Monday, August 15, 2016


Blog syndicate BLOG CATALOG will undergo an overhaul and epic re-design soon.
BLOG CATALOG was bought off by ADSEEK MEDIA 2/2016.

Hello our dear BlogCatalog friends and family! We’ve been tinkering in our basement for the past year working on something beautiful. And it’s finally time to come back out into the sunlight and unveil it to you!
BlogCatalog is getting an entirely new design, feel, and function. But don’t worry, it’s all based around one thing—you. It’s been our goal from the beginning to give bloggers a place where their content can be shared and admired—a place for bloggers to call their own. And now, it’s time we made the site a little more fun and functional. Check out what’s coming your way in just a matter of days!

What's New?

Improved Discussion Board
We get it, we get it—you love your discussion board! Don’t even worry, we love it too! So one of our first priorities was to make sure we still had a place where you can discuss, debate, and collaborate. Fashioned after the current discussion board, your new discussion board includes an updated design and all the beautiful functionality you had before.
Unique Blog Post Comments
We didn’t want the Discussion Board to be the only place to share your thoughts and opinions so for the first time ever, you’ll see a place to leave comments at the bottom of every blog post. Have an opinion on Brexit, the Olympic games, or the best brand of mascara? Now you can make your opinion known right there on the blog post you’re reading!
Full Onsite Content
This is probably the biggest change you’ll ever see on BlogCatalog. We’re ecstatic to debut entire blog content on every post. Where all blog posts currently include blog titles, feature images, a mini excerpt, and a link out to other blogs, the new BlogCatalog will include the entire blog post! Yep, every single word!
Snazzy User Profiles
It’s important to us that there are faces behind all these blogs. BlogCatalog has always been about people. So the User Profile pages were also a big priority. We’ve updated the User Interface giving you a way to express yourself and let others know what you’re all about. We also have a specific place for you to input the links of your blogs so others can find your content on your own website.
Metric-Based Featured Content
As you travel across the new site, you’ll notice that content is moving around all over the place. Here’s how it works: content that is viewed the most gets put up on higher pages. This way, the most trending content from the entire art category will show up on the art page and the most trending content site-wide will show up on the homepage. Want something to go big on BlogCatalog? Share it out and get it seen—then watch it climb up the site to the very top!
Simpler Category Navigation
BlogCatalog is all about helping get people to the content they’re most interested in. So making our categories and navigation simpler was a no-brainer. Now, the entire site is organized based on categories and sub-categories under the main topics of Art, Entertainment, Living & Leisure, Business & Tech, News, and Sports & Recreation.

What To Expect

As you can imagine, making such drastic changes to your playground will certainly take some getting used to. Change can be tough to begin with and that’s why we’ve worked extremely hard to make this transition as seamless as possible.
When the site launches, we will need you to sign into your account and create a new password. Your blogging data and user information from the past will be there waiting for you!

Got Questions/Feedback?

We aren’t kidding when we say this is YOUR playground. Once we launch the new-and-improved Beta site, we will welcome your feedback and comments. You’ll be directed to where you can contact us—we’re excited to hear what you think!
In the meantime, follow us on all our Social Media channels as we’ll be giving updates there! Thank you for being you and we’ll see you soon! 

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-