Sunday, October 13, 2019


Promoters for MIDGARDSBLOT 2020, set to take place 8/13th, 14th and 15th, 2020 BORRE, VESTFOLD, NORWAY have confirmed MY DYING BRIDE, UNLEASHED, NYTT LAND, PRIMORDIAL, BORKNAGAR and LINDA FAY HELLA. 

More bands for MIDGARDSBLOT 2020 T.B.A.


πŸ–€Dismal, heavy and mournful. Doom and gloom with death metal and gothic melancholy. We present to you, none other than My Dying Bride πŸ–€ My dying Bride creates some of the most compelling and chilling heavy metal with a vividly illustrated narrative of sorrow and despair balanced gently by brilliant flashes of power and measured aggressionπŸ”₯Brooding, hypnotic, and macabre, we’re enthralled by My Dying Bride’s gloriously gloomy brand of romantic, blackened death doom. Maybe even Poe will be with us and the ravens in spirit upon the mounds when My Dying Bride take the stage at Borre in 2020 πŸ”₯πŸ–€πŸ€˜

 πŸ”₯UNLEASHED returns to our Blot πŸ”₯Legendary Swedish trailblazers Unleashed have forged a formitable death metal weapon from the blood and spirits of their viking ancestors πŸ–€ Consistently churning out impressively savage, brutal, viking themed Death metal for thirty years, we’re honoured to have the furious horde of Unleashed return to lead the raid on the gates of Midgardblot VI ⚔️The the only thing sharper than flailing axe blades are Unleasheds crushing, weighty riffs, bruising tempo shifts and imperial melodies. Hail Odin and Hail Unleashed!πŸ”₯⚔️

πŸ”₯NYTT LAND returns to our Blot πŸ”₯ Shadow spirits dance beneath the moon, it’s glowing light flickers through the boughs of deep forests.The breath of spirits whispers through the leaves, tales as ancient as the hills, long forgotten. Nytt Land channels powerful elemental voices from the past with a primitive and ethereal exploration of heritage from the beautifully austere Siberian steppe, inspired heavily by Old Norse Eddas - Prepare for ritual πŸ–€πŸ”₯⚔️

πŸ”₯“No compromise. Not then, not now, not ever..” Primordial takes no prisoners and joins our blot for 2020!πŸ”₯ Since their inception in 1991, Ireland’s pagan sons have become legends of extreme metal πŸ–€ Primordials unique blend of black and pagan metal with one of metal's most compelling vocalists at the helm, their deeply haunted verses turn into brooding battle cries with dark, visceral lyrics full of vemom and vengence, epic battle and truths of the ancient past – See you in the pit! πŸ”₯⚔️🀘

πŸ”₯We are thrilled to welcome Lindy-Fay Hella to our BlotπŸ”₯ Lindy Fays haunting vocals rise as an instrument all on its own ❤️ challenging convention, genre and effortlessly carving out an avantgarde niche completely separate from her work in Wardruna. Her album Seafarer is neither rock nor metal, folk nor doom and yet elements of all four genres infiltrate to something genuinely sublime, a masterwork with Lindy Fay front and centre as both a complex creative force and an evocative, supernatural seraphim πŸ–€ Organic, Ethereal, fearless and a powerful expression of beauty 🌿 This will be very special - Join us πŸ”₯πŸ–€⚔️

πŸ”₯Band announcementπŸ”₯ the next weeks we will announce a new band every day and first one out for 2020 is black metal pioneers Borknagar 🀘With their acclaimed new album True North, they bring 24 years of innovative black metal magic to our Valhalla Stage. Borknagar's rich tapestry of immortal works earning their place as pivotal material in the fabric of black metal history with their charachteristically masterful blend of atmospheric interludes, folk, black and progressive metal. We cannot wait to welcome them to Midgardsblot 2020 as we celebrate what it means to revel amongst royalty both ancient and modern - Hail Borknagar πŸ–€⚔️

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-