Monday, April 8, 2013


ITP V.013 EDITORS NOTE: I know, I haven't posted in a day..This journal entry is personal about a hero from a little town called New Paltz, NY, the coolest and sweetest kid LUDWIG MONTESA, referenced in a few journal entries and a video.
A good buddy and kindred spirit passed today. LUDWIG MONTESA of a seizure. LUDWIG was a very special guy, a friend to all, and perhaps, and I said this too LUDWIG ,the MAYOR of New Paltz, NY. LUDWIG was this most unique, sweetest, genuine dude you will ever meet. I have soo many funny memories of LUDWIG, I miss him soo dearly. Epilepsy sucks and LUDWIG battled the disease with courage and a big heart. I promised him I will see him again, and I can't imagine New Paltz, NY without him. All in New Paltz, NY  scene remember LUDWIG too, he would come to raves and open mics in his patented suit and tie, while other were in uniform conformity. LUDWIG's humor, sarcasm, wit, one liners and love for soda and hugs won hearts of all whom ever set foot in New Paltz, NY. New Paltz, NY will NEVER BE THE SAME without LUDWIG.
I adore, and miss LUDWIG, and really, this hurts. I love you LUDWIG, say hi to J BONE and J LAVALLE for me. 

Eternal ray of joy, little bodhisattva, son, brother, friend, loved one. LUDWIG MONTESA is a spirit unlike any other, and he has changed the lives of SO many people. Whether you knew him for two minutes or two decades, as soon as you spent time with Ludwig, you felt the raw and pure energy of the LOVE he had to offer. He is the type of soul that makes you take a second look at your own life and want to improve on your own character. Inner child always projected outward, Ludwig's charm was lovable, mysterious, and inviting. Despite his childlike innocence, behind those eyes was a wisdom that most people only hope to achieve one day far down the line in the journey that is life. Ludwig's wisdom came naturally to him, and he embodied a "be here now" mentality--naturally knowing how to live life in the moment and squeeze the pure essence of life out of EVERY moment.

Ludwig's smile, laugh, jokes, hugs, handshakes, and omnipresent nature will be missed dearly--and beyond measure--by all of the people that knew him. The streets of New Paltz will seem a little emptier without him; however, if there is some thing that Ludwig has left behind for his community it is love and light and a desire to strive to be a little more like him: real, genuine, pure. His ability to love unconditionally was uncanny, and the love that he had to offer was always true, immense, and awaiting you. Always. Ludwig always had the time to greet you with a high-five or a hug (despite whether or not he was "running late for the bus").

New Paltz was more than just a town with Ludwig in it, it was an EXPERIENCE--a wonderful, unforgettable, surreal experience in more ways than any of us can measure. He was a friend to all, a gentle soul, and a genuine being who knew the "secrets" of life we all seem to strive for--how to live a good life, a happy life, a life filled only with love and laughter and GREAT friends.

Ludwig is a staple of our town and community, the epicenter of this wild vortex that is New Paltz. He will be FOREVER loved by so many––just as he had loved so many.

On SATURDAY, MAY 25th of this year, the town of New Paltz is going to throw an ALL DAY celebration in his honor. And ALL of his friends are invited---which means that EVERYONE in town will be here celebrating!

We will start with a memorial service at HASBROUCK PARK at NOON.

We will then march into town (PARADE STYLE! as Ludwig would have LOVED) and commence music and events from 2PM into the the late night/early hours of the morning.

Music will be happening at CAFETERIA, SNUGS, CABALOOSA, OASIS, WATER STREET MARKET, and potentially elsewhere. Just like Ludwig, this celebration will be EVERYWHERE in town at once, welcoming in all and any with wide open arms and an extended high-five.

These are the details fleshed-out now that are happening for sure. We are still looking for anyone who would like to contribute to the event, especially bands who would like to play. Ludwig LOVED the whole community, and all the local bands that were a part of it. It would be amazing to have all the local acts he loved so much play in his honor. PLEASE PM me if you are interested in being a part of this event in some way as far as performing, donating, or helping out.

The event is OPEN TO ALL who loved and were affected by Ludwig. Please feel free to invite anyone that was a part of his life and community. I think this will be a wonderful event that Ludwig would have loved and treasured so much.

More details to come, which will be posted here on the event page once they come to us.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l- R.I.P. LUDWIG, miss ya bro