Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More on the Mike Turner (Decrepit Birth) case

Wow, this is really fucked up and sad... Sounds like Mike Turner (ex Decrepit Birth) might spend life behind bars, which he deserves if he is guilty. However, Turner is yet to be charged with these crimes.....I need to go to sleep, later. Stay Metal, Stay Brutal and Stay Sane-Tee \m/ -l-

FROM a bulletin on

Date: Nov 15, 2006 3:20 AM
Subject More info about MIKE and DECREPIT BIRTH...


Man arrested on suspicion of child molestation
By Maria Jose Vinas
Sentinel correspondent
A 27-year-old homeless man arrested Friday on suspicion of molesting two girls and an adult woman could face life in prison, the District Attorney's Office said Monday.

Prosecutors likely will file charges against the man today, prosecutor Jeff Rosell said. He remained in County Jail on Monday on $450,000 bail.

Deputies said the man, arrested in Santa Cruz, videotaped himself inappropriately touching two young girls and an adult female while she was unconscious.

Deputies have recovered an undisclosed number of videotapes of all of the acts and are searching for more, sheriff's Sgt. Robin Mitchell said. Deputies believe the alleged molestations happened between 2002 and 2006.

Mitchell declined to give specific details about what the suspect is alleged to have done to the children or the woman. She also declined to give the ages of any of the alleged victims.

"He was not a stranger to them," Mitchell said.

Deputies suspect there are more victims, although they would not say how many. They would be "primarily children," Mitchell said.


"I strongly feel there is a good chance he didn't start videotaping his acts from the beginning," Mitchell said.

Deputies said the man also rigged a concealed camera in the bathroom of a previous Mid-County residence, "with which he violated the privacy" of several people.

The suspect, who had recently become homeless, works for a local outlet of a chain drugstore and plays in a band, Mitchell said.

A native of Arkansas, the man has been living in Santa Cruz for several years, Mitchell said. The Sentinel is not naming him because he has yet to be charged.

He had no prior record related to sex crimes, she said.

The man could face charges of production of child pornography, child molestation with force, aggravated sexual assault, sexual battery and child molestation without force, Mitchell said.

Rosell said the District Attorney's Office will probably set more charges in the future, because he believes there are additional victims.

Rosell said this is an "extremely aggravating case."

"We're going to prosecute him for life imprisonment," he said.