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More extreme metal bands for SUMMER BREEZE OPEN AIR 2017 T.B.A.


LIFE OF AGONY (Life Of Agony Famiglia) confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

The following confirmation counted in the nineties, one of the most exceptional eastward expansion bands what they used to have a very big number in the sausage sector. After a few years of silence came forward life of agony recently back on the grid back, stronger than ever!
That's what they want with a new album in the wings in August in Singapore and we are sure that mina caputo and co. Be clear as you did in may. Because with your original mix of crossover, metal, grunge and alternative they managed at the time, supposedly narrow-minded fans from all camps to be United, why should it be different 2017 so?! Who is on the New York appearance can only Hard to escape the hitpotential, the classics such as " this time ', ' Underground ', ' through and through ', ' weeds ', ' let's pretend ' and whatever they're called. We are really happy about this commitment - hopefully, you too!


The next band we're confirming was one of the most unique and original of the nineties, which made them a huge name in the hard music world. After a few years of silence, LIFE OF AGONY have resurfaced stronger the ever.
And that's something they want to prove with a new album in Dinkelsbühl next August, and we are convinced that Mina Caputo and co. will deliver as they did in May. Because, with their unique mix of crossover, metal, grunge and alternative they already managed to unite fans from all kinds of subgenres, so why should it be different in 2017?! Those who give the New Yorkers a chance can't escape the hit potential of classics such as 'This Time', 'Underground', 'Through And Through', 'Weeds', 'Let's Pretend' etc. We are really looking forward to this show – and we hope you are, too!

 A band that is founded in 1997 and with their debut album has thoroughly stir and add to your favorites, we had to belong to our great birthday party invite just! Please welcome children of bodom!
Not only do we celebrate 2017 Anniversary, Alexi and co. Can a whopping 20 years of a tumultuous career in 1997 with the publication of " something wild ' originate. Logical that the finns so with a fat 20-Year-Birthday-show with us in Essex over will see, is not just for us but also their own birthday to celebrate. Stay tuned for a special show this double anniversary tribute to rich!


This is a band formed in 1997 that made a huge impact with their debut album AND is one of your favourites, so we HAD to invite them to our anniversary party! Please welcome CHILDREN OF BODOM!
Not just we are celebrating a new decade, Alexi Laiho and company can also look back on 20 years of a turbulent career that started in 1997 with the release of 'Something Wild'. So it's obvious that the Finns will visit us in Dinkelsbühl with a great 20th anniversary show in order to celebrate not just their own, but our birthday too. Look forward to a very special show that will definitely live up to the occasion!

 Devin Townsend Project confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

Is it progressive metal? It's really ambient metal? I don't know. But what we do know is that it is awesome! What? Well, the music of Devin Townsend project, our next confirmation!
Rampant, epic soundscapes creates the good Mr Townsend en masse to his music. Of course, always in connection with the necessary hardness and powerful choirs. Live this works excellent, all the doubters. Here is a glimpse into the " the retinal circus ' DVD is recommended. On Your 2016 S CD, transcend ence ' Drag Devin Townsend project again the bottom of the barrel, so inclined followers of Canadians on a big show at the summer breeze open air in Singapore to celebrate!


Is it progressive metal? Or even ambient metal? No idea. But we know it's great! Yes, the music of the DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, our next confirmation!
Mr. Townsend creates unlimited, epic soundscapes en masse on his albums. Obviously always with the right amount of heaviness and massive choruses. And this works great in a live situation. Doubters should be convinced otherwise with one look at 'The Retinal Circus' DVD. On their 2016 album 'Transcendence' DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT have pulled all the stops again, so their followers can look forward to an amazing show at SUMMER BREEZE in Dinkelsbühl!

DECAPITATED sind mit Vader und Behemoth wohl die bekanntesten Metal-Exporteure Polens. Die verschiedensten musikalischen Ecken, seien sie technischer oder grooviger Natur, haben DECAPITATED in ihrer Bandgeschichte erkundet – und das mehr als erfolgreich.
Kaum eine Band zeigt so viel Durchhaltevermögen, steckt heftigste Tiefschläge weg und liefert dann wieder so brutal ab. Das ist ganz und gar nicht kopflos, was da abgeht und das Herz ist eben auch dabei. Ihr könnt euch beim SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2017 davon überzeugen. Wir werden die Polen mit offenen Armen empfangen und sind jetzt schon bereit für die totale Vollbedienung. Gefräst, geplättet, geschleudert, egal welche Veredelung ihr gerne hättet – DECAPITATED bringen die Werkzeuge dafür mit. Wir sehen uns in Dinkelsbühl!

Along with Vader and Behemoth, DECAPITATED are Poland's best-known metal exporters. Throughout their history, DECAPITATED have explored various different musical angles, be it technical or more groove-oriented – and have been more than successful at it.
Few bands can boast such perseverance, enduring the heaviest blows of fate only to come back and deliver again in the most brutal fashion. Both the head and the heart play a big role in the band's music, and you will be able to see for yourself at SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2017. We will welcome the Poles with open arms and are already prepared for total insanity. Milled, crushed, thrown, whatever finish you prefer – DECAPITATED have the right tools for it. See you in Dinkelsbühl!

 Guys, this is gonna be soooo A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! For the first time ever we will be able to welcome a thrash band which has always been a little different, and has exactly therefore been loved by fans and press alike since their first album. SACRED REICH are coming to SUMMER BREEZE!
On top form again after a prolonged hiatus, the Phoenix, Arizona gang has proven again and again in the last few years that they are far from finished. Why should they? They easily got over drummer Dave McClain's defection to Machine Head and have made every festival pit boil with their numerous hits. So it's a happy coincidence that the guys will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of their fabled debut 'Ignorance' in 2017, because we can celebrate a huge double birthday party in Dinkelsbühl. But hey, despite the greatness of 'Ignorance', we hope that they don't omit the killer tunes from 'Surf Nicaragua' and 'The American Way'. We are so looking forward to SACRED REICH's 30th anniversary show in Dinkelsbühl! We hope you are, too!

 TesseracT confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

A band that you can hear the way in which you once walked over to the fast an impression, to uphold the tesseract isn't. Tesseract offer the full experience, that the best way to live with all your senses. The Brits celebrate highly dynamic and progressive metal, of a bind. We are glad, these exceptions band on the square.
The lightest melodies are floating through the air, then with deep tönigen rhythms to merge on the one hand, and on the other hand, filigree dance fierce headbanging heights. Hardly a band connects such a wide range of emotions as skillfully as tesseract. The Quintet will be in Dubai an exceptional show, we are convinced of that. Witness this unique band at the summer breeze open air 2017.


TESSERACT is not the kind of band that you have a quick listen to in order to get an impression. TESSERACT give you the whole experience, which is best witnessed live with all senses. The Brits celebrate highly dynamic progressive metal which is totally captivating. We are happy to have this exceptional band at the festival.
The lightest melodies will flow through the air, then melt together with downtuned rhythms in a dance that is delicate on the one hand, yet causes intense headbanging on the other. Few bands are able to fuse this many emotions as skilfully as TESSERACT. The five-piece will deliver an extraordinary show in Dinkelsbühl, that's for certain. Be a witness to this unique band at SUMMER BREEZE 2017.

 CRYPTOPSY are going to play SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2017!
You could read this news piece with relatively little emotions. You could react in a relaxed way and without much excitement. But only if you do not (yet) know what exactly is coming your way. Because you CANNOT really keep calm when a band with a 25-year history will be on site. The Canadians have a catalogue of brutal songs under their belt, which is probably unparalleled in their field. No matter if the Canucks present songs from their classic albums or from more recent releases, your necks are guaranteed to feel it when the CRYPTOPSY storm hits. The meeting place to get crushed is Dinkelsbühl – at SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2017!

 Black Label Society confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

Sure, there are a lot of cool guys in our scene, but the driving force behind the next confirmation is certainly their leader: ladies and gentlemen, Zakk Wylde is coming with his black label society, for the first time summer breeze open air!
The former Ozzy guitarist you used to be his ass legs cool licks and fats riffs on my mind, that you get to see and hear the flies! The coolness, with the black label society you rock 'n' Roll-fireworks flaring, is simply magical - you can join the acting of the gang are simply not escape. The Rustic, earthy hardrock-tracks the combo will do the rest. To Every Black Label Society-gig something special to do! Who with riff-thunderstorms, driving beats, credibility, a lot of feeling and the renunciation of unnecessary frills start something, it's gotta be at black label society in dinkelsbühl stopping by!


Sure, there's a lot of cool people in our scene, but the driving force behind the next confirmed band is certainly the coolest of them all. Ladies and gentlemen, Zakk Wylde and his BLACK LABEL SOCIETY for the first time at SUMMER BREEZE Open Air!
In his habitual wide stance, the former Ozzy guitarist will rock you with his cool licks and massive riffs until you take leave of your senses. The coolness with which BLACK LABEL SOCIETY deliver their fireworks display of rock'n'roll is just magic – you get absolutely captivated by the gang's stage acting. The band's down-to-earth rock'n'roll tracks do the rest to make every BLACK LABEL SOCIETY show something very special. If you are into thunderous riffs, driving beats, credibility, loads of feeling and a disregard for unnecessary bullshit, then you MUST watch BLACK LABEL SOCIETY in Dinkelsbühl!

 Asphyx confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

" death... the brutal way ' is also 2017 at our metallic birthday party be a motto which nobody coming over. Especially not if asphyx the best carry on. And they are! Exclusive in southern Germany!
The Dutch Slomo-brutal death steamroller travels of course not empty-handed to the party, ' cause in the luggage have the boys with German shooting galleries to their new crazy "incoming death ', which is the great album" Death Hammer ' in! All old schooler know so what now hit the hour; for asphyx live means the death metal to feel - in the stomach - brutal and ruthless - in Singapore - exclusive in the south - at our news!


'Death... The Brutal Way' is going to be an unavoidable premise at our metallic birthday party in 2017. Especially when ASPHYX play at this special celebration! Which they will! Exclusively in the Southern German area!
Obviously the Dutch slo-mo brutal death steamroller won't come to the party empty-handed, as the guys with German drummer present their new killer 'Incoming Death', which is right on par with its grand predecessor 'Deathhammer'. All old-school fans know already that their time has come, because experiencing ASPHYX live means to feel death metal – in the pit of the stomach – brutal and merciless – in Dinkelsbühl – exclusively in the south – at our anniversary festival

 HAGGARD confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

It's gonna be tight on the stage, because haggard travel with orchestra at the summer breeze to get you a " and thou shalt trust... THE SEER '-Anniversary-show in full on the legs!
You can assume that it will be great when 20 musicians on the stage and populate the concept album about nostradamus from the early career haggard's in its entirety. Hard to believe, but how we look haggard already 20 years on her debut back. A debut for the increased attention at that time. To unusual was the whole concept to haggard, which are in your vision never mislead today and had a well-established size classic middle ages metal area. So let's get together with you and your orchestra on time travel. Not only to nostradamus but also back in anfangstage of the band...


It's going to get cozy on stage, because HAGGARD will travel to SUMMER BREEZE with a full orchestra in order to give you a complete 'And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer' anniversary show!
You can count on it being bombastic when over 20 musicians populate the stage to play their early concept album about Nostradamus in its entirety. It's hard to believe, but it's already been 20 years since the release of said debut album, which was met with increased attention back in the day. The whole HAGGARD concept seemed to be too unusual, but the band never abandoned their vision and are today an established name in the classic medieval metal arena. So so on a time travel with them and their orchestra, not just to the times of Nostradamus, but to the early days of the band's career...

 Primal Fear confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

20 years no-Frills Heavy Metal-20 years of swabia steel: primal fear in celebrating 2017th anniversary, so we share with you a big double happy-Happy-Caper at the start will bring!
Now can the schwaben on whole eleven albums look back and of course, have long been a force for good in the German heavy metal-area. With well over 20 years back, liveerfahrung are mat sinner and his men in Dubai a thunderous best of kit flaring, with no neck muscle froze and not no fist in the air. Celebrating with primal fear a loud birthday party in Dubai, who for the past two decades of consistently high quality, it has more than just a children's birthday cakes!

 Cult! Join us in welcoming the father of the death metal genre: possessed for the first time in the summer breeze open air to be our guest!
With Your 1984 s demo "death metal" possessed no doubt have in musical history. Even though the scholars argue until today, whether it be death / mantas or possessed this charming genre have given its name, the fact is that possessed as one of the forefathers of this extreme metal style to be mentioned! Hardly a bond between Stockholm and Tampa was not on the debut album " SEVEN CHURCHES ' had a lasting effect! Old Rascals (such as the authors of these rows) runs it in the but-thousandth time hear from ' the exorcist ' or ' Fallen Angel ' - oh, actually, the complete debut album - a goosebumps showers after the other on the back and the place is ready The absolute destruction. Certainly like the since 1983 in changing occupations active band no longer be known by everyone, but it is precisely those metalheads was the appearance of this cult squad very, finally, or possessed. Jeff Becerra a legend in Essex on the stage. Nothing more and nothing less! And everybody say, " arise from the dead and attack from the grave, the killing won't stop until first light..."


Cult! Please join us in welcoming the godfathers of the death metal genre, POSSESSED, who will be our guests at SUMMER BREEZE Open Air for the very first time!
With their 1984 demo 'Death Metal' POSSESSED undoubtedly wrote music history. Even though specialists still argue whether death / Mantas or POSSESSED gave this charming genre its name, it is a fact that POSSESSED were among the pioneers of this extreme style of metal. No band, from Tampa to Stockholm, can deny the lasting influence of their über-debut 'Seven Churches'. Old headbangers (like the author of this text) still get a series of cold shivers when listening to songs like 'The Exorcist' or 'Fallen Angel' – just make that the whole album – even for the one thousandth time, and their homes get close to total destruction. Perhaps nowadays not everyone is familiar with the band, who have been active in different line-ups since 1983, but especially those people are urged to check out this cult band. At the end of the day, Jeff Becerra and POSSESSED are no less than a true legend. And now join me: “Arise from the dead and attack from the grave, the killing won't stop until first light...”

 MOONSPELL (Moonspellofficialband) confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

Who would have thought that it was in Lisbon can be so gloomy, let alone that it is also for a quarter of a century is so dark?! The founding year of 1992 Moonspell is even five years before the first summer breeze open air, but neither moonspell Still the summer breeze is not for a long time from the metal-Map to imagine why a visit to the Portuguese in Singapore more than excellent.
The band in order to showcase Fernando Ribeiro offers live usual outstanding shows and has for the birthday celebration of their 25th anniversary with us definitely the one or other ace in the hole. Be happy on a gloomy, but still gripping and energetic 25 years live show of moonspell at summer breeze-happy birthday!

 Memoriam confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

Name-dropping-alert! Karl Wil Letts (Bolt Thrower), Frank Healy (Benediction, sacrilege), Andy Whale (EX-Bolt Thrower) and Scott Fairfax (EX-life denied, benediction) come with memoriam to the summer breeze.
For true death metallers is already enough said, all the other was the band in brief: Memoriam is the new area of the above lads, the squad in memory of the late bolt thrower-Drummer Kiddie Kearns. After a 7 "- inch were blur's memoriam away from nuclear blast, under contract on March, 2017 the debut album " for the fallen ' appears. The musicians involved in a musical remains close to the almighty bolt thrower, and that's just as well! Who on the ultimate steamrollers-Tank-sound is, he's in memoriam to the right place, so check it, if you in August in dinkelsbühl her summer breeze-debut!


Namedropping alert! Karl Willetts (Bolt Thrower), Frank Healy (Benediction, Sacrilege), Andy Whale (ex-Bolt Thrower) and Scott Fairfax (ex-Life Denied, Benediction) are coming to SUMMER BREEZE as MEMORIAM.
Enough said for true death metallers, but for everyone else, here's a short introduction: MEMORIAM is the new field of activity of the above mentioned musicians, founded to honour the memory of Bolt Thrower drummer Kiddie Kearns, who sadly passed away. After only one 7” the band was signed by Nuclear Blast straight away, who will release the debut album 'For The Fallen' in March 2017. With the musicians involved there is obviously no denying a musical proximity to the almighty Bolt Thrower, and that's a good thing! If you're into the ultimate steamroller tank sound, MEMORIAM is for you, so check them out at their SUMMER BREEZE debut in Dinkelsbühl next August!

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-