Wednesday, July 3, 2019

HELLFEST 2019: "Our teams have been informed since Friday, June 28th, of the facts of sexual assault suffered by a festival that expressed on social networks on this same date."

Promoters for HELLFEST 2019 have released the below statement and  are investigating an alleged sexual assault.
HELLFEST 2019 took place 6/21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2019 in Clisson, France.

Our teams have been informed since Friday, June 28th, of the facts of sexual assault suffered by a festival that expressed on social networks on this same date.
We then deployed all our ways in order to clarify this sad story, which also changed us.
We tried to join this festival using the facebook account from which she published her story. The latter still has not taken contact with us, although our address has been communicated to him, unfortunately we have not been able to exchange with her. Note that his facebook account is now blocked, suspended at his request therefore inaccessible.
The passes giving access to the festival being nominative, we tried to search for its name in our database, there too, without success.
Since 2016, the festival has a very efficient surveillance video system day and night. Equipped with twenty cameras, this device allows us to film with high precision the whole site, as well as the metal corner and the entrance of the campsite. All the images in our possession have been viewed with attention and this in a large schedule corresponding to the story of this festival. We have not found any image that can match the description of the facts. Of course, we will keep these images available to the investigators who will be more able to analyze them, if a complaint is transmitted to them.
In fact, the festival claims to have received enough testimonies to form a file and claims to have given the gendarmerie a certain number of elements. Yet, the parquet floor of nantes said that it was not yet seized by any complaint for rape from a participant at hellfest 2019.
Although once again, this work of investigation comes back to the charge of the gendarmerie and the prosecutor of the Republic, we have wished to informally contact all the services of firefighters, doctors and other centers that have been able to make a visit For Medical exams of this guy between Saturday and Monday. Again, it seems that the services in question have not recorded anything.
Of course, we will not be afraid to question such a testimony. Therefore, we ask that festival to contact the gendarmerie services or the prosecutor of the republic as soon as possible. So that all the light is done on this story, it is essential for a complaint to be filed. The facts mentioned are too serious to remain unpunished.
We would also like to remind the different media that have echoed this story that they have to publish only the information whose origin is known and if necessary, to accompany them with reservations that are required. Real Journalism professionals must wait for tangible facts to be truly observed and be corroborated by a gendarmerie or police investigation, before they titrate on such serious and harmful facts for the image of an event. And more widely, for the image of a whole community recognized for its exemplary and respectful attitude.

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