Friday, March 30, 2012


Portland, Oregon atmospheric extreme metal warriors EP AGALLOCH have completed the recording of the bands new EP entitled "FAUSTIAN ECHOES" due to be unleashed soon in 2012. FROM AGALLOCH: Agalloch have completed the recording of their forthcoming EP entitled “Faustian Echoes”. With acclaimed engineer Billy Anderson at the helm, the band recorded a 20 minute long conceptual and colossal track live onto two-inch tape. The recording took place at Jackpot Studio in Portland, Oregon during March 24th-25th. A release date has yet to be set, but we will keep you all updated through our official Facebook page. This EP will appear on both LP and CD. We have made a photo album of photos taken by Veleda Thorsson of this session. Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


California, USA industrial metal pioneers FEAR FACTORY have announced the track listing and the art work for the bands anticipated new release entitled  "The Industrialist" due to be unleashed 6/5/2012 via CANDLELIGHT RECORDS.


                                                                                                                                                                    FROM FEAR FACTORY: The Industrialist is the incarnation of all industries in the form of an automaton. The mechanical, technological, and scientific advances through the industrial age led to the creation of The Industrialist line-height. In the story, the automaton becomes sentient as it collects memories with each passing day. Through observation and learning, it gains the will to exist. What was meant to help man, will eventually be man's demise.The album is the second written by Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares since reuniting in 2009 after a seven-year split. Cazares says, "Collaborating with Burton again on the new album was like magic. Everything just fell into place naturally. It felt good to recapture the true sound of FEAR FACTORY, taking it back to where it all started while raising it to new levels." Regarding Fulber, Cazares says, "Rhys has been our secret member. He is the one producer who has been able to understand what we have been trying to accomplish from the beginning and has opened our eyes to new things without sacrificing our original sound. His production and keyboard talents has made FEAR FACTORYstand out amongst the many bands of our genre."

"The Industrialist" track listing:

01. The Industrialist
02. Recharger
03. New Messiah
04. God Eater
05. Depraved Mind Murder
06. Virus of Faith
07. Difference Engine
08. Dissemble
09. Religion is Flawed Because Man is Flawed
10. Human Augmentation
11. Blush Response (Difference Engine) *
12. Landfill *

* Available on deluxe digibook only
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l- 

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Digital rights organization "ACCESS GLOBAL MOVEMENT FOR DIGITAL FREEDOM" has beaten the Pakistani and Canadian equivalent of SOPA.

                                                                                                                                                                 FROM "ACCESS GLOBAL MOVEMENT FOR DIGITAL FREEDOM":                                              What an amazing 2012 thus far! In just three months, on the heels of the defeat of PIPA and SOPA, the Access global movement for digital freedom has played a critical role in many successes in the fight to keep the Internet free and open. From Canada to Europe to Pakistan, you have had a hand in some inspiring wins. Congratulations! Here is what we have done together so far this year: 1. Stopping the construction of a national firewall in Pakistan. It seemed insurmountable when it was announced in national papers -- the Pakistani government was planning on building a massive firewall that would severely restrict open access to the Internet. But we helped sound the alarm on their plans and the world began to take notice. As more and more companies who could have helped build this system announced they would not bid, we received word from Pakistani lawmakers that the government decided to drop their plans to create a centralized filtering system that would censor 20 million Internet users. Partner organizations in Pakistan like Bytes for All and Bolo Bhi met with local officials and hand-delivered Access letters calling for them to not build the firewall. Websense, Cisco, Verizon, Sandvine, and McAfee (who received a deluge of messages on Twitter from thousands of our members) pledged not to build the system Your efforts to stop the Pakistani firewall received worldwide media attention, with coverage in Forbes, the Financial Times, Ars Technica, and the News International in Pakistan, among others. Armed with the signatures of close to 20,000 people, we delivered letters to other surveillance companies around the world calling on them to stand up for the rights of the Pakistani people and denounce this project. 2. Putting the brakes on the intrusive Bill C-30 In a survey of our members, you told us that two of top three threats to an open internet were intrusions to user privacy and online surveillance. Bill C-30 in Canada was the living embodiment of these concerns, as it could give authorities unlimited and warrantless access to user data. Faced with a growing opposition movement, the Canadian government hit the pause button and sent the bill back to committee for amendments. Vic Toews, the Canadian Public Safety Minister pushing C-30, faced immense pressure from our members through social media, with many directly messaging him and helping the hashtag #tellviceverything trend on Twitter Over 25,000 people from around the world called on the Canadian government to abandon their plans for C-30, and after weeks of heavy scrutiny from the media and civil society, lawmakers sent the bill to committee. Many commentators are saying that the bill’s supporters, in the face of the public backlash, will not act on C-30 for some time. 3. Millions online and offline take action against ACTA Access in October raised the red flag on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a dangerous international trade agreement that threatened the openness of the internet and free speech online by forcing ISPs to track and watch our every move online. But in January, only days before many EU member states were slated to sign the agreement, protests in Poland against ACTA began to spread throughout Europe. Overwhelming public pressure over the next few weeks, including an international day of protest on Feb. 11, caused Parliamentarians to reconsider the treaty. ACTA, now losing steam, is expected to be voted on in early summer and could be dead by July. The Access’ global movement for digital freedom to exploded from 100,000 to 400,000 members worldwide in the matter of days -- all from one tweet against ACTA! Over 370,000 of us called on the European Parliament to vote NO on ACTA. Facing public criticism, scores of MEPs have backed away from supporting the treaty. Final vote is expected to come by July. Hundreds of thousands took to the streets across Europe on Feb. 11 to protest ACTA in an international day of action. Access, which became a central hub of information for protest organizers, was featured in MSNBC, the International Business Times, and the Next Web. The ACTA rapporteur, Kadir Arif, resigned his position in protest of the process, which he called a “masquerade.” Other countries have backed away from ratification, including Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, and Slovakia. Brett Solomon, Executive Director of Access, spoke at the European Parliament and met with the new ACTA rapporteur, Paul Martin. What an amazing three months! Together, we are part of a growing movement across the world wielding the immense power of the internet to protect the internet. As the only international movement dedicated solely to keeping the internet uncensored and your online privacy protected, our members are the fuel that keep us going. Thank you for all your hard work this year. We’re excited about the next upcoming months, and even more so to have you there with us. Thanks for your support, The Access Team                                                                                                                           Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


VIDEO ABOVE: NASUM: RESISTANCE FROM HUMAN 2.0: Swedish grindcore legends NASUM, currently on a world farewell tour have announced plans for an Australian, European and Japanese tour. NASUM frontman Mieszko Talarczyk died in the 2004 Tsunami, Rotten Sound‘s Keijo Niinimaa to handle the parts of their late frontman/guitarist. FROM NASUM:The following statement was released by drummer Anders Jakobson regarding that and a newly-announced May 11th show at the Kulturhuset in Orebro, Sweden: “Every ending has a start (sounds totally Tolkien)…and this particular start will rule no end! To blast off the Nasum farewell tour, we have decided to book an intimate gig in the city where it all began – Örebro, Sweden. On Friday May 11th, one week before we start the North American leg of the tour, Nasum will do a one off show at Kulturhuset in the band’s hometown. We have asked death metal kings Vomitory and Bombus (Sweden’s answer to the Melvins) to join us for this intimate but special show to send us on our way to grind the fuck out of the rest of the world. At the same time, we would like to announce that we are also planning for a few shows in Japan and Australia respectively this summer, as well as a gig or so in South East Asia on the way there. Stay tuned for dates, cities, venues…and other potential continents. If you live in Europe, it might interest you to know that we ARE planning to do a limited amount of club shows around Europe in September/October. After that, there will be no more Nasum. We want to keep these farewell shows special, and are intent on not doing too many. We are trying hard to come play to as many of you as possible all the while limiting the amount of gigs we schedule. We said it before and we’ll say it again: if you wanna see Nasum blast shit to bits, this is your last chance!” Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Promoters for the 2012 SONISPHERE FEST UK, set to take place 7,/6-8, 2012 Knebworth Park,UK have cancelled the festival due to low advance ticket sales. As in North America, Europe is in the throes of an economic recession. THE SONISPHERE 2012 UK fest was set to have featured QUEEN (re union), FAITH NO MORE, MARILYN MANSON and more acts.

FROM SONISPHERE FESITIVAL UK PROMOTERS: It is with very heavy hearts and much regret that we announce the cancellation of Sonisphere Knebworth 2012.Putting the festival together in what is proving to be a very challenging year was more difficult than we anticipated and we have spent the last few months fighting hard to keep Sonisphere in the calendar. Unfortunately circumstances have dictated that we would be unable to run the festival to a standard that both the artists and that Sonisphere’s audience would rightly expect.We want to express our deepest regrets to the artists and to thank all the staff, suppliers and contractors who worked so hard with us to try and pull off what has proven to be an impossible task and we know how much they share in our disappointment. We also want to send a huge thanks to the Sonisphere fans who stuck by us and we are so sorry that we can’t fulfil what we set out to do.Ticket holders will automatically receive a full refund direct from their ticket agents. . Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Painters for hire? Here are some metal painters, hair whipping as the paint brush, also unionized.
Demential! Cum varuiesc rockerii din Regie: cu parul!!

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


ITP V.012 UPDATE: ITP's author just SWITCHED to the new BLOGSPOT INTERFACE ..There has been WAAAAAAY, to much hype and panic about this MANDATED switch over. The new BLOGSPOT interface takes some time to used to, it's re training your brain, this button here on the right, from the same button in on the old interface on the left, that concept. So far, so good, all widgets, links are in place, as I was prepared for the the "BLOGSPOT Apocalypse",. The new BLOGSPOT INTERFACE is consolidated within your GOOGLE + account, a new wave of social networking, just in case ya hated that FACE BOOK TIMELINE Please keep in mind, I'm just getting used to the new BLOGSPOT interface, so it will take some time to get a feel for it. All syndicates regarding ITP V.012 will stay the same, and if there's any problems with WIDGETS I will fix it soon. My opinion on the NEW BLOGSPOT INTERFACE  graphic design, it kinda SUCKS.. FROM NUCLEAR BLAST: FACEBOOK BAND PAGES UPGRADED: TIMELINE: with Facebook force upgrading all band pages to timelines tomorrow, we'd like to know, what would YOU like to see us feature on our timeline header image? Just curious, give the people what they want, right? Featured band? Featured albums? Let's hear it! Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

ITP V.012: UPDATE: BLOGSPOT MANDATORY NEW INTERFACE: Blogger getting new look in April, most likely final notice

ITP V.012 UPDATE: Yes, there's been lots of talk about highly paid graphic designers ruining social networking sites (MYSPACE, FACEBOOK "Timeline") and now....BLOGSPOT.
Aww, hell, there are 22 year old kids whom really do know what they're doing in a way that doesn't alienate social networking users, and veteran bloggers, unlike the graphic designers of MYSPACE, BLOGSPOT or FACEBOOK's horrid and confusing timeline.
While ITP V.012 is uploaded to another an unnamed blog server (two blogs, mirror blog, two IDENTICAL blogs on two different blog servers-the non BLOGSPOT blog private until I say "Go Live").. ITP V.012 will try to continue on here on BLOGSPOT, because, other than this "new interface" BS, BLOGSPOT has been very good to and supportive of ITP, and I hope I'm not overrating BLOGSPOT as a few other BSP were awesome in standing up to SOPA.

The new BLOGGER INTERFACE, in BETA TESTING MODE through most of 2011, will be MANDATORY starting in APRIL 2012, ARRRRRRRRRRRGH, fucking horrid timing.
ITP V.012 will slow down posting (sorry, something has to give) to switch over and learn the new BLOGGER interface. Me thinks I can do it, I am 'puter LITTERATE and motivated. If, by any chance, ITP's author does not like, I have ITP V.012 set up on a different BSP, and I can walk, with a few tears, and continue ITP on a different Blog server, and YES, I will continue blogging, ITP WILL CONTINUE. I really do love BLOGSPOT, just the way it is or was, don't matter what, no hard feelings.

So ITP V.012 will give it a go, with options, but considering important priorities in my life, ITP V.012 MUSIC NEWS FEATURES Will be postponed until the second half of APRIL: (NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND, DAMNED IN BLACK (BLACK METAL NEWS),

My stress regarding this new MANDATORY INTERFACE issue, is the timing in my life, and the condition of my 'puter, as I'll be, for a few weeks, depending on time, working from two different 'puters, and it will take TIME, to make sure ITP V.012 is
consolidated with the new BLOGSPOT INTERFACE.

ITP's experience with switching over from AOL HOMETOWN BLOGS to BLOGSPOT 10/31/2008 (before then): Quick and Painless, and mucho better (blog entries on DRAFT) then anything AOL had to offer regarding journals.. BLOGSPOT is not even specifying a date for the mandated interface, just a vauge reference of APRIL, lame, do it now, or move it to another BSP now.
I will:
*** Whatever you lose in choice graphics can be re added later. save all LINKS, although some are outdated (DOOMMETAL.COM WHERE ARE YOU?). The ITP V.012 CREATIVE COMMONS GRAVEYARD PIC is SAVED IN MY 'PUTER.
**** If you're switching over from BLOGSPOT to another blog server, the above is guarenteed to apply, it took ITP V.011 eleven minutes to upload this blog to another BSP.
***** You can DOWNLOAD your own BLOG, and save to the hard drive of your 'puter.
During the next few days, or week or so, expect a slower/lower ITP V.012 post count, as I'm working on consolidating ITP V.012 with the new BLOGSPOT INTERFACE.
If I don't POST for a day or two, I'm busy with the new BLOGSPOT INTERFACE and priorities in my life: DO NOT WAKE ME UP AFTER 10PM, or bother me while walking down the street regarding any metal news, later for that.

If you're a college student, graphics arts/internet/designer sounds like a 'rad major, mucho money, as the downside, if you get the job re designing MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, or BLOGSPOT and you fuck it up, alienating users, everyone HATES YOU, hope you enjoy your mucho cash DOUCHE.

BTW, social net workers: GOOGLE + is your new GOD. Ya don't like FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, TWITTER SCROLLS if you're not sitting on it, G MAIL, GOOGLE + and BLOGSPOT are consolidated. So ITP's author will keep her account, don't matter what just for GOOGLE +, the future of social networking.

ITP V.012 will see ya on the other side on the new BLOGSPOT interface, as ITP WILL CONTINUE.
If you have been using Blogger, you should already know that Google has been trying to get you to switch to the new blogger interface. You might have been able to escape the change, but you thought wrong. In April, Blogger is getting a new look in April. The image above shows this on the old style dashboard. I personally have been using the new interface, but had to go back to the old one to make regular template backups. I was experimenting with my HTML of this page earlier today, trying to get a new button put in, which I will talk to you about at some later time.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Promoters for the DEATH TO ALL TOUR, a benefit for musicians health care advocacy group SWEET RELIEF have confirmed reunited Canadian death metal warriors GORGUTS as direct support. The "DEATH TO ALL TOUR", set for June 2012 in U.S. markets will feature former members of legendary death metal pioneers DEATH with Steffen Kummerer (OBSCURA) and Charles Elliott of (ABYSMAL DAWN/BEREFT).

Canadian technical death metal pioneers GORGUTS, have been added to the DEATH TO ALL TOUR 2012! The history and legend that is this band surely makes the tour that much more interesting. Luc Lemay, Gorguts' founder and frontman, is a legend himself and we could not be any more excited about this announcement. Gorguts will be opening all shows up to but not including Orlando. Here is the official statement about the tour from Luc:

“If I owe one person regarding the fact that I chose to become a Death Metal musician in life, I totally
owe this to Chuck Schuldiner.

Back in 86-87 I was already a fan of the genre with Possessed’s 'Seven Churches', Celtic Frost’s 'Morbid Tales' and Hellhammer’s 'Apocalyptic Raids'. But the day I put my hand, DEATH’s 'Scream Bloody Gore' cassette tape, my life changed. All I wanted was to become a guitar player, playing death metal and singing with a raw, evil and brutal voice like Chuck.

So here I am, twenty five years later, as passionate as day one. Being on stage paying homage to this amazingly visionary and creative artist, Chuck Schuldiner. In my heart I see him as important as any composer of the 20th and 21st centuries. He created a language and a musical esthetic that will never be forgotten.”

DEATH TO ALL 2012 – In benefit of Sweet Relief ( This 5 city tour will feature a majority of DEATH's amazing musicians, as well as special guests. This tour is to celebrate the life and music of Chuck Schuldiner, as well as to raise awareness of Sweet Relief Musicians Fund – a charity that provides financial assistance to career musicians faced with illness, disability or age-related problems.

General Admission and VIP Packages will be available Friday, March 30th 2012 at


6/22/2012 - The Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA
6/23/2012 - House of Blues - Los Angeles, CA
6/26/2012 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL
6/28/2012 - Irving Plaza - NYC, NY
6/30/2012 - The Beacham - Orlando, FL (no Gorguts)

To keep up with tour details as they unfold, keep your eye on the following websites:, and

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Florida, USA death metal warriors SIX FEET UNDER have announced a summer U.S. tour with DYING FETUS. SIX FEET UNDEr will unleash the bands new studio effort "Undead" May 2012 on METAL BLADE RECORDS.

June 08 - The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
June 09 - Empire - Springfield, VA
June 10 - Palladium - Worcester, MA
June 11 - Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY
June 12 - Alrosa Villa - Columbus, OH
June 13 - Reggie's - Chicago, IL
June 14 - Peabody's - Cleveland, OH
June 15 - Harpo's - Detroit, MI
June 16 - People's Court - Des Moines, IA *
June 18 - The Gothic Theater - Denver, CO *
June 20 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
June 21 - Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR
June 23 - The Metro - Oakland, CA
June 24 – Whisky A Go Go – West Hollywood, CA
June 25 – [to be announced] – Tempe, AZ
June 26 - House Of Rock - El Paso, TX
June 27 - Scout Bar - Houston, TX
June 29 - Brass Mug - Tampa, FL *

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

Monday, March 26, 2012


ITP V.012's METAL NEWS FEATURES: NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND, DAMNED IN BLACK (BLACK METAL NEWS), HUMANITY IS DOOMED (DOOM METAL NEWS) are postponed until APRIL, sowee, very busy. ITP V.012 will be posting in the eve, busy during the day.

BTW, for these wingnuts to close to where I live, tampering with a witness is not only a crime, but a felony charge punishable for up to 5 years. We don't need your opinions nor threats.

Witness tampering is harming or otherwise threatening a witness, hoping to influence his or her testimony.
Contents [hide]
1 Witness tampering in the USA
2 Witness tampering in England and Wales
3 See also
4 References
[edit]Witness tampering in the USA

In the United States, the crime of witness tampering in federal cases is defined by statute at 18 U.S.C. § 1512, "Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant". The punishment for such an offense is up to 20 years if physical force was used or attempted, and up to 10 years if physical force was only threatened. The tampering need not have actually been successful in order for it to be criminal.
One of the better known cases involving section 1512 is Arthur Andersen LLP v. United States, decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in May 2005. The Supreme Court ruled that section 1512 had been misinterpreted by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and reversed the decision of the lower court which had found the firm guilty of violating the section. The issue had, to some extent, become moot, because in 2002 the firm had all but dissolved as a result of prosecution on this criminal charge.
In April 2001, Buddy Cianci was indicted on a charge of witness tampering. In November 2007, Ted Klaudt was convicted on counts of witness tampering.
[edit]Witness tampering in England and Wales

In England and Wales, witness tampering by unlawful means, such as violence, bribery, threats or improper pressure, is known as Perverting the course of justice.
Section 51 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994[1] includes the offences of intimidating a witness and taking revenge on a witness.

On a unrelated, inapplicable note, ITP's author lives in New York, where there is no sutch "Castle Doctrine" or "Stand Your Ground Law" for better of for worse. :raises an eyebrow:
"BERNIE GOETZ LAW" (Nothing against Bernie Goetz, all the best to him, lol)
So a very young black male goes to a store, makes a purchase (Skittles), and walks out and some prentencious wanna be "rent a cop" (neighborhood watch, stranger to the black male) white dude calls the cops, and tells the cops he may confront the kid, as all ends tragically with the black male dead in a hale of bullets. The white male followed the black dude (whom was on foot, unarmed) in his pricey, gas guzzling SUV. This incident is the most RACIST and petty interpretation of the "Stand Your Ground" or "Castle Doctrine" as this couldn't be an issue of self defense. Not that the Castle Doctrine does not serve a purpose, I'm not against the legislation,I'm kinda for it, it's the misinterpretation or exploitation of the law. The Stand Your Ground Law serves only a purpose in extreme danger scenarios of self defense, or when someone doesn't retreat and is trapped. Horrid. What happened?
As pressure mounts to charge George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who ignored police advice not to confront the unarmed teen on Feb. 26, Gov. Rick Scott announced he would convene a task force to study the law. No group keeps a tally of cases in which Florida Statute 776.013 (3) — commonly known as the "stand your ground" law — is invoked.

Read more here:
There's been alot of controversy about the BELOW law in local, regional and national newspapers: This is a very controversial law "The Stand Your Ground Law" or "Castle Doctrine" instituted in 2010 primarily in the Southern States of USA, mid west and only a few states on the east coast, about HALF of or 40% of the USA. I'm not sure what to think of the law or if it's constructive legislation, I'm in the middle. I browsed a local news paper that mentioned or questioned the law and I looked it up on WIKIPEDIA, very interesting, sounds very Southern. I would normally be is support of
"The Castle Doctrine", however, I have mixed feelings about the abuse of the law, I the legislation is too broad as written.
Perhaps removing the "lethal force" wording of the legislation would not encourage killings. The Way the "Stand Your Ground" legislation was written is to broad, the only reason the legislation didn't pass in New York State. The Stand Your Ground Laws may or may NOT include retreat. It's so easy to slander and defame a dead mans character (Treyvon), as I smell "good ole boy" Southern racism. Even had it been a cop,Treyvon's death would raise questions of police brutality and Zimmerman is just the "neighborhood watch" bully. I say, get a bunch of black and white folk, go to the store and buy SKITTLES while wearing hoodies, perhaps they'll be a line down the block, and buy the store out of stock. Hopefully they won't bring the SWAT team in and shoot us all.
Perhaps in rare scenarios, people are asked to take off caps, and hoodies, perhaps in more "formal" situations, not walking down the street.
BTW, everyone wears hoodies, considered "sports gear", music merch, and damn comfortable just in case it rains. Unless there is a dress code in that town, racial profiling via hipster, cultural expression or standard, casual sports gear is outrageous.


A stand-your-ground law states that a person may use deadly force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of a threat, without an obligation to retreat first. In some cases, a person may use deadly force in public areas without a duty to retreat. Under these legal concepts, a person is justified in using deadly force in certain situations and the "stand your ground" law would be a defense to criminal charges.
More than half of the states in the United States have adopted the Castle doctrine, stating that a person has no duty to retreat when their home is attacked. Some states go a step further, removing the duty of retreat from any location. "Stand Your Ground", "Line In The Sand" or "No Duty To Retreat" laws thus state that a person has no duty or other requirement to abandon a place in which he has a right to be, or to give up ground to an assailant. Under such laws, there is no duty to retreat from anywhere the defender may legally be.[1] Other restrictions may still exist; when in public, a person must be carrying the firearm in a legal manner, whether concealed or openly.
Contents [hide]
1 United States
1.1 Florida
1.2 Illinois
1.3 Kentucky
1.4 Montana
1.5 North Carolina
1.6 Oklahoma
1.7 Texas
1.8 Utah
1.9 Washington
1.10 West Virginia
2 Controversy
3 Effect on crime rates
4 References
"Stand your ground" governs U.S. federal case law in which self-defense is asserted against a charge of criminal homicide. The Supreme Court ruled in Beard v. U.S. (158 U.S. 550 (1895)) that a man who was "on his premises" when he came under attack and "...did not provoke the assault, and had at the time reasonable grounds to believe, and in good faith believed, that the deceased intended to take his life, or do him great bodily harm...was not obliged to retreat, nor to consider whether he could safely retreat, but was entitled to stand his ground."[2][3]
The law's effect on crime rates is disputed between supporters and critics of the law. Florida state representative Dennis Baxley notes that crime rates in Florida dropped significantly between 2005, when the law was passed, and 2012. However, crime rates had been continuously falling since before 2000, and the stand your ground law did not accelerate this drop in crime. There are numerous theories for the drop in crime, ranging from high incarceration rates, less use of cash, and even the legalization of abortion which has reduced the number of poor young men.[30]
Nevertheless, Baxley gives the law partial credit for the decrease in Florida's crime rate. Arguing that giving people the ability to defend themselves in public places without fearing prosecution reducing crime, he states, "What we’ve learned is if we empower people to stop bad things from happening, they will."
Critics, however, disagree with Baxley. In a 2007 National District Attorneys Association symposium, numerous concerns were voiced that the law could increase crime. This included criminals using the law as a defense for their crimes, more people carrying guns, and that people would not feel safe if they felt that anyone could use deadly force in a conflict. The report also noticed that the misinterpretation of clues could result in use of deadly force when there was, in fact, no danger. The report specifically notes that racial and ethnic minorities would be at greater risk due to negative stereotypes.[30]

As of 28 May 2010 31 states had some form of Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground law.[6] Alabama,[7] Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,[8] South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah,[9] West Virginia and Wyoming have adopted Castle Doctrine statutes, and other states (Montana, Nebraska,[10] New Hampshire, Virginia, and Washington) are currently considering "Stand Your Ground" laws of their own.[11][12][13]
Some of the states that have passed or are considering "stand your ground" laws already implement "stand your ground" principles in their case law. Indiana and Georgia, among other states, already had "stand your ground" case law and passed "stand your ground" statutes due to possible concerns of the case law being replaced by "duty to retreat" in later court rulings. Other states, including Washington, have "stand your ground" in their case law but have not adopted statutes; West Virginia had a long tradition of "stand your ground" in its case law[14] before codifying it as a statute in 2008. These states did not have civil immunity for self defense in their previous self defense statutes.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Washington, DC progressive metal warriors ANIMALS AS LEADERS have announced the departure of drummer Navene Koperweis as Matt Garstka is commited to filling in for Koperweis.
ANIMALS AS LEADERS are set to kick off a UK and North American tour with Swedish progressive metal legends MESHUGGAH in April through June 2012.

Matt Garstka to fill in for departing drummer Navene Koperweis

Progressive instrumental pioneers ANIMALS AS LEADERS — whose sophomore album, “Weightless,” cracked the Billboard Top 100 last fall — return to the road next weekend, when they will kick off their first European headlining tour in Tilburg, Holland on April 1. Their headlining dates will surround a week’s worth of UK shows alongside Meshuggah, a band AAL mastermind Tosin Abasi cites as a major influence. Immediately after returning from Europe, ANIMALS AS LEADERS will embark on its first North American tour of the year as they support Thrice on that group’s farewell tour. A complete list of dates is below.

These upcoming shows will not include Navene Koperweis, who has decided to leave the group. Says Koperweis, “Tosin and Javier (Reyes, guitar) are the two most generous, caring and understanding individuals I’ve ever met and I look forward to a lifetime of friendship with the both of them. Over the past decade I have done nothing but music. Recording, writing, playing, practicing, touring and producing. It’s taken me beyond what I could have dreamt of as a kid when I started. My new goals extend beyond the drum kit and I’m the type of person who will constantly chase new dreams. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me soon.”

Abasi says, “I’ve shared some of my most memorable musical experiences to date with Navene and truly consider him a brother. I commend him for following his own path in life, even if that means i’ll no longer be sharing the stage with him. I feel blessed to have had the pleasure of working together and creating a lifelong friendship.”

Filling in for Koperweis on ANIMALS AS LEADERS’ European and North American tours will be the Boston-based Matt Garstka, a Berklee alumnus who has previously played with the groups Gokh Bi System, Two Man Trio and Verse The Fire. Some video footage of Garstka can be viewed here.

“We see nothing but great potential with Matt, and look forward to performing with him on the upcoming tours,” Abasi says. “We feel very excited for the future of AAL, which is brighter than ever. I’m beyond excited for our fans to hear some of the new music we already have brewing for the future!”

ANIMALS AS LEADERS groundbreaking self-titled 2009 debut was praised by Steve Vai as “the future of heavy, creative virtuoso guitar.” The group has toured alongside the likes of BTBAM, Underoath and The Dillinger Escape Plan and many more, and their music video for “CAFO” has accumulated more than 2 million views on YouTube. “Weightless,” the group’s second album, was produced by Koperweis and mixed by Reyes.

4/1 Tilburg, Holland- 013KZ
4/2 Brusells, Belgium- AB Club
4/3 Paris, France- Batofar
4/4 Bielefeld, Germany- Kamp
4/5 Kiel, Germany- Die Pumpe
4/7 Hamburg, Germany- Logo
4/8 Berlin, Germany- Magnet
4/9 Munich, Germany- Feierwerk
4/10 Frankfurt, Germany- Batschkapp
4/12 Bristol, UK – O2 Academy #
4/13 Wolverhampton, UK – Slade Rooms #
4/14 Nottingham, UK – Rock City #
4/15 Glasgow, UK – Garage #
4/17 Manchester, UK – Academy #
4/18 Norwich, UK – Waterfront #
4/19 Brighton, UK – Concorde 2 #
4/20 London, UK – Electric Ballroom #
4/22 Trier, Germany- Ex-Haus
4/23 Bochum, Germany- Matrix
4/24 Cologne, Germany- Underground
4/25 Osnabruck, Germany- Kleine Freiheit
4/26 Hannover, Germany- Musikzentrum
4/27 Dresden, Germany- Reithalle
4/28 Prague, Czech Republic- Rock Cafe
4/29 Ludwigsburg, Germany- Rockfabrick
4/30 Zurich, Switzerland- Werk21
5/1 Vienna, Austria- Chelsea
5/4 San Diego, CA – House of Blues-San Diego %
5/5 Las Vegas, NV – Hard Rock Café %
5/6 Tempe, AZ – The Marquee %
5/8 Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom %
5/9 Dallas, TX – The Door %
5/10 Austin, TX – Emo’s East %
5/11 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live %
5/12 New Orleans, LA – Tipitina’s %
5/13 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade %
5/15 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Revolution %
5/16 Lake Buena Vista, FL – House of Blues %
5/18 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle %
5/19 Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore Charlotte %
5/20 Norfolk, VA – The NorVa %
5/22 Lancaster, PA – Chameleon %
5/23 Washington, DC – The Howard Theatre %
5/24 New York, NY – Best Buy Theatre Times Square %
5/25 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory %
5/26 Boston, MA – Royale Night Club %
5/27 Hartford, CT – Webster Theatre %
5/29 Montreal, QC – Metropolis %
5/30 Toronto, ONT – Phoenix Concert Theatre %
6/1 Detroit, MI – St. Andrews Hall %
6/2 Chicago, IL – Metro %
6/3 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave %
6/5 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre %
6/6 Denver, CO – The Summit Music Hall %
6/7 Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue %
6/9 Seattle, WA – The Showbox – The Market %
6/10 Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom %
6/12 San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom %
6/13 Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst %
6/14 Anaheim, CA – House of Blues %
6/15 Anaheim, CA – House of Blues %
6/16 Los Angeles, CA – Club Nokia LA Live %
6/29 Helsinki, Finland – Tuska Open Air
# w/ Meshuggah
% w/ Thrice

Prosthetic Records

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Friday, March 23, 2012


The Los Angeles County Medical (Coroner) Examiners have completed the autopsy on pop/diva legend WHITNEY HOUSTON as the toxicology reports are in. Cocaine,xanax, marijuana, benadryl were found in Whitney Houston's system, as her official cause of death is listed to be "accidental" heart failure and drowning from exessive cocaine abuse.
Houston, 48, appears to have used cocaine "in the time period just immediately prior to her collapse in the bathtub at the hotel," said L.A. County Chief Coroner Craig Harvey.
Whitney Houston was found dead on 2/11/2012 by her bodyguard at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles in a bathtub. Houston was set to perform at a Clive Davis hosted Pre GRAMMY AWARDS party.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l- R.I.P WHITNEY

METALCAMP: 8/ 5 thru 11, 2012 Tolmin - Slovenia: : Launches new homepage! AT THE GATES headliner! 13 new bands announced!

Promoters for the 2012 METALCAMP, set to take place 8/5 thru 11, 2012 Tolmin, Slovenia have announced legendary Swedish death metal warriors AT THE GATES as headliners. METALCAMP have confirmed 13 new bands including DARK FUNERAL, TROLLFEST, SANCTUARY, INCANTATION, CATTLE DECAPITATION, BEFORE THE DAWN, VICIOUS RUMORS, HATESPHERE, WISDOM, KRAMPUS, PURIFY and DUST BOLT.

Attention: Cult-alert for your upcoming headbanger’s holidays! The legendary, untouchable heroes of glorified Swedish death metal will join this year’s METALCAMP edition, indulging you with best melodic belligerence from Scandinavia. AT THE GATES represent the well-known Gothenburg-style in all its catchy facets. No other band could shape this extraordinary, specific metal-sector as much as this combo and contributed to the development of many top-class followers. When you only mention the bandname, you will immediately associate classical albums like ”With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness”, “Terminal Spirit Disease” or the killer album “Slaughter Of The Soul” with it. Now, the sensational reunion-band has been confirmed to devastate Metalcamp, giving you a death metal-overdose as rampant as you need!
The most beautiful festival in whole of Europe presented by Noizeletter,,,,, Hard Rock, BLAST!
SANCTUARY confirmed

Be prepared for another cult-invasion at your headbanger’s holidays and get in position for an unique, high-class reunion-spectacular, you must not miss! Legendary 80ties-heavy/thrash metallers SANCTUARY, who became popular due to their divine rarity-album “Refuge Denied” and sealed the metal-era of the past days, will take a journey from Seattle to Tolmin. Their masterpiece, produced by none less than Megadeth-frontman Dave Mustaine, had been released in 1987 and could chalk up unbelievable resonances and successes. By today it represents a true genre-classic having no equals. So it’s no wonder that the editorial office of the German Rock Hard-Magazine listed the album on rank number 20 of the 500 best metal-releases in music history. Besides, SANCTUARY represents the precursor of the band Nevermore, so both were founded by charismatic singer Warrel Dane. Look forward to a celebration in metal-nostalgia! Get back to the roots of metal @ METALCAMP 2012.
They are one of the biggest and most influential forces in black metal: blasphemous Swedes DARK FUNERAL! “The Secrets Of The Black Arts” turned them into a household name for all lovers of raging darkness in 1996 and with more recent efforts such as „Angelus exuro pro eternus“ (2009) DARK FUNERAL are still defending the throne of evil! Recently singer Nachtgarm and bassist Zornheym joined their ranks and are turning the band into an even more well-oiled killing machine. Now the METALCAMP might be a fun and summer affair – but with the addition of DARK FUNERAL to the 2012 line up they are bound to have some storm clouds brewing…get ready for black metal from the seventh circle of hell!
METALCAMP 2012 again got a very strong line-up, having KORN, MACHINE HEAD, AMON AMARTH, SABATON, HATEBREED and many more coming to Tolmin to offer you the best possible „Headbangers Holidays“.

Today the brand new Metalcamp homepage has been launched, well-arranged, clearly and it offers even more hot facts, competitions and much more!

Have a look at

Due to several hacker attacks on the Metalcamp forum we decided to exclude it from the homepage. From now on you can leave comments and opinions on the official Facebook page - click and be a part of Metalcamp!

METALCAMP 2012: Location, atmosphere, bands, homepage – all killer, no filler!

So far these bands have been confirmed for 2012:


+ many more!

Now the 3-day and one-week fanpacks incl. T-Shirt as well as as regular tickets are available! Order your tickets here at

METALCAMP Tolmin/Slovenia
August 5 – 10, 2012



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U.S. thrash/core warriors BLACK DAHLIA MURDER have announced "THE CANADIAN RITUAL TOUR",(U.S. and CANADIAN DATES) set for MAY of 2012."THE CANADIAN RITUAL TOUR"

5/11 Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon
5/12 Eau Claire, WI @ House of Rock
5/13 Fargo, ND @ The Venue
5/14 Billings, MT @ Mannys
5/15 Spokane, WA @ A-Club
5/16 Vancouver, WA @ A-Club
5/18 Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room
5/19 Calgary, AB @ The Den
5/20 Regina, SK @ The Exchange
5/21 Winnipeg, MB @ WECC
5/22 Thunder Bay, ON @ Crocks
5/24 Toronto, ON @ Wreck ROom
5/25 Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
5/26 Montreal, QC @ The National
5/27 Moncton, NB @ The Manhattan
5/28 Halifax, NS @ The Pavilion
5/29 Halifax, NS @ The Seahorse
5/31 Ottawa, ON @ Ritual
6/1 London, ON @ London Music Hall
6/2 Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews Hall

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Norwegian black metal warriors DEAD TROOPER have officially announced the departure of guitarist/vocalist BIRGER LARSON.


It's with fondness Dead Trooper says farewell to Birger Larsen. This is what he has to say about his leaving "After 10 wonderful years in Dead Trooper I have decided to leave the band. The reason for me leaving is that it takes a lot of time, and effort, to make Dead Trooper the band it is today, and the band it will be in the future. The band needs members that have the possibilities for doing that, and for the time being it is not me. There is no bad blood between me and the rest of the band. It has been 10 years with so many good memories, Mexico, the European tour in 2005 with Susperia and the Norwegian tour with fellow bastards Pantheon I is standing out as highlights. My last two shows will be the INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL NORWAY and Musikkflekken (Sandvika) April 13th. Let’s make both nights a night to remember. I’m still playing in Metal Militia and GROTESQUE HYSTERECTOMY. A big fucking thanks to the fans of Dead Trooper, and of course my brothers in crime Meister Müller and Jon Eirik Bokn, good luck with the new album and all that follows. Love ya all!
Cheers Birger.

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Scottish death/grinders CEREBRAL BORE have won a contest (voted on via fans on FACEBOOK) for the opening slot on THE SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR 2012 North American Tour.


Scottish death metallers CEREBRAL BORE have officially been confirmed as the winners of the Summer Slaughter tour contest, and will be opening the tour when it tears its way across North America this summer.

The band fought off tough competition from many great bands to win the coveted slot on one of the most extreme tours of the year, and will be joining the likes of CANNIBAL CORPSE, VEIL OF MAYA, GOATWHORE and more. CEREBRAL BORE will also be the first ever band with a female vocalist to appear on the tour.

View a photo of the band at

CEREBRAL BORE guitarist PAUL MCGUIRE comments:

"We honestly don't have the words to describe how happy we are to have won the vote and get the slot on the Summer Slaughter tour... This is the biggest opportunity of our career to date, and to get it off the back of fan power, and going up against well known US bands on a US based contest is mind boggling.

"When I saw there was a voting contest for a band to open the tour, the concept of us winning seemed far-fetched to say the least, but to now be sitting here as a confirmed band on the bill, is nothing short of amazing, and it was all down to our fans. They all played a part in getting us on this tour, and we can't thank them enough. They really did us proud."

Stay tuned for Summer Slaughter tour dates and more news at

CEREBRAL BORE have released a new track, called "Horrendous Acts of Iniquity". The track was recorded at Foel Studios in Wales with producer CHRIS FIELDING, who also produced the band's debut album, MANIACAL MISCREATION.

Get "Horrendous Acts of Iniquity" on iTunes at

MANIACAL MISCREATION is available on CD in Europe at and in North America at

The album is also available on iTunes at

Watch CEREBRAL BORE's official music video for the track, "Maniacal Miscreation", at

Get more CEREBRAL BORE news and info at:

Facebook -
MySpace -
Twitter -
Tumblr -

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UK doom metal veterans PARADISE LOST have unleashed a new video for the track "HONESTY IN DEATH" from the bands anticipated release "Tragic Idol", due to be unleashed April 23rd, 2012 in Europe and April 24th, 2012 in North America on CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS.

PARADISE LOST - present “Honesty In Death” video

PARADISE LOST are well known for their intense videos from the previous two albums. “The Enemy” from the 2007 album “In Requiem” was shot on the Crimea peninsula and caused some problems with TV companies due to the execution scenes. The video for the title track of “Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us” from 2009 was even more disturbing with its scenes of physical and emotional abuse. The brand new “Honesty In Death” video from the upcoming album “Tragic Idol” is in keeping with this tradition – watch the new video here:

PARADISE LOST - present “Honesty In Death” video

PARADISE LOST are well known for their intense videos from the previous two albums. “The Enemy” from the 2007 album “In Requiem” was shot on the Crimea peninsula and caused some problems with TV companies due to the execution scenes. The video for the title track of “Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us” from 2009 was even more disturbing with its scenes of physical and emotional abuse. The brand new “Honesty In Death” video from the upcoming album “Tragic Idol” is in keeping with this tradition – watch the new video here:

Greg Mackintosh (guitar) comments: "We are very excited about the premiere of our Honesty in Death video. In my opinion it is the best video we have ever done. Matt Green, who I had previously worked with on the Vallenfyre ‘Cathedrals of Dread’ video, directed it. He did such a great job with Vallenfyre that we knew he would be able to do something really special for Paradise Lost. The result is a very powerful, but very grim short film with brief cameos by the band, that is sure to resonate with people who see it."

Everybody who’s missing the band performing in the video can see the band live over the next months. See dates below.

PARADISE LOST’s upcoming album “Tragic Idol” is scheduled for a worldwide release through Century Media Records on April 23rd, 2012 in Europe and April 24th, 2012 in North America.


Tragic Idol Headline tour (* support by Insomnium and Vreid, ** support by Swallow The Sun)
16.04.2012 Cardiff, Great Hall 2, UK*
17.04.2012 Southampton, The Brook, UK*
18.04.2012 Folkestone, Quarterhouse, UK*
19.04.2012 Colchester, Arts Centre, UK*
20.04.2012 Stoke, Sugarmill, UK*
22.04.2012 York, The Duchess, UK*
23.04.2012 Glasgow, King Tuts, UK*
24.04.2012 Sheffield, Corporation, UK*
25.04.2012 Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms, UK*
26.04.2012 Nottingham, Rescue Rooms, UK*
27.04.2012 Manchester, Club Academy, UK*
29.04.2012 London, Scala, UK*
30.04.2012 Norwich, Waterfront, UK*
02.05.2012 Utrecht, Tivoli, The Netherlands **
03.05.2012 Luxembourg, Den Atilier, Luxembourg **
04.05.2012 Besancon, La Rodina, France **
05.05.2012 Lyon, Transborder, France **
06.05.2012 Toulouse, Bikini, France **
07.05.2012 Nantes, Le Steriolux, France **
09.05.2012 Paris, Bataclan, France **
10.05.2012 Rouen, Le 106, France **
11.05.2012 Frankfurt, Batschkapp, Germany **
12.05.2012 Bochum, Matrix, Germany **
14.05.2012 Copenhagen, Little Vega, Denmark **
15.05.2012 Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers, Sweden **
16.05.2012 Stockholm, Debaser, Sweden **
17.05.2012 Malmo, KB, Sweden **
19.05.2012 Hamburg, Gruenspan, Germany **
20.05.2012 Koeln, Essigfabrik, Germany **
21.05.2012 Munich, Backstage Werk, Germany **
22.05.2012 Vienna, Arena, Austria **
23.05.2012 Slothurn, Kofmehl, Switzerland **

25.05.2012 Sonisphere Festival, Spain
22.06.2012 Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium
01.07.2012 Rockwave, Athens, Greece
02.08.2012 Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany
04.08.2012 Metal Camp, Tolmin, Slovenia
10.08.2012 Brutal Assault, Josefov, Czech Republic
12.08.2012 Bloodstock Open Air, Catton Hall, UK
18.08.2012 Summerbreeze Festival, Dinkelsbühl, Germany


Century Media Records online:

Century Media webshop:


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Finnish melodic/death doom metal warriors INSOMNIUM have unleashed the new video for the track "REGAIN THE FIRE" from the bands latest release "One For Sorrow" (2011).

FROM INSOMNIUM: Ladies and gentlemen! Here is the new video exclusively on Terrorizer Mags website. REGAIN THE FIRE


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In an interview with ANTIQUIET, KYUSS LIVES! bassist NICK OLIVERI announced he is quitting the band to focus on his other project MONDO GENERATOR.


"To me, you can make money doing whatever you wanna do, but it isn't about that at the end of the day. To be in KYUSS, if I'm not having a good time, it's like… When I was a kid, I had a great time doing it. It sucked being out of it. I don't wanna be fired from any band… again. I figure to walk away with my head up high and do my own thing is a respectable thing, and I think I need to do that."

Commenting on former KYUSS guitarist Josh Homme's decision to file a federal lawsuit against Garcia and Bjork alleging "trademark infringement and consumer fraud" over the use of the KYUSS name, Oliveri said, "When people sue each other, it guarantees that a band will never be together. It just guarantees that those people will never play in the same room together again." He added, "I am friends with both sides, and I also disagree with both sides at the same time, so it's a real weird place I'm in."

Ex-Queen of the Stone Age and occasional TMZ star Nick Oliveri has decided to quit the current, troubled incarnation of Kyuss, and re-focus on his band Mondo Generator.

Queens frontman Josh Homme’s fierce dismissal of Oliveri in 2004 has been gossiped into the ground, as has the occasional restraint unfortunately forced upon the manic rocker by Johnny Law. Yet this is the first time Oliveri has voluntarily walked away from a band, and it comes as a surprise even in light of the lawsuit that has been brought against the current incarnation by original members Homme and Scott Reeder. At the end of the day, it’s assumed that the legal battle is a battle over a name, and as the so-called “Kyuss Lives!” lineup plans to enter a studio this fall to begin recording a new album, this additional schism was hardly predictable.

When we learned of Oliveri’s decision, we invited him to sit down with us, but our agenda was made clear: Get comfortable, and order some drinks, because we’re going there. The drugs. The allegations of domestic abuse. The lawsuit. The so-reported armed standoff with the LA SWAT team that led to his arrest last July, which could ultimately find him in prison. And getting fired from Queens. (“I would have axed me, too.”) While we’re at it, let’s throw in the $100 “meet and greet” packages that have done nothing to alleviate suspicion among fans that the rehashing of Kyuss is anything more noble than a petty cash grab. (“I don’t feel comfortable at all [doing that], I never did. Talk about the most awkward feeling in the world…”)
My own personal expectations, walking in, were cynical. I considered, as I always do, all of the different ways the night could go bad: He might show up high. He might lie to me… Do I know enough to catch him if he does? Am I really going to ask a madman like Nick Oliveri direct, personal questions about hitting women? If so, after how many drinks? Better intentions have led to fist fights.
Fortunately, our Devil couldn’t have been more gracious. There’s a nobility in his decision to part ways with John Garcia and Brant Bjork, and there’s a humility in his acceptance of what he seems to consider cosmic punishments his indiscretions have brought. He rambled his ass off, but he was real. And we got some answers.
The night has been distilled down to this 20 minute documentary, digging into all of the aforementioned topics, sorting fact from rumor, and allowing Oliveri to explain his perspective on Kyuss as well as his decision to leave. And as each layer of the story is peeled back, the horns shrink, and Oliveri manages to creep inch by inch out from under the reputation that has occasionally overshadowed his abilities and passion as a musician.
Mondo Generator is planning shows with the three-piece configuration of Nick, Hoss, and Ian Taylor behind their fourth full length album. That album, to be called Hell Comes To Your Heart, was recorded at Josh Homme’s studio and at Thunder Underground in Palm Springs, where Harper Hug produced, and is now being mixed for an expected 2012 release. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, Nick has sent over an exclusive preview, the new and previously unreleased track Hang ‘Em High:

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


Norwegian black metal warriors DIMMU BORGIR have announced a summer 2012 EUROPEAN tour.

Jun 07 Sweden Rock Festival Norje, Sweden
Jun 09 Novarock Nickelsdorf, Austria
Jun 12 Estragon Bologna, Italy
Jun 13 Les Docks Lausanne, Switzerland
Jun 15 Ost Fest Bucharest, Romania
Jun 17 HELLFEST Clisson, France
Jun 19 ROCKHAL Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg
Jun 20 Batschkapp Frankfurt Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Jun 21 Dornbirn Conrad Sohm Dornbirn, Austria
Jun 23 Graspop Metal Meeting 2012 Desschel, Belgium
Aug 03 W.O.A. Wacken, Germany
Aug 09 Catton Hall Catton, United Kingdom
Aug 11 Bloodstock Lullington, United Kingdom

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Steffen Kummerer, vocalist of German technical death metal warriors of OBSCURA has been chosen as the second vocalist for the DEATH TO ALL (DEATH TRIBUTE TOUR featuring former members of DEATH), a benefit for musicians health care advocacy program SWEET RELIEF. Charles Elliott of California death metal warriors Abysmal Dawn/Bereft was the first vocalist chosen for the DEATH TO ALL: SWEET RELIEF BENEFIT TOUR.

We are very excited to announce Steffen Kummerer of OBSCURA, as the second vocalist for the DEATH TO ALL TOUR 2012. Steffen is an unbelievable talent and we are very excited to have him involved with this tour. The first Obscura record, to us, was very reminiscent of DEATH's Human album, so it should be interesting to say the least. Here is the official statement about the tour from Steffen:

"It was a pleasure to get the invitation to play all of those timeless classics as a tribute to Chuck and his work. To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was a good idea at all to get this project running, due to my respect for the past. The band Death is gone and will never come back, that is the truth. These shows are a nice way to show tribute to the band and their previous work and help musicians via Sweet Relief. In the end, a good thing and definitely worth visiting one or two shows. I am glad to be involved and be part of this idea to bring this music back on stage. Let the metal flow."

DEATH TO ALL 2012 – In benefit of Sweet Relief ( This 5 city tour will feature a majority of DEATH's amazing musicians, as well as special guests. This tour is to celebrate the life and music of Chuck Schuldiner, as well as to raise awareness of Sweet Relief Musicians Fund – a charity that provides financial assistance to career musicians faced with illness, disability or age-related problems.

To receive notification as soon as tickets are available for purchase, please send an email to: ticketing[at]


6/22/2012 - The Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA
6/23/2012 - House of Blues - Los Angeles, CA
6/26/2012 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL
6/28/2012 - Irving Plaza - NYC, NY
6/30/2012 - The Beacham - Orlando, FL

To keep up with the tour details as they unfold, you can keep your eye on the following websites:, and

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

THE WAY OF PURITY: cancel dates in US and Canada

Canadian death metal warriors THE WAY OF PURITY have regretfully announced the band has cancelled out of the previously announced North American Tour with NEGURA BUNGET, WOLVEN ANCESTRY and DIN BRAD because of "Unforseen VISA issues".
Full THE WAY OF PURITY press release here:

Due to unforeseen visa issues, The Way Of Purity have been forced to cancel their previously scheduled dates in USA and Canada next month with Negura Bunget.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-


April 5th, 2012 will mark the ten year anniversary of legendary ALICE IN CHAINS vocalist LAYNE STALEY's death. Rock photographer/journalist Kristina Sisti via is organizing "SING FOR LAYNE", a uniting of
LAYNE STALEY and ALICE IN CHAINS fans, as they will be inspired to sing for LAYNE
on the anniversary of his untimely passing. LAYNE STALEY passed away 4/5/2002
from a speedball overdose. A full press release is expected via later today.


“He sang for us, now we will sing for him.”

It will be ten years since the passing of singer Layne Staley and to mark this anniversary and honor his life, we’re calling for all fans, new and old, to join us on the eve of April 5th to sing back to the man that gave us his everything.

ALICE IN CHAINS and MAD SEASON singer Layne Staley’s voice cut through the soul of a generation. He affected all who heard him and, a decade after he left us, his impact hasn’t lessened. What better way to express our appreciation for what he gave us and continues to give us than to sing his own words back to him?

Give five minutes of your time and join us live on April 5th, 2012 at 9:00pm EST as we Sing For Layne.

For more information on how you can participate, please visit our website, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-SING FOR LAYNE-\m/ -l-