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Polish death metal warriors DECAPITATED were recently interviewed by metal webzine METAL AS FUCK. DECAPITATED guitarist VOGG explained to METAL AS FUCK the motive in restarting the band, DECAPITATED's record deal with NUCLEAR BLAST and the death of late drummer VITEK and former vocalist COVEN's recovery after the tragic 2007 tour bus accident in Russia. DECAPITATED's anticipated new release "Carnival Is Forever" shall be unleashed tomorrow in North America and 7/15/2011 EUROPEAN UNION via NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS..
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FROM METAL AS FUCK: Decapitated is a band that has been around for just over fifteen years now. Most remembered from the start of its career, not so much for its music, but for the bands young age, The band havs gone on to cement a strong fan base which has stood loyal to the band, through both the good times, and bad. The band were in fact keeping a steady, but rising pace, until a terrible road accident in the October of 2007 - which took the life of drummer Vitek, and put vocalist Covan into a coma - seemingly ending the bands career. But Decapitated was dedicated and strove on, with Vitek’s brother Vogg pushing forth to re-form the much respected death metal band. With the soon to be released fifth full length Carnival Is Forever imminent, we caught up with Vogg, to find out more about said album, along with chatting about where the band intended to head in the near future. It has in fact been more than five years since Decapitated released their last album (2006's Organic Hallucinosis), and so we wondered if Vogg felt a sense of growing excitement? “
“Oh yeah,” confirms the leader of the band. "Right now, it is exactly two weeks until the albums release, and we are very exited about that. I am certainly wondering what the reaction will be from people. We have a new line up and we worked very hard for this album. This album makes me proud and happy.’

Because of the accident mentioned above Vogg has had to virtually restart the band again. It is because of this, that we are curious as to how the fans have responded to this new line up, and also, how the new members have been fitting in.
“Well, it was a very hard and stressful time last year” confesses the spokesman. “Imagine having to come back with a brand new line up? But I think our fans totally understand our situation, and they know what has happened to the band, and that’s why most fans were more than supportive of this comeback. Of course we had to prove that it made sense to continue with the band with a new face, but I think we did well. All of the new members were also one hundred percent behind what I was looking for. They are all great musicians and they know what to do on stage. We have done about one hundred shows since the come back and most of them were great."

The above might be a relief to the band, but do they feel that the long gap between albums might have still set them back, or do they feel that they can continue with the same success as before?
“ I don’t know, that’s a hard question,” ponders Vogg for a moment. “We are just happy that we have this album out and that Decapitated is still alive. I don’t think about who is bigger or who is more successful. We have good reviews; we play tours and festivals and everything seems to be great again. And we can pay our bills from the money we earn in music, so to us, that’s success."

An honest appraisal indeed, but to move further on, we do have to ask about the head scratching title of their new album, Carnival Is Forever, along with the theme of the songs on the album. Vogg bats straight off the base.
“Jarek Szubrycht, the author of the title and all the lyrics, simply wanted to write powerful and honest lyrics,that would unify with the band's new music. And I strongly believe that has been achieved.”

Obviously it doesn't change the fact that the title is ironic. The carnival is the name given by Jarek, to the perennial human dancing on the grave, heading for self-annihilation with a stupid grin, and lofty slogans. All the history of the human species resembles a mindless jiggling of a drunk mob - we can't draw any conclusions from the past, we can't impede the auto-destructive behaviors, we know only how to mask them with the help of conventions, culture or politics.

“There's no ideology behind the lyrics of Carnival is Forever. They don't intend to persuade you towards anything. They don't offer any ready solutions and don't encourage a revolution. They are not against religion, evil, war, politics, or the media - but at the same time, they question all of them. They question the meaning of this world, and our alleged role in it.”

Along with the new line up, the band have made another huge change by jumping labels from Earache Records, over to Nuclear Blast. We had to enquire about the reason, and if they feel excited by this new change, as well?
“We had completed four albums for Earache” responds the guitarist, “so we met up to form a new deal. However, Nuclear Blast was also interested in Decapitated, and had been for a long time, and so after we had finished with Earache, we signed a demo deal with them. Nuclear Blast is the biggest metal label right now and they are very professional. I can see how they support us right now and it looks very promising for the band. We will see how this cooperation will be in the future, and then I will tell you more, but as I said right now, its all good between us and Nuclear Blast.”

Its almost time to finish up, but I am sure that most fans of Decapitated, are interested to know how their previous front man, Covan is going. It has been almost four years since the car accident but it seems that Covan is still yet to fully recover.
“Right now, it is not possible for Covan to do anything,” Vogg grimly announces. “Not too many people are conscious about what condition Covan is in right now. He cannot do anything by himself at the moment. He cannot move or talk. And he will need a lot of time before he makes it back to normal life and even this comeback is not guaranteed. He is a prisoner of his own body right now, and it’s a big tragedy for everybody, including his family and friends."

Vogg ends on a more positive note by giving us his thoughts on a possible upcoming tour of Australia. “We have been to Australia twice now and I have great memories from your country.” he concludes. “Awesome shows, great food, great people… it is amazing for a band from Poland to play our music for Australian fans, because its so far away, and so different. I really like your mentality and the character of the people there. Unfortunately we cannot see too much (when we tour), because we spend most of our time in a plane, airport hotel or other venue, but it was always still a great pleasure to be there. We cannot wait for our next time there and we are in fact planning a tour for March or April next year.”

A new tour that we too all look forward to, and with such an enthusiastic outlook towards our beloved country, we are sure that it will be well worthwhile

For those that wish to support Covan with his ongoing recovery, please visit


Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ R.I.P VITEK WAKE UP COVAN