Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Remembering Kurt Cobain (part 3)

I remember when I started off at WRNP (WFNP's AM radio station) as a dj playing METAL..There was much hype about this band Nirvana whose contract with SUBPOP got bought out by the major label Geffen. WFNP played Nirvana's Bleach when they were signed to the indie label SUBPOP. I saw Nirvana live at Roseland (NYC) once (great show, fun pit!) and enjoyed watching Nevermind rise up the billboard charts ousting Michael Jackson at the number 1 position.

It was good times indeed, but this dream I had about Kurt cobain freaked me out. It IS the ten year anniversary of his (Cobain's) death, but I think his life should be celebrated along and the good music he left behind.It was more than Nirvana kicking those hair bands off the charts, it was the impact of an understated song called POLLY from the CD Nevermind.

Polly is a song about rape. However, in a strange twist of fate, the underdog (female) convinces the rapist to untie her, give her a cracker, HUMANIZE her.."Polly says..Polly wants a cracker, maybe I should untie her, amazes me the will of instinct..Let me clip her dirty wings, let me take a ride, cut yourself.."..

Great  anti rape song from Nirvana (as riveting but more empowering than the Tori Amos song "Me and a Gun") about humanizing a woman, a rape victim, about the woman empowering herself and changing the scenario and getting the rapist to untie her. I played this song on WFNP less then a week after Kurt Cobain killed himself..None of these "commercial" radio stations had the guts to play that song. 

BBL with part 4.