Sunday, February 27, 2005

Breaking News on Nile -l- \m/

 NILE Part Ways With Bassist - Feb. 27, 2005 NILE have parted ways with bassist Jon Vesano. "He has decided that he will stay at his day job, which was not mutually compatable with NILE's touring commitments, and work on his DARK MOON project on weekends/spare time," NILE mainman Karl Sanders writes on the group's web site.

"Jon has emphasized that while he realizes the incredibly bad position his sudden decision puts the band that there is absolutely nothing personal towards the other members of NILE involved in his decision, only that it is in his long-term personal interest not give up his day job and lifestyle for the sake of the upcoming NILE tours.

"The show, as they say, must go on. With only a matter of days notice from Jon before our upcoming tour, NILE has enlisted the temporary bass services of Steve Tucker [ex-MORBID ANGEL] for the European run — and Krieshloff of LECHEROUS NOCTURNE for the American KING DIAMOND tour; while we consider options for a more permanent solution to our now vacant bass position.

"Also, the band will now be moving Dallas [Toler-Wade, guitar/vocals] over to the lead vocal spot in center stage, as Dallas had been recently taking over more and more vocal duties. Dallas also gave an incredibly crushing vocal performance on the new album, so it seems like now is as good a time as any for the band to to go ahead and move Dallas over to centerstage.

"It is not very well known, but Dallas fronted every single band he was in before joining NILE, and I have seen first-hand his utmost musically commanding capacity in this regard. We had considered moving Dallas over when Chief [Spires, ex-bassist/vocalist] left years ago, but for various reasons, we just left our onstage arrangements as they had been for some time with our three-vocal attack."


Hmm. I would like to add a note on how nice the guys in NILE are. Me and my freinds have hung out and spoken to Nile guitarist Dallas Toler Wade at various Nile shows in Poughkeepsie, NY (The Chance). Dallas, Karl, and Jon Vesano (and Chief, former Nile bassist) are some of coolest guys in the death metal scene.

A freind of mine started talking to Nile (Dallas Toler Wade Niel guitarist), and Dallas bought us ALL drinks. Perhaps it should be the other way around. \m/ -l- Your next drink is on me Dallas.

The last time Nile played in Poughkeepsie, NY, I got to talking to Jon Vesano (Nile bassist, well built guy) and he said as long as his job schedule permits, he could continue to tour with Nile.

It goes to show you that in the underground extreme metal scene, being the genre in not commericialy viable, musicians have to juggle thier day jobs along with touring obligations. It's difficult, until the band (and extreme metal) becomes profitalble enough to make a living.

It is RARE that muscians in the extreme metal scene make enough of a profit through thier art to quit thier day jobs.

Metal Horns to Jon Vesano for his service to NILE. \m/

The good news is that former Morbid Angel bassist Steve Tucker is joining Nile for the up and coming European tour and the bassist for Lecherous Noctrurne for the American leg of the tour.. I hope Steve Tucker STAYS with Nile, as his vocals are INCREDIBLE. The times I saw Steve Tucker with Morbid Angel I just DROOLED at how awesome his gutteral death vocals are.

DO, if you can,  catch the up and coming US tour with King Diamond, Nile, Behemoth, and Black Dahlia Murder. You're in for a treat.

Stay Metal and Stay Brutal \m/ -l- TEE