Friday, January 20, 2012


ITP V.012 would like to remind readers that we (ITP V.012) do NOT offer or host downloads nor link to bit torrents or those MEGA "up chuck" UPLOAD sites. Record labels, bands, promoters send there tour dates, band artist release info, SOUNDCLOUD music samples, and post their videos for all to see on there MYSPACE, FACEBOOK and YOU TUBE CHANNELS, a sample of sorts, with permission from the artist, as only that is posted on ITP V.012. I only own my own music, and blog and wouldn't want for free half the shit you idiots whom are into RETARDS ATTEMPTING POETRY (RAP) stole from MEGA "LOAD of UPCHUCK".


PROOF THAT CRAPPY MUSIC IS KILLING A DINASOUR OF AN INDUSTRY: Megupload is run by, no shit, CEO Swizz Beatz who recently helped create a video promoting the site with testimonials from the likes of Kanye West, Diddy, The Game, Ciara, and Alicia Keys. That video was controversially removed (by Universal) and then put back on YouTube in December (by Google). Universal Music Group and Megaupload are now suing each other, though it looks like that's the least of Megaupload's problems at the moment. Universal says the endorsements were "unauthorized".

EDITORS NOTE: I don't upload anything to YOU TUBE, I am "video illterate" and I wouldn't know how as I'm not motivated to make a video.

However, I do agree with DAVID DRAIMAN of DISTURBED, there can and should be a compromise as the artist should be compensated as new soft ware has been invented.
Yes, the physical CD/DVD is giving way to the digital, ITP's author is a little slow to adapt (NETFLIX?) as I prefer renting out DVD's but where now? Upgrades in technology are always welcome..Only if the entertainment can share in it's profits.
BTW, the "360 deal" is for artists on major labels, don't become completely dependent on your label on let them put every finger in your pie, if they give you tour support, so that is recoupable, most indies don't give tour support, so tell them to 360 right out the door.

"My stance on file sharing/downloading;

"I have always been in favor of, that's correct, in favor of flie sharing and downloading digital music since day 1. I have never blamed the consumer for simply taking advantage of something that is readily and easily available to them, and enables the spread of great music and art to fans of it all over the globe.

"I have been in support of having nominal fees built into ISP subscription rates that would have enabled everyone to file share freely while still enabling artists to be compensated for their work. The proceeds could then have been payed out the same way writing/publishing royalties are, utilizing Internet monitoring systems, such as those developed by companies like Big Champagne, for example. The fans would get all the music they wanted for a nominal price, built into the Internet service that they are already paying for, and the artists and the ISPs would be able to still make it a viable busniess.

"Unfortunately, the RIAA [Recording Industry Association Of America] and music industry, simply chose to persecute the consumers, the very fans that give the artists and the labels the ability to exist, and bit the hand that fed them. This was a mistake in judgement, in my opinion. That is why when companies like Spotify came into existence, I was thrilled, because it gave the consumer the ability to have unlimited music at their fingertips, for a reasonable monthly subscription cost. It also enabled the exchange of music through social media as well, putting the icing on the proverbial cake.

"Make no mistake, however, that the culture that has been bred over the course of the last 10+ years of simply thinking that all music should be available for free is wrong, and immoral; plain and simple.

"This mentality has created an environment where it is more and more difficult for artists, particularly up-and-coming ones, to survive and sustain themselves.

"People wonder why fewer and fewer acts come out these days and are able to last. The status quo that exists is a huge factor in that. The creation of the '360 deal,' where labels now insist on taking a piece of everything new artists do, is a direct result of that.

"People's love of music is stronger than it ever has been, and the Internet has been an amazing tool, enabling artists to extend their respective reaches farther than ever before, but it has also created an environment where pirateers and websites that profit off of the traffic (by selling advertisements on their sites) created by offerring other people's life's work for free, is wrong and criminal in every sense of the word.

"People's argument, that 'I still buy tickets and t shirts and go to shows' is a valid one. All of us are eternally grateful for every fan's love and support, and much like test-driving a car, you should be able to try before you buy; but be aware that now record companies are demanding a huge chunk of that revenue (touring and merch), which used to be an musician's bread and butter, as a result. Again, there is a way to sample new music for free, and many bands (including us) offer samples of their music for free.

"We, as artists, love and appreciate our fans more than you know. We know that we could not exist without you, but we don't steal from you, not in any way, not ever. Wrong is wrong, no matter what color you paint it, or how you try to spin it.

"I am against [controversial anti-piracy bills] SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act), because they limit people's freedom of expression and freedom of speech, not because they are trying to protect the rights of artists everywhere. I truly do hope that they re-write the legilation and get it right this time so that the music consumer can continue to have access to the music they love, at a reasonable cost, legally; and without censorship and restricting peoples freedom to express themselves on the greatest arena of free speech and expression in existence, the Internet."
.......and Here is MATT HEAFY of TRIVIUM speaking about SOPA:
"SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)

"The movement to end all online piracy for the music and movie worlds and restore order?


"SOPA is an explosive-device tucked between the legs of a smiling, waving businessman in a teddy-bear costume, asking if you want a Popsicle out of his cellar.

"In legal terms — SOPA is textbook overboard. It's stated aim is to curb online piracy and restore and protect the rights of content creators. That's a noble goal. But it gives its wielders oh so much more power than that. It's like giving a Tomahawk missile to an exterminator to take out a bee hive from your front porch. Sure, the bees are dead but so is everything else in a hundred yard radius.

"Yeah — maybe it would cut piracy back and get bands more money from CD-purchases (because, let's face it — pirating music does stifle bands' existences, hurt income and all that for everyone involved = label, label's employees, producers, studios etc.) however that's just what SOPA wants you to think its entire cause is.

"What business or school isn't changed by our ever amorphously-evolving technological times? Paper goods and books in universities are being phased into digital-tablet-read collections; the days of paying for 100's of crap channels of TV can now be selected through Internet streaming-subscription sites instead; our music collection can now be stored and streamed or rented and constantly swapped in and out.

"This is the technological golden age and all businesses are having to adapt or die. In this day and age business is chaos as things change so fast. That's why a band like us realizes that — yes — in a perfect world, more people would stop illegally downloading (would you forfeit what you do for a living for free because I said it's not fair?) and purchase physical CDs or iTunes bundles or get their music from other 'authorized' sources. But the fact is the CD aisle in Best Buys are shrinking and the old record stores are up closing shop. Bookstores are going away. Video rental stores? Dead. That's the thing — adapt with the times… You have to. Physical has given away to digital for the most part.

"We recognize being a band nowadays that things are changing. For us musicians, it is better for us to support programs pushing authorized digital purchasing or streaming of music, selling merchandise on tour and being on the road constantly to turn a profit. This is the life we chose. But the way we all approach the issue of supporting digital rights is a very important issue of our time in that we need to respect the rights of content creators but we also need to support the free flow of information and ideas online. SOPA is not the solution of that balance.

"It was cute that my recent 'royalty check' caused such passionate backing and distaste. The truth is is that I said no side that I was taking. That picture had no information of a political-stance of 'anti' or 'pro' piracy; did I say in the oh-so-arrogant tone, 'Listen here, you fucks! Screw your parents — download my shit for freeeeeeahhhh!' Did I say, 'Hey um… It's totally not sweet that you bros aren't buying my totally awesome new album from your local record store?'

"Hell — did anyone even take the time to try to think what it was actually for? It was a royalty check from an authorized streaming website that shouldn't have even sent it to me. They were supposed to send it to the publishing company to accumulate, then send.

"I allowed everyone to decide. But I do appreciate that they actually took the time to legally license the stream and send me the check. Thanks for that.

"I appreciate the people that love and back our band backing me… And those who, even though can't stand anything I ever say — who still take the time to read every word? Thanks for putting your knee-jerk reactions online and getting me more Twitter followers. Maybe next time your brash jab of whose-holier-and-culter-than-though can be slightly more intelligent than 'look how much more I have than you.'

"I digress…

"This bill, if passed — would set our forward-thinking country back into the informational dark ages. This country was founded on escaping from persecution of what we were 'supposed' to live like - to be free to do what we want to do in the pursuit of happiness and longevity in life. SOPA would fling the USA into a digital online backwater overlorded style-controlled society, potentially creating a situation where regulations tell us what we can say and do. Controlling what we learn and say.

"Where are all our backers of 'constitutional amendment rights' when our first amendment is at stake? America is the informational and technological super power in our time. Look at Apple — always 10 steps ahead of what all the other technological-superpower companies are always bringing to the table. They brought iTunes to us because they knew people wanted their music quicker; the got rid of the cd-drive because people wouldn't be using CDs; they developed easily-useable cloud-style file-storage. That company was founded in this country where so many flock to start up their dreams — not unlike being in a band.

"My stance: should people take groceries because they're hungry? Should you give me a car because I need it? Should I be granted free manicures and pedicures and meat and tuxedo rentals simply because I think it's not fair that I pay? No tips at restaurants, no fees at bars, free drinks on you just because? No. I'm not a religious person at all — but thou shalt not steal… Or some shit like that, right?

"The times of the blacksmith and butcher and hunter have changed to the car-maker, the deli owner (with online deliveries over $20), and the farmers' market chef who hunts with a precision laser sighted cross-bow.

"We all still need to make 'a living' to stay living. But a movement like SOPA? That will cripple and kill a big part off of this free country we all live and love in.

"What needs to happen?

"The head honchos of the music and movie businesses who are backing this SOPA need to go meet up with and make friends with tech guys in Silicon Valley instead of fighting. They should go out for drinks and figure it out together one night. Surely there is a better solution out there that supports and protects the rights of us content creators online but one that doesn't potentially cripple the free flow of innovation and thought online."
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