Thursday, February 24, 2005

BACK TO THE WORMS! New Cryptopsy demo

 "It is so, and it can not be other wise"-Lord Worm confirming rumors of  his return to Cryptopsy, December of 2003..                                                                                          Ok, I've passed inspection of my apartment, phew. Now I can sleep and relax for a while.                                                 

French Canadian death metal band Cryptopsy have kicked off a US tour with original vocalist Lord Worm. This tour "Back to the Worms"  is Lord Worm's first and debut US tour so don't miss him with Cryptopsy.. There is a new mp3 from Cryptopsy (demo):


CRYPTOPSY: New Song Available For Download - Feb. 24, 2005 A pre-production recording of a new CRYPTOPSY track, entitled "Carrionshine", has been posted online in MP3 format at this location (5 MB).

"Carrionshine" is scheduled to appear on the Canadian death metallers' fifth album, which will be recorded over the summer for a late 2005 release via Century Media Records. "Each song has a very unique identity and some of the material is a progression from what you’ve heard from CRYPTOPSY in the past," the band recently about the new compositions. "The album concept has a very distinct beginning and end."                           Now remember "Carrionshine" is a mp3 DEMO. The new Cryptopsy song is NOT mixed, mastered, and is in pre-production mode.

Now, I've had the pleasure of meeting former Cryptopsy vocalist Mike Disalvo (in NYC 2001-wetlands) on huge metal bill featuring Skinless, Malignancy, Catastrophic, KSE, Poison the Well, All That Remains, and a host of other extreme and metal core acts. Will Rahmer of Mortician was at the show with his distro, and Kelly of Mortal Decay was hanging with my freind Diane. Cryptopsy played LAST at 330am, and meeting them was GREAT. I asked the guys in Cryptopsy "How do you jam all the notes and riffs into 30 seconds of a song?" Cryptopsy answered "We smoke lots of pot!". LMAO.

As Lord Worm has returned to Cryptopsy, there has been alot of talk about wich vocalist is better Lord Worm or Mike Disalvo. Simular to the on going debate about Morbid Angel's various vocalists:  Dave Vincent vs. Steve Tucker ect. Usually the fans give the benefit of the doubt to the vocalist whom was featured on the bands best material, wich may or may not have anything to do with the over all talent of the vocalists.                                                                                   Former Cryptopsy vocalist Mike Disalvo featured the barking, almost clean, "hardcore" style vocals, wich are weak compared to the standard, gutteral, death metal vocal style. However, Cryptopsy's music became more technical with Disalvo as vocalist.                                                                                Disalvo's vocals were featured on such critically aclaimed Cryptopsy releases as Whisper Supremacy, and also on ..And Then You'll Beg..Disalvo left Cryptopsy in 2002 to be replaced by Martin Lacroix (ex Spasme vocalist) and then shortly there after, Lord Worm returned to the band.

However, Cryptopsy's best and most popular releases were with the charasmatic Lord Worm. Lord Worm's vocal approach features an incomprehensible grind/death style with occasional screams.

However, Lord Worm was critisized for his less gutteral and incomprehensible grind influenced vocal style.

However, Lord Worm's vocals were featured on such groundbreaking, classic Cryptopsy releases as "None So Vile", and it's predecessor "Blasphemy Made Flesh".Blasphemy Made Flesh ad None so Vile were Cryptopsy's finest slabs of death/ grind, featuring the insane drumming of Flo Mornier and lyrical poetry of Lord Worm.

Personally, I think that nethier Lord Worm nor Disalvo are great vocalists, but Cryptopsy get by with them. I however, prefer the charasmatic Lord Worm as a frontman, and the older Cryptopsy material from the legendary release "None So Vile".

It's the technical, insane, unconventional, musicianship that wins Cryptopsy fans worldwide along with the awesome drumming of Flo Mornier.

"Carrionshine" again has the awesome blast beats and drumming  (Flo Mounier) that you've come to expect from Cryptopsy, but not much variation in Lord Worm's grind, vocal style. Not much soloing, some decent riffs and ideas, but nothing overly technical. The underrated bass playing of Erik Langois is practically lost in the mix.                                                           The songwriting on "Carrionshine" could use some focus, as the loss  Cryptopsy's guitarist Jon Levassuer (Jon quit the band last month) could impact Cryptopsy adversely.

Being "Carrionshine" is a "work in progress"  I can't judge the song by way of it's muddy pre production. However, "Carrionshine" is somewhat reminiscent of Cryptopsy's older material (with Lord Worm) on "Blasphemy Made Flesh".

It remains to be seen if Cryptopsy's newer material with Lord Worm will be a regression or progression of Cryptopsy's unconventional, tech-death grind. Or if Cryptopsy's newer material will satisfy tech, progressive metal fans or fans of the more standard death grind.                                                 Perhaps Cryptopsy are choosing a simplier and less "techy" approach to writing riffs. (wich may not be as awe inspiring to fans of more progressive elements in death metal ) If Cryptopsy combine simpler, less technical, grind influenced riffs with good songwriting, Cryptopsy could satisify thier longtime fan base(or KVLT following.)

The key to alot of tech/death bands, is to up the ante with the technical/progressive elements, and combine good riffs, with good songwriting. No easy task in any genre. Cryptopsy use the cut and paste method of riff writing, with great musicianship.

It is now time for Cryptopsy to write great songs like "Phobophile", and "Emaciate" and combine those tech/death/ grind elements with memorable riffs and good songwriting.

I'm sure the task of combining good songwriting with awe inspiring tech death/grind will be both a challenge for both Cryptopsy and the fans.

As that challenge is so, and can not be other wise.


I can't wait to hear a new Cryptopsy CD in 2005.

Thanks Tee-Stay Metal-Stay Brootal -l- \m/