Saturday, May 14, 2016


ITP V.016 UPDATE: I'm sorry I'm late with posting today. SOME STUPID NEIGHBOR (JEFF JOHNSON) RIPPED OFF THE LABEL ON MY MAILBOX AND THE NOTE I PUT ON MY DOOR AND USED A RACIAL SLUR when I was talking about it with a friend on the phone, also he stalked me and  called me the "N" word. JOHNSON stated "I'm going to get someone to do something to you". The label on my mail box was also ripped off in MARCH 2016, as I replaced it.

I heard  JEFF JOHNSON's mouth running around 4 AM last night, stalking my blog, we know he's suspect.
His name is JEFF JOHNSON on GREEN STREET KINGSTON, NY. He's know as a paranoid delusional, drug addicted wingnut whom has been friends with many drug addicts and dealers (whom were busted thrown out) as he may have been and may still be using an assortment of drugs.

I do not tolerate stealing and racial harassment, and I have spoken to the police, (there's a warrant out for him JEFF JOHNSON) as that kind of harassment, specifically in housing is illegal. I spoke to the landlord (MAX MILLER-absentee-in Bonita, Florida as he does not have management locally), and let him KNOW, (as I paid my rent and tracked it via snail mail) I will not tolerate any of this ABUSE and harassment, as both JOHNSON, GATEWAY and MILLER will be sued.

JEFF JOHNSON (GREEN STR, KINGSTON, NY)  is a know mentally ill wingnut (in denial of his problems) on a rental subsidized program called GATEWAY HOUSING, as that program is for low functioning, mentally ill adults.

I've called GATEWAY 5 times regarding JEFF JOHNSON's behavior as he was ringing the door bell as I walked out last month (pulling pranks), and blasting music at an obnoxiously loud volume. We hope GATEWAY disciplines, and cuts JEFF JOHNSON off as he's living off tax payers expense. .
 JOHNSON also threatened, my associates, committed crimes.  they're MAD, and who knows what's going to happen.

I take offense to these pranks, criminal mischief and racial harassment, I'm not white nor straight.


If you think you're white power and superior, white power my nuts, nazi idiots SCREW OFF you terrorist. 

 I'm now experiencing  HOUSING DISCRIMINATION (my rent is paid, hold over tenant, although the lease states I can go month to month).
MICHAEL S. FEDEROFF is MAX MILLER'S representative, he and his client will be sued for housing discrimination via the department of fair housing and fair housing act. BTW, this blog is copy written and not the property of anyone but me.
I spoke to MICHAEL S. FEDEROFF on the phone and in person and made it very clear about I will not tolerate this harassment and housing discrimination as I will file state and federal a complaint and lawsuit. .

My 2015/2016 lease is little confusing. First of all, there was a clerical error in the lease regarding where to send rent, as it stated BOITA,  FLORIDA, there is no town.  During the first month of my tenancy, a agency corrected that clerical error as it's BONITA FLORIDA, as rent was sent there. so paid. I've tracked all rent.
The (MY)  lease states one year and then month to month. ??????
So I'm month to month.
It's the harassment, since November (2015) and MARCH 2016 and on going, during my lease, I'm really baffled by.

This dude (JEFF JOHNSON) blast Stevie Ray Vaughn so loudly, it can be heard outside of the building (with his windows open) , as we're entitled to quiet, peaceful enjoyment of our apartments.

The Landlord could not tell one tenant from the other after I left a voice mail last month,  he didn't bother to check his records, and sounded confused. We're hoping he doesn't have Alzheimer disease as he rang my phone off the hook, as I had other commitments that day and he didn't leave one single voice mail. ..
Harassing someone because they are a woman, gay or/and non white (I'm black), or enjoy metal (me with headphones on)  is illegal, housing discrimination and harassment is illegal.  
Since my rent is paid, I'm challenging any housing discrimination as I was told Stefan Sanzi is NOT managing  the property as my landlord does not have management locally.
Alot of agencies will be on this.
Also MILLER and FEDEROFF have to prove to ME, my $800.00 security deposit is in escrow, I want it. 
BTW. it is currently 92 degrees in my apartment.

Johnson moved out 7/1/2016, as there ae douchenozzles everywhere, I'm still around.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-