Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ITP V.017 SOCIAL JUSTICE: WEST MEMPHIS THREE UPDATE: JASON BALDWIN ON PROCLAIM JUSTICE: WRONGFUL CONVICTION PODCAST (Season 2, Episode 8: From Prison to Proclaiming Justice: The Wrongful Conviction of Jason Baldwin)

JASON BALDWIN, one of the WEST MEMPHIS THREE tells his story via PROCLAIM JUSTICE: WRONGFUL CONVICTION (Season 2, Episode 8: From Prison to Proclaiming Justice: The Wrongful Conviction of Jason Baldwin with JASON FLOM)  podcast unleashed via I TUNES and REVOLVER PODCASTS.

JASON BALDWIN, JESSIE MISSKELLY and DAMIEN ECHOLS were freed August, 7th, 2011 via an ALFORD PLEA after serving 18 years in prison (Echols on death row) for the 1993 ROBIN HOOD HILLS MURDERS (West Memphis, Arkansas) with zero evidence as THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE still maintain their innocence. DNA testing excluded the WEST MEMPHIS THREE. THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE are seeking a full exoneration.

THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE are petitioning the world for a FULL exoneration regarding their  ALFORD PLEA in relation to the 1993 ROBIN HOOD HILLS MURDERS in West Memphis Arkansas.. DAMIEN ECHOLS   has unleashed a new book entitled "Life After Death" and is working for a full exoneration after new tests on crime scene fibers have produced NO LINK to the WEST MEMPHIS THREE.

WEST MEMPHIS THREE (Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelly and Jason Baldwin) documentary PARADISE LOST 3: PURGATORY was unleashed in DVD format 8/14/2012. THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE were convicted of the 1993 ROBIN HOOD HILLS MURDERS (West Memphis, Arkansas) with zero evidence.

For those wondering what Jason is up to....

Never think for a moment that it isn't possible for you or someone you love to find your life taken from you at the hands of the government. Police officers, detectives and prosecutors can lie to you, they can lie to the public and jury about you. They can also find career criminals to lie about you as part of a deal to wipe their records clean and they don't have to tell anyone about it. They can even pressure those who would tell the truth about you and your whereabouts to lie in order to avoid mistreatment at their hands. This is my reality and life. What's so scary is that it reflects the lives of so many and it could be yours next. Proclaim Justice people!

Just released, must-listen! Our own Jason Baldwin tells his harrowing tale of wrongful conviction, prison beatings, and desire to help other victims of wrongful conviction in this episode of Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom. Subscribe to this important podcast to hear the stories of other victims of wrongful conviction.Link: http://bit.ly/2g1G25S

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