Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ian of Cold War Survivor vs. Me and the multicultural coaltion against sexist racist explotive bands


I was sent this message on MYSPACE after deleting Cold War Survivor (no drama, just a deletion) off my friends list after consideration over a year of harassment and exploitation. This blog "controversy" taking place a year before I registered for MYSPACE, but is not priority in any way, shape or form over my life. Keep in mind that I was a black studies and Journalism major at SUNY New Paltz... Here goes what I wrote in two separate e-mails.
Ian's e-mail from MYSPACE:
Hey T,
I just did a google of my band's name and came across a blog posting you had written last year. You must have been mad when you wrote it because you had a lot to say about CWS and me specifically. Now I really don't care if you don't like my band, but I gotta say I was surprised at the level of visciousness of your personal attacks against me. You described me as "Jewish" more than once in a derogatory manner and that was especially surprising coming from someone who is a self-described anti-racist.
Now I gotta admit I'm not too sure why I'm bothering to write you about this, I guess it is a very delayed reaction to what you had to say, even though I read it for the first time today. But listen - as far as I'm concerned, its old shit and water under the bridge to me. I'm definitely willing to let the past be the past, I guess I just hope you feel the same. And don't worry there is no hidden motivation in me writing this, I mean I'm not gonna be asking or expecting you to ever do me or my band any favors.
One more thing...Bloody Mangled Corpse was "rap-rock"?? WTF? I remember you being at almost every one of our shows and in the pit enjoying yourself (which I appreciated!)...just strange to me that you would characterize BMC that way...jeez, I guess you haven't heard that stuff in a while!
So yeah, whatever. Just to let you know, this isn't going in a blog or any public forum, it's directly from me to you and no one else. I'm just hoping at this point, you've let bygones be bygones...my guess is you have, as you left us a nice comment on our myspace page back in June. I hope I'm right.
Peace & Stay Metal.
Tee's response: (Ian is referring to my blog ITP)
Hi Ian. This is Tee. I'm hoping you (and your friends in Lugosis Needle, whom got deleted from myspace two days after your message to me,which has nothing to do with me) got owned on MYSPACE the other day and your lame asses has learned to respect "boundaries" as I had only been on myspace for two months and nothing ever happened there.. Don't let this get out of hand, because my friends are really angry with you.. During the last 4 weeks, I've had a sneaky
suspicion that something is going on. I've been stalked, and you don't want me and my friends to defend ourselves.You're nothing but a polluted pot head... I ran into your (ex?) girlfriend at Stop and Shop, and while she, as always, was nice and friendly, her male companion made threats yelling about CWS. This shit must end,. You understand? Let me NOT find you or any of your friends any where near me. You didn't respect.
the boundaries as I deleted your shit band off my friends list and blocked you a week before your message on Myspace, then you acted like a retard. Rejected?.. What part of no don't you understand, the No or the O?
Secondly, you are the most ignorant person about your own culture. Judaism is religion and not a race. Read here moron, as I can't imagine how many wars have been fought over religion.
Being Jewish is not a race
Being Jewish is not a race because Jews do not share one common ancestry or biological distinction. People of many different races have become Jewish people over the years.
Being Jewish is not a nationality
Being Jewish is not a nationality because Jews have been dispersed throughout the world for almost two thousand years. People of many different nationalities are Jewish.
Being Jewish is like being a citizen of a religious movement
Being Jewish means you are a part of a religious movement. However, the great majority of Jews become a part of the religious movement through birth and not due to their beliefs or actions. In this way, being Jewish is like being a citizen of a religious movement.
So, tell me, Ian, how am I "racist" being Cherokee, black, female, and not straight... If I stated how cheap you are, and you didn't give me a ride home after promising one after Vader's set, after I helped your band find a gig (wich I networked for in the first place) when I was sick from Hypoglycemia,  (but had purchased my tic in advance so went anyway).. You can't be trusted, you're off my friends list...In this small market rural area, THE LACK OF CARPOOLING IS WHY BANDS/ PACKAGE BILLS (EXTREME METAL SHOWS) DON'T DRAW, MAKING IT EXPENSIVE TO GO TO SHOWS... We are a community of metal heads and we have to look out for each other at shows.. That's why I go to shows in nyc, better public transportation, family friends there and no posers... .If your band had said show at The Chance, and pocketed the ticket money,. they would kick your ASS out of the venue don't matter what the religion of said musicians are, don't do that to friends helping you out either..
Ian there are many Jews, black, white, green yellow...I, by adoption,  "might" be Jewish, but not a practicing one, because I am not religious at all, I'm atheist... I am all for religious tolerance, and if I offended you from statements made on my blog, then so fucking be it., you screwed me over..  .When I helped to network you (CWS) to a gig for March 18th, 2005 (Amorphis, ect..) you played dumb, didn't pay the 15-20 % owed, it's obvious that you are unprofessional and didn't put me on the guest list. Plus your band, CWS. didn't draw...That's why your band has no shows, or not many of substance..
Too CHEAP to do that for your "friends", to incompetent to do that for himself, to greedy overall.. Could I possibly assume that YOU are racist because you ripped off a black, female, disabled, lesbian,ME.?.I could. Want to play the race card?.... You are so arrogant and act like being a Jew is the only minority that could possibly exist. WRONG.. You are not so "visible" of a MINORITY as others, being white..
In fact, the only Nazi apologist/propagandist Ian was YOU in 2004, with the JTFK vs. ARA as you couldn't wipe the cum off your face quick enough defending JTFK so you could get a gig from them. (Johnny Thursday and the Friday Knights, this being two years to the WEEK of that controversy)..As  Josh (ex JTFK guitarist) is kinda out there with his political points, I know him, but he wasn't organizing under a nazi front and was always kind to me. Josh does like Skrewdriver too mutch as he we once listened to them together at his house... Ick Skrewdriver suck. The deputy mayor was his ex, Jason West knows nothing about music and tried to rationalize this ARA presence by making a "bad" example out of JTFK??? Who tells Jason West what to do, a bunch of heroin addicted squatters, how pathetic. As a lesbian I would never vote for Jason West seeing the division in this community,racial tensions in August 2004, wich doesn't promote unity..In fact Jason West would have to be running against Attila the Hun for me to ever vote for him, although gay marriages should be legal I agree.. The tension at the JTFK show 2 years ago at Snug's brought people to the conclusion that is perhaps whom they are..When real nazi's came to Kingston, NY last November I didn't see you idiots rallying against it...... Josh had problems wich he served time for. I don't care about politics, , neither do you..It's just that you try to justify and rationalize exploiting other minorities wich is racist... If you try that "race card" issue on me. I'll say you exploit your own friends. So fuck off, and keep politics out of this, and realize this is personal. .
So you lied,you couldn't have found said entry last Wed.,. if you want to have a go at it, say it to my face.. The Saturday before last, I couldn't, add, delete or update my journal for a few hours, I assume that someone YOU know removed the entry without due process. Very suspicious and illegal of you, and that BS dude, you're in deep shit..
Lastly, I will let everyone know what you did to me, and to make sure your crappy band is BANNED. Yes, I've booked bands before, but if Ian walks into a store and steals from the merchant, no one is going to be polite to him, they will be calling him every expletive in the book. Never again will Ian every get anything from me. NEVER...
A few other points:: MY RESPONSE on MYSPACE.COM:.
Excuse me, first of all this 'puter's fucked up, so I don't know if I can respond. I think I've said this to you last year. So it needs not to be repeated more than once. If I help someone score a show, (March 18, 2005 Amorphis ect.) I expect at the least a free ride to the show and or tic and that is being reasonable or 15 -20% of the profit of the shows. Most unsigned bands are not profitable and I don't expect (them or me) to make  much money at this level.You didn't offer either or, my bad for trusting you.. Considering the mess with the last band I dealt with (you know who) you were a temporary replacement for them.. Neither band floats my boat and I listen to alot of extreme metal, but you fit the bill.. It pissed me off that you expected someone (me in cold weather) to go out and
sell tics for your band, with no reciprocity there fore no incentive, on one weeks notice when you and said other band sat on the gig for FOUR months. ugh...
Business and not personal as I let that go, but don't offer anything or services, LIKE THE HOLOCAUST NEVER AGAIN DUDE to such "musicians" or anyone else.
Do you fucking understand?
Secondly, my mom, dad and aunt are Jewish and white (by way of adoption) and I come from a diverse cultural back round (native American, black, Arabian) which I'm proud of but not prejudiced of others.I'm anti nazi.. . Judaism has nothing to do with me and you having "differences" I don't feel a need to be so PC about people ripping me off, including Next Man Flip, Lugosis Needle, CWS and if I so much as farted, then you bet it's about respect and it doesn't rationalize ripping me off.. I EXCLUDE you and don't include you because of your exploitation..Certainly I haven't offered you shit since, and CWS, who are they? Boring to me, and not active in the scene.,and not metal, boring metalCORE.... However, what I have offered are condolences for BMC being awful. Sure I used to, and still do support the scene (well the international one) and go to shows depending on time, how I feel. I separate the art from the artist. I was very good friends with your sister Lea for a while in 98/99 whom last I heard, her ex hubby was involved in gambling ring...
BTW, BMC and CWS are HORRIBLE hardcore/metalcore bands without the talent to up the ante to extreme metal... YOU are the idiot whom likes shit like KSE... Fuck hardcore and keep it out of metal. Hardcore is not metal...
Look dude "Bloody/mangled/ fucking/ corpse" it was close enough to nu/rap (horrid hardcore) metal to annoy me but it's not like your band was going anywhere, and when people are drunk and socializing, they'll mosh and dance to anything, because we're in the bar, but we don't take your bands seriously. No, I didn't like Bloody Mangled "fucking" Corpse, they honestly fucking sucked. I will admit to dancing to a P Diddy jam, but no, I don't buy those records. Get it..?
You couldn't really take "yourself" and BMC (just another horrible snug's harbor band that played only there and  no where else, plenty of local metalcore/extreme metal bands laid waste to them in the 90's) all that seriously could you? Who do the fuck do you think you are? CWS, play no where, does nothing but subscribe to instigating drama and ripping off women, which  is not so PC huh Ian?. There are cover bands that play the New Paltz, NY circuit that may draw onlyin New Paltz that suck in the worldwide scene. Regardless of what I "think of you" BMC sucked. Get over yourself. Shit man, I took the mic, and wiped the floor with CWS in 2004, and after years of harassment from Cirrhosis out their jealousy and them ripping off Next Man Flip on gigs I booked,, THAT was justice as Cirrhosis were a horrid example of band..
Lastly, you are harrasing me, and I'll cut and paste your PM and spread it like wildfire. I wrote in a blog, MY blog, 
 This might show up in the search engines. You think my complaints about you  would be a deterrent from you ripping me off, as that Ian goes under my opinion of you and your band after substantial experience. The only person whom hasn't let this go is you, over a year later.. You can't expect me to give a fuck about you or your band, now come on idiot. Consider the timing of all of this, your message just a week after I deleted CWS from my fiends list.. I hope his ego is bruised..
You being not favored by me, doesn't mean you can attack me on here, just a week after a deleted CWS from my friends space, because I felt tension during the last year and half between me and your bassist, even if I don't say hi.
The irony of being ripped off by some bands going nowhere, as I replaced one band for the other under, (and I don't HAVE to do that for them for any reason  as I coached
 CWS, and coached them before the gig was announced publicly) that premonition that something would happen, and of course that other band being unreasonable, unreliable, liars. Makes no difference, not even in sales.
I feel a need to let people know, so they don't make the same mistake I did.
You bring this up a year later, I bring you up on something. If you don't like my blog, don't be a  fool, don't read it,.I'm not forcing you to. Grow up. You all come from good working class, middle class families where you were well provided for,(Ian is from Westchester County, NY one of the richest counties in New York) anything that takes integrity, ethics, and the intangibles you aren't prepared for spoiled brats. Jewish isn't the word, spoiled brats whom are trying to be accepted. I won't edit the blog entry, your PM becomes yet another new entry.
Lastly in the worldwide metal scene, BOTH BMC, and CWS suck. I'm retired from booking which doesn't negate my accomplishments or my generosity.
So screw off.. That's why, in no shape or form,or we offering CWS any gigs, promotional help either verbal, written or implied or otherwise or misleading him into believing that...Case closed.. A few local bands were nice enough to offer CWS a gig in Walden in July of '03. Cold War Survivor's bassist said he was "sick" and couldn't play 3 weeks before the gig..I could see canceling out of show up to one weeks notice or considering extenuating circumstances but three weeks notice? ... The day of the gig, he (Dave-Bassist CWS) shows up to the show as a spectator, drinking, socializing, putting on this prima donna axel rose pose, and not looking very sick to me... CWS most reliable band, no. It is no wonder that a fan (not me) on Ultimate Metal forum (Into Eternity) stated that they didn't like the local opener.
Plus you're reported to abuse by way of my space. Enjoy your tos.
Tee ..\m/ -l-Go suck a dick you free loading nambla president.. Stop sending this crap before I come over and tip over your card board box. If you expect " preferential treatment" because of your so called religion, or being white and male than you've got your head up your ass. What's with the discriminatory treatment towards me (being FEMALE, black and not straight towards bands I've booked and life in general) at the Bistro last November after I saw your bass player there... My family and I have chosen to eat elsewhere.... I was accused of not tipping the waitress,( I paid for my meal, and normally my family and I tip, but the gossiping about me and threats towards gigs and resources is more than I can stand) well every time I go in there (mostly with family) I'm harassed, and my JEWISH mom tips them very well... Keep in mind I had lost my check card at the Suffo show, had been issued a temporary card, and could only take out limited amount of cash and couldn't use the temp card as credit or debit...
GO FUCK YOUR SELF, AND STAY AWAY FROM US METAL HEADS WE DON'T LIKE HARDCORE and don't tolerate this hate and exploitation....What bothers me, is that any time an artist plays a public concert, displays "art" and sells a "product" (even if they are in an unsigned local band and it's not their primary source of income) people have a right to an opinion  on that "art" (musical preferences) and to be an educated consumer... I have a right to say (being an educated metal head) if I saw said band, and they sucked or if I loved them, right here in this blog without confronting them personally.... If he (Ian) doesn't like that, or reserves those freedoms for white, straight men,(and gets all poonhurt if "opinions" on his band are not favorable, same thing with Thano and Lugosi's Needle regarding reviews I didn't write and they weren't prepared for)  he can MOVE to a fascist, totalitarian dictatorship (or express in his own blog) and stay away from this supposed democracy (ugh post 911) that we live in here in the USA..Keep in mind, that nothing written in the blog in 2004/2005 was sent to Ian (or anyone) by way of e-mail,. snail mail, verbal or physical threats, it stays here. The way I "feel" is sometimes expressed in this blog, not what I say or do as I don't act out the way I feel all the time... The irony as I've received such threats, both verbal, physical, and e-mail, I'm consulting with a lawyer to see if I can sue or criminalize said idiots, I have proof, and I've tosed both, Abominatrix, L. Needle and others. In closing, all I asked for or expected that these moronic bands to do for me after I either or/networked or booked them gigs, is a free, safe, sober ride to and from the show or/and guest list privileges. Substantial tic sales would be 15 or 20% perhaps with a deposit of $100.00 with a notary public written agreement. This is why I don't bother booking local bands (wich does not negate my ability), but I might have upward mobility in the industry . .Being that Ian lives in New Paltz, it isn't exactly inconvenient for him to give friend a ride or return the favor, but the lame brain he is and perhaps prejudiced....
Cold War Survivor are a very lame, mediocre, metalcore band from New Paltz, NY, with the most simple, generic metalcore riffs..Metalcore is watered down third rate thrash riffs with a hardcore aesthetic..The rythym section would have to up the ante on drumming speed and variety with a better vocalist. Cold War Survivor have, however, improved with the addition of a secondary guitarist compared to their un listen able debut which featured a horrid mix, and terrible song writing as CWS back then were just a trio.Cold War Survivor promote drinking alcohol as part of their motto..               I have no interest in CWS musically or personally. The only thing I EVER agreed on that Rich Wager (former vocalist of Next Man Flip whom sucked ever said) "Some people expect the gig fairy to drop off gigs at their doorstep". LMAO, no, I'm not doing that at all, no reciprocity, no incentive, I don't need or want to.
..and with that Cold War Survivor are banned..Thanks-Tee-Never ripp me off AND then try to play the race card.
\m/ -l- This goes in the search engines.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Jesse Pintado Ex Napalm Death /Terrorizer R.I.P.

 As a high school student, I would occasionally tune into the 80's edition of MTV's Headbanger's Ball. Of course, Headbangers ball played crappy hair metal bands but every once in while MTV would play some Slayer, Exodus, Death, Morbid Angel,. Megadeth ect.. One night the video for Napalm's Death's "You Suffer" from the release "Scum" came on as perhaps the most intriguing introduction to grind core. The video for "You Suffer" featured a quick mushroom cloud as the song was just 0.7 seconds long... True grind or grind core songs are very short, 10 to 30 seconds long... My jaw dropped when I heard Napalm Death. Along with the 80's thrash scene, and of course the late 80's early 90's death metal scene, Napalm Death turned me on to grind with a social/political ethic.
Napalm Death are one of my very favorite bands of all time. I've had the pleasure of shaking Barney Greenway's hand (vocalist Napalm Death), and Jesse Pintado was always a sweetheart... In the early 90's my friends were always asking me to check out Napalm Death, they are great live. Of course the show stopper would always be Napalm Death's cover of the Dead Kennedy's "Nazi Punks Fuck off". .
Napalm Death, influenced by the 80's British hardcore scene, took metal to another level, mixing speed, metal with hardcore now labeled grind core or grind.. Napalm Death are the fore fathers of grind.
Jesse Pintado was also in some other great projects including the hilarious BRUJERIA (with members of Fear Factory) and of course grind heroes Terrorizer whom were due to reunite this year and and at one point were slated to play Baltimore's Auditory Fest (and off shoot of the Maryland Death Fest)..Pintado was also in the metal band Lock Up whom also featured ex Cradle Of Filth/Dimmu Borgir drummer Nick Barker.
Jesse Pintado left Napalm Death, on good terms in 2004 or '05, Napalm Death are billed with Hatebreed, Exodus, Black Dahlia Murder ect. for a fall North American tour as their new release "Smear Campaign" is due out soon.
Out of all the deaths this past two weeks in the extreme metal scene, Jesse Pintando's (ex Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Brujeria. Lock Up) passing seems the saddest and most depressing.. It's really been a horrid two weeks in extreme metal with musicians passing away like this.
One of the coolest shows, and best memories of a show that year (2003) was seeing Napalm Death wipe the floor with everything as they played the Art of Noise tour with Nile, Strapping Young Lad, the Berzerker, Dark Tranquility and my friends in Bloodgasm for local support. Let me tell you the Chance (Poughkeepsie, NY) was packed that night, in 20 below freezing weather and the atmosphere was festive.. Awesome! \m/
R.I.P and my sincerest condolences go out to Jesse Pintado's family, current and past bandmates, friends and fans..I can barely hold back my tears.. .
Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, and Stay Brutal- \m/ -l-


The band are shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Jesse Pintado this past Sunday. Please expect a statement shortly. Jesse Pintado was a member of Napalm Death from 1989-2004.

Thanks-Stay Metal-Stay Brutal-RIP JESSE-\m/ -l-

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beastial Mockery call it quits/PR stunt

Swedish blackened thrash warriors BEASTIAL MOCKERY have posted this message to the bands official site.
"After the departure from Hell's Metal Festival in Germany, the BESTIAL crew went to Sweden Rock Festival, where [TedBundy [guitar] and Devilpig [bass] ended up in a fight. Due to Devilpig's high alcohol consummation, he ended up in a coma after the fight and two days later he was confirmed as dead and the doctors pulled the plug! His last wish was that 'Chainsaw Fucking Down the Church' would be played on bagpipe, this will not happen and... BESTIAL MOCKERY have now went down into the grave! There will still be several releases out in the coming year since much is recorded. But now you must fuck off!"

 Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-

Saturday, August 19, 2006

ITP V.06 ONLY ONE PER COFFIN: Jon of Dissection's suicide by way of satanic ritual human sacrifice

Jon Nödtveidt, main man of Swedish melodic black metal warriors DISSECTION was found dead 8/16/2006 of a self inflicted gun shot wound, surrounded by candles and a suicide note in Sweden,  at 31.

In December of 1997, Jon Nödveidt was arrested for the murder of Josef Meddaour and served seven years for accessory to murder and possession of an illegal firearm.

The 2006 movie KEILLERS PARK (also a book) recounts the events that led to the murder of Josef Meddaour. 

Director of KEILLERS PARK Susanna Edwards, tells Aftonbladet, Josef Ben Meddaour was a naive and open person with a big heart," says Edwards. "He was a victim of a grotesque act of homophobia."

DISSECTION unleashed "Storm of the Light's Bane" (1995)" and re-activated DISSECTION in 2004.
Jon Nödtveidt's brother Emil is the guitarist/keyboardist of industrial metal warriors DEATHSTARS.

                                                                                                                                                              ITP V.06 EDITORS NOTE:  This is pretty much of what I was informed of yesterday..Remember the Waco compound in Waco, Texas last decade? Yes, the Waco (Wackos from Waco) compound were a cult, and Jon of Dissections suicide is similar to the behavior in cult mass suicides.. I wouldn't be surprised if other an MLO "members" take their lives soon, just as well... . Jon of Dissection's suicide earlier this week was prompted by a satanic cult ritual. Jon of Dissection is the co founder of the the MLO link here: http://www.mlo-scandinavia.net/
MLO, is a new satanic off shoot (no pun intended) cult in Scandinavia that rejects Christian beliefs and also rejects Anton Levy's satanic ideals for a"'new" form of satanism, including human ritual sacrifice. When I, personally got into extreme metal in the later 80's, metal for me was about individualism. Also finding a passionate community in that alienation in all that is in extreme metal. If any religions sect or order, or anyone else said, it is "cool" to commit murder or/and suicide I would REJECT any indoctrination, for I am an individual, I think for myself, and checking ones head seems appropriate if you agree that this behavior of this sect is "normal". These actions of the MLO are self defeating in that the "Be like me and brainwashed" by some religious sect is exactly what they hate in other religions (hypocrites, followers and not leaders) including Christianity. Lack of individualism, and independence makes people SHEEP.
Most in the Scandinavian black metal scene did not view Jon of Dissection's suicide as an act of "depression" (although psychiatric and psychological issues may be closer to the truth speaking of self hatred) as much as brainwashing by way of the MLO.
Many young ex cons are vulnerable after serving time to gangs, cults ect..No one could cover up how psychologically disturbed Jon of Dissection was in some esoteric/satanic propaganda . Jon was particularly weak, an alcoholic, vulnerable to any "cult" dogma/indoctrination and misguided in his actions.. It was of Jon's weak will that his gun was used to torture and murder a gay, Algerian black man in (Sweden) the 90's.
Since the 90's, Scandinavia has been searching for a new cultural identity around the thousandth anniversary of Christianity in Norway. Black metal is the sound track to casting out years of religious repression (Christianity) in Scandinavia. Since the church burnings in Norway (in the 90's )by a very YOUNG circle of black metal musicians and friends, these acts, (although I don't condone) has been considered their "Columbine" as teen terrorists. .
We are all, searching for something, but horrified, sickened and ultimately saddened by the actions of the Varg Viekernes/ Burzum/Mayhem back in the 90's)..Condolences go out to all families in these tragedies including the victim of Jon of Dissection's hate crime Josep Maddour.
"Norway is a very screwed up country. The church has a lot of say,there are not allowed to show this and that on the TV. The woman come to Sweden to have an abortion. It's one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it's fucked up mainly because it's lost it's identity squeezed in between England, Denmark, Germany and Sweden Quorthon of Bathory (RIP)-From the book Sound Of the Beast-The complete head banging History of Heavy Metal-Ian Christe

Metal heads, readers, please don't go down the road of Jon of Dissection and the MLO Be independent, and think for your self... Trust the art and not the artist.

formed DISSECTION in 1989 and released two full-length albums with the group â "The Somberlain" (1993) and "Storm of the Light's Bane" (1995) â before he was convicted in Sweden of felony murder of 37-year-old homosexual Algerian Josef Ben Maddour in 1997. He was released from prison in 2004, at which point he restarted DISSECTION.
DISSECTION announced in May that it would split up imediately following its final performances in support of its recently released CD, "Reinkaos". The band was subsequently forced to cancel its two previously announced appearances in North America (Sept. 1 at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA and Sept. 6 at B.B. King Blues Club in New York City) after Nödtveidt was denied legal entry into the United States as a result of his conviction.
DISSECTION's most recent album, "Reinkaos", was released in May on The End Records. From a post on the Blabbermouth.net comment section: (I agree BTW): You have to understand that Jon was a founder member of MLO, which by all definitions is an extremist sect - actually one of the few satanic orders (along with ONA, which they have close ties to) that condones human sacrifice and the extermination of mankind. If a couple of Dissection fans now perform copycat suicides, they'd probably consider it a good thing.
Clearly they are nuts, and I don't for a second agree with these views, but you have to put it into perspective. This is no ordinary joe killing himself in a fit of depression or something.

The End Records has issued the following statement regarding the passing of DISSECTION frontman Jon Nödtveidt:
"The End Records is saddened to hear of the passing of DISSECTION's Jon Nödtveidt.
"It was a pleasure for us at the label to deal with such a talented musician. He was always professional and we admired his passion for the music he created. We were proud to have the opportunity to work with him on 'Reinkaos' and the recent reissues of their classic albums 'Storm of the Light's Bane' and 'The Somberlain'.
"He will be missed."
Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal, Live for metal, choose and respect life- \m/ -l-