Monday, June 26, 2017


Nergal, vocalist and guitarist of Polish blackened/death metal warriors BEHEMOTH has commented on the impact of the second wave of black metal and meeting Norwegian black metal legends EMPEROR.

BEHEMOTH unleashed "THE SATANIST",  2/3/2014 (EU and UK) and 2/4/2016 (NORTH AMERICA)  via METAL BLADE RECORDS.

 BEHEMOTH released "XIĄDZ" (EP), unleashed 11/1/2014 (self released). 

EMPEROR are currently on the bands SUMMER 2017 EUROPEAN FESTIVAL tour celebrating  the 20th anniversary of the bands classic release“Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk”.


EMPEROR unleashed (vinyl re-issue)  "EMPEROR: COMPLETE WORKS" (24 LP, ONE 7 INCH BOX SET), 12/9/2015 via BLOOD MUSIC.

EMPEROR unleashed "Prometheus-The Discipline of Fire and Demise" 10/22/2001 via CANDLELIGHT RECORDS.
2014 marked the 20th anniversary of EMPEROR's classic release "In The NightSide Eclipse" 2/21/1994 via CANDLELIGHT RECORDS and in 1995 via CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS.

Back in the 90's the norsemen started the second wave of Black Metal. I looked up to them very much I must admit. Their "Emperor" EP was advertised with a slogan "From the Nordic Wastlands" and in fact that was literal inspiration for me to name Behemoth's second demo tape "From the Pagan Vastlands". I was in touch with Samoth. We were penpals. Back then there was no way we could afford pro photo shoots so we entered some old post industrial ruins in the neighbourhood with Behemoth to take some band pictures. It was pitch black and we used flash in the camera. I never notice the fact that the walls on the building were all in graffiti and some of them included pacifa signs etc... Back then, in "make war not love" era everything that had hippie attitude was strongly rejected and hated by BM community. Norway was the leader of these tendencies and so, after sending bunch of photos to Samoth, I got from him some serious death threats in return...🤜 Yea, yea, yea... I know how this all sounds thesedays BUT that's a fact and we all were super serious about it. When you are 17 u r basically the most serious person in the world so... Anyways, later on he tried to sign Behemoth on his Nocturnal Art prod. but we were bound with the contract with another label already. These gentlemen on the pictures are two main pillars of this genre defining band that made huge impact on me and early Behemoth. They just blew my mind out the other night playing some of their classic material that I'm a massive fan of. Again, it was a plasure to meet u guys... @ihsahnofficial , thank you for short yet very intelectually inspiring conversation. Let's catch up one day for longer one... when there's no kids around

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-