Monday, October 3, 2016

BEHEMOTH (NERGAL): "I'm very proud of the ones supporting FREEDOM in Poland"

NERGAL, guitarist/vocalist of Polish blackened/death metal warriors BEHEMOTH has posted this statement on the Polish protests against pending legislation that would restrict a woman's right to choose an abortion to only cases or rape, incest and medical emergencies.


BEHEMOTH unleashed "THE SATANIST",  2/3/2014 (EU and UK) and 2/4/2016 (NORTH AMERICA)  via METAL BLADE RECORDS.

 BEHEMOTH released "XIĄDZ" (EP), unleashed 11/1/2014 (self released).

Today, Polish women are having a general strike they're calling "Black Monday"—staying home from work and school and taking to the streets to protest. They aim to paralyze the country as a final warning to the government not to mess with their reproductive rights. This coming Wednesday, the European Parliament has ordered a debate on the state of women's rights in Poland.
Photos from the latest protest in Poland against the crackdown on women's rights:



I'm very proud of the ones supporting FREEDOM in Poland!
Draconian times ahead my friends. I simply can't find words how outraged and pissed off I am therefore I am joining the BLACK PROTEST! Seems like our future is in hands of bunch of lunatics who try to run this country by their one and only system of beliefs. It is in fact a dictatorship attempt and... a road to ruin. Today is the day that ALL the women in Poland stand for their right to decide for themselves in terms of abortion. It's the day when ALL free-thinking and empathic individuals should take thir side. It's a clash of racionalism and common will vs. catholic obscurity and stagnation. I'm gonna spread the word and solidarize with them with all my heart coz I know it's the ONLY right attitude. Poland is traveling in time my friends. Pity that thank to selfish morons in the government we are going back to middle ages instead of moving forward... but the war ain't over!

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-