Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Hong Kong, China based death metal warriors KARMACIPHER, via BANDCAMP, are streaming the bands debut release "NECRORACLE", unleashed 12/31/2016 via BRUTALREIGN PRODUCTIONS and ENDING SERVICES.


- Necroracle CD (Hong Kong version)

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Awaited! Anticipating! At the end of 2016, the Hong Kong Underground Metal Circle was the most neck of the neck, the first full-Length album of the Karmacipher'S 2016-Year-Long-Full-Length album. The 2016-Year-old no of the two websites of no clean singing and metal injection will have to be a high priority for the year 2016 Today, we have the good knowledge of the heroes, and the necroracle is officially on sale to the end services, and it is the first time that the ending services are more successful and exclusive of the first batch of musicians.

A plate of 8-minute tremors, the strength of the 44-minute, the strength of the three people, with the strength of the pioneer, the almost, the technical, the old-age group, the technology, the new old death metal mindset. Advanced and popular. The Complex cascading preparation, the high-speed changing and the richness of the chord and the heavy chords like the labyrinth. In the light of the frequency and the frequency of the frequent, there is a very nice, very delicate arrangement, which is quite exquisite, and in an atmosphere of the atmosphere, it will be the best of the world's high-level band. For the first year to be done!


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