Friday, May 27, 2016


.I'm now experiencing  HOUSING DISCRIMINATION (my rent is paid, hold over tenant, although the lease states we can go month to month).
MICHAEL S. FEDEROFF is MAX MILLER'S representative, he and his client will be sued for housing discrimination via the department of fair housing and fair housing act. BTW, this blog is copy written and not the property of anyone but me.
I spoke to MICHAEL S. FEDEROFF on the phone and in person and made it very clear about I will not tolerate this harassment and housing discrimination as I will file a state and federal complaint and lawsuit. .

My 2015/2016 lease is little confusing. First of all, there was a clerical error in the lease regarding where to send rent, as it stated BOITA,  FLORIDA, there is no town.  During the first month of my tenancy, a agency corrected that clerical error as it's BONITA FLORIDA, as rent was sent there. so paid. I've tracked all rent.
The (MY)  lease states one year and then month to month. ??????
So I'm month to month.
It's the harassment, since November (2015) and MARCH 2016 and on going, during my lease I'm really baffled by.

This dude blast Stevie Ray Vaughn so loudly, it can be heard outside of the building (with his windows open) , as we're entitled to quiet, peaceful enjoyment of our apartments.

The Landlord could not tell one tenant from the other after I left a voice mail last month,  he didn't bother to check his records, and sounded confused. We're hoping he doesn't have Alzheimer disease as he rang my phone off the hook, as I had other commitments that day and he didn't leave one single voice mail, then he stated month to month.
Harassing someone because they are a woman, gay or/and non white, disabled (I'm black), or enjoy metal (me with headphones on)  is illegal, housing discrimination and harassment is illegal.  
Since my rent is paid, I'm challenging any housing discrimination as I was told Stefan Sanzi is NOT managing  the property as my landlord does not have management locally.
Alot of agencies will be on this.

Also MILLER and FEDEROFF have to prove to ME, my $800.00 security deposit is in escrow,  I want it. 
BTW. it is currently 92 degress in my apartment.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-