Saturday, July 6, 2019


French depressive black metal warriors ANTILIFE, via BANDCAMP, are streaming the bands anticipated new release  "SILENCE UNDER THE SUN", unleashed 7/5/2019 via SHARE YOUR PAIN RECORDS. 

Here we go, finally.
Today is the day for our new album "Silence Under The Sun" to be released.
This album was composed and written by the band from end of 2016 untill march 2019, drums recorded at Falafen's place, all the other instruments, vocals, mix and mastering at Verlies Studio.
The lyrical theme is yet again about depression, suicide and Satan. The title of the album "Silence Under The Sun" tells the story behind loneliness, suffering, distanciation from the living world, and the resilient death, coming as a soothsayer, coming to relieve from pain, coming to let the body rot while the mind disappear forever, leaving behind all hatred, all pain, and all the madness of the never stopping human flow.
Photos inside the booklet were taken by Clementine.
Artwork, Layout, and graphic edits by M-C illustration.
Release through Share Your Pain Records, thanks to the great David.
We would like to make a tribute to Edith Piaf, for letting us, through her grave, use her words and distort her voice on "L'Hymne A La Mort".
You can download the album in its entirety for free on bandcamp (name your price -> 0) High quality, I'm sure that in less than a few days, it will be available on youtube on some sick channel. If by fate too many people take the Free DL option and it isn't available anymore, just write us, we'll send you a link with the whole digital package for free as well.
For the moment, orders for previous merchandising are not available, but it'll be back very soon.
If you want to order the new CD, please go through the label's bandcamp page, maybe you'll find some other masterpieces in his collection:
For promotion enquiries, please send a PM on this page or Share Your Pain Records.
Last things to say: we are willing to get back on concert tracks, so if by any chance you are willing to put us on a bill or welcome us, anywhere in Europe, feel free to reach us out.
The show we promise is violent, exhausting, powerful and yet kind of spectacular. So if you want us to perform for you, let us know. And if you don't...
Hail Satan.
Kill Yourself.


 Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-