Saturday, October 1, 2016


 Russian Pagan folk metal warriors ARKONA have posted "POD MECHAMI", a track from the bands anticipated re-issue of the bands debut release "Vozrozhdenie", due to be re-unleashed 11/11/2016 via NAPALM RECORDS.

ARKONA unleashed "Явь" ("YAV"), 4/25/2014 via NAPALM RECORDS.

Friends, we would like to present you the song "Pod Mechami" from our re-recorded album "Vozrozhdenie" - which will be released on November 11th in a super fat digipack with beautiful illustrations of "Pagan artist" Kris Verwimp! It can be ordered right now at
We are sure that you know what to do: such things as a short review about the song and repost of the news is a must and can't be discussed! ;) Below you will find a short trip into the history of that song.
Initially the album "Vozrozhdenie" was planned as an album with 9 songs, from the repertoire of the first line-up of Arkona. Songs "Pod Mechami", "K domu Svaroga", "Zov Predkov" were created by Masha in the summer of 2003, when all the other bandmembers had left the band. Song "Pod Mechami" was planned for the common project with the band members of "Pagan Reign", but, for some forgotten reasons this cooperation has not worked out. Later this song was moved to the debut album and became a track with guest participation of Alexei Agafonov, the member of the band "Butterfly Temple". The new version of the song, perhaps the closest to "as it had to be" for several reasons. At first, all the vocals performed only by Masha, except for the dialogue parts, which were done by guitarist Sergei. Second, the presence of the classical guitar parts, which were written back in the days for Dmitriy "Vetrodar" (Pagan Reign, Tverd), but he never recorded them. Now it was recorded by "Svarga" guitarist Alexander Strelnikov, and we want to send many thanks to him! The third reason: the new version have the original arrangement, which Masha created more than 13 years ago!
In combination with the gentle sound of the sopilka and flute by Vladimir Volk and furious drums by Andrey Ishchenko, all of the mentioned reasons are giving a new life to the old song. By the way, a curious fact, the working title of the song "Pod Mechami" - "New1" ;)

Finally, re-recorded "Vozrozhdenie" will be released on 11th November by Napalm Records!
It took a long time and we gave a lot of efforts to make this album, but now it's done! Everything were carefully re-recorded from scratch, with all our experience, which we gathered through the years. And now listening to the result we can finally say, that we did it exactly the way we wanted: with the fresh sound and a bit different view on the songs, we saved the original atmosphere of this album.
Album will be available for preorders at Napalm Records shortly!


Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-