Sunday, December 11, 2005

Why concert attendence is dwindeling in 2K

Why is concert attendence dwindeling during the last 20 years? Don't people support live, original music anymore? Well apperently people don't support live music hence America's fascination with RAP (Retards Attempting Poetry) being whiggers, and wanabee ghetto/ganstas...

For one thing, RAP does not translate well live with the emphasis on samples, DJ's, lack of live instramentation and authentic musicians....While a few rap and R and B artists have either gotten a live band, (LL Cool J MTV Unplugged) or have always managed against the odds to put on a great live show (Public Enemy), most RAP and New Jack R and B is enjoyed in the context of club music, ala DJ's..

I've had freinds tell me, that back in the 80's here in the Hudson Valley area, unsigned bands drew 300-600 people in the middle of that glam trend back in the 80's..No shit... People used to PAR-TAY here in New Paltz, NY and spend half of thier pay check on bar hopping... People would come out just to socialize and if they saw a band they liked, they were instant fans... Of course since RAP and the local rave scene got big in the 90's, (I used to go to RAVES) the college students at SUNY New Paltz became clicky or eltists and would only go to see thier "freinds" in bands play, or prefered DJ's and club music, ick... Hence why 80's night ( a DJ spinning horrid nu wave hits) at Grabalooser (Cabaloosa with it's awful booking and ethics) draws well all the time, and a DJ playing crap at the local gay club (the WAVE) draws over 100 people (or more open only once a week)  as opposed to live music of substance...               Of course with the RAVE ACT implemented, the rave scene is dead, at least in small markets....

Also the lack of musical and promotional identity in bands, artists, and lack of good music venue..The lack of promotion including venues without websites ect.. (there IS the internet the information super highway-a double edged sword these days) networking and ETHICS in terms of DIY (Do It Yourself) booking as people have the wrong idea of "screwing" each other over..  Perhaps working together (show trading) or just being (or letting others be) independent...People are not interested in live music, they are interested in dramas and image over substance wich I and many others despise..... Gimmicks over talent, image over musical substance.. I'm NOT pandering to the lowest common denominator 

As I've witnessed as a a college radio DJ, it does take some talent to be a good DJ in the context of mixing, scratching, ect... However, with the exeption of techno artists ala Squarepusher whom perform thier music with digital samplers, sythesizers,electronics, drum machines, laptops ect (without DJ'ing a record) very well live indeed.. Most RAP/RAGGHA ect. is enjoyed in the context of a mediocre DJ's in clubs..Ick....

At the most, venues book bad cover bands for the draw and alcohol sales as opposed to new up and coming original acts whom could be groundbreaking... Pretty pathetic huh? I found this post on a metal forum ( and I WILL protect the posters privacy) on WHY concert attendence has dwindiled during the last 20 years.Also, factor in the non smoking laws since the summer of 2003 (in bars, public places and clubs ect.) here in NY state wich make winter business in bars and music venues quite sparse (unless it is a huge package tour of national or international acts)..... Why stand OUTSIDE and smoke, missing a bands set in below freezing weather? .Shit, you could buy a six pack, drink and smoke (at the same time)in doors in the winter... Plus factor in with the hardcore scene, you bet, they are underage and the venues can't make a profit off underage kids as they are not old enought to drink alcohol.....

I can't say I've stopped going to concerts, I've stopped going to BAD concerts, with bad cover OR original bands playing... I don't go to the local bars to see the same crappy band (or horrid cover band) play... I don't have the $ for it, and it's not worth it because I don't like the music or the crowd... I also try to be economical., cut down on  transportation costs to shows by perhaps car pooling, and getting a safe, sober ride to and from the show (designated driver).... New Paltz, NY implemented a Safe Rider program in local bars a few years ago, a free, safe, sober ride 10 miles in each direction to cut down on drinking, driving and DWI's..

Bands whom play out of the locality could do the same by investing in a van, motor home, or small bus to transport fans you sell tics to.. Promoters loove bands that bring thier own following, sell tickets, draw and make them a profit off of alcohol sales..Ex promoters (as I used to book local bands) hate it when bands act like morons, make threats and convert resources. You don't get booked by way of threats, blackmail,stealing gigs and a bad attitude ...

I go to see original death/extreme metal .bands play regardless of popularity or trends. I'm loyal to my scene of extreme metal. Most fans go to shows to see the national or international acts, not always the local openers.

I totally agree with this post btw... Support music and not rumors, and support LIVE music and muscians, not DJ's-Thanks-Tee-Stay Metal, Stay brootal,Support MUSIC not dramas. \m/ -l-

An articulate forum post (from a booking agent) on why concert attendence has dropped during the last 20 years::

As an artist booking agent (regional, small national) since 1982, I can tell you attendance for shows have consistently been dwindling since the late 80's, It used to be that a strong regional would draw 500 to a thousand (sometimes more!), but to day if a regional draws three hundred, that's exceptional. Young people are not going to shows in any numbers like they used to, they're not replacing the people who are now older that used to support live music all the time. I can remember in the 80's, I could book a band 5 to 7 nights a week at the same venue in a town of 30,000! Now I'm lucky to get a whole weekend at any venue for a band.

There are many reasons that live attendance has fell so sharply, they include competition from other entertainment mediums, such as video games, movie rentals, cable TV, surround sound home theatre, & the internet. People do not have to leave the house to be entertained, & that entertainment dollar is split up in to many ways, someone has to loose out.

Drunk Driving laws have hurt the bar business in general. The witch hunt for under age drinking has not helped, but one of the biggest reasons why bands on a grass roots level do not draw like they used to is that hard rock/heavy metal bands just don't entertain like they used to. All through the 80's there were many large regional cover bands that put on what amounted to a concert show, they had hundreds of par cans, huge light trees, hydraulics, large sound systems, even laser light shows! They knew how to work a room, they dressed the part, played the part, & people at it up! Club owners used to be more concerned with a bands production, then almost anything else, & they paid good money for it, some acts consistently made over two thousand dollars on a Friday or Saturday night, & a thousand on a week night! Then the alternative movement showed up & less wasmore. Bands started doing more original songs. The huge regional shows started disappearing, bands were popping up all over the place, willing to play for nothing, & the bar owners saw them coming! They would book these acts on 3, 4, band bills (still do) & have them split the door receipts. Well, you get what you pay for, & most these acts were total shit, the kids stopped coming to the live music venues because they were tired of paying $5.00 or more cover for bands that were worthless, especially in college towns. So, instead they turned to DJ, Rap, Raves, what have you, & live music has not recovered since, though there are signs of a slight come back.

I love good original music bands, but at a grass root level (meaning bars) people on a whole want to hear cover tunes, songs their familiar with, & who can blame them, especially when there is so much, well, untalented original acts out there. I believe in original music, you have to have it, but you have to play to the audience to, & I think more & more young bands are realizing this, hence I've seen more people at live shows the last two years. Let’s hope it continues, but what has all this to do with well known acts! Everything!

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