Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Before I close this journal on AOL, EVERYONE in the extreme metal/black metal scene in Europe and in the USA would like to send a mighty hails and metal horns to NEGURA BUNGET. For we all know that NEGURA BUNGET are NOT nazi's or fascists and do NOT preach those awful ideals. NEGURA BUNGET combine Romanian folk with atmospheric post black metal, and are only one of my favorite bands, and do I look WHITE to you? I'm one quarter Cherokee Indian, half black and whatever, maybe of middle eastern descent. NEGURA BUNGET musical ethos is that of nature,humanism and ancient Romanian spiritualism. Quite the opposite of black metal, as nihilism, seems to be the trendy ideal in that genre. I don't think any other band is on this Euro tour with NEGURA BUNGET with exception of regional support. While NEGURA BUNGET are a post black metal band, and in black metal, anything goes, I doubt they draw nazi's, as much as they are getting the respect they finally deserve.
Bands that are national socialist (nazi ideals): Burzum, Graveland, Averse Sefiria, Taake, Nokturnal Mortum, Arghoslent NOT NEGURA BUNGET..Perhaps we need to look no further than the governments of these countries and these politicians to see whom the real oppressors are, specifically in the middle of an economic depression in our country with inflation so high that people can barely afford to EAT, let alone attend a concert.

 "We've been informed that Spanish and French police are investigating NEGURA BUNGET's European tour and that there are rumors about cancelling shows because the band is suspected of being Nazi sympathizers or ultranationalists... Well, this is ridiculous. We signed NEGURA BUNGET in 2000, we know the guys in the band quite well after 8 years of positive collaboration, and everyone who has had a chance to meet the band during their tours knows that NEGURA BUNGET is probably the most humble, talented, down to earth and friendly band in the whole black metal scene, where 90% of the black metal bands speaks about violence, hate, satan or whatever is 'evil' or 'wrong. NEGURA BUNGET stands for humanity, nature and emotions. There is NOTHING in their music and lyrics about Nazism or fascism; they NEVER supported such organizations. There's an official statement about this in their website that is online since maybe 2002 and I really can't imagine how police can be so wrong."
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-