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Oh, yeeaaah, today is RECORD STORE DAY, 4/20/2013. If you're not in the know, BLEECKER BOBS in NYC closed and is re-locating. As of last weekend, BLEECKER BOBS were open to 3AM, on their last day. I used to work at TOWER RECORDS in NYC back in '94, NYC is NOT the same without browsing NYC record stores for CD's, records, zines and DVD's..Of course, the world went digital (nothing wrong with that) and people buy music online. I kind of miss that instant gratification of browsing, and buying that CD, NOW!!!!!
Check out your local indie record store, tons of exclusive vinyl releases, CD's and stuff on 4/20/2013 RECORD STORE DAY.
"Years ago someone told me that 1,200 high school kids were given a survey. A question was posed to them: Have you ever been to a stand-alone record shop? The number of kids that answered "yes" was... zero.

Zero? How could that be possible? Then I got realistic and thought to myself, "Can you blame them?" How can record shops (or any shop for that matter) compete with Netflix, TiVo, video games that take months to complete, cable, texting, the Internet, etc. etc? Getting out of your chair at home to experience something in the real world has started to become a rare occurrence, and to a lot of people, an unnecessary one. Why go to a bookstore and get a real book? You can just download it. Why talk to other human beings, discuss different authors, writing styles and influences?  Just click your mouse.  Well here's what they'll someday learn if they have a soul; there's no romance in a mouse click.  There's no beauty in sitting for hours playing video games (anyone proud of that stop reading now and post your opinion in the nearest forum).  The screen of an iPhone is convenient, but it’s no comparison to a 70mm showing of a film in a gorgeous theater. The Internet is two-dimensional…helpful and entertaining, but no replacement for face-to-face interaction with a human being.  But we all know all of that, right?  Well, do we?  Maybe we know all that, but so what?

Let's wake each other up.

The world hasn't stopped moving. Out there, people are still talking to each other face-to-face, exchanging ideas and turning each other on. Art houses are showing films, people are drinking coffee and telling tall tales, women and men are confusing each other and record stores are selling discs full of soul that you haven’t felt yet.  So why do we choose to hide in our caves and settle for replication?  We know better.  We should at least. We need to re-educate ourselves about human interaction and the difference between downloading a track on a computer and talking to other people in person and getting turned onto music that you can hold in your hands and share with others.  The size, shape, smell, texture and sound of a vinyl record; how do you explain to that teenager who doesn't know that it's a more beautiful musical experience than a mouse click?  You get up off your ass, you grab them by the arm and you take them there.  You put the record in their hands.  You make them drop the needle on the platter.  Then they'll know.

Let's wake each other up.

As Record Store Day Ambassador of 2013 I’m proud to help in any way I can to invigorate whoever will listen with the idea that there is beauty and romance in the act of visiting a record shop and getting turned on to something new that could change the way they look at the world, other people, art, and ultimately, themselves.

Let's wake each other up.


has just started updating on their plans for Record Store Day. The 'shelter in place' order has been lifted where their warehouse is, and they are all pretty eager to get things going, but they are still going to play it safe if need be. Follow them on Facebook for more updates. And while we're at it: Things have been feeling pretty heavy lately. If you're going out to celebrate Record Store Day tomorrow, we are thrilled because we want everyone to know and love their local record stores and the folks who run them. But please remember that the stores and the people are the real focus of our spotlight. The releases are spectacular, there's some we're really hoping to get our hands on too (we don't get to cut in line), and it wouldn't be Record Store Day without them. But if we don't, we'll be ok. Because it's the people. Who run the stores, and who shop in the stores. That's what we're celebrating tomorrow.

We hope everyone has had/is having an excellent Record Store Day. Thanks to all the employees who worked so hard to put on the parties, to the artists who created the special releases, to the labels who get behind the Day, to the sponsors who help us do what we do for the stores, and most especially to all of you who went out today to say Hey! to your record store, whether you bought something first thing in the morning or hung out in the afternoon. We had a blast. Hope you did too.

"Record stores can't save your life. But they can give you a better one." --NICK HORNBY

FROM OPETH: In honour of Record Store Day 2013,"& Omerch are having a sale on vinyl this weekend."In honour of Record Store Day 2013 we're having a sale on vinyl across our webstore for one weekend only!

This Saturday, 20th April is Record Store Day and Opeth will be at Newbury Comics doing a free acoustic performance & signing @ 3:00 p.m.

Newbury Comics
31 Sack Blvd.
Leominster, MA 01453
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Autographed CD Booklets, Pre-Order Promotions, Rock Posters, Music & Pop Culture Goods

Record Store Day is upon us! If you can, please take the time to visit your local store this weekend and support music... Thank you!
HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY! How are you going to be celebrating? Maybe by supporting a Sweet Relief supporter?! :)
We're still here and we still have RSD releases in stock! Titus Andronicus will be here in a little while and this afternoon we've got live music from 4-9! Stop by! We can't even begin to thank everyone who has come out already - the turn out has been INCREDIBLE and we are honored to be here to serve you!


Testament @ Rasputin’s in Berkeley, CA for ‘Record Store Day’! #testament #chuckbilly #ericpeterson #gregchristian #recordstoreday #420 (at Rasputin Music):


Only one hour left to cash in on our early bird special an don't forget to buy local!

Record store day at Sit & Spin Records in Philadelphia!
Only one hour left to cash in on our early bird special an don't forget to buy local!
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-