Friday, February 18, 2005


"Those stage divers at that show in New Paltz, NY were like acrobats"-(Said a member of the band Living Colour after a 1989 show at the Elting Gym, SUNY New Paltz, after a multitude of people stage dived about every 2 minutes.

NEIL BUSH of "Trail Of Dead" wrote a dissertation about moshing: (FROM THE VIOLENT WORLD OF MOSHPIT CULTURE: Joe Ambrose): Neil Bush: "Members inside the circles perimeter struggle against one other,the outside world is constantly pushing in on them, exerting pressure on the dancers. This mimics what most teenagers feel about the adult world, pushing them, pressuring them to grow up".
(EDITORS NOTE 5/23/09) The "The monkey in the middle of the WALL OF DEATH-LAMB OF GOD OZZFEST" has an uncanny resemblance to Kerry King (SLAYER) minus the tattoos, lol. What was that dude thinking standing there in the middle of the WALL OF DEATH?
Gwar played at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY earlier this month. I heard some rumors couldn't hack a BRUTAL mosh pit).

In (the fall) 2000, I saw Gwar with Lamb Of God and Amen in Poughkeepsie, NY. I was crowd surfing (and loving it) as I felt tug on my wallet. I literally, was being held up by a member of the crowd, as some dumb bitch (with a sharp object) cut my chain wallet off my waste.

I was upset, but didn't fight being as she (this woman) had a sharp object in tow. I concert goer prompted me to get onstage to bring attention to the fact that my wallet was stolen. So I got on stage, looked down into the crowd, as young kids were checking MY ID, my $40.00 in cash spilling on the floor of the venue.

I dived right into the crowd, after hesitation, some kid tried to hand me wallet back, (after some kids stole my cash, lol), but the surge from the crowd knocked them off balance. At that point, I was livid.

I went home after the show, called my bank to cancel my check card, (with over $2,000 in my account at the time hoping I wouldn't lose THAT $) as through the bank the police were alerted. The cops called me less than a week later telling me, a nice person found my wallet in Walden,NY and to come to the New burgh police station and pick it up.

So apparently, my wallet was found in the parking lot of the Chance, some idiot found it from there, brought it to Walden. The idiot in Walden must have figured he couldn't do jack shit with a canceled check card,and left in on the street.

A good doer found my wallet, turning it in to the police after questioning. What a sweetie. \m/

Of course when I saw Gwar again in 2002, I removed my chain wallet hand it to a friend.. I proceeded to crowd surf, got up onstage, as a member of Gwar (Jokingly, like GWAR need MORE of my $) reached for my pocket,and I quickly DIVED from the stage landing on my feet, with a concertgoer hold my back.

I attended a Fear Factory show in 2001 (at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY). A crowd surfer got onstage poised to dive, and was pushed off the stage by the band security. Apparently Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory's singer) felt bad, and invited EVERY crowd surfer onstage to dive. I was crowd surfing, and Burton C. Bell held out his hand and pulled me onstage as I gave him a hug and the dived (safely) into the pit. Good show, EVERYONE stage dived.

Now for all you pussy naysayers, I've been moshing for almost 20 years now,at metal, hardcore, punk and extreme metal shows. I'm a SLAMDANCER (throwing, air punches, spinkicks) and not so much of a mosher, because push pits with guys over 200 lbs can be exhausting.

I've stage dived, moshed and crowd surfed, and thrown spinkicks that would knock your teeth out and held my own against the big guys.. Other than a few bumps, bruises, cuts, I've NEVER been seriously injured in a mosh pit.

Gwar are hardly BRUTAL, or progressive musically anyway, and if wasn't for the stage show half of Gwar's fans wouldn't be "fans". At least I take Gwar for what they are, a funny, brilliant, satirical stageshow,(costumes, spurting fake blood) and nothing much musically.


Glen Benton of Deicide's hysterical comment after a stage diver was injured at a Long Island show in 1995: "I heard someone tripped over Satan's dick and broke his neck".

1-Remove all watches, wallets, spiked gauntlets, boots, bookbags/knapsacks, bricks, keys,cigarettes, brass knuckles, KNIVES and weapons ect. You could "hurt" someone surfing or diving on them with heavy boots, spikes, or chains.Or they could be stolen. Don't bring guns, knives and weapons into concert venues/clubs, PLEASE.

2-If you're over 170 lbs, please DON'T crowd surf or stage dive. You're to heavy. (I'm 125 lbs)

3-Help people when they fall, pick them up,don't just mosh or step on them. Don't push people whom, don't want to mosh, specifically at the side of the pit. People on the edge of pit, should put their hands in front of the and LIGHTLY push (or hand check) moshers back in the pit. Those whom want OUT of the pit, should be LET OUT by people on the side of the pit, and not pushed back. Be aware if a mosher is looking to get out of the pit.

4-PLEASE catch stage divers, and be aware of them if at all possible. Heads UP!

5.Although crowds are focused towards watching the bands, (facing the stage) heads up to crowd surfers, (above your shoulders and head) and do pass them along without "hurting them" (don't let them fall). Always LOOK behind you for incoming crowd surfers.

6. If you're going to throw "punches" and "kicks" in the pit, give each other space and make SURE those kicks and punches including windmills DON'T make serious,intentional contact. If you engage in "ninja" pits, make sure when you "stalk" the pit that you DON'T kick or punch too hard at people at the side of pit. The people at the edge of pit may be physically "supporting" you IE-catching you, and throwing you back in the pit. If you're not used to "Ninja" pits, as of course those kicks and punches may HURT if they connect, stay OUT of the pit, and please don't fight.(unless of course someone intentionally punches or kicks you).

7.Certain bands (including Skinless, Lamb Of God, and many others) do special pits including "The Wall Of Death". This is when the pit is divided in half, a call out goes to the fans, as the two halves of the pit charge against each other. This could be very DANGEROUS resulting in broken limbs ect. It is advised to be in good physical condition perhaps 200 lbs or more to engage in "The Wall of Death". Think about it, up to maybe 300 (or more) people charging at you. YOU BETTER NOT BE TRA LA LAING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PIT DOING SPINCKICKS OR WHATEVER.,YOU'LL GET YOUR ASS KICKED. "The Wall Of Death" often results, at the very least, in the whole VENUE moshing. Believe me, there is no place to run, no place to hide. It advised (if you can't hack this pit) that you stand very far in the back of the venue AWAY from the pit.

8.Circle pits are awesome and are of the most fun pits, resulting in pit/concert goer unity. People run around the pit area in circle, as the pit circle goes faster. Then the "circle pit" may break out into a moshpit. It's often FUN to watch "circle pits" from a balcony, tiers, or film them. The more people in a "circle pit" the more fun to watch and engage in. Imagine 5,000 or more people in a "circle pit". A circle pit can be a frenzied, whirlwind of skankers that can suck you in.. STAY AWAY if you don't want to be part of a circle pit, or keep running as FAST as you can because you could get run over by the circle pit if you don't keep skanking in that circle.

9.Headwalking can be dangerous. Headwalking is when a band member or concert goer "walks" on top of concert goers hands. Good BALANCE is key, and great trust (as needed in stage diving, and crowd surfing as the later would proceed headwalking). If a head walker falls, catch him/her and crowd surf them untill they want to stop.

10-Everyone thinks that being "in front" of the stage (or in front of a barricade) is the BEST place to be at a show (for the view of the band) featuring moshing from fans. WRONG. Fans have suffocated and been crushed to death at shows because of crowd "surges" and the pushing, shoving and the general weight of the pit. Remember, being pressed up against a barricade can hurt at a crowded show with moshers. I had to be crowd surfed (back stage sort of) for water and air at Woodstock '94. New concert security in venues feature (specifically at open air/outdoor fests) "V" or "T" security and barricades separating mosh pits (into multiple pits) to avoid the crush on concert goers and mosh pits.

11. If someone or YOU gets into a fight in mosh pit, beckon security or expect to be thrown out if YOU are fighting. Better yet, walk away, live to fight another day, or take it outside. Bands should STOP playing and beckon security if there is a fight, or someone is injured in a pit. "There's a hick in the pit kick him out".

12.Stage Divers should eye, or point to where they are going to dive so the crowd (hopefully) will know when they are going to dive and catch them. Dive on your back (specifically in you're FEMALE), or on your feet in an opening in the pit. It is NOT advisable to dive into a crowd that is mostly moshing, no one will pay attention, KERSPLAT..If you're going to stage dive, it is advisable to pick a very crowded SRO/General admission/Festival Seating area, packed like sardines.

13.Remember, venues pay insurance, and for every stage diver/mosher that gets injured or killed the venue either gets sued, pays outrageous insurance premiums, or simply closes down. Barricades at venues are there for your protection, respect that and don't cross the barricade(or bouncer) if a venue has one. If the venue doesn't have a barricade,hmmm. If you don't cross the barricade, the bouncer won't beat you up.Bouncers whom shove stage divers into a pit, should be FIRED. God forbid a stage diver loses their balance (being shoved by a bouncer)and seriously injures himself being shoved back into the pit. Some venues forbid moshing,crowd surfing and specifically stage diving and head walking. Some venues forbid "ninja" or hardcore styled pits.

14.Be aware of crowd "surges" at (festivals) crowded shows where moshing is expected.You can be knocked off your feet, to the ground from (stepped on and crushed).A crowd surges when a pit breaks out, and when a venue is crowded. Just go with the motion of the crowd, or use your body as a barricade. (wich may take more than a few people) Don't panic. Big people, use your body as a barricade, and pick up people whom have fallen.

15. If someone loses consciousness in the pit, stop moshing and get them help, and help drag them out of the pit, and all of you get out of the way. I've seen injured bodies on stretchers being passed out of the pits, specifically at the ( Woodstock '94. )

16.Some bands, promoters don't LIKE stage divers, so be careful when you get onstage to dive. Perhaps don't stage dive at all at these bands shows and keep mosh activity only in the pit. Be as unobstructive to the BANDS/fans as possible. Bands may have expensive gear, peddles, don't step on that or ruin gear. Don't dive from balcony's or elevated speakers. (unless of course you're Sherwood formally of Skinless, lol--l- \m/)

17.Don't play "grab ass, pussy, tits or dick" with crowd surfers and moshers (don't sexually harass crowd surfers/moshers)specifically women. DON'T touch or grab the private areas, geez. Don' t rip off womens shirts or clothing or anyone elses. Don't use the pit to fight, or settle personal vendettas. Moshing is aggressive dancing, not a decoy for fighting.

18. Concert security, fans/concertgoers should KNOW the difference between a mosh pit and a fight.. Or when a fight is going to break out in a pit. A mosh pit is "organized chaos" that often looks like rioting to the uninitiated. A mosh pit looks like a "hole" in the crowd. If the fans in the pit are on ground(fallen), then there is trouble and both bands and security should get involved because fans may be hurt. If this is the case, fans should help each other.

19.As a rule of thumb, metal heads don't like hardcore moshers and vice versa. However, sometimes there are mixed bills of perhaps one hardcore band on a thrash or extreme metal bill.. The issue is the push pits= metal heads vs. the karate ninja pits=hardore kids. Fights do break out between these two factions of fans/moshers at shows. If you're a metal head at a hardcore show, and are not initiated into "ninja pits" STAY AWAY, and vice versa. Metalheads don't like the punches and kicks exhibited by hardcore moshers,and hardcore kids don't like to be pushed or shoved by metal heads.

20.At arena shows, the mosh pit is separated (on the FLOOR in a general admission section) sometimes into two or three pits with barricade separating the various pits. When buying tics, be aware of this and choose (if at all possible) wich section you would like to be in. In arenas there ARE seating sections in the lower and upper tiers. Many people whom have bought "nosebleed" tics, tend to jump from the seating section onto the floor (they want to be in the pit) resulting in bouncers chasing after and beating them.If you bought a tic for the seating section and you want to be in the pit, trade tics with people whom doesn't WANT to be in the pit, for the seating section. Some shows are ALL general admission, in this case,(depending on the musical style and scene) pits may be unavoidable, expect a pit wherever you may be.

21. Being intoxicated,or on drugs in pit makes for sloppier moshing and more fights.(Keep COOL and drink WATER instead of excessive alcohol.) Plus you could end up dehydrated or simply pass out. Drink plenty of WATER, as festival promoters should provide this at a reasonable price, and "spray down" fans at summerfests with water to keep them cool. PLEASE keep beer bottles, and bottled beverages out of the pit. People have been known to use beer bottles as a weapon(for fighting) in mosh pits.

22.Sometimes concert barricades break. (I've seen this at Slayer shows, lol) Lookout if you are in front of the barricade by the stage. If the barricade breaks, everyone in front of the barricade could fall from the weight of concert goers and the pit and be crushed.

23. Lastly, if you don't like moshing, or a certain style of moshing STAY OUT OF THE PIT,you assholes!!! These pits will chew you up and spit you out. Mostly the rule of thumb is, the heavier the music (depending on the subculture and mosh culture of musical genre) the more BRUTAL and PHYSICAL the pit will be. If you're a novice in the pit, learn how to mosh first at smaller/intimate(sometimes local)shows. It is easier to help "hurt" moshers or to peel them from the floor at SMALLER club shows as opposed to festival/arena shows.(contact dancing is recommended for novices first) You idiots in the pit whom don't know what you're doing could get yourselves or others hurt, killed, or result in a fight. Be in good physical health and condition if you're going to jump in a pit, or at alike wise show.

WORST PITS: Shiity Nu and Rap metal, mainstream shows and jock infested alternative shows with inexperienced teens. Festival shows, like OZZFEST, and Woodstock '94,'99. These pits exhibit the worst behavior with inexperienced teens and jocks.

BEST PITS: Extreme metal shows (clubs), extreme metal fests (Europe) and occasionally smaller, more intimate hardcore shows.Intimate underground shows, with experienced, creative, often acrobatic moshers, but people will look after you.

There IS great camaraderie and community in mosh pits, even amongst strangers.Moshing is a physical stress release but it is NOT meant to hurt or maim people. Moshing is sanctioned, controlled, chaos better off in the underground club scene. Most bands love active mosh pits, and initiate the moshing.. Moshing has been around since the inception of the punk scene in the 70's (pogoing) and has progressed from skanking/slamdancing,(80's) to more metal oriented moshing (push pits,thrash/hardcore/punk)). When alternative/grunge(wich ironically wasn't heavy or aggressive music) became commercially popular, mainstream music, half of America jumped on the moshing bandwagon. That is, ironically enough, when moshing became a "jock" sport, much more dangerous with inexperienced teenagers in bigger, less intimate venues, rather than the underground and clubs. Since the early 90's, moshing has progressed to karate style, designer, "ninja" moshing complete with spinkicks windmills, and air punches. (hardcore scene styled).

The variations on moshing depend on the musical genre/scene. Contact dancing, pogoing, skanking, push pits, and ninja pits. Pogoing, light contact dancing, and skanking have less physical contact compared to push pits. As "ninja" styled pits could be more dangerous, but more acrobatic with spin kicks and air punches.

POGOING-Jumping up and down in unison, not much contact. Inherent at punk, rock, modern and classic rock shows, and Fugazi shows, lol.Looks good when thousands of concert goers pogo at the same time in unison. With light contact dancing.

SKANKING-Inherent at Ska and some punk shows. Aggressively skipping/dancing through a "pit" with moderate contact.

PUSHPITS/SLAMDANCING-Inherent at extreme metal, nu metal,industrial/rock and metal and hard rock shows. The faster the bands plays, the more frenetic, and brutal the pit. Pushing, shoving, crowd surfing with occasional stage diving. I've even seen, and been in pits at hardcore/techno raves. The object is to push or shove your way, while dancing through a pit. You're "caught in the mosh".

NINJA STYLE MOSHING-Featured at hardcore/metal core shows complete with spinkicks,karate styled kicks, acrobatics, air punches, windmills, and donkey kicks. Fun to watch, as there IS contact, although that wasn't always the case. Stage diving, head walking optional. Kicking and punching at shadows, and picking up imaginary change and throwing it around.

CIRCLE PITS-Best pits for concert/fan unity. Circle pits are best for shows with over 1, 000 or more people.Circle pits= running in a circle, in unison.The more people in a circle pit, the better. The "circle" will eventually be broken by way of a mosh pit. Circle pits with over 1,000 to 5,000 people are fun to watch and film from tiers. Inherent at punk, hardcore, metal core, extreme metal/thrash shows and course huge music festivals where bands compete to break mosh and circle pit records.

STAGEDIVING-Diving from the stage into the hands of fans. Fan variations of stage diving can be acrobatic.Both band members and fans do this alike.Not for the faint of heart.Inherent at punk, hardcore, metal core,alternative,hard rock, nu metal, extreme metal shows.

CROWDSURFING-Getting a "lift" from a fan,putting foot (willing) in fans hands and being lifted over the crowds heads. Then the surfer gets passed around like beach ball, as the fans "carry" on out stretched hands the surfer to the front of the stage or to destination. Great activity for festival, theater, mid sized venue, and arena shows. A great way to travel around a venue and easier than walking through the crowd. Often results in stage diving after surfer gets to stage.Inherent at mall rock, nu metal, rock, modern rock, alternative, mid paced extreme metal, doom metal shows. Like stage diving and headwalking, this activity takes cooperation from fans and trust in the crowd.

HEADWALKING-Walking on the outstretched hands of fans,above the fans heads. Takes great balance, but is dangerous. Some venues have banned headwalking. Inherent at hardcore shows.

WALL OF DEATH-Dividing a huge pit in half, and prompting moshers and both halves of the pit (the pit should be over 300 or more people) to charge and "mosh" into each other. Very dangerous,specifically if you're the monkey in the middle, but fun. At the very least, the whole venue will be break out into a mosh pit. Inherent at hardcore, metal, metal core and extreme metal shows. Mostly underground bands/fans engage is this mosh activity. Inherent at extreme metal, and some hardcore/ metal core shows and huge, outdoor metal festivals.

MOSHING NAKED-Not very popular and a rarity, but some people do it. NOT recommended for women in male dominated pits. Always fun to watch naked moshers, but you can look but ya better NOT touch. A whole pit moshing naked would be total equality.If everyone moshed naked would they have to separate the women from the men? Very rare, but occasional at the hardcore shows. Naked people should NOT crowd surf or stage dive. You guessed it, naked moshing IS banned by many venues.

Choose your style of moshing like a counter cultural weapon.

Stay Metal, Stay Brutal, Stay Safe-\m/ -l-