Sunday, September 25, 2016


NERGAL, guitarist/vocalist of Polish blackened/death metal warriors BEHEMOTH has posted this statement on his recent trip to INDIA.

BEHEMOTH unleashed "THE SATANIST",  2/3/2014 (EU and UK) and 2/4/2016 (NORTH AMERICA)  via METAL BLADE RECORDS.

 BEHEMOTH released "XIĄDZ" (EP), unleashed 11/1/2014 (self released).

What a trip! I'm on the plane from Varanasi where I spent last 2 days and my brain is still processing this massive culture shock.
It was INTENSE in every sense of that word. Reading "Shantaram" novel made me approach this country with a deeper understanding tho. India is wild. India is raw. India is EVERYTHING the western culture is not. Sometimes it felt like they skipped the renaissance era and just remained in the middle ages or something… and I bet I'm not far from the truth seeing MANY people living their lives the old way… or I'd rather say the ancient way. Coming from Europe into this part of the globe may feel somehow confusing...disturbing and uncomfortable for numerous reasons. First of all, it aint easy to deal with the famous Indian traffic. People using ALL kinds of vehicles, children taking bath in the street pools along with dogs, cows, goats or even pigs (!). Each one is moving in opposite directions simultaneously accompanied by unstoppable sonic overkill! If you are looking for a definition of chaos and anarchy, that's where you find it! It ain't easy to cope with omnipresent dirt, poverty and suffocating dust biting your eyes and throat. Someone asked me WHY Varanasi? 'Coz it always feels liberating to get out of your safe European comfort zone to experience all of this in its mighty unpredictable nature! It feels kinda enlightening to see where we are all coming from as Varanasi must be one of the most ancient cities in the world, a place that Buddha made divine with his foot prints. It's MYSTICAL and SPIRITUAL and you can literally FEEL it. However immensely disturbing on many fronts I quickly learned a way to deal with it: One must leave behind his "civilized" standards and take a deep dive into this chaotic stream of life so it may carry you with its crazy currents! There is a way to start enjoying it massively if you only stop using your brain too much for analysing and comparing. India is ONE OF A KIND! And It feels good just to be in this situation to truly EXPERIENCE the unknown and learn from it. It's been two hyper intense days where billions of impulses were feeding on my senses permanently. The taste, the smell, the sound, the touch… huh… it's been A LOT to handle for my lil brain but I am HAPPY and fulfilled. I would also like to thank bunch of individuals who kept the level of entertainment pretty high during these ecstatic peregrinations! Two days in Varanasi is an ultimate dose of Indian culture in the most traditional way. Namaste!

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-