Friday, November 27, 2009


U.S. death metal legends OBITUARY have announced that the bands previously scheduled South American tour has been postponed for dates TBA. FROM OBITUARY MYSPACE:
We have to announce that unfortunately, the dates of our tour "Darkest day South America" have been changed (NOT CANCELED) for January/February 2010 because of some problems with our visas. We will still do the 4 shows scheduled in Brazil and soon we will announce the new official dates for the rest of South America.
It is vital that you know that the tickets bought until the date, are 100% valid for the new shows in 2010 and that neither Obituary or the promoters from Ecuador, Venezuela and Perú, are responsible for this inconvenience.
Our deepest apologies!!

Estimados fans sudamericanos:

Tenemos que anunciar con tristeza que las fechas de nuestro tour sudamericano “Darkest day Southamerica” han sido cambiadas, NO canceladas, para enero/febrero 2010 debido a fuertes problemas con nuestras visas.

Pronto anunciaremos las nuevas fechas oficiales.
Es importante que sepan que los tickets adquiridos hasta la fecha son 100% válidos para los nuevos shows 2010 ,y que Obituary ni los promotores de Ecuador, Venezuela y Perú tienen responsabilidad sobre este inconveniente.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-