Sunday, October 30, 2016


For those not in know, long time ITP syndicate BLOG CATALOG is in the process of re-designing their server as ITP V.016 has stated before:

However, a neighbor, or squatter is under arrest for stalking and starting a fight. 

 Be patient while BLOG CATALOG and users (including ITP) work out the tech issues as the syndicate and users are back up live.

FROM BLOG CATALOG: Good morning, Theresa - We are working on a soft launch of the new BC Beta site right now. There will be a few site interruptions, hopefully limited to the next few hours. We appreciate your patience!!
Hi there,

Hey everyone. We're aware the site is having some is having some issues today. We're going through our soft re-launch over the weekend. Please bear with us through the migration. There will be some awesome news coming out tomorrow to the community.
For the last year we’ve been working on creating a new site and user interface focused around one thing—you! And recently the fruits of our labors have come to light. Now you can create a profile, comment on individual blogs, share your favorite blogs, join our discussions boards, and so much more! We’re constantly looking to make things better, so if at anytime you encounter a problem, or have a brilliant idea on how we can continue to improve BlogCatalog, please let us know.
Since content is our main feature, we’ve made it easy for you to quickly find the best content. Simply put, content that is viewed the most gets put up on higher pages. This way, the most trending content from the entire art category will show up on the art page and the most trending content site-wide will show up on the homepage.
Want something to go big on BlogCatalog? Share it out and get it seen—then watch it climb up the site to the very top!

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-