alzheimer's in 2004, and his wife Nancy Reagan has lobbied for stem cell research, going against the right wing policies (and her and her hubbies own former beliefs) of pro life. Stem cell research would require transfer of stem cells from aborted fetus's into humans. Right wingers oppose stem cell research because it contradicts pro life beliefs.
Stem Cell research could possibly alleviate symptoms and be a future cure for Alzhiemers and many mental illness's as well.
Floyd Patterson is survived by two sons, Floyd Jr. and Tracy Patterson whom were are also professional boxers.
Floyd Patterson is a local hero, good neighbor and community member, great boxing champion, and all around nice guy..All of us in New Paltz, NY miss Floyd Patterson and were wondering why we hadn't seen Mr. Patterson driving his car, waving at locals since the later part of the 90's.
R.I.P. Floyd Patterson, he will be missed, standing ovation for Floyd Patterson..
Thanks--Stay Metal, Stay Brutal \m/ -l-