Wednesday, February 17, 2016

BANGER FILMS: South African metal scene rocks Sam Dunn's Metal Journeys

SAM DUNN of BANGER FILMS visited SOUTH AFRICA and spoke to JOHANNESBURG metal promoters WITCHDOCTOR PROMOTIONS about the peculating SOUTH AFRICAN metal scene.

Also, SAM DUNN and BANGER FILMS will continue the live DEBATE on the educational HEAVY METAL FAMILY TREE, the validity of certain hard rock/metal sub genres and bands in the melodic death metal genre, set to take place 2/18/2016 4PM EST via the YOU TUBE video.

BANGER FILMS unleashed  METAL EVOLUTION, previewed on VH1 JANUARY 2014. BANGER FILMS METAL EVOLUTION (featured on VH 1 CLASSIC) have raised funds for a new episode featuring extreme metal including death, black and grind genres.

SAM DUNN, directed and narrated the metal documentaries METAL: A HEADBANGERS JOURNEY (2005) and GLOBAL METAL (2008), the first film, his thesis in Anthropology.

BANGER FILMS METAL EVOLUTION has been unleashed on VH1.


In all of Banger's global travels, we've never been to Africa. Until now.

South Africa's metal scene is in the spotlight in a special three-part edition of Sam Dunn's Metal Journeys. From the first metal band from the all-black township of Soweto to a genuine braii with an entire family of metalheads, Sam's visit to Johannesburg uncovers a small but dedicated community where black and white fans alike come together to celebrate all things metal.

In Episode 1: Witchdoctor, Sam talks to Shaughn Pieterse, the country's leading metal promoter, about the history of the South African metal scene, and the challenges facing its future. Later that night, we hit up a showcase from several of the country's top bands, including Agro, Terminatryx, Theatre Runs Red, The Drift and Sacrifist.
In the following weeks, the journey continues to a farm outside the city, where Sam meets with the brothers behind the pig masks of Boargazm. In the final episode, he'll visit Soweto and Demogoroth Satanum, the region's first all-black black metal group. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and don't miss an episode!

Lock Horns returns!
We're back! Join us on YouTube on Thursday, February 18 at a new time of 4pm EST for the next episode of Lock Horns, Banger's live stream metal debate show — Melodic Death Metal. We'll be live with special guest co-host Morgan Rider of Vesperia but can you start the debate right now - leave us your comments for this new branch of the tree!


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