Saturday, March 11, 2017


Music journalist ALEXEY M. EVDOKIMOV is currently in the process of writing "LEXICANUM OF DOOM", the definitive encyclopedia and history of traditional doom, due to be published soon (more info, details and release date T.B.A.). 


“Lexicanum of Doom” is an overview of the doom scene, following the traditional side of the music. This book will cover such genres as traditional doom, stoner doom, psychedelic, epic doom, and their hybrids derived from different combinations of rock and metal components. I think that extreme doom subgenres deserve their own separate story, so I chose to avoid this huge part of the scene, and left it for another writer.
Here you’ll find the stories of the well-known forefathers of doom, like Pentagram, Trouble and Candlemass. We’ll take a look at the legacy of later explorers such as Cathedral and Electric Wizard. And of course – and this is the crux of the book – we’ll observe the growth of the genre all the way to the point where it is now.
So, “Lexicanum of Doom” is a kind of encyclopedia of doom. It was a difficult decision who to include or omit, but I mostly selected those bands which I know well – the bands with which I've already conducted in-depth interviews. This book is a kind of homage to their work: it’s like a limited vinyl edition for die-hard fans. You know – there are books about heavy metal, about black metal, and so on, and now we need this one before Doomsday arrives.
If public interest is high enough, the book will be released in A4 format, with 1 black and white picture for each band and 8-12 pages of colour inserts. If there is less support - as may be expected - then I’ll only be able to print the book in A5, probably without the colour parts. So, the shape of doom is in your hands...
This profile is created for the promotion of this book, dedicated to the doom scene under the working title “Lexicanum of Doom”. You can find a promo of the provisional A4 layout below.

 I am a kind of journalist - I started doing reviews and interviews for English and Russian e-zines. Now I contribute to Fire and InRock magazines.
Totally about > 600 interviews and >700 reviews for InRock, Fire, Doom Metal Front magazines and for e-zines like,,,, templeofperdition, and Occult Rock Magazine.

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