Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin RIP

I just heard the bad news. U.S. legendary comic GEORGE CARLIN has passed away at 71. George Carlin was perhaps one of the best comedians of the last 20 years. Carlin's hillarious comparison of baseball to football, and the legendary skit on the "Seven words you just can't say on television" (as a former college radio DJ I understand, lol,the name of the grind band ANAL CUNT was edited on air to AC, or even NOLA/USA black metal band GOATWHORE) S**t, C**t, ect. were hilarious, thought provoking and triggered a supreme court justice lawsuit in favor (arrgh) of the FCC. Of course, some of those rules of what and what not to say have been loosened between now and then.

Some people might have seen George Carlin on his last U.S. tour this past winter as he came through Kingston, NY at UPAC. Everyone was raving about his stand up comedic performance in Kingston, NY.
Very much like the hillariously, pognant and obscene Richard Pryor, big ups and hails to George Carlin.
I'm soo sad now, RIP George Carlin, love you man and hails.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal, \m/ -l-