Wednesday, June 29, 2016

VEHEMENCE: "With main songwriter and mastermind Bjorn moving far away, Vehemence is calling it a day."

Arizona, USA based melodic death metal warriors VEHEMENCE 
are again disbanding, this time permanently, as guitarist BJORN is leaving the band.  

VEHEMENCE disbanded in 2005 and again in 2006 as the band re-formed in 2007.

VEHEMENCE unleashed "Forward Without Motion",  10/23/2015 via BATTLEGROUND RECORDS.

VEHEMENCE unleashed "Helping The World To See" 4/5/2004 via METAL BLADE RECORDS.

Over 20 years ago a group of high school friends decided to sit down together and write a song. That song quickly became two songs, then three. As these friends continued developing the framework for a demo cassette, a couple of outstanding musicians and friends completed a full group in the form of bass and drums. Starting full rehearsals in parents homes, eventually growing into a band rehearsal studio, these friends were developing something very special with their music. Demo tape and first CD recorded, this group took their music on the road to other cities and states. Eventually this effort lead to a meeting with Brian Slagel from Metal Blade records. Agreements made and hands shaken, this group now grew to something bigger than these friends ever imagined it could.
Today we find these friends packing up shop and turning off the lights once more.
With main songwriter and mastermind Bjorn moving far away, Vehemence is calling it a day.
We can not properly express our gratitude for our incredible fans, but know that each of you impact us so positively and will be in our thoughts forever.
We still have some merchandise items for sale on our store, so get them before they're all gone.
And thank you to any and everyone that supported us along this journey.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-