Thursday, April 4, 2013


WREG.ORG reports on TUESDAY, an Arkansas Judge denied the parents of the three victims of the ROBIN HOOD HILLS MURDERS (1993 WEST MEMPHIS, ARKANSAS) access to evidence as it may be used in a future trial.

The attorney for PAM HICKS and MARK BYERS (KEN SWINDLE) stated the Judge's decision "Was not a big deal".

Through limited access to evidence,  attorney's stated in 2012 a letter was received from a man named
BENNIE GUY whom offered up to four names of people involved in the gruesome murders as two of them confessed.

Attorney Ken Swindle (attorney for the victims parents) stated, "The letter lead to the discovery of witness BILLY STEWART. Billy and Bennie both gave detailed accounts, only people whom were talking to  folks responsible for this would have known about".

However, the Judge wrote "He can not make law enforcement Act on the Plaintiff's theory of the criminal case", so the motion was thrown out.

Swindle stated he will not seek an appeal to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Last week, WREG, Arkansas stated THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE (and the parents of the victims) are back in court for a hearing regarding the infamous 20 year case of triple homicide, regarding new evidence and suspects.
Affidavits were handed out naming new possible suspects TERRY HOBBS (step father of victim STEVIE BRANCH), DAVID JACOBY,  LG HOLLINGSWORTH and BUDDY LUCAS.

A witness stated several years later, BUDDY LUCAS admitted he and three others took part in the murders of three young boys. The witness called the police years ago, calls were unanswered.

The affidavit stated that TERRY HOBBS invited JACOBY and HOLINGSWORTH (then teenagers) to get high on weed and drunk, as they suspected the kids were spying on them. HOBBS ordered JACOBY and HOLLINGSWORTH to grab and hold the two boys while HOBBS mutilated the kids with a pocketknife.

LUCAS, whom is mentally slow was sent away from the region for several years.

Judge VICTOR HILL is hearing from parents of the victims (STEVIE BRANCH, MICHAEL MOORE and CHRISTOPHER BYERS) whom want access to the saved and sealed evidence as PAM HICKS (mother of STEVIE BRANCH) wants to examine the evidence.

Pam Hicks and John Mark Byers, two of the parents of the murdered children in the 1993 WEST MEMPHIS THREE CASE (Robin Hood Hills Murders, West Memphis Arkansas) went to a 10/29/2012 hearing regarding a suit seeking access to police evidence (Freedom Of Information Act) in the WEST MEMPHIS THREE MURDER CASE.

THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE were convicted of the 1993 ROBIN HOOD HILLS MURDERS (West Memphis, Arkansas) with zero evidence.

JASON BALDWIN, JESSIE MISSKELLY and DAMIEN ECHOLS were freed August, 7th, 2011 via an ALFORD PLEA after serving 18 years in prison (Echols on death row) for the 1993 ROBIN HOOD HILLS MURDERS (West Memphis, Arkansas) with zero evidence as THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE still maintain their innocence. DNA testing excluded the WEST MEMPHIS THREE. THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE are seeking a full exoneration.

The (possible) key evidence found through DNA testing was a hair found in one of the victims shoe laces traced to TERRY HOBBS.

Judge Denies Family Request To See West Memphis Evidence


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