Tuesday, September 7, 2010


German DSBM heroes NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION have announced a special Haloween ritual in Germany. Depressive Suicide Black Metal heroes NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION unleashed a new EP entitled "The Cult Of Negation" last April on Avantgarde Music.

Hailz all

As we played on last February into the Klubhaus of Grosserlach, we decided to make a special performance for the upcoming Halloween's gig.

For this grim night, Nocturnal Depression will have a different setlist than usual :

- the whole new album "The Cult of Negation" 6 tracks will be perform exclusively
- Will be included 2/3 ND classic songs
- Special cover songs medley from a Black/Doom band

This setlist won't be played anywhere else due to materialistic conditions for the band. So be a part of the Negation....

Blackerlach/Spreading Negation Tour PtII

Nocturnal Depression
Black Sin

31/10/2010 - Klubhaus VFFR
Liemersbacherstrasse 14
Gorsserlach 71577

Entrance 19h - 9€

On the page, you'll listen to an extract of the track "The Cult of Negation Arises" from the upcoming album "The Cult of Negation".

The album consists of 6 tracks for a duration of 44 minutes.

Tracklist :

Credo Negativo - 3:37
They - 6:03
We're All Better Off Dead - 5:47
Home Asylum - 9:03
Dead Children - 7:31
The Cult of Negation - 11:42

The concept is darker than ever but keeping the ND's
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-