Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Swedish DSBM, ambient, black metal warriors HYPOTHERMIA have revealed the art work track listing and "IS", a new track from the bands anticipated new EP "KAFFE & BLOD II", due to be unleashed 5/2017 (DIGITAL) and later in 2017 (PHYSICAL), release date T.B.A.

HYPOTHERMIA unleashed "Svartkonst",  5/15/2015 (EUROPE) and 5/19/2015 (NORTH AMERICA) via AGONIA RECORDS.

Presenting a song of our upcoming EP 'Kaffe &; Blod II': 'Is'.
The CD version of this EP is available for pre-order through hypothermia.vemodsorkestern@gmail.com
Expected release/shipping in May 2017.

You'll also find that this video is posted on our own YouTube channel. Subscribe for more videos to come in the near future!

We are very excited to announce the next Hypothermia release, entitled 'Kaffe & Blod II'.
"Following the idea of the 2008 demo, Kaffe & Blod II continues the intrinsic journey of solitude and forest wanderings translated into an intimate yet fragile sound that will make listeners think it was recorded together with the original 'Kaffe & Blod', instead of almost 9 years later. At the same time, it shows the beginning of a new era for Hypothermia, with a four piece line-up, introducing the first recordings of bass player Phil A. Cirone and drummer Santino van der Aa. Main man Kim Carlsson as well as Hans Cools take on guitars, while E.B. has offered her violin once more, as she did before on 'Svartkonst'. Recorded live in Brussels in the first week of January 2017, being mixed and mastered by ex-guitarist Johannes Abrahamsson, Hypothermia shows its very essence once more."
'Kaffe &; Blod II' will be released as a 2 track EP with the following tracklist:
1. Kaffe & Blod II (16'08)
2. Is (9'44)

Total running time: 25'52
CD and digital are expected for a May-June 2017 release, while tape and vinyl will be released later in 2017/2018.
Pre-orders of the CD are now possible via hypothermia.vemodsorkestern@gmail.com for €8 (excl. p&p), to be sent out immediately on the release date (TBC). The CD will also be available on our next performance at SMSF in Beja, Portugal.

vemodsorkestern and HYPOTHERMIA):

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