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3/3/2010-EDITORS NOTE: This journal entry was written in 2005, I'm guessing and is now edited.I'm sure those national socialists would have never shown up had this been a black on black or white on black crime, and I'm sure these nazi's have their own agendas and couldn't possibly hold hands in unity against high school violence and sing "Kum Ba Ya".
FYI, it is almost predictable that self righteous nazi's aren't wound to tight, as (national socialist) Jim Leshkevich committed a murder/suicide (murdering his wife and killing himself) in 2007.

BTW, ITP does NOT condone the violence vs. this skater "goth" kid, nor does it condone national socialists. However, we at ITP do show compassion for the VICTIM as we don't want white supremacists exploiting these issues of violence, so tell them nazi's to fuck off.
First of all, NAZIS have come to our region here in Ulster County, New York. Earlier this year, a few black students at Kingston High School maliciously beat a white student... The white student accrued serious eye injuries that required various surgeries. Instead of the parent of the victim of this pointless beating perceiving this incident as random school violence (IE Columbine High School massacre when WHITE students commit atrocious crimes), the parent called in her old buddies in various National Socialist Nazi groups to "protest" so called hate crimes against whites or the national socialists came to her.
Fine if they weren't NAZI'S....Back in 2000, MTV suspended all programming in honor of Matthew Shepard whom was brutally murdered for being gay in Laramie Wyoming.. Hate crime statistics were scrolled down for an hour after the show stating the irony that many hate crimes are committed BY many people of color against other races as well... The irony in all of this is that the KKK and NAZI'S are one of the most notorious hate groups both nationally and internationally and are considered a domestic terrorist organization. The KKK have committed hate crimes before the 70's and let's face it, got away with it, until the civil rights movement of the 60's and even then, many civil rights workers lost their lives.The students charged with the brutal beating of the white student at the notoriously BAD Kingston High School were not charged with a hate crime but were charged with felony assault.
It is soo SAD, that after all of the civil rights gains of the last century that NAZIS have card de blanche to hold a rally (November of '05) in Kingston, NY almost unchecked. If a group would want to protest the war in Iraq, they would have to go through a whole lot of bureaucracy and red tape to obtain permits to do so, there fore a blatant double standard..There have been some god awful crimes committed in the HV area this year. The kid that went on a random shooting spree at the Hudson Valley area mall, Kingston, NY.this year. The convicted sexual offender whom murdered Robin Conroy here in New Paltz, NY after being let out on R and R for alleged rape. The convicted sexual offender whom went on a shooting spree at his former place of employment in Orange County, NY here in the Hudson Valley area..It never ends and it goes to show you how malicious and gullible people are these days, even here in the burbs. Keep in mind, that some of the most brutal crimes this year were committed by WHITES, there fore white rage.
What is the point of hate groups exploiting high school violence? What about school security, anti gang programs, after school programs, and non violent conflict mediation's. If the Guardian Angels went to Kingston, NY, I would applaud that, NAZI's hell no.
MORE on the NAZI rally in Kingson, NY (November of '05): From a local newspaper: Regional News Police turn out in force for no-show demonstration 10/28/2005 KINGSTON - Police beefed up patrols around Kingston High School on Thursday after hearing that a demonstration, mentioned on Web site that promotes white supremacist materials, was planned outside the Broadway building in response to an Oct. 7 assault near the school.
A white student was beaten and a black student was charged in that assault, but police have said the incident was not racially motivated.
Thursday's demonstration, which was promised by an out-of-state radio host and mentioned on his Web site, never occurred, and a posting on the site on Thursday admitted no rally ever was planned. But "there will be activity in Kingston" in the future, the site said.
The Web site advertises whites-only books and related products.
Kingston Police Chief Gerald Keller said extra officers were sent to the area around the high school for a couple of hours on Thursday morning as a precaution. There also were reports of police stationed on Midtown rooftops.
Thursday's activity came one day after city police reported that laminated cards bearing swastikas had been left at schools and other locations in Kingston.
The biggest crime of this whole issue at Kingston High School is that a notorious white supremacist exploited this whole issue of teen/high school violence to promote more hatred in the form of white supremacy and white nationalism. His name is Hal Turner and he doesn't live in the Hudson Valley Area, Turner doesn't even live in NY..
MORE on HAL TURNER and his White Nationalism: .

Kingston, NY -- [Bill: Note that this is not, at this point, an official NSM event, but something Hal Turner has called for that we here may be taking off.]

Thursday, October 20, 12:02 AM EDT
Boy bashed so badly in his face that he needs reconstruction surgery. Smashed cheek and orbit bone around eye requires saline bag wraped around eyeball to hold it in his head! Nigger called the boy a "white nigger" as he was attacking him, yet cops say incident has "no racial overtones."
The mother of boy called-in to Hal Turner saying other white kids in that school are robbed and beaten everyday. I have promised this mother action in support of her son and I mean to make good on that promise.
I call for a rally of MILITANT, pro-white people to stand with me in front of Kingston High School, DURING SCHOOL HOURS, to let those savages know they will answer for their attacks on white children.
I want a militant display of solidarity so the animals in Kingston know we're sick of this bullshit and we're not going to take it anymore. Details about the rally will be posted on this web site in coming days.


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Libertarian Socialist News
ATTN: Bill White, Editor

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Roanoke, VA 24014 > As in a recent journal entry, it is to cliche to just say this racisim and hatred of minorities (coming from anyone) must end, we have to act. Send an e-mail to Metal heads Against Racism and the National ARA organizing against National Socialists, White Supremicists and thier activities. There is a link on the right hand side of this journal "Metal Heads Against Racism" as one could get in touch with them,along with the National ARA, or the local ARA here in the Hudson Valley Area whom have group on The white supremicist rally WAS held ( in late November of '05 btw in Kingston. NY) with white supremicists wearing swasticas instead of white hoods More about the KSH incident from a local newspaper.

The incident that seems to have started everything was the Oct. 7 melee that ended with Hedrick hospitalized. According to news reports, as well as published accounts from the boy's mother, Rebekah Hedrick, Robbie was returning to school from an early lunch (at 10:45 a.m.) with his 14-year-old friend, Michael Mahler, when Williams and another boy made comments about the Goth boys' hair. When Hedrick responded, Williams grabbed him and punched him once. Mahler tossed soda at the boys, causing more stomping before police arrived and Hedrick was taken to Benedictine Hospital.

Following an Oct. 8Daily Freeman report on the incident, which referenced a pair of Sept. 30 assaults along Broadway involving a group of 10 to 12 kids, a second report came out on Sunday, Oct. 9 that noted the severity of Hedrick's injuries, which demanded three hours of immediate reconstructive surgery, and the fact that the boy would not only be out of school six weeks, but possibly would not go back to Kingston High, according to his parents.

Within days, the Freeman stories were being posted on the Vanguard News Network website, as well as a second website belonging to right-wing radio host Hal Turner, who describes his two-hour radio show, broadcast from New York City on Wednesday nights, as "designed to be controversial. The show is brash, harsh, irreverent, funny, scary ... and much more."

The roll-out into the larger world of what many describe as "neo-Nazi" or White Supremacist propaganda results, it turns out, from the efforts of National Vanguard member Jim Leshkevich of West Hurley, a 50-year-old truck driver and longstanding political gadfly who claims to have been banned from the Daily Freeman's "comments" section online.

"It was my opinion that the police were hiding a hate crime so I started reaching out to the boy's mother," said Leshkevich, whose National Vanguard HV website describes his group as "the leading organization fighting for the rights and survival of European-Americans in an increasingly hostile world."

"The last words out of the mouth of that savage who beat the Hedrick boy were, 'I hate.' I called the mother just for the hell of it and found that she was feeling betrayed by everyone so I assured her she could get her story heard if she called Hal Turner," he said.

According to Leshkevich, Hedrick told him stories, once he got her talking, about hearing of teachers, students and even nurses at Benedictine suggesting that her son "had got what he deserved." He urged her to call Turner's show on Oct. 12 but she "chickened out." Leshkevich talked to Turner about the case on Oct. 19, and then was surprised when Mrs. Hedrick spoke on air about what had happened, 85 minutes into the two-hour broadcast.

"He's not going back to that school," she said after describing Robbie's being punched by "those colored kids."

Turner then spoke of coming up to Kingston High to hold a "pro-white rally to let the non-whites know their time is over," adding that, "We have a very nasty form of justice."

You can hear the mother sounding nervous as he speaks about getting in touch with "Yankee Jim," as Leshkevich calls himself online, and then starts talking about how "they don't want us to use the word blacks."

When he starts talking about what they'll be doing to the Kingston High African-Americans (using a controversial racial epithet) Hedrick gets off the phone fast and Turner goes on to talk not only about "these subhuman brown-skinned monsters," but how he would be getting out "all the National Socialists, the KKK, the Aryans, the National Vanguard," all within the coming two weeks.

"I call for a rally of MILITANT, pro-white people to stand with me in front of Kingston High School, DURING SCHOOL HOURS, to let those savages know they will answer for their attacks on white children. Let's make a militant display of solidarity so the animals in Kingston know we're sick of this bullshit and we're not going to take it anymore," Turner posted on his website the following day, Oct. 20.

The next day, Oct. 21, he stepped up his rhetoric: "If need be, I can tell rally attendees to come to the event HEAVILY ARMED WITH FIREARMS. I can also contact and deploy SNIPERS with .50 Cal. Sniper Rifles to protect rally attendees. I hope none of that will be necessary."

By Sunday, Oct. 23, Turner was starting to list specifics for a march.

Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal,Stay Brutal, Stay DIVERSE \m/ -l-