Sunday, January 29, 2017


EMILY JANE HOFFMAN, a fan who attended the 1/21/2017 CODE ORANGE show at KILBY COURT, SALT LAKE CITY UTAH has posted her horrible experience with a "crowdkilling" mosher as she accrued serious injuries while watching the show on the edge of the pit.

Crowd killing is when a mosher instigates a mosh with those standing on the edge of the pit, watching the bands and whom often don't want to be in the pit.
CROWDKILLING often entails throwing spinkicks and fists at unsuspected fans often targeting certain people.

CROWDKILLING, primarily at hard core shows, is meant to instigate full floor pits when "the wall of death" would be a better, and hopefully more organized idea.


*Keep your hands up and be prepared to block punches and kicks.If you're a musician stay AWAY from the edge of pit.    
*Dismantle crowd killers arms and thrown them out of the pit and behind you, and yes, that will bruise their ego.
*If you're on the edge of pit, like it or not, you're going to have to be aware and BEWARE of moshers, let them out of the circle when they need a breathier, shove them back (they love this) when they are frantically moshing.
*Like it or not, when you are on the edge of the pit (at the circle), you're IN THE PIT, just not moshing. Stay behind the pit/circle edge.
*Sit at that bar for full floor pits.

* Do not punch nor kick someone at the edge of the pit, only kick and punch at air.
* Smaller, light weight crowdkillers whom bump the crowd are way more fun, you morbidly obese and tall idiots are no fun, injure others and ruin shows. "kick on someone your own size": The lowest roundhouse kick can annihilate a short concert goer.
* Expect to be pushed back into the pit at the slightest crowd kill.

*no steel toed boots in the pit, just sneakers
* moshing with someone should be via consent, although random stuff happens.Mosh with your self with your pretentious karate moves.
* At metal shows, moshing means CONTACT and a differential between push pits and hardcore pits. Throw a punch or kick that makes contact, and hell will break loose or expect to be pushed DOWN.
*There's a fine line between assault and battery and moshing, try to be respectful and not intentionally injure anyone. Contact should be unintentional, minimal and reserved for push pits and only with those whom are moshing. 
* In hardcore stage diving and pile ups are the norm, try not to get in the bands way. However, from that CODE ORANGE  video I saw, wow, that stage was packed with stage divers, that was awesomely crazy.
 *Arrg for the standing 8 concussion years ago, although I didn't fall down.
*STAY EDGE, have fun and be safe.

FROM ASIAN METAL: of the stupidest, if not THE stupidest, trends in heavy music. The post making the rounds right now sums up the issue best complete with images and a personal account of what took place. Make sure to note how the piece of garbage who did this ran away like a full fucking coward when this poor show attendee went down. […/

No one should ever leave a show in this condition, no matter what kind of music you are going to support. Have fun out there but please, not in such an inconsiderate and violent way. Please be mindful.

 Whoever did this at the Code Orange show, is a scumbag of the highest regard.

 I went to the Code Orange show this last weekend at Kilby Court and I left with the worst merch ever. Some guy was there who decided to wear steel toe boots. He round house kicked me in the face.

He hit my jaw so hard that it moved the entire thing to one side breaking it in two places on each side. My right side of my jaw was no longer connected to my skull or muscle, it was still in my face because of my skin.

I know can give TSA hell every time I go to the airport with the two nose rings and 4 metal plates in my jaw.

My jaw has been restructured and my brain has stopped bleeding, I'm feeling better but my face still hurts so much. I stayed in the trauma ICU for 6 days, my jaw is wired shut I can't speak and I have lost 9 pounds in 7 days because I can't have anything but liquids.

I had a hard time figuring out what the worst part was about my situation for a bit. Between the medication that is being pumped into me all day everyday. Getting my jaw shattered, having to get reconstructive plates put in, being confined to a bed for the next few weeks. There are many more I could list. I finally figured it out. When you go to a show where there will be moshing and you wear steel toe boots, your intentions are to hurt someone. when you swing kick your feet in your steel boots you're trying to hurt someone. When you hit someone in the face then you see her unconscious and you run off to not get caught. You're something else, I really don't have the words for what you are.

In case you see this, I'm the girl from the show at Kilby court 1/21/17. This is what my face and smile used to look like. This is what you did. Hope you don't glance past this post like you did with me.

 Adam Klopp Not a peep about the woman who had to have reconstructive surgery on her jaw after getting kicked in the face at this show? Maybe y'all shoulda remind you're bro jock fans to stop kicking women in the face.

Danny Shade They don't care. They support it from what I'm told

Danny Shade Also, they never said: have a safe fun time. They're post all mainly talk about pain and "there's no rules" soooo... maybe there needs to be a better realization that this band isn't joking and not to Be taken lightly. Don't go to Code Orange if you don't want to get fucked up

Christopher Weiss They're a bunch of kids dude. And nice. I'm sure they wouldn't advocate someone intentionally seriously harming anyone that came to see the show.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal and BE SAFE-\m/ -l-